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Part One

"Alright, I've seen the wall-paintings and they're very pretty. Can we got to the lake now, Cindy?" her friend Beverly Haller complained. Cinderella Mason sighed. What her mother had been thinking when she'd given her daughter that name, she would never understand. Her mother must have liked it, but she personally detested it and went by Cindy whenever she could.

Cindy turned away from the cave opening and the pictograms adorning the entrance to address her friend. She liked Beverly, she was Cindy's best friend, but the blonde had no appreciation for history or art. They'd been doing these little vacations for eight years now, ever since they met in college, and this little argument about what constituted fun had been ongoing just as long. Sometimes she won them, sometimes Beverly won. And though she wouldn't admit it out loud, Cindy enjoyed her friend's victories as much as her own.

They were spending this vacation up in the woods where Cindy had rented a cabin. She was in no mood to party after her break-up with Dave and if it had been left solely up to her Cindy would spend the weekend reading and visiting places like this. The site of some very interesting pre-Columbian art.

Beverly, however, was in it for the hiking and the sunbathing and she wanted to get on with the latter part while the weather held. "They're not wall-paintings, they're carvings. The colors are just moss and weathered rocks. Come on Bev, you have to admit they look fantastical. Makes you wonder what the artist was on when he made them."

"Unless there's still a stash of it here, not really," Beverly quipped undeterred.

"Alright, alright, we'll go. I want to take a swim anyway, cool off a little." Beverly shot her a smile and turned around. Cindy gave the carvings one last look, still wondering what they meant when it became hideously clear.

The carvings were old, far older than any archeologist had guessed. Through migrations, famines and wars, different tribes and nations had maintained the warnings some ancient people had left behind. The why had been kept alive for just as long, minus a couple of hundred years. The carvings were a warning, and what they warned about came through it right now.


With a triumphant hiss like a boiling kettle, the eldritch horror made the transition from its own dimension into this one. The window of opportunity had been so small/short/thin even on its side, let alone this one. But it had made it. Now he was in a race against what the creatures of this reality experienced as time to make his stay permanent.

It wasn't a demon, who had no need to jump through such hoops. Ch'Nothoglys' reality was far more remote and alien, as were its inhabitants. Reality itself rebelled against Ch'Nothoglys, pressing down in an attempt to remove it entirely. All but a miniscule amount of its power had to be devoted to postponing that event long enough for it to find a solution. It already knew what that solution was, but the creature needed the correct specimen.

And fortuitously, two of the local sentient species were right in front of it. Both female too, though Ch'Nothoglys had some trouble determining that. Apparently there had been a few changes since its broodmate's attempt. It did not matter, they had figured out what had gone wrong and this time, it would succeed.

Gurgling in contentment, it began to amble towards his target.


Cindy's eyes refused to focus on the thing coming towards them, or maybe it was her brain that couldn't wrap itself around what her eyes were telling it. There were eyes, tentacles and lots of slimey, naked flesh coming towards her, air shimmering and wobbling around the thing.

Besides her, she could hear Beverly whimper but it was so hard to move, even the simple act of turning her head was too much. It felt like gravity had grown a hundred-fold, like the air had become a liquid that she had to work down her throat just so she could breathe.

The monstrous thing was close now, close enough to smell except there was nothing to smell. The natural scents of the forest were gone, displaced by some not-smell that didn't become more even when the monster's wet, sticky tentacles started to slide over her shirt, her shorts and even her shoes and socks got bathed in slime.

Her clothing started to hiss, a moment before the straps of her small backpack gave way and it dropped to the forest-floor. Slightly embarrassed, she seemed to be incapable of feeling more than that, Cindy felt more and more of her clothing and then underwear dissolve; exposing increasing amounts of her skin to the wind, sun and those disgusting appendages.


At last the female was ready. Ch'Nothoglys did not know from what dead creature those skins had come from, but now they were no longer in the way. At last his secretions could begin their work on her, which was why there was now a need to restrain the female. The horrid spawn needed her essence unmuffled for this part of the preparations.

