tagMatureCinderella Meets Her Prince Ch. 02

Cinderella Meets Her Prince Ch. 02


Cindy sat next to me at the restaurant and we acted like we didn't just have some of the hottest sex ever, at least, above the table. Below the table, her foot was playing with mine and every so often her hand would wonder over to grab my hard cock.

About midway through dinner I had to go recycle the beer I was drinking and headed to the bathroom. It was a small restaurant so there was only one toilet in the men's room. I did my business and went to leave. When I opened the door Cindy was standing there, pushed my back in the bathroom, shut and locked the door, pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled those lovely black thong panties down and off. She kissed me deeply as she pulled my pants and briefs down. My cock was instantly hard as Cindy sat up on the counter and spread her legs before me. She guided my cock into her waiting pussy. She was still wet from our previous encounter. "We can't take long so fuck me hard," Cindy panted. I rammed my cock into her tight twat. I couldn't get enough of this woman.

It didn't take long, we were both so hot from our previous encouter and the anticipation of what was to follow dinner. "Now Joe," she moaned, "I'm cumming now!!"

"So am I Cin," I said as I pumped her hot box with my jism, "so am I!!!"

We stayed tangled like that for a minute or two as our orgasms subsided. Finally when we could move we got dressed again. "You better go out first Joe, I'll be out in a couple minutes."

Cin returned to the table about five minutes after I had, "Lord they should put in a bigger bathroom, talk about a line." The rest of dinner went by peacefully. After dinner we all said our goodbyes and headed on our merry ways. Cindy told me she'd have to go home first to be home when her husband called. Once he had she'd come over.

I got back to the hotel and got comfy, watching TV till she arrived. It was about 10 when Cindy knocked on my door. I opened the door and she came in, opening her trench coat to reveal nothing but the black lacy thong and two very hard nipples.

Cindy dropped to her knees in front of me, pulling down my pants and underwear and sucking my cock into her mouth. My cock came to full hardness at once as she expertly sucked my cock deep into her throat. "Go slow Cin or I'll cum in your mouth soon." That seemed to speed her motions up. In no time my balls contracted, "I'm cumming Cin, I'm cumming!!" She never stopped though and it was all I could do to stay standing as I unloaded shot after shot of hot cum into her mouth. Not one drop escaped her lips as I pulled out after my orgasm.

I pulled Cindy to her feet, "You are incredible!" Then I kissed her deeply and pulled her panties down. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I had been waiting for this for weeks now as I lowered my head to her sex and began exploring her womanhood with my tongue. Her scent was sweet and her taste sweeter. I could not stop myself from sliding my tongue deep inside her pussy to taste her sweet nectar. Cindy moaned as I licked out her sweet little fuck hole.

Cindy's juices were so sweet, but she was ready to cum, almost begging for release. I turned my attention to her engorged clitoris, flicking my tongue over and around it. Between the previous fucks, the anticipation and the excitement she came in no time. Her orgasm was a strong one that violently pleasured her body.

When Cindy finally regained control of her body and senses she kissed me deeply and began to stroke my hard cock. "Take me again Joey, take me from behind!" Cindy proceeded to get on her hands and knees, shaking her ass in front of me. I slid up behind her, driving my dick deep inside her once again, both of us moaning from the feeling of this now familiar penetration. She didn't want a slow easy screw; she wanted to be fucked hard.

In no time we were fucking each other wildly. I pushed my dick hard and deep inside her twat while she pushed back just as hard. We couldn't even talk, we just grunted and moaned as we enjoyed each other's body. Since I had already cum several times that day I had no problems fucking her hard without fear of cumming too soon. This allowed Cindy to enjoy multiple orgasms as I slammed her pussy time and time again. We fucked like this for what seems like hours till I felt the familiar tingle in my balls telling me I had another load about to explode inside this hot woman's sex.

Cindy was so hot and wet I didn't want to stop. I held out as long as I could so I could memorize every feeling of this hot woman's pussy sliding around and enveloping my hard cock. Eventually though, the orgasmic spasming of Cindy's tight twat sent me over the edge and I spewed my load inside her once again. It was such a sweet release.

Cindy and I both collapsed in bed from sexual exhaustion. She snuggled up with me and fell asleep in my arms. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was the scent of her perfume mixed with her sex and the thought that this was going to be a long, great vacation.

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