tagLoving WivesCindy's Straying

Cindy's Straying


Ron cursed his luck. He and his wife Cindy had been planning on going to her boss' Halloween party for a couple of weeks and had even purchased matching costumes. He was going as an airline pilot while she was going as a stewardess. Only two hours before he was leaving though, he got called into work because Rachel Young, the bitch, called in "sick". Despite his better judgment, he didn't want to leave the floor short-staffed on what would be a, no doubt, busy night. The life of a young doctor.

Cindy wasn't necessarily broken-hearted. Despite the beauty that he and just about everyone touted, she was self-conscious. Her 5'2", 110 pound frame was a petite, yet proportionate pedestal for her gorgeous head topped with shoulder-length dirty blond hair. Up to the minute he was called in, he had to encourage her to wear the rather sexy costume that included a very high skirt. It also highlighted her healthy breasts by framing them in a ruffled shirt and a tight vest. She hated the attention it would throw on her. So when he said he couldn't go, she resigned herself to a night at home.

He was a little relieved. He kind of liked watching the guys stare a bit too long when she walked past them. The strange mix of jealousy and pride that came with it all made him feel good he guessed. He even hid a small fantasy of watching her with another man, though he was sure he couldn't stand it if it happened for real. He knew that her costume and his absence though would be all the office pussy-hounds would need to chase her. Cindy wasn't exactly a party animal, but she was no prude either. For the most part, he was happy she was staying home.

It was for that reason he was a little miffed when she called and said she was going to the party. Her friend Greta called her and begged her to go. "She's alone and she really likes a guy we work with," Cindy reasoned with him. In an effort to sound nonchalant, he lied and said it was great she wasn't staying in and she should go while inside, he imagined the joint legal/accounting/human resource company party at Sid Brauer's house being a wild orgy of skirt chasing with Cindy in the proverbial skirt.

Ron put on his meanest face and scolded Doctor Reynolds, the superior that called him into work. He was met in the hospital locker room and was told that through a fluke he'd only have to pull three hours of his twelve hour shift. He almost hugged the man but just smiled and thanked him. He'd be going to the party after all, though in his scrubs. Well, at least he'd show up he thought.

He grabbed a cap and a surgical mask and took it with him as he left just under three hours later. When he walked into the house where the party was being held, he was impressed at the lengths they had gone to in order to have a dance floor and a couple of bars set up. Music was pumping and there were people dancing together. He peered over the top of his mask looking for Cindy with no initial luck. After he pulled down the mask a bit to take a drink of his rum and coke, he caught the milky white skin of her thighs swaying in front of a dude dressed as a Scottish piper like in Braveheart. It wasn't until he recognized that it was Scott Simpson that he shuddered.

Scott was Cindy's ex-boyfriend. Though they broke up about three years before Cindy and Ron's wedding, Scott would occasionally hit on Cindy. She would always tell Ron about it, which he silently appreciated, but it hardly made it easier. Interestingly enough, she never really spoke much about the prior relationship to Ron, except to remind him it was long over. Ron knew they had dated in college for about six months and then a year or so off and on after she came to work at Yang Corporation. Watching them dance was disconcerting. Ron walked out to his car to calm his nerves.

He sat for about an hour taking sips of the longneck bottle he'd taken from the party. That's when his phone rang. He looked to see that it was Cindy calling. She explained that she was only going to spend another hour or so there before leaving. He acknowledged her and then told her he had to go take care of an emergency.

He didn't know why he didn't just tell her he was at the party, but something encouraged him to keep it to himself. He wanted to watch his wife of eight months and check her integrity. Or maybe he wanted to...he didn't really know, but something was motivating the nervous energy bubbling in his stomach. He took the last few swigs of his beer as he watched more and more people leaving the party. He estimated that Sid was down to about ten guests, two of which were Cindy and Scott. Ron got out of his car and began walking around the side of the house to enter through the back. As he did, more people flowed out.

