Claire's Career Ch. 07: The Magician’s Assistant


"Oh, I see," Claire nodded, impressed at the ingenuity of the illusion.

"So, would you mind just taking off your dress so I can check you out. Feel free to leave your boots on."

"Oh, yes, of course," Claire said, reaching behind to unzip her red dress and allowing it to fall to the floor, revealing her lush pale figure. She was wearing a fancy black half-cup bra and high cut black briefs to match her hold-ups.

"Oh, wow," Kevin murmured before clearing his throat. "I mean, yes, you do seem to match well. I might need a closer look though," he continued leaning near to her body to examine her full breasts carefully.

After a few moments of diligent scrutiny, Claire nervously asked, "Will I do? I can always use some make-up if I need to."

"Er, no, I can safely say your body is more than suitable to be my assistant," Kevin replied with a smile.

"Oh, that's wonderful," Claire laughed, giving him a big hug and causing him to groan as he reached around to squeeze her virtually bare bottom.

"In fact, I have an idea. Why don't you try on some of Nikki's old costumes -- just to see if we need to source any others. You're taller than her and a little fuller in the bust but I think you might manage to squeeze into some of them," he suggested.

"Erm, OK. Why not?" Claire replied uncertainly, hoping that they would be clean.

Which is how she found herself only a few minutes later dressed in nothing more than a virtually transparent pale blue bikini with her stockings and boots. Kevin had gallantly turned his back while she had dressed but he should hardly have bothered, she thought. After all, she might as well have been naked.

"Are you sure, your assistant wore this? Isn't it a bit, er, revealing?" she complained, her hands on her graceful hips.

Kevin, who seemed to staring at her stiff red nipples practically poking through the slightly too small bra in the cold garage, managed to tear himself away from the sight of her almost fully visible bosom.

"What? Oh, um, yes. After all it's a stage costume. Nothing more," he answered unsteadily before continuing more confidently.

"Well, anyway the outfit certainly suits you. While you get used to it, why don't you show me how flexible you are. After all, I'll need you to squeeze into some cramped spaces and although you're slender, you're also tall. Can you touch your toes?"

Claire, who took great pride in keeping herself fit and healthy, smiled before bending elegantly at the hips and sweeping her fingers down to her toes, keeping her long magnificent legs straight. "How about that?" she gasped.

Kevin wandered around to her rear, making her uncomfortably aware that her pussy lips would be plumply exposed to his inspection through the transparent blue material of her bikini pants.

"Oh, yes, that's absolutely amazing," Kevin said standing behind her.

"Oh, good," Claire said brightly, standing to face him.

"No what other talents do you possess?" Kevin asked her, his eyes occasionally falling to her chest.

"Um, er, I don't know," Claire replied lamely.

"Well can you juggle?"


"Do acrobatics?"


"Tell jokes? Do card tricks? Swallow swords?"

"No! No! And No! I mean yes! Oh!" Claire halted in embarrassment.

"What do you mean? You can swallow swords? Really?" Kevin asked.

"No, not really. I just meant that I can, you know, swallow, er..."

"Sorry, Claire, I don't understand. Please finish."

"I can, well, I can deepthroat!" Claire managed to say, her face flushed.

Kevin let out a peculiar moan. "Ohhh. I see. Well actually, that's how a lot of the top female sword swallowing acts start out. It's a really safe way of practicing before progressing to the much more dangerous blades. Er, why don't you show me?

Kevin added his request so casually that Claire almost missed it. Had he really just asked her to deepthroat him? She looked at him incredulously.

"Well, you'll need to add something extra to the act. Show me what you can do," he requested sitting down in a chair and nodding to his crotch.

Claire thought about his demand. She supposed that if all she were to do was to show that she could deepthroat without letting him climax then it would be OK. She was determined to remain professional.

"Ok," she nodded before kneeling down between his legs.

"Really?" Kevin asked. "I mean, um, yes, go on, show me your best technique and I'll judge to see if you're good enough to continue this line of pursuit.

Claire, eyeing his bulging crotch suspiciously, nevertheless unzipped him and pulled out his already hard cock which was pale and thin but of considerable length. It definitely wouldn't be easy to get it all the way down.

Breathing heavily, Kevin stared down at her with his dark eyes. "I suggest you lubricate it first with your tongue."

Obediently, Claire began licking him up and down, before briefly sucking his glans. She swiped her tongue around it wetly. He smelt and tasted faintly spicy, like a joss stick. All in all this wasn't as unpleasant as she had feared. He was moaning faintly in time to her heavy licking.

Although, Claire was an experienced giver of head, she didn't always deepthroat even though she was perfectly able to do so. However, her first attempt at swallowing his rod, ended up with her retching and coughing as she almost immediately triggered her gag reflex before she'd got even two-thirds of the way down.

