tagSci-Fi & FantasyCity of Secrets Ch. 01

City of Secrets Ch. 01


The night had started out alright enough. It had taken some searching but the curvy, middle aged PI had finally found where the geek bastard was holed up. He was hiding in a vacant apartment building in the shadier side of town. Both the twisted pervert and his "collection" of brainwashed young coeds.

The PI spent the prior day staking the building out to make sure it was the right place and to figure out when it was safe to go in. She had sat long enough to eventually spot each of the girls that the sick creep had taken. All were blondes, each perky and cute. His other mind controlled captives were also co-eds from expensive schools like the Senator's daughter.

He had a type, like all the Creeps had a type. Tangela sighed, that type was almost always blonde, skinny and under 25. She looked at herself in the car mirror and shrugged.

Tangela thought she hadn't lost much of her considerable appeal since she turned 30, in fact she often thought she was getting even sexier. The pounds she had gained had gone mainly to her already ample breasts and though her onion shaped ass was a little bigger each year she knew most men would still openly stare if she swung her hips passing them by.

It was raining hard that night. The PI almost didn't see the Creep when he finally went out. Maybe he was heading for the college bars to scout for Sweetheart Number 4; maybe he just needed a drink. But Tangela finally had her chance.

As she exited her Lincoln, the PI thought one last time about just calling the cops. They would get all the girls back immediately, not just her girl. But Tangela knew her client was paying her not only to get their daughter back, but to keep her out of any official reports.

Of course, she would call the city cops when she was done, and hoped the Creep would not return in time and move them before the squad cars got there. It usually took them a lot longer to respond in this part of town, but they should have time.

The thick woman jogged across the rain slicked street to the apartment door. She got through his door in minutes. She still knew how to work a lock, at least the cheap ones you found in places like this.

Tangela slowly crept through the hallway, peeking in each room until she reached a rear side room, where the Senator's Darling Little Girl was sleeping. The kidnapped, mind controlled student was naked, on top of the covers. Her hair was mussed, and she still wore black net stockings and a leather collar. The foot long dildo and gag beside her showed the Creep had been active with his new captive.

She crept over gingerly to the dozing sorority queen, covered her mouth with her large ebony hand, and whispered the Embedded Trigger, implanted as precaution years before, into the waking girl's ear: "Azure Teddy Bear"

The girl sat up, her doe like eyes blinking wide, with a confused half blank stare. As Tangela removed her hand, the questions poured out: "Where am I? Where...What is going on? Wait. Wait. I think I know you, right? ".

Same dumb questions the girls always had when they were retrieved. And the waking student asked them a little bit loudly to boot. Tangela quickly gave another Command for her to go unconscious and turned to scan the door and hallway.

Tangela did not see the other girls under the covers near the Senator's daughter, until the blankets started to move. Tangela knew all hell was about to break loose.

The Senator from Ohio's daughter couldn't have been more than 110 pounds (100 without the silicon), and Tangela was pushing 170 and an ex-fed to boot. She just yanked sweet miss used-to-be-pure over her shoulder.

The older ebony rescuer flipped over the mattress with a breathy heave, flipping the other "collected" girls into a tangle on the floor and started to run for the door. Maybe she could get her charge out of there before the other mind controlled sluts could react.

The PI sprinted for the door, her wide soft D cups flopping up and down in giant waves, her client's firmer exposed C's shaking left to right across her back.

Tangela had almost made it when 5'3" inches of private college cheerleader threw a hard kick from nowhere. This was followed by a surprisingly hard kick to Tangela's stomach.

The cheerleader was much smaller than the PI, but she was 19, angry and in the best shape of her life. She even landed two punches to the black woman's chin and eye, before the PI was able to push her backwards.

Tangela's assailant was also completely naked except for large silver loops hanging from her grapefruit sized breasts and Go Eagles tattoos on her left ass-check. And the thoroughly brainwashed little spark-plug was not letting her Master's property get out of that the apartment without a fight.

"Let her go, you ugly fat whore." the nipple pierced blonde barked harshly, picking up a lamp to throw. "You let her go now? You, you, you COW!"

Well, the PI shrugged, that's why she always carried a stungun. She smirked as the young coed went down screaming, lamp and all.

Then another little victim of the Creep had gotten to them and tried to grab black woman. Tangela smiled, luckily this girl couldn't fight for shit, but stopped smiling as she started pulling the private detective long locks and scratching at her face, until Tangela was finally able to pin her with a thick, well muscled leg and pressed the stungun to her shoulder.

