tagGroup SexCJ, Emily and Josh

CJ, Emily and Josh


If it wasn't enough to be gone from his little, sweet wife so often with his career as a musician, there had also been something CJ had been mulling around for weeks that he didn't talk to anyone about.

Perhaps, maybe because of his reaction to it was out of the ordinary.

He'd seen Emily in the den with the kid that had supposed to have been doing the pool, both of them fucking each other so intensely, they were oblivious to what went on around them.

She hadn't expected CJ home until the next day, and he had gone to the den when he heard some noise from there.

Emily was always noisy during sex, and this was to be her downfall of sorts.

When he peeked in, Emily was being fucked from behind on sofa by the pool guy, screaming for him to fuck her deeper, harder and faster, cumming over and over for him as his eight inch cock filled her.

CJ's first reaction was being mortified that his petite love would do this on him. He thought he was giving her all the sex she needed and thensome with his own well-endowed cock.

Then another feeling came over him; one CJ himself didn't expect. He had found himself becoming very turned on watching his wife getting fucked by Josh.

It was all he could have done not to go in there and take her himself after the kid had done her.

What the hell was wrong with him? CJ wondered to himself. Most guys would have either killed her and the guy or thrown her out.

But he had hidden out and watched the rest of their interaction until the pool kid had gone.

After what CJ had witnessed, he had wanted to jump in the shower with Emily and fuck her brains out, but he had restrained himself.

He had already been downstairs when she came down fully dressed after her shower, and never let her know about what he had seen for weeks.

But this particular day, it was her birthday, and her brother Jimmy and his wife Natalie had happily taken the kids, even if Nat was getting close to delivering herself.

They would have the house to themselves. CJ then called the pool people, asking to have Josh come back again instead of their usual guy, Brandon.

His wife asked for Josh, CJ told them; he had done an 'impressive' job the last time he had been here.

CJ hoped the plan worked; it was turning him on more by the minute.

Emily had come home; even in street clothes, she was so fucking sexy to him right then.

He was going to have a taste of his wife before Josh got there for her birthday 'surprise.' Then hopefully, the three of them would have their own private party.

CJ had slipped up behind her. "Happy birthday, baby." He gave her a deep kiss.

From there, they were still kissing off and on, but CJ quickly broke the kiss to lick and nibble his way down to her neck as he undressed her and gotten naked himself, heading eagerly for her beautiful breasts.

"CJ, what are you doing?" Emily giggled slightly. "Where's the kids?"

"At your brother's for the day, girlie. It's just you and me and I've been thinking about you and what to give you for your birthday," he growled, still kissing his way down to her tits.

He sucked her pink nipples, his hands roamed all over them touching and licking every inch of their natural beauty.

He kept all this up as he slipped one hand down the front of her pants and his fingers pressed against her opening. She was already sopping wet.

"It's been a long time for us, baby," he whispered. "And I've got a little surprise for you later after I have you now."

He kissed her again. "I'll make it worth your while, girlie. This will be a birthday you'll never forget."

He peeled down her panties and she stepped out of them. CJ then traced his fingertips along her thighs, brushing against her pussy lips and put two fingers gently in her wet slit to tease over her clitoris.

She moaned softly; she wanted him now as much as he did her.

CJ then gently carried her to the living room and lay her down on the couch, kissing and licking his way down, until he reached her pussy, then delved his tongue right in.

He was alternating between sliding his tongue over her clit and fucking her with his tongue as her hips squirmed above him and he could feel her cumming.

After she had come, she pushed his head from between her legs.

"Make love to me," she said. "I want you so bad..."

Turning her over so her ass would face him, he was on top of her.

CJ was trailing his hard cock down her ass to her wet cunt. His manhood found her entrance, and she was so wet she nearly sucked him inside before he was ready.

He loved the feeling as his dick went further inside her. He ran his hands over her beautiful ass as he pushed forward into her sweet, tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh....yes....fuck me..", she moaned, as she felt him slide all the way into her pussy in one stroke.

CJ held himself inside her, reaching around and feeling her breasts and her body. He continued going deeper and harder into her pussy as she came over and over as their lovemaking got more intense.

"God, I love this," Emily said. "I love having your cock in me. Yessss, give me more, you feel so good!"

He reached from behind and grabbed hold of her breasts again, gripping onto them tight.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum," she squealed. "Go deeper!"