Ron slid the glass door aside and entered the living room area which was relatively quiet. He heard Sid's wife Lena speaking down the steps to their large furnished basement. "Well, most everyone's gone, but you guys stay as long as you want. We've got Lupe coming tomorrow to clean up so I'm going to go upstairs to Sid. He drank himself to sleep about two hours ago, still in his gorilla costume! Just shut the door as you leave; it'll lock behind you." Lena laughed and Ron heard her coming up the stairs. He acted on impulse and jumped behind a large potted plant to hide. Lena yawned as she walked past him, oblivious to his presence.

Ron walked quietly to the top of the stairs and stared down into the dimly lit basement. From his vantage point, he clearly saw Scott sitting in the center of a leather couch and Cindy on the end. Scott had his beer propped up on his knee, covered by the hem of his kilt.

Scott said, "That was a great party."

Cindy answered rather uncomfortably, "Yeah, it was." She began to stand up and said, "I gotta get going."

Scott said, "Wait, wait. What's the hurry? We never get a chance to talk anymore."

"Yeah, well, we have no reason to talk Scott," Cindy answered. Ron was happy with her annoyed answer.

Scott looked hurt. "Alright, I shouldn't have grabbed your ass," he said and it caused Ron to wince at the image.

Cindy answered, "You're goddamned right Scott. It's embarrassing. I shouldn't have to remind you that I'm married."

Scott whispered back, "I'm sorry." After a pause, he asked, "You really like him, huh?"

Cindy said, "Yeah, of course I love him. He's my husband you doofus."

Scott said, "I know, I know. Just good to see you happy. I have to admit to being a little jealous though. He's a doctor huh? That must be nice."

"Yeah," was all she said, but wrinkled her nose a bit with her response.

"What?" he inquired.

"Oh, nothing," she said trying to disguise the weird face she had just made.

"C'mon; it was something," he dug.

"It's really nothing," she paused and then said, "It's just nights and events like this make me wish he wasn't so busy. You see all the other couples and it's just tough."

"Lonely," Scott said. "Trust me, I know."

"Sorry to bring it up," she said.

"No, it's fine. Friends are there to talk things through with," Scott said as he got up and went to the bar. He poured two shot glasses full of tequila and brought them to the coffee table. He placed one in front of her. He continued, "And friends drink away sorrows together. TO BEING LONELY AT PARTIES," he said with his glass raised and staring at her expectantly.

Cindy just stared at him with a smile and replied, "I really can't Scott. I gotta get ready to go home." She sounded sympathetic, but Ron was glad she was squashing through Scott's advance. Ron could see right through Scott's efforts.

Scott replied in mock sadness, "Some friend you are. Shit Cindy, have a drink with an old friend and stop being a party pooper. Your old man is working the graveyard shift so let's hang out."

Ron could see Cindy's smile grow wider and he knew she was bending. "I don't know. Tequila? I don't hold my tequila very well."

"You'll be fine," he goaded.

Cindy twisted the glass on the glass tabletop. "Alright, but just one damn it...and it's for the road."

They both quickly downed the tequila and blew out the ensuing burning sensation. It took all of five seconds before Scott was refilling the shot glasses. Cindy's face grew stern. "No Scott. That's all for me," and pushed it away.

Scott downed them both and then said, "Okay...at least have a glass of wine." He went to the bar and poured her a tall glass as Cindy sighed and rubbed her eyes. He brought it back and flopped down on the couch beside her. Her body was turned towards him, her knees firmly together while holding the glass. He put his large hand on her knee. She pursed her lips and nodded her head but didn't push it away, as if figuring it wasn't worth the fight. She sipped from her glass.

The three straight shots of tequila were taking quick effect on Scott and it was apparent in his speech. "So, other than being occasionally lonely, married life is great," he asked.

"Yes. I mean, he's really understanding and, well, yeah, it's great," Cindy replied. Ron was disappointed that was as much as she could expound on the subject.

Scott looked as pensive as a drunk guy could and said, "Good. I'm happy for you both. Really."

"Thanks Scott," she replied. "That's sweet." Surprisingly, she sat back down. "You know, you can be a great guy when you're not always trying to get into my underwear."