Pausing a few moments to handcuff the two brainwashed blondes to the radiator, Tangela gathered her unresisting target and headed for the door. As the manacled girls curses echoed down the hall, the PI finally turned to say "I AM NOT ... FAT, you skinny little bimbos. I'm what a real woman looks like. Anyway, hang tight, help will be here soon."


It was after midnight when Tangela Jones finally made it back to her office. She spent an hour making calls and pulling strings to get an honest cop to get to the other girls in time, maybe even get the Creep. Then the detective dropped off the Senator's Formerly Innocent Daughter with the Reconditioning Team.

Tangela nursed her jaw. She moved behind the expensive wooden desk in her rich wood paneled office. This whole side of town had seen better days as had her address, but the interior of well appointed office belied its humble exterior.

She picked up her secured phone to call Dr. George, her former boss, almost lover and on and off best customer after she finally stopped working in Uncle Sam's alphabet soup.

She asked him "George, about that protection we discussed, it is getting a little hairy out there, and it might be time."

The deep voice on the phone answered, "I figured you might call about that, heard you had a pretty rough evening tonight. Anyway my man just did the drop off.

By the way, this one is on the house, you can figure out a way to properly thank me later."

She slugged three fingers of cheap scotch down and dropped the ice cubes into a cloth for her bruised chin. It had been one of those nights.

As if on cue (and with Dr. George's surveillance network and sense of humor, perhaps it probably was on cue) she heard a soft knock at her office door,

Gingerly, she opened the door, her trusty revolver concealed behind her back just in case.

She was surprised to see a young pair of visitors in the hall, both stark naked.

The girl of the pair was 5'1, Asian, and an absolute knockout. Her thick, glossy hair draped past her slender neck and delicate shoulders flowing down the violin curve of the back to the womanly swell of her hips. She had a warm dimpled face, with laughing shining eyes, and thick bee-stung lips, painted a glossy fireball red.

She had a red ribbon strategically wrapped over her shoulders and down her trim, but softly feminine torso. The wide red ribbon ran past the two most perfect breasts Tangela had ever seen. The girl had tan perky C cups, curving slightly on the tops until ending in wide butterscotch circles. The ribbon ended with a modest red bow covering her groin. Though she submissively kept both hands behind her back, Tangela could sense the Asian girl's embarrassment at her open nudity in the hallway.

Tangela felt a strong quiver in her own pussy as her eyes locked with the unknown girl's deep brown, completely trusting eyes.

The man was tall, with a blond crew cut. He was easily 6'5", with a lean but athletic build. He was standing perfectly straight, his hand at his hips.

His face was more rough than handsome, his cheeks clean-shaven and his nose possessing a pronounced kink from poorly healed breaks. His jaw line was thick boned, with hard bulbs of muscles protruding slightly.

His pecks were more broad then rounded, and his shoulders reminded the PI of knotted steel cables.

She looked down his ripped ivory stomach and burst out laughing. He had an absolutely huge cock, also topped with a red bow around the huge tip. He must have been 8 inches long, and was still only half erect.

Both of the pair were in their early 20's.

And despite the fact she had never seen either one before, Tangela Jones knew they were already completely in love with her.


It was nearly daybreak, as the mysterious, trench coated man, effortlessly picked Tangela's lock, and moved with almost ghostlike purpose through her apartment. He passed her stylish living room towards her bedroom hallway.

The floor of the hall to Tangela's bedroom showed him that Tangela was enjoying both her "gifts".

There was a large red bow, from Li Junyi, ripped in half in a passionate rush. Beside it lay the smaller bow from John Kelley. There was an empty bottle of Scotch and the dark blue pantsuit of the detective.

The Magnum sized condom lying in the hallway showed their lust had reached a boiling point even before the trio had made it to the bedroom.

The silent intruder clicked a tiny button in his rimmed glasses and looked again through a computer enhanced view.

He could see faint hand and sweat-prints on the wall. The prints were quite high on the wall, as John obviously lifted the older woman completely off the ground as he fucked her, her thick legs wrapped around him. He could see that Tangela had her back and wide round ass pressed against the wall, while John, deep inside her, used one hand to balance them both.

From the sounds coming within the bedroom, they had not taken long to recover.

He smiled to himself. A horny 35 year old female detective who hadn't been laid in almost a year and a 22 year old male at his sexual peak, they would probably fuck 6 or 7 times before they called it quits tonight.

Due to her conditioning, the intruder also knew that the cute Asian wouldn't allow herself to cum until Tangela had orgasmed at least twice. From the mix of women's screaming, it seemed she had already reached that.

Approaching the bedroom, and peering through a small crack in the door, he saw that Tangela and the young Asian beauty were on the bed locked in a 69 position, with the larger woman half-kneeling half-lying on top of the younger girl.