"This is what you let Josh the pool kid do to you, isn't it, girlie? It had been too long and you'd been pretty horny, huh? You liked his big dick inside your little pussy too, huh? Did you enjoy that, baby?"

Emily stopped in shock. Oh my God, he knew about her doing the pool guy!

"I…I'm---" she began.

He fucked her harder. "Oh, God, baby, that turned me on to see you fuck like that. So damned raw. So hot to see you being such a little slut….it was all I could do not to grab you and fuck the shit out of you that day…." he panted

"Why didn't you……"

"I wanted to torture you for awhile. Get you nice and horny for today. Just the way I love my girlie…"

Jesus Christ, her own husband was turned on seeing her fuck another man! Emily thought. Who would have thought that?

Just when you think you know someone…

It turned her on even more.

"Yesssss," she hissed, "You have me now…give it to me good. You feel so damn good! Oh, God, CJ, I'm cumming again! Deeper! Yes!"

Once she had cum, CJ turned her over onto her back, his lips found hers and they kissed passionately, tongues shooting far into the other's mouth.

"Fuck me," Em panted. "Come on, baby, fuck me more!"

"I'll give you the fuck of your life, girlie. And I'm just getting started."

"Mmmmph.....harder," she moaned as she felt his cock reach deeper inside her. He pushed her legs up so her feet were near her head as he began to fuck her a little harder.

"OHHHHHHHH GOD!!!" she cried, this time cumming violently.

This forced CJ to fuck her upwards with his hips, as her orgasm was far too intense. He banged her upwards as fast as he could as he felt his cum shoot its way from his balls to his cock, starting to lose it.

"Ohhh, Emily, I'm gonna cum!" he called out.

CJ continued to fuck her with all his might. He could feel the heat building in his balls, and he knew he could hold out no longer. He heard himself let out a grunt and she knew he was ready.

She was holding his penis deep inside her hungry vagina.

He moaned as his cock spasmed, shooting a long stream of hot cum into her. Another thick load sprayed behind the first, firing far into her pussy. She was moaning as he emptied his seed into her body.

His cumming was so intense, he couldn't breathe. Another three loads shot into Emily's cunt, but the power died down from what it was in the beginning.

Finally, the last of his sperm trickled into her, and he was able to kiss back at her searching lips, gasping for breath.

"Go upstairs and get cleaned up a little and meet me in the bedroom," he said once he got his breathing back to normal.

"I have a little surprise for you. And don't put any clothes on."


Sure enough, the doorbell rang just as CJ had sent her upstairs. She yelled down, wondering who it was.

Pulling up his pants, CJ called up that it was a 'delivery' then went to the door and Josh stepped in.

He put on a face like he was pissed, saying he had found out that Josh had fucked his wife while he had been on the road; yes, he had seen everything when he had come home early, but stood out of sight while Josh and Emily finished their little encounter.

"Look, you were away and we were pretty hot…things got out of hand. You're going to kick my ass now, aren't you?" he asked CJ.

As it turned out, CJ wasn't going to kill him for Josh fucking his wife after all.

"I'm not going to kick your ass. This time. But I want to give her something that will get her off. You game about joining us?" He laughed. "And it's her birthday."

Josh had to restrain himself from laughing back; he knew what CJ meant--for both of them to fuck Emily at once.

Josh had been with Emily long enough that one time to know what she liked to fuck and he found himself all for it, even if her husband was joining in.

CJ then assured him that he and Josh wouldn't have any contact; the important thing was getting Em off and both of them giving her a good fuck. Was he still interested?

Josh felt an erection grow as CJ outlined the plan for what he wanted that afternoon, not missing the bulge of hard cock that was straining against Josh's shorts.

Emily was already in the bedroom, naked and ready, CJ said, leading the way.

She turned at the sight of the two of them coming into the room in shock.

"Oh my God, CJ!" she gasped. "What's he doing here?"

"Your present, girlie. Today you'll get both of us."

She'd always fantasized a moment since she had the threesome with Michelle and CJ about having him and another man. Somehow, he'd found out this was a fantasy of hers. But how?

Hell, what did it matter? She was going to fuck two hot men! She made a mental note to repay CJ royally for his own birthday.

Smiling a slick smile, Emily then got on all fours and said, "Who's first?"