"Well, I only do because I've been 'in them' before," he said through a dreary-eyed smirk. Ron was surprised at the bold candor of their conversation.

"Well that was a long time ago," Cindy said through a giggle.

"Not so long...three years ago next month," he continued. "Hard to forget when you're dressed like you are tonight. I've always had a stewardess fetish."

"Well, you should find a real stewardess big boy," she said in a slightly patronizing fashion. She patted his hand firmly grasping her knee when she said it.

"'Big Boy'? You remember, huh," He asked her with no small amount of machismo.

Cindy blushed and laughed at his smartass answer. "You're silly Scott. And drunk! Let's get you upstairs to the guest bedroom," she said as she began to stand up.

Scott slurred, "Aha! I knew you couldn't wait to get reacquainted with 'Big Boy'."

"Ha, ha, you're hilarious," she said clearly annoyed. She reached down and grabbed his hand to pull him up to his feet. Her efforts were useless. Scott pulled her like a child onto his lap. He laid his left ear on her right breast and gave her a hug. He was getting a little rough for Ron's comfort. Ron was going to enter the situation, when he heard Cindy let out a frustrated sigh and just sat onto Scott's left thigh. "God, you're so annoying Scott. Let's go."

Scott replied with, "I'm sorry. I'll go." Just as Cindy stood up again he said, "On one condition."

"What," she asked with her eyes in a half-roll.

"Dance with me," he said pitifully looking up at her face.

Cindy nodded negatively, closed her eyes, and rubbed them again. "Damn it Scott," she said. "If we dance will you just go upstairs and go to sleep," she asked with obvious frustration.

He held up an innocent boy scout three fingered salute and with his other hand hit a button on a remote, starting a slow R&B song from the 90s. Cindy giggled at his little show. Ron was getting half-disgusted, but half-curious to see how far Cindy would let this go. He'd never really had the occasion to watch his wife interact with another man exclusively in a social setting, let alone with an ex-boyfriend. It was intriguing to say the least.

Scott stood up immediately and put his arms around Cindy's waist. He started moving to the beat of the song and Ron was surprised to see her move a bit too. Then Scott's hand moved down to the center of Cindy's ass. He whispered something into her ear.

She scoffed and said, "Ha! Wouldn't you like to know?" She reached back and moved his hands up to her lower back.

"Well, yeah," Scott answered and they both laughed at his retort. "Just remembering some of our wilder times back then. You were so damned hot," he said.

She blushed, but managed to say, "'Were'? What's this 'were' shit? I work out five times a week."

"Yeah, you caught me," he answered. And then he playfully grabbed her left breast. "These are still firm too!"

She pushed his arm away and yelled through a laugh, "Hey! No touching or the dancing is over." Ron was surprised that was the extent of her protest. He was even more surprised when at the beginning of the second song, Scott's hands drifted once again to hold the top of Cindy's ass. Cindy rested her head against Scott's chest and the two danced without talking.

Scott finally said in a quiet, but husky voice, "This is nice." After a pause he added, "And better than being home alone." Cindy didn't say anything back. Scott moved his hands between them and Ron saw some movement.

"No," Cindy whispered a plea.

"Just relax. You've been in this vest all night. Just want to free you up a bit." The line was lame, but she acquiesced. Scott threw the vest onto the couch and the two continued to dance after he moved his hands even lower onto her skirted ass.

It was apparent that Scott had at least planned the music because the train of slow songs beat on. Cindy was beginning to loosen up a bit as she and Scott grinded their bodies together. Ron was seriously wondering where this dancing would lead.

Scott turned Cindy and held her hips as he grinded his crotch against her ass. A free hand came around the front of her ruffled blouse and began intermittently unbuttoning a button at a time until the skin past the bottom of Cindy's bra and the top of her short skirt was showing.

Scott's lips began barely touching Cindy's neck around her ear and Ron watched as her eyes rolled back and she bit her bottom lip. Ron had no doubt now where this was leading. Part of him wanted to walk in on them, but his wife's seduction was actually turning him on. "We really have to stop," Cindy whispered though she didn't move.