Tangela's head was buried in Junyi's fresh young pussy, her tongue working furiously. Behind them John stood on the floor, his cock pistoning into Tangela's dripping stretched cunt, as Junyi lick them both on each stroke.

It was satisfying to the silver haired intelligence officer that the bonding was as natural and strong as it seemed.

His knew Tangela's dating patterns favored strong tall men, but especially aggressive and confident. Her testing during conditioning had also displayed a strong, if rarely acted on, bisexuality.

These two had volunteered once they knew the threat posed.

Their natural susceptibility, as well as very deep prior attraction lines discovered in selection testing, was reinforced by very strong sexual triggers keyed on Tangela's picture, audio and video. The natural attraction and military grade mind conditioning technologies they had used on John and Junyi would allow her to completely supersede any other controllers. The black PI was literally their perfect woman now.

They would be safer as a team. John could protect the PI, and Junyi was a field trained lure, irresistible in her personality and physical charms.

He knew nothing could override such a Sexualized Bond, especially one built on preexisting deep kinds. And he could see the final phase of the conditioning was being noisily consummated in the bedroom beside him.

But then his smile faded. At least nothing Tangela had encountered in the past could, but if his sources were right...


Jeremy Wilder hands shook as he looked at the reading for the two new girls in his basement.

Not only were they complete knockouts, but were in the upper range of susceptibility. Their scores were higher than he had ever seen, far higher in the case of the busty Asian one.

He had only worked on them for an hour, and already there was almost no resistance. Every Command took almost immediately. Even the kinkiest request encoded quickly, despite their clear discomfort with his suggestions at times.

The blonde was working his rock hard cock, her drool covering her chin and dripping onto his foot.

Behind him the other had her tongue rammed as far up his asshole as she could.

Both moaned through their third orgasm.

He had even gotten both of them to orgasm while he took the crop to their perfect asses. He had heard that was possible with the most susceptible, but all the previous girls were not nearly so pliable. That is why he eventually sold them and looked for new girls.

He hated when they slipped conditioning and resisted or started crying. He was not a *rapist* after all.

As he pulled his cock out and sprayed his erupting onto the blonde slut's face, Jeremy ordered her to keep her hands to her side. Her hands did not come to her face, even as it jetted into her nose, her hair a bit, and even her left eye.

After the sensation stopped, he decided to get a little nasty.

"Hey Susi or Floozy or whatever your fucking name is, who told you to stop licking? Get back over here. Time for you to lick her and me clean." the oily skinned man cackled. "Do a good job and I may even let you orgasm when I beat you again."

"Of course Master, right after I let Mistress T in."

"Who the hell are you taking about" the oily pale middle aged, engineer said.

"She is talking about me," floated a voice from the doorway, a curvy black woman holding a stun gun and command unit. "And you should stop talking now"

"Mistress, you made it!! This is Master, he is very nice" Tangela's cute lure exclaimed with unbridled enthusiasm. "He took us from the third bar like you guessed... you are sooo smart Mistress... then he gave us the treatment, punished us, and even let us suck him off. I came sooo many times when he whipped us."

"Turn around sweetie, what do you mean, whipped you?" And the petite, perky nude Asian turned to show her toned ass which was crisscrossed with cruel welts.

Tangela heard an almost subsonic rumbling and a multi-toned voice "put down the taser".

She turned to see he had grabbed his controller and the moron was trying to use it on HER. And he had picked up a very large and wicked bullwhip.

"Put down the fucking bullwhip, I don't want to hurt you."

Crack, it whistled, slicing her hand, the stun gun dropping.

"Fuck, that fucking hurts" Tangela screamed, and then she suddenly felt herself half yanked/half swung backward through the doorway. Her feet barely touch the ground as she spun into the hall.

It took her a second or two to get her senses reoriented, especially in the sudden dark of the hallway.

"John. John! " Stop punching him , she said in Full Command Tone.

She looked as the tall crew cut ex-soldier; sat on the back of the splayed would-be mind controller, his gun unholstered, his left hand raining punches to the side the poor man's head and ear. She did not know why she felt so aroused at this naked violence. She hated it, at the FBI, in training. But it was different when it was *FOR HER*.

Jeremy's Control Unit lay smashed on the other side of the wall. She stooped to look at it.

Part of it was a different design than she had seen before, newer looking though combined with the crappy same black market she had seen time and time again.. Colonel Charles had warned her to be on the lookout for anything new, anything strange with the Creeps. What did he know that he couldn't tell even her?


End Chapter 1

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