tagLesbian SexCindy's Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 03

Cindy's Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Cindy's journey ends, new life begins

I arrived at work at 8 AM, an hour before Patty and her law partners. Monday morning is especially busy. Saturday's mail and any packages left in the drop bin needed sorting for delivery as the lawyer's secretaries arrived at 8:45.

Attorneys at law, Clark, Jones, Hurst and Johnson is large, well known and profitable, occupying five floors of large office building in Long Beach a well known area of Los Angeles,, California. Richard Clark and Robert Jones' fathers founded the firm 50 years ago. Their portraits hang in the lobby. The firm is highly regarded and lists among its clients influential politicians and business leaders. It is staunchly progressive politically and environmentally supporting such organizations as the Sierra Cub.

Patty is the only female partner. Her impressive record in law school, her brilliant mind and calm demeanor under court room pressure moved her quickly from associate to partner. She earns a $250.000, of which $50.000 goes to securing a 25% share of the firm.

It is an all purpose firm, handling civil, corporate and criminal cases. In criminal and civil matters, the firm works closely with a well-respected team of investigators, all former cops and FBI agents.

Patty's niche is family law, from divorcés to spousal abuse. She represents mostly women victims in abuse cases. It can be risky business in a world of violence. She carries and knows how to use a 38-caliber revolver. So far, she has had no need to defend herself, shooting only at a range once a month. She is an expert marksman.

The serious nature of Patty's work perfectly suits her warm, caring personality. She has a fast mind with an incredible memory. In court she cites case law from memory, often baffling and bewildering her adversaries.

Her clients, mostly frightened, abused women find her easy to open up their lives of abuse, both physical and psychological. She hides a burning anger when children are involved. She is currently involved in seven cases winding their way thru the courts.

I delivered Patty's mail abut 9:15. As usual, she was on the phone. She started to wave, looked at me closely and ended her call, 'I have it go. Call you later."

"Cindy! You are positively glowing! You found a new lover, right?" She asked,

I could not come right out and tell her about my marathon sex with my mother and her lover. Nevertheless, I had to be honest with my best friend, smiled and nodded yes.

"Tell me all about it. Oh, gosh I do not have time now. Let's do lunch. Better yet, I will get a sitter and take you out tonight. It will give us more time. I can't wait to hear all about it. I am so happy you have come out of your shell."

She kissed my cheek, "Pick you up at you mom's at 7. You still live there, right?"

Blushing, I answered: "Yes, still there, for now."

"For now? That does sound exciting."

I was a little relieved to be on my way. I have always found Patty attractive. Today I thought of her in a new light and found her interest in my love life sexually exciting, a fact not lost in my dampening pussy.

It is not enough praise to call Patty beautiful. She is beyond beautiful. She is a goddess. She is comparable to a young Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor. Her shoulder length jet-black hair is impeccably groomed. Her piercing blue eyes can be harsh, turning uncooperative witnesses or defendants to jelly. Her kind, caring eyes ease the mood when dealing with abused women and children.

Patty is 5-9 and weighs 120 lbs. In court, she turns Amazonian wearing 4" high heels. The courtroom is her domain and she rules it only slightly less than the judge.

She wears form-fitting pants suits to work and short dresses in court. In any case, her perfect 37-inch breasts, 23-inch waist and 36-inch hips draw admiring and leering looks.

She lives and works for her children and dates men only on firm involved social occasions in the unstressed company of a closeted gay investigator. They have an understanding and get along well.


I felt nervous as a school girl preparing for my date with Patty. Clair and mom helped me choose what to wear.

"You want to look sexy not like a slut" Mom advised. I ended up in a form fitting white blouse that revealed just a hint of my cleavage. I added a black skirt that fell just above my knees and clear pantyhose, modest high heels, and a pearl necklace Mark gave me on our first anniversary. I put the essentials in a white clutch purse and waited for Patty to arrive.

She arrived right on time looking like a model from a fashion magazine. She wore a sexy black evening dress with a deep plunging neck line. It fell from her shoulders, barely covering her boobs, and crossed behind her back. A diamond studded golden open heart necklace hung from her neck. She gave me a greeting hug and warmly greeted my mother and Clair with pecks on the cheeks.