Ch'Nothoglys turned some of its attention to the other one to make sure that female wouldn't try to escape. A single tentacle detached itself to slither over the ground towards her. Somehow, even though Ch'Nothoglys' presence should make it impossible, she managed to react to it.

The female tried to force the tentacle away with one appendage only to fail miserably. The tentacle dodged the blow, then wrapped itself around the limb before moving on to secure the rest of her body in a similar bind.

Still the female didn't cease her resistance. Her essence was smothered, yes, but there still remained a spark that would not let itself be snuffed out. Pressed for time, Ch'Nothoglys gave the tentacle a command. It would drain the power that remained in the manipulator faster, and it couldn't be replenished while it was detached, but it should be finished with the other female long before then.

Responding instantly, the end of the tentacle slapped itself onto the female's forehead. Tiny manipulators sprouted from it, sliding through flesh and bone like it was water to create a direct connection between her thought node and Ch'Nothoglys' manipulator. It would now do the thinking for her.

At last she lay still. Her features grew slack as her eyes stared into nothing. That would do for now.

Turning his attention back to the female caught in his manipulators he found her struggling as well. She was also making piercing sounds that grated at its feelers interspersed with gasps as the secretions finally bended her thought node into the direction Ch'Nothoglys wanted it to go. Most of her emotions were too alien to grasp, but a few weren't. The fear was lessening as arousal gripped the female.

She was still slowly twisting in its grip, but there was no focus behind it. The female's attention had been turned wholly inward. Now the noises she made were more pleasing to his feelers. They rose in volume as it started to manipulate her most sensitive zones as the final step in readying the female for her transformation. When the female started to secrete some fluids of her own, Ch'Nothoglys judged she was ready.

Stiffening one manipulator and positioning it before the animal's reproductive orifice, Ch'Nothoglys slid it into her encountering no resistance. Another alien emotion rippled through the female, but it vanished as quickly as it had appeared when more manipulators joined the first. Her walls strained at containing three and so it left it at that for the moment. He did not want to damage her. A simple pattern of undulations and stroking of her inner walls reduced the female to further incoherence.

It only took her a few heartbeats to reward Ch'Nothoglys' effort with her first burst of completion, an emotional explosion that reduced her mental state to zero. But it did not last long enough for its purpose, more was required.

Seeing as the female was no longer capable of resisting, Ch'Nothoglys removed all but one of the manipulators that was needed to keep her aloft so it could add them to its assault. First were those orifices still empty, the one near the simian's thought node eagerly received a single manipulator and Ch'Nothoglys gurgled in delight as the female's own inferior manipulators began to caress it. Drawing it deeper into herself as a smaller manipulator in her orifice tried to wrap itself around Ch'Nothoglys'.

The manipulators entering her from the other end encountered some difficulty and Ch'Nothoglys had to squeeze them in. But once they'd breached the entrance the female once again completed, twice.


Every muscle in Cindy's back strained as she arched it more and more. Not that she noticed that, or how slippery she was from the mixture of sweat, drool, juices, and the creature's slime covering every inch of her skin. Nothing mattered besides the wonderful feelings invading every part of her body.

Gone was the fear she'd felt on first seeing the monster. Gone was her worry for her friend. All that she cared about was what the creature was doing to her.

Her hands wrapped around one of those slimy tentacles, jacking it off like a cock, that was real. The manipulators prying open her pussy more and more, those were real. Even the pain of that obscene act didn't worry her. It only added to the exquisite delight Cindy was subjected to.

Consequences and the why of it all didn't matter to the brunette, only the mind melting pleasure. So when the monster, running out of available holes to fill, simply pierced her flesh with his appendages all Cindy did was cum, hard.


A bellow shook the surrounding trees as Ch'Nothoglys experienced a climax of its own. While the simian's essence was suspended in completion, pinned there by the many manipulators invading every part of her, the ruler of Byakhuy began to flood her body with its own substance.