Josh, in a stage of uncontrollable lust, ripped off his clothes, freeing his aching member.

CJ, approving of Josh being ready and hard for her, dropped his pants and stroked his own cock.

"Since I was brought up to respect company, I think it's right Josh should, baby. But I want to see you suck his cock before you fuck him. Show us what a good cocksucker you are."

She patted the bed and Josh sat as Emily kneeled on the floor to suck him.

As she took him in her mouth, she expertly downed his very erect cock to Josh's balls as CJ watched from the chair in the corner.

"Oh shit!" CJ approved. "What a good girlie! That's it, baby, deep throat Josh's nice big cock!"

She continued sucking Josh expertly, no longer uncomfortable about her husband watching her do so, giving Josh her best deep throating and using her hand to stroke what she did not have in her throat.

When she swirled her tongue around the tip and started to take him deep into her throat again, Josh groaned.

He grabbed her head and moved it up and down his cock, forcing himself deeper down her throat as he fucked her face.

He could feel her sweet, sweet tongue, her lips, her throat and he knew he wasn't going to last very long.

He could feel himself start to twitch and soon he was spurting shot after shot of cum into Emily's hot, wet mouth.

"Mmm, yeah. Drink all his cum down, baby!" CJ encouraged as Emily swallowed Josh's load greedily.

"Oh baby. You are sure one good little cocksucker!" Josh said when she finished.

He turned to CJ, grinning. "She make you cum like that too?"

CJ still stroked his own cock, very turned on from what just transpired in front of him. "Oh yeahhhh...she's my girlie. Never had a woman that loves to fuck and suck as much as this little nympho does!"

He then looked at Emily again. "Get him hard again, baby. I want you to show him how good my girlie is and fuck him while I watch."

Emily then took Josh in her mouth again, licking and sucking his cock until he was rock hard, then CJ gently ordered her to turn over so Josh could fuck her doggy fashion the way he had fucked her when CJ had seen them.

She happily obliged, her sexy ass in the air, waiting for him.

She couldn't wait to get him inside her. She bent over and Josh positioned himself behind her and rubbed her pussy gently with his fingers. He inserted one finger inside.

"Damn, baby, you are wet!"

"Are you surprised my pussy is wet for you? I want it bad, Josh. I need you to fuck me hard and make me cum. Put that big cock in me and make me cum over and over."

"How hard? I don't want to hurt your little pussy here. And you need to save some of that for your husband over there."

"I'll tell you if it is too hard, just fuck the shit out of me......fuck me NOW!"

Josh put the head of his cock at her opening, pulling her pussy lips apart a little as he got the head wet with her juices and he then slammed into her hard and deep.

"Josh! Oh yes! Fuck me!!"

Josh grabbed onto her hips, stared at her ass and started to piston in and out of her.

If he died now while fucking this hot little number, even with her husband watching, he would die happy. She felt so damn good.

Emily moaned and squealed as Josh's cock slammed in and out of her.

"Oh yeah, you are one hot bitch. Do you like getting fucked in front of your husband? Is it good, baby? Is this what you want? You love this cock, don't you?"

"You are so big, Josh...oh yes, do it. FUCK ME!"

CJ was stroking his own cock harder. "Tell him what you like, baby. Tell him how to make our girlie happy. Fuck him for me, baby."

He watched as Josh continued to bury his tool in her dripping pussy. Emily closed her eyes and pushed hard against him. Josh slapped her ass once to see what she would do.

"Yessssss, yesssss! Oh God, Josh, fuck me harder!"

He slapped her again and then again and again in time with his thrusts. Her ass was now as red and she was cumming.

He felt the walls of her pussy clamp down on his cock and felt her body shudder again and again as she screamed in orgasm.

About the same time, Josh felt his own climax working its way up his throbbing member.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum!" he yelled, not missing a stroke as he fucked her the hardest he had been.

"Take that cum in your pussy, baby," CJ hissed, about to reach his orgasm.

He went over and shoved his cock in Emily's mouth. "And suck me off while he cums in you. What a nice little girlie, baby. You really turn me on fucking another guy like that. Just a good little girlie."

It was all he needed to see and hear as Josh felt himself cum hard deep inside her; CJ shot his own heavy loads of seed into Emily's throat right after him.

"Oh fuck, oh baby, that was so great!" he said as he pulled out of her mouth.

