tagHow ToCircumstances that Make You a Bitch

Circumstances that Make You a Bitch


Some days I feel so fucking desperate...

Hmmm...how did it come to this that I had not fucked or even kissed anyone in almost three years and my pussy ached like an itch to be scratched ...I felt myself in the urge to suck tongue so bad and pull some erect cock up my cunt.

Oh I tried going in churches almost everyday, to control desire and be a good Christian woman but at 38 I was so unbelievably horny. It was evident that wasn't my lifestyle though I tried...I would punish myself by taking numerous Christian tattoos to deal with my desperation for sex, in two years I had 33 tattoos and nine piercings, I certainly never looked the church type...and I had cut my hair like skindiamond to appear longer on one side and cropped short on the other, yeah I was often called sexy but I'd never believe that till a hottie agreed to fuck me...mostly homeless or unhealthy looking men would seem interested, and my pussy would go dry at that thought...oh I would of given my soul to have some slim, long haired, tall, tattooed guy just kiss me and suck my tongue even if they didn't care to fuck me...Id use my dildo on myself if I had to.

I grew weary of hearing people say, 'oh my you're pretty and you have the perfect size!'

Whatever for? I'd ask myself, to become a nun? Oh it seemed like a fucking curse and now the thought was maybe I'd be better off fucking married men...oh I wanted to interfere with some young twenty something year old with a sex drive and the assets to make me want to cum multiple times...id smoke his cock like a cigarette I thought...it was becoming apparent that the hottest guys were either gay or married...I'd take the latter and be his bitch and I would even be his wife's best friend ...hahah ...wax her pussy for her if even I had to ...I just wanted a good fuck that's all...

That was the night when I started to think I got to start dealing with these young hot married man. Oh it could be great to be the bitch I thought...being Saintly was so damn miserable...I wondered if people really considered praying in church, like I was for God to please send me a hot man to fuck because my cat has been so frustrated eating silicone for over a year...

I wish though I was braver to flirt with men, why was I so fricking hard to get...but if men only knew once they could break the ice with me, that was it, I'd fuck them any and everywhere... To the world I had to be this so virtuous woman and though it was nice to be taken for 25, to me it all felt like a curse that every night I found myself cooped up naked in my room from 2 am to 4am watching numerous porn clips and stuffing my cunt with a nine inch dildo in one hand while rubbing the top of my soaking pussy with the other hand, or licking my own nipples...man did it take a lot everyday to act all prim and proper!

I'd, picture what I'd do to the first brave male to go down on me but they all behaved so gay at least those in my country. Foreign men I video chatted with couldn't understand it, why men here played games with me, they wanted to more than fuck me, kidnap me and marry me if they could...but oh they were so faraway and it wasn't any better than me fucking myself.

Oh I wish my country had a hot male escort service but it was only women...

I would wonder if I'd enjoy eating pussy, and another woman fucking me with my dildo, after all women were easy to approach...but so long I hadn't felt a man's hard groin rubbing against my hungry pussy. Sometimes my eyes would burn red in desperation...in my mind whenever I saw an attractive man, I'd say please fuck me...sometimes I felt my ex cursed me to have a dribbling pussy with no satisfaction...hmmm I had grown fed up of him because he had started punishing me in my tempers by not having sex...I used to think the best fuck was sometimes after a heated argument...what I do know was that when he pulled away I didn't care to fuck him again, and if I had a guts then I'd of fucked every hot young man I could, and even tie him cockhold to watch...oh I'd of let them whip my ass on all fours and suck my wet pussy from behind while he watched...I'd of twerked my ass on their erect cocks and lather it with my cat cream, I'd definitely suck their tongue and jerk them off at the same time...my ex use to like fucking me while I stick a finger up his asshole, I felt I'd do that too to those young hotties. I liked them with the long hair to hold like I was riding a horse..tattooes always made them look rebellious and badass, and slim men with little or no belly fat meant more prick for my cunt to eat.

My mantra was becoming so repetitive it seemed...'fuck me...fuck me...'

It was just another night of me striping naked, sitting cross legged or with my legs butterflied out as much as possible, shoving the dildo up my vagina, while moving my hips and big ass in a rotating motion, yeah I have what some call a hour glass shape, with the small waist that I'd imagine some man grabbing on to and vigorously moving me up and down his throbbing dick...hmmm too bad here I was watching those porn clips again fucking my self to some form of exhilaration...it was evident in my world hot men just didn't exist...I'd have to consider saving to buy myself a full silicone man...oh it would be a blessing if such a doll got possessed and actually fucked me in the night hahaha...I laughed to myself...maybe from tomorrow if a hot married man shows me interest I'd fuck his brains out for nothing in return ...see out of desperation some bitches are born...

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