Mom told us we made a lovely pair "I hope you two have a wonderful time."

We piled in to Parry's Mercedes convertible and drove away.

"Your dress compliments your beauty," she remarked.

"I love your dress, too" I told her. Your necklace is stunning.

"I like the advertising claiming love finds its way in an open heart." she reminded me.

"You have definitely attracted my heart." I softly told her.

She smiled kindly. "Just promise not to break my heart and run off with another bad man."

"Not likely. One is more than enough for me.." I promised. "You must attract all the studs and horny women as well. You are absolutely mouthwatering."

I was surprised when she replied, "From the look on you face I do not think your mouth is the only part of your body watering."

It was a joke, but right on. I was positively dripping, glad I had a spare panty in my purse.

"We have a little way to go. Do you want to tell me about your new lover now or at dinner? I have arranged a private booth so we can wait if you desire." she said kindly.

"All I can tell you now is that there are more then one. The rest I want to tell you face to face." I replied.

"Wow! Really! At this point in my life, just one is more than I have." she admitted.

"With your beauty and intelligence, I find that hard to believe." I said.

"Honey, you would be surprised. Sometimes beauty and intelligence can be a curse. People see only my looks and are intimidated." she said unhappily. "Besides I care more about my children. Most men shy away from women with kids anyway. Lately the only sex I have is casual flings with some of the secretaries. They react to me very differently than men. They see beyond beauty. No issues like love or commitment interfere. I think that is why most lesbian couples are happier and more open in their relationships than traditionally straight couples."

I was happily surprised to learn Patty is gay but left the issue alone until she heard my story.

"Is the father of your children still in your life? " I asked after we had settled down for dinner.

"The short answer is no, but it is more complicated. They are not my own. They come from one of the most abusive homes I have ever seen. The little Girl Maria and her brother Mario lived in terror of their father. He regularly beat his wife and finally killed her. He pled out to life without parole to avoid a death penalty.

"It was one of my first cases representing the children's interest. God, Cindy, they were so scared. I felt so bad for them. When I found out the system planned to separate them, I could not bare the thought and filed for adoption. They came home with me 3 years ago. Maria is now six. Mario is seven. At first nightmares haunted their sleep. I believe the love I show them everyday gives them only happily dreams now. They are my world and the only good reason I live without an encumbering relationship."

Tears filled my eyes. I touched her hand.

It was a solemn moment and dramatically increased my love for Patty as a caring, loving person. I felt love for her deep in my heart.

From the look in her eyes, I knew she understood my feelings for her.

"Hey love, this is supposed to be a fun evening. Out with it. Tell me all about your lovers," she beckoned.

I told her the entire story from the beginning to the end, including my lesbian fantasies. I told her every details of my first sex with Clair and my mother.

Patty listened to the entire story without saying a word. I thought for one dreadful moment that I completely turned her off. "Please say something Patty." I frantically urged

"Sorry dear. That is a lot to digest. Your mom and Clair are special people to recognize your desires and act so lovingly.

"I completely support your incestuous relationship. You are consenting adults and there is real love involved. How can anything be wrong?"

"I hoped you would understand. It is one of the many reasons I love you." I told her.

"Do you really love me?" she asked, emotion dripping from every word. "If you are the person I think you are, your desire is not strictly sexual."

"You are so correct. You are in every way, the woman of my dreams. I cannot think of anyone I would rather share my live with." I sincerely responded, "We have known each other for about five years. You know more about me than I know about you. We always talked about my problems. I am ashamed I do not know more about you and your children. They are so adorable."

"Only a very few know of our unique situation. It is for their benefit and mine. I dread the day a long lost relative of their parents will file for custody."

"It is the main reason I am such a private person. To tell you the truth I have held you close to my heart for a long time. I dreamed of making love to you since we met. Pardon my selfishness but I am happy your divorce led to your new life as a lesbian. I feel so compatible with you. You make me happy. I love you and will be thrilled to share life's journey with you.

That great Monday night began our week long courtship. We had our work to consider and could not afford to arrive tired every day after making love all night. We agreed to see each other casually until Friday night.