He smiled at Josh. "She's got a nice little pussy, doesn't she?"

"Don't mind me saying so, but she's got to be the best fuck I ever had."

"I hope you aren't done, are you?" Emily asked, trying to get her breath.

CJ had stroked himself and had gotten hard again.

"No way, baby, my turn next. Josh is going to watch me fuck you now."

He shoved his cock into her stretched pussy. He went as far as he could go and started to pump in and out of her. She put her head down on the bed and he went a little deeper and she sighed.

Yes, this is what she wanted. She was going to cum again, she could feel it.

CJ continued to fuck her hard as he too closed his eyes and to just feel her wet pussy all around him, then opened them to watch Josh stroke his magnificent dick as he watched CJ's own cock slam in and out of Emily.

CJ stopped and pulled out. He turned her over, pushed her knees up and shoved himself inside of her again and started to move in and out of her.

He reached for her breasts and gently touched her nipples. They responded by growing harder. He squeezed her breasts with both hands.

She cried out and arched her back trying to take him as deep as she could.

He fucked her harder and faster, squeezing her breasts and she yelled, "I'm cumming. Oh yes, CJ, harder, faster! Fuck me! Oh please, fuck me!"

He continued to fuck her and she continued to press hard against him. "You want fucked, girlie? Huh? You like getting this dick of mine after you just had another guy? Huh? You love this, don't you? Tell me again to fuck you!"

"Fuck me, fuck me deeper!" she responded loudly. "Dammit, CJ, FUCK ME!"

He felt her start to cum again as he continued to pound into her. He could feel himself ready to cum too but he wasn't ready to stop yet.

He pulled out of her.

"Hey, Josh, come here. Let her sit on your cock while I fuck her sweet ass."

Josh thought he would shoot off right there at the thought of Emily's ass being fucked, whether by him or CJ.

He lay down under Em, his cock only semi-erect. She went to work on Josh's cock with her mouth and her hands as CJ rubbed her pussy juices over the opening of her ass.

He pushed a finger inside and then two and he heard her groan. "You love this, don't you, baby?"

"Oh, yessssssss! Do it.....fuck my ass!" she hissed.

She moved over Josh's cock and placed the head at the opening to her pussy. She came down hard on him, taking him all at once and then leaned over him, giving CJ access to her ass.

CJ placed the head of his cock against her ass and pushed gently pushed it into her pink asshole. He pushed harder as he started to go in.

As he got the head of his cock inside, he rubbed more pussy drippings on her ass and on his cock and slowly started to stroke in and out going deeper with each stroke. CJ started to time his own thrusts with Josh's.

"Damn Josh, this is so fucking hot! I don't think I'm going to last much longer. And her ass is so tight!"

Emily panted. "Fuck me, both of you fuck me hard until I cum again. Both of you make me cum!"

CJ grinned and buried his cock deeper in her ass, up to his balls. She was so tight and Emily was so into the fucking both of them at once as she moved her hips grinding into Josh.

Josh pushed his hips up toward her, thrusting his cock deeper into her. It felt so good!

The matched stroking of both men in each her holes made Emily hotter as she squirmed between them. CJ started to quicken his pace even more as it got easier and soon he was moving as quickly as Josh.

Emily was trying to take them both deeper as she got lost in her own fucking frenzy.

The both felt her pause and then felt the shudder build. Her whole body shook so hard as she screamed out "Fuck, I'm cumming!"

The orgasm was the biggest she had experienced in quite a while. It went on for several minutes as the two men continued the assault on her body. The orgasm was followed by several small ones. This felt so good.

"Oh, oh God, shit, baby, I'm cumming!" Josh shouted as he came. She could feel his cream shoot deep into her pussy. So hot!

As Josh's seed filled her, she felt CJ stiffen as he shot his own hot cum deep into her ass. She could feel it, and the feeling of cum filling both of her openings made her climax once again with them.

They all lay there panting for a minute and Emily sat up.

"Now that is what I call getting a good fuck!" she praised the men on both sides of her, starting to play with both their cocks again.

"Dammit...." Josh panted. "Believe it or not, this was the first time I was in a threesome. And it was fucking great!"

"Yeah and look," CJ said. "My girlie is ready for more."

Knowing Emily was dying to suck him, CJ got up to clean himself off a little in the bathroom before coming back and joining her and Josh.

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