The manipulators bulged as the thick, white fluid passed from Ch'Nothoglys and into the insensate animal. Every muscle and organ quickly became drenched with the liquid as his manipulators pumped it into her body.

Transformation began even before the eldritch horror had finished extracting its manipulators from her, and it continued after the female was lowered to the ground.

Her skin knitted itself back together while swiftly being leached off all its color. It hid a more fundamental change as every cell in her body was replaced by something no biologist had ever seen.

An ecstatic scream was wrenched from her lips as her bones cracked, melted, and reformed. Five toes to a foot turned into two soft pads as flexible as her hands. Muscles rippled, her hair became so black it seemed to suck the light in even as her skin gained the smooth, pale, tone of an alabaster statue.

Modest curves turned into dangerous ones. Her breasts inflated, becoming large, firm, and peaked with long, impossibly pink nipples. Her ass, already firm from regular exercise, flowed into a bubble butt while a sinuous tail began to grow between those two globes.

But the form was only of secondary consideration to Ch'Nothoglys, his attention was on more insubstantial affairs. Turning the female's body into a hybrid of this reality and its own was necessary. Replacing her essence with one of Ch'Nothoglys' choosing was vital.

Tension left Ch'Nothoglys as it felt the connection form between them, growing stronger as the new consumed the old. A connection that went past nerves and thought. The female's completion was now sustained by the very fire that was destroying that essence and Ch'Nothoglys' own manipulators stirred once more as those emotions started to become more intelligible.

Yet even now, a core remained that seemed to be untouched. It peaked Ch'Nothoglys curiosity, her ancestors had not possessed it. It was sure of that, it had studied the memories of this place carefully. Soon this core was all that was left of the old, and then his essence made contact with that core. With an abruptness it had not expected, the transformation of its first anchor ended.


Rolling onto her stomach, Cindy savored the aftermath of that great fuck. The feel of the dry earth and twigs scratching her naked tits helped to draw it out. Where she was or what was going on didn't really bother her, she felt too fantastic to be concerned about it.

"ARISE" a voice thundered from behind her. Except it wasn't a voice, or even a real word. It was an idea, a concept, that had been dumped into her mind. Yet it had a definite direction.

Curious, she went up into a crouching position and turned around to see who it was. The sight looked familiar, and yet it was completely alien. She'd seen it before, Cindy recalled, but not with such crystal clarity. It actually looked quite ordinary, and that surprised her more than it should, Cindy sensed.

Something was missing, but was the lack with her or with her creator? 'Wait, Creator? Yes, he made me. No, my mother and father did.' Frowning, Cindy tried to make sense of it all when the thing "spoke" again.


Naturally, Cindy looked around to see who her creator was referring to only to catch the sight of a woman lying on the ground with a manipulator wound around her body. Her face was partially obscured by the tentacle, but it couldn't hide the female's vacant stare or the drool that escaped her slack jaw. "Bev," Cindy's mouth said without her brain prompting it to. The word triggered memories, feelings, she knew this one. She knew her well.

"No," her mouth said, once more without conscious direction. Part of her was surprised, not that she'd said it but that she could contemplate the concept of it.

Her Cr-, it, couldn't believe it either. "RESISTANCE?"

Once more Cindy turned around to face the creature and gave it a toothy smile. It's response was violent and immediate, though again Cindy had expected that for some reason. Her tail found a broken off branch even as she sidestepped the manipulators striking at her. Before it could try again Cindy struck, planting the impromptu weapon in her opponent's central body.

In its own reality the attack would have been laughably futile, Ch'Nothoglys' defenses would have disintegrated the branch before it could even touch the eldritch horror. But they weren't in its reality. With a squelching sound the wooden dagger slid into the monster, piercing Ch'Nothoglys' hide with ease.

Reality was forcibly introduced into its body and now it could tear Ch'Nothoglys apart from within. Its remaining time in this dimension abruptly reduced to zero, the creature's body turned to a fading mist that did not linger.

Giving the space it had occupied one more look before dismissing her creator from her mind, Cindy looked back at Beverly. And blinked at tentacle still wrapped around her slumped form. "Okay, now what?"