Tuesday we took Maria and Mario to a Disney movie. Wednesday night we took Mom and Clair to a lesbian night club. We stayed home Thursday night playing with the kids. They called Patty mom. Mario and Maria called me Miss Cindy. Both hugged and kissed us both at bedtime. Since their bedroom was on the other side of her house she had a sound system fed throughout the house which alerted her to any signs of trouble.

As she told me several times, her kids meant the word to her.

"Seem they like you Cindy." Patty remarked. She drove me home and we parked outside mom's house for a long time making out like teenagers. We petted, fondled and fingered each other. Friday's work dragged slower than cold honey. We were both on pins and needles and found it hard to concentrate. Thankfully it was a slow day and most of the attorneys and staff left early.

Patty and I found ourselves alone in her office.

"I can't wait for tonight!." we both said at the same time, breaking into hardy laughter.

"I have booked a the same private both for dinner and will pick you up an 8." Patty revealed.

I happily agreed and suggested we dress in same clothes we wore Monday night.

"Seem appropriate," She agreed. "The night we fell in love will always stay with me."

We shed a few tears as we kissed.


Friday proved to be by far the most memorable night of our life together. It seemed like a honeymoon.

Patty picked me up on time. I told Mom and Clair not to expect me home anytime soon.

We arrived and were quickly ushered to our booth. We ordered gasses of wine and dinner once the wine arrived. The wine mellowed us and we talked about the fun times ahead lf us, the vacations in Jamaica, cruise to Alaska, hiking thru national parks, and too many adventures to remember.

We revealed secret fantasies. Patty surprised me revealing she dreams of us having sex with my mom and Clair. It seemed mildly appropriate to me. Without them I would not have discovered lesbian life, not to mention Patty.

I told her my fantasy was to have an orgy with all the secretaries at work. "I know a few who would love the chance to jump your bones." she laughed

It is a good that we had a private booth. Other patrons would be shocked to see us.

Patty moved next to me. We kissed fervently. The intoxicating scent of aroused pussy filled the booth, "We need to go home," Patty urged,

We changed our soaked thongs, closed the booth leaving a substantial tip, paid the bill on the way out and drove to Patty's home. Patty paid the sitter and found the children sound asleep.

We hurried to her bedroom shedding our clothing the second Patty closed the door behind us. The woman of my dreams stood in radiant beauty. For a moment, I prayed this was not a dream. I shivered. Goose bumps covered my body.

Patty hugged me tightly. Her warmth quelled my fears. I hugged her in return and massaged her back. She gently held my head in her hands, tilted it to the side and softly placed her luscious lips to mine in a spine tingling kiss.

I melted to her touch. We opened our mouths locked in passion. We swallowed a massive volume of saliva as our tongues probed, swirled and jabbed.

We ran our hands over each other's back. I found myself holding Patty's perfect ass with both hands.

We fell to her waterbed covered with red silk linens. I had never lain in such comfort. Patty lay beside me. We hugged, kissed, and rolled from one side of her bed to the other. The sheets trapped our sweat-covered bodies in a silk cocoon. Our boobs smashed each other. Our pussies dripped juices. We laughed and rolled our way to freedom.

We were having a ball, laughing and hollering. A pillow fight turned into a gentle tug of war to see who could pull the pillow from the hands of the other. I never had so much fun in a bed even as a kid. Of course, I never had a playmate like Patty,

Patty and I turned to a slow methodical pace, relishing every moment and touch. I returned to my back with Patty on her side next to me. She leaned into me pressing her right breast into my left and tenderly kissed me. Her lips are full and succulent, her kissing tender and unforced.

I urgently returned her kiss softly pecking at her lips. I could have kept kissing all night. However, other erogenous zones beckoned.

Patty knelt over my body and caressed my breasts. "I love your boobs," she moaned, "so full, so soft. God you are so hot my love."

Her words encouraged me onward and I reached for her head. Her thick black hair yielded allowing me to move her head from one breast to the other. She alternated sucking and tweaking my nipples as I moved her head side to side.

Her sparking eyes fastened on mine in a look of love and passion. I kissed a finger and placed it to her lips. She opened and sucked it and returned it to my open mouth. The sexy movement became our bond. Whenever we found a moment alone at work or in public, each of us kissed a finger and placed it to the lips of the other.