Scott answered, "I know," though he didn't move either. Scott then did something surprising. He pulled the unbuttoned ruffled blouse off her shoulders and began kissing her lower neck and shoulders. A hand rested on her exposed abdomen as the blouse was thrown aside. One of her hands lay restless on her thigh as the other lay atop his.

Ron was transfixed by the scene. He was also very wary of his growing hard-on. He'd always liked the idea of his wife as the object of other men's affections, but had never given thought to this: another man seducing his wife.

"Damn it Scott," Cindy whispered as Scott spinned her around. She guarded against his groping hands and stares by pulling into him and wrapping her arms around his waist. Her head was twisted so her face looked down while resting against his chest. Her position didn't guard against his hands now freely roaming her ass though. The skirt for the stewardess costume was short by any standard and his rubbing allowed his fingertips to occasionally brush the back of her stockinged upper thighs.

Ron couldn't believe Cindy had let it go this far. She stood in only her lacy bra, her short skirt presumably covering her thong panties and stockings. The beat of the music picked up and Scott began to pull Cindy's hips against his pelvis. His bare left knee appeared between her thighs and pushed her skirt just above the bottom of her ass revealing the thong covered by her sheer nylons. As their dance went on, Ron noted cheeks of Cindy's ass flexing as she slid forward and backward against Scott's forward thigh.

"Mmm...Scott...we have to stop," she said breathily. Scott seemingly sensed his opportunity slipping away. He began earnestly nibbling at her neck and under her ear. His hands deftly undid the hooks at the back of her bra.

"You don't feel like you want me to stop," he said. Ron could only assume Scott referred to the wet heat he felt against his bare thigh. "C'mon Cindy. We're just dancing," he slurred. "I just want to feel you against me. You feel so good." He attempted to kiss her and she moved her head which only succeeded in allowing her bra to fall loose and hang between them.

Cindy was now openly rubbing her pussy along his thigh. She was obviously fighting his effort to eventually fuck her, but Scott was slowly winning out. Ron found the palm of his hand rubbing his stiff cock under his pants. Scott in the mean time had begun occasional pulls on the zipper running parallel to the crack of Cindy's ass. The thick tan elastic band across the top of Cindy's stockings appeared as the top of her skirt peeled down. "Oh God Scott," she whispered before she moaned, indicating how much she enjoyed the work his thigh was doing against her pussy.

"You are so wet Cindy," Scott whispered back. Scott now ran his hands under the hem of her skirt. He next abruptly pulled a hole open in the nylons at her ass. Cindy yelped. The tearing must have awakened her inhibitions again. She pushed hard away from Scott and clumsily attempted to pull her bra back on while pushing her skirt back down her thighs.

"Oh God. I cannot believe I fell for this," she whispered as she frantically collected her clothing and began putting them back on.

"What," Scott asked, attempting to sound innocent. He seemed to know that his efforts were defeated though. He waived his hand at her dismissively and flopped on the couch. Scott then watched her leave.

Ron found his way out of the house and took a long route back to his house showing up what he guessed was forty-five minutes after Cindy. When he got there, he crept to the bedroom and saw Cindy huddled below the covers apparently asleep. He showered and then crawled next to her body. He was surprised to find her naked, her body smelling like vanilla lotion. "Sorry about tonight," was all he got out before she threw her leg over his pelvis and positioned his quickly hardened penis at her entrance. She wasted no time sitting onto his shaft. He tried to say something, but she put a finger against his mouth, closed her eyes and rode him hard and fast.

"I'm cumming," he warned aloud, but she didn't care. She rode him with abandon, ignoring the pool of her juices that had collected amidst the hairs around his equipment. She finally shuddered while her face contorted as if in a silent scream. Her face reddened and she exhaled a cry into the room's darkness. She fell forward, laying her torso on top of his. The shivers her climax caused slowly subsided.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too," he replied. She slid off of him and curled into a ball. He wrapped himself over her from behind and they both fell asleep spent from their quick and dirty lovemaking.

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