Part Two

Standing in front of one of two full-length mirror's their cabin sported, Cindy examined herself. She'd recalled they had one and had carried Beverly, who was lying on the bed a few feet away even now, to it. Not like she had a lot of other things to do at the moment while she waited for that manipulator to run out of energy. It should disappear on its own soon enough and Cindy had no idea how to remove it anyway. Not without hurting Beverly.

It was weird staring into eyes that were once dull brown, but now shone like sapphires. Compared to that, the more catlike dentures she now sported weren't all that strange. Her tongue, though, was a good contender. It wasn't forked, but round and so long. Experimentally she extended it, watching as inch after inch slid out of her mouth.

'God, I could eat myself out with this thing.' Cindy shivered at the thought, her now hairless slit leaking just a little more at the idea. Slowly she retracted her tongue, savoring the sensation of it sliding against her plump lips. She was so sensitive now, everywhere.

Cindy nearly came just from that, but with an effort she got back to studying herself. Frowning, she tried to stand like she remembered instead of on the balls of her feet. But it didn't feel right anymore, the moment her attention wavered her heels left the wooden floor.

'Guess I won't have any trouble with heels anymore,' she thought wryly. 'Wish I could say the same for pants, or a shirt!' The obstacle for the latter was staring her in the face, her tits had grown big and then gone straight passed that to reach gigantic. None of her bras would fit anymore and all her shirts and blouses no longer covered her stomach. A few didn't even cover her boobs entirely.

As for why she wasn't wearing so much as some panties, the reason for that weaved through the air behind her. A five foot long tail with a arrowhead-shape at its tip in the same color as the rest of her skin. A startling white devoid of any freckles, blemishes, or hair. But all of this was just a distraction from the real issue, the real difference.

A groan from the bed drew Cindy's attention to Beverly. She'd lost track of time while she'd been examining herself and apparently, the tentacle had vanished while Cindy wasn't looking. Now, Bev was finally waking up.


Blinking, Beverly wondered where she was for a moment. There had been a... a dream? Yes, that had to be it. 'Boy, that was a weird one. Must have gotten too much sun... Except,' she reconsidered looking at the ceiling, 'I'm in the cabin. Did Cindy bring me inside?'

Using her hands Beverly started to push herself into an upright position when someone landed lightly on the bed, the person's feet just missed her thighs. For a moment, the blonde didn't recognize the alien features so close to her face. She, it was a she, was so close her breath tickled Bev's face and her eyes almost looked like they glittered with their own light.

Only when she drew her head back a little and saw more of her, did Beverly finally see past all the differences. "Cindy?" she choked out.


Cindy heard her friend, but didn't respond. She was far too absorbed with examining Beverly. The moment the blonde had woken up her essence had come to life. It was like watching the inner workings of the world's most intricate clock whirring into action. Cindy only recognized snippets of all the things her friend was showing, but the whole drew her in with its beauty.

She drank it in, her earlier worries forgotten, but just appreciating it from afar felt so lacking. 'I want more!' Cindy pressed herself against Bev in an attempt to close the distance between them. The difference was noticeable right away, now she didn't just see Bev, she felt her too. Felt her inside. 'More!'


"Urk." The fact that her best friend suddenly looked like the wet dream of a man with some freaky fetishes now took a backseat to her equally bizarre behavior. One moment Cindy was hovering above her, the next she was flush against Beverly and she wasn't wearing a stitch. Beverly was clothed, but now she was acutely aware of how much those garments didn't cover as her friend rubbed herself against the blonde like some sort of big cat.

An image reinforced by the rumbling purr Cindy emitted as she threw her head back exposing sharp teeth. "Hey, cut that out." Cindy ignored her and continued rocking herself.

Taking matters into her own hands, Beverly tried to push her away. After a few false starts that saw her hands slipping up against Cindy's breasts Beverly finally managed to find purchase on her friend's shoulders. First gently, but when that didn't work she put more force behind it, only to lose her grip on Cindy's slippery skin.

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