Patty's tit play continued until I could take no more. I lifted her head. She kissed all over my face and ears. She licked my neck and shoulders, and gently grasped by boobs licking down the valley to my navel. My navel, for some unknown reason, is extremely sensitive. Patty's probing tongue sent pleasurable spasms throughout my groin. I tucked my tummy in hard.

Patty mistook the pleasure for pain and looked at me for any sign or discomfort. I smiled and she probed my navel repeatedly. The spasms grew to lengthy tremors and I swooned in ecstasy.

Patty gave my navel a final lick and a kiss.

She moved between my spread legs and gazed at my shaved pussy. By now juices slowly and steadily flowed from my cunt. Patty lapped up and drank a mouthful. She smiled and licked her lips, enjoying the taste.

She licked my slit softly from my asshole to clitoral sheath repeatedly.

Her heavenly touch fueled the furnace of my lust. My heart pounded. Deep breaths filled my lungs sending oxygen-enriched blood throughout my burning body.

Patty inserted two fingers into my vaginal opening. I screeched as my first orgasm of the night tore thru my body. Hot frothy pussy juice covered Patty's sweet face. Time seemed to stand still. In a trance like state, I found her face and cleaned my juices.

I returned to reality and found Patty again at my pussy. My nerves were still on edge as Patty's fingers returned to my vagina. She expertly located my G-spot. I forced myself to relax as para- urethral liquid filled my special ejaculate gland.

Patty gently rubbed my G-spot and flicked my clit. I lost control of my urethra as a tremendous orgasm launched long clear streams of clear ejaculate fluids soaking Patty and her beautiful silk sheets. Liquid turned her hair into a tangles mess. It dripped off her chin and tits.

She licked up the last of my ejaculate and cleaned her body with the only dry area of the sheets she could find.

I helped her remove the sheets and wipe down her waterbed. Our bodies reeked from pussy juices, ejaculate and sweat. We badly needed to clean our sticky, smelly bodies and agreed to a shower.

Patty's shower has all the modern conveniences. Adjustable spray heads are located on each wall and the ceiling. Shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap is contained in a dispenser near the sprayer controls. A watertight digital temperature control completes the dream shower.

There is even a padded seat with a separate drain for enemas.

Patty turned on all six spray heads. The gentle warm water splashing my body from every angle felt intoxicating. She collected a hand full of scented body wash in a bath sponge and cleansed my body from had to toe. Our bodies constantly touched.

I placed my arms on her shoulders as she washed my chest and underarms and stole a kiss when she finished. She shampooed my hair and added conditioner. I never felt so clean and frisky. My lust grew wild as I washed Patty. I boldly licked her pussy and her soft black hairy runway before sponging it clean. I fondled one ass cheek while sponging the other. I treated her breasts in the same way. By the time I competed her hair, her lust grew equal to mine.

As a final cleansing step and prelude to anal sex, we gave each other a series of warm water enemas.


Patty lay on the fresh sheet and pulled me on top of her. Our breasts tingled as they fell besides each other. Our pussies fell on our spread thighs. We meshed perfectly. We kissed deeply flaming our passion to new heights.

"Oh my lord, you have incredible lips," I told Patty. "I love kissing you. Your lips are so soft. You are so tender." She muffled my next compliment as she planted her lips around my open mouth and ran her tongue around my lips and teeth. I stayed still never wanting her kiss to end.

"Your lips are adorable Cindy. I love your touch. If there is such a thing as a natural born lesbian, you are one. I cannot believe this is only your first week in the sisterhood. I am truly honored to be your lover." Patty humbly proclaimed. "You could have any woman you want"

I decided to profess all my feelings.

"Patty, until Monday, I did not know you are a lesbian. I have always been attracted to you as a dear friend. When I found I was a lesbian the first woman I thought of was you. Knowing now that you are a lesbian is a dream come true. I dearly love you with all my heart and hope to be with you the rest my live. I love your Mario and Maria and want to help you raise them."

"If that is a proposal I accept," Patty agreed'

We fell into each other's arms crying our eyes out.

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