tagMatureCinderella Meets Her Prince Ch. 01

Cinderella Meets Her Prince Ch. 01


As I walked off the plane and down the ramp I didn't expect to see her there. She was a vision of beauty that brought a smile to my face. Standing there was Cindy, or as I like to call her, Cinderella. Her dark hair and beautiful eyes, I couldn't believe we finally got to meet, "Hi Cinderella, I didn't expect you."

"Well I couldn't wait for our first meeting tonight at dinner so I thought I'd surprise you. Disappointed?" She turned side to side playfully. Like I'd be disappointed in this beauty.

"No way...how 'bout you?"

She smiled, "No way hunk, just a little taller than I imagined from your picture though." I was so nervous for days as I readied myself for this trip. See Cindy and I had known each other for months online and had gone from fellow hockey lovers to online lovers. But in her presence I felt so relaxed. "Lets go get your bags Joey and get you checked into your hotel. Maybe get some...rest...before dinner," Cindy said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

After I gathered my bags and stood in line for the rental car we made our way to my hotel. I opened the door to my room and sat my bags down just before Cin pulled me to her for the most passionate and hungry kiss I've experienced in my life. Maybe Cin was twice my age but older woman are always more fun. I wrapped my arms around her and picked Cin off the floor. Our tongues intertwined as I could feel her heart beating rapidly against my chest, just as mine did against her chest.

In no time at all I heard her shoes hit the floor and felt her hips began to urgently grind against me. "I want to make love to you Joe, we don't have a lot of time till we have to meet everyone else for dinner though. After dinner we can come back and you can make love to my body but right now I need you inside me, please fuck me Joe!"

I couldn't resist her...as much as I wanted to. I know we've made love countless times online and that her husband didn't pay enough attention to this beautiful woman, but online was one thing, but this was cheating. I told myself I wouldn't let it happen but now, after seeing her I didn't care. I had to be with this woman because what I saw in her eyes was more than just a lustful haze; she felt more than that, just as I did.

I gently laid her down on the bed, careful not to rest my whole 6'6", 280 lb frame on top of her slender, firm, curvaceous body. I stood up taking off my shirt, pants and boxers as she seductively removed her shirt and jeans, leaving her black lacy bra and matching thong on. I caressed my hands up her inner thighs and heard her gasp as I reached her panty-covered pussy. I moved my hands to the tops of her hips and guided her panties down and off. What a beautiful sight, her lips were puffy and glistening, already wet from anticipation.

Both of us were breathing heavy, I looked up to see her staring down at my hard cock. It wasn't the biggest, but at 7 ½" it was perfect for most women. Slowly I knelt between Cindy's thighs and pushed her legs back towards her as I positioned the head of my throbbing cock inside her quivering pussy.

"Don't tease me Joe, just fuck me hard!" She was so hot and wet and ready for me. As I slid every inch of my hard rod inside her I could tell it's been awhile since she had fucked her husband because she was so tight. As I pushed myself deep inside Cindy I felt her cervix part and she gasped and moaned as our pelvises met. I slowly pulled out till just my head was left inside and slid back inside her.

Cindy's moans continued as my cock slid slowly between her wet lips. "Don't tease me Joe," Cindy moaned, "fuck me hard, let me feel you shoot your hot cum inside me, make me cum all over your shooting cock." Then she reached up and unhooked her bra, revealing her perfect love globes.

But her words and her gorgeous body pushed me over the edge and I started to ram my cock into her soaked pussy. Every thrust brought both of us closer and closer as our moans and groans got louder. In no time Cindy's body stiffened and the walls of her pussy began to spasms against my cock. "Now Joe...Please fill me NOOOW," she yelled as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her body.

The feeling was incredible and I couldn't take it anymore. I tried to hold on to give this woman as much pleasure as possible but I had reached the edge and it was too late to come back from it. "I'm cumming Cindy...I'm cumming..." was all I could say as I thrust myself into pussy and cervix one more time. It was the most intense orgasm of my life as spurt after spurt of hot cum squirted from my cock into her waiting womb. I had never cum as much as I did right there and I never thought it would end.

After what seemed like hours both our orgasms subsided and I rolled onto the bed next to her. We laid face to face panting. "We should probably get dressed soon if we're going to get to the restaurant on time," I said.

Cindy smiled and kissed me softly, "Mind if I use your bathroom quick, I have to freshen up before we leave." Once we both got dressed and presentable we took separate cars to the restaurant. On the way over I yawned and thought to myself I better not do that much more because I knew it was going to be a long night.

To be continued...

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