Recovering quickly, she determined to do it properly next time. She had to show she had the talent to be part of the act! She took a deep breath, flicked her tongue over his knob, causing him to groan, before she smoothly slid her pursed red lips down his long pale shaft until she felt him at the back of her mouth. With a quick push she forced him into her throat so that her lips were pressed against his balls. She'd done it!

As a flourish, she even stuck her tongue out under his cock and flicked his scrotum, just to show that she could. He moaned loudly in pleasure.

Slightly alarmed at how excited he seemed she pulled back, his cock popping from her mouth wetly.

She coughed a bit before smiling up at him. "See! I can do it!"

"Oh, god, yes you can. But I think you should do it just the once more, just to show it wasn't luck."

Claire raised an eyebrow at his challenge but knelt forward again to kiss the tip of his penis. This time Kevin helped her by grabbing her long red hair and forcing her head down.

Despite his intervention, Claire stayed cool and opened her throat until he was buried balls-deep in her mouth once more. However when she tried to pull back to breathe, he held her head down, rocking himself in and out her tight throat.

Luckily, if that was the right term, it was only a few seconds before Claire could feel him ejaculating copiously down her throat, while she moaned her displeasure around him.

Eventually he let her go, allowing her to fall back, gasping in air at last.

Before Claire could express her fury, Kevin apologised. "Oh, Claire, I'm so sorry. I could feel myself about to go and I knew that if I pulled back I'd come over your face. I just thought that would be rude and so I finished off down your throat. I have to say you have a remarkable talent. With some more practise, I think you could become a great sword swallower."

Slightly, fazed by his apology and his compliment, Claire forgot her anger and instead whimpered, "Er, thank you."

"No, thank you. I'm embarrassed that I lost self control. You do have delightful oral technique."

Claire blushed at this unusual praise.

Kevin continued, "Er, if it's not too rude, would you mind just licking me clean, Claire?"

She looked down to see a thick drop of sticky cum hanging at the tip of his penis. Without thinking she leant forward and swiped her tongue around him before giving him a gentle suck to make sure there was no more about to drip out.

He let out a satisfied sigh. "Thanks, Claire. I must say, it's a wonderfully serendipitous circumstance that you'll be able to practice your sword swallowing in a safe way while at the same time helping me practice channelling the spirits. A real win-win all round!"

Claire, not really understanding what he meant, nodded uncertainly.

Kevin checked his watch. "It's getting late now. Why don't we meet here tomorrow at 10 and I'll teach you some illusions. I'll even let you practise some more deepthroating technique."

"Oh, thanks, Kevin. Are you sure you don't mind?" Claire asked.

"Not at all, Claire," he answered wryly.

Over the next two days, Kevin showed Claire how various tricks worked, amazing her with the ingenuity of his illusions and the associated props.

She learnt that her role as a 'box-jumper' was to be a kind of living prop, getting in and out of cabinets smoothly, providing a distraction and, above all, being gorgeous.

She even tried on some more costumes for Kevin to judge although most were too tight around the bust so she ended up topless, which he didn't seem to mind.

He suggested they practise a few stage illusions with the view to getting the show started again. Of course, in the short term, income would come in from children's parties with which Claire could help. Claire was especially excited about the idea of a stage show but also nervous. And in particular she didn't think Danny would be too happy. She resolved to come up with a solution at a later date, when their plans became more concrete.

Kevin also allowed her to twice practise her swallowing skills on his lengthy penis. Claire was quickly able to hold her breath for long periods of time while Kevin idly played with her enormous firm breasts, nonchalantly twisting her red nipples. Unsurprisingly, he invariably came in her mouth or down her throat while she practised, not that she minded that much. After all he had an attractive penis and his spunk was pleasantly flavoured and, when you got down to it, she was sucking him off even if not for sexual reasons.

By her second day Claire was getting quite adept at the main illusion they had been practising, what Kevin called the Zig-Zag Girl.

The prop for the trick consisted of a three-piece cabinet separated by two huge metal blades. The idea was that Claire would get inside and the blades would be inserted. The middle section would then be pushed to the side so that it looked like Claire had been sliced into three. However in reality Claire would just be squeezed tight into a space that just didn't look like it was there from the outside owing to the colouring of the box and the blades being narrower than they appeared.

As the day neared an end, Claire noticed that she'd dropped an ear-ring in the lowest section of the cabinet. She bent over and reached into it but jogged the lid which fell on top of her trapping her inside from the waist up.

No matter how hard she tried she couldn't dislodge the lid which seemed to have become stuck.

"Kevin!" she called in a panic, the blood rushing to her head.

"Oh, dear!" she heard him say as he tried to open the lid. "I can't shift it. It's an old prop. I must get it fixed. I think if you can bang it from inside it might dislodge," he suggested.

"I can't move it! You might have to cut me out!" Claire cried.

"No hang on, I've got an idea."

Claire was wearing heels and tiny white panties which Kevin exposed by flipping her green miniskirt up.

"What are you doing?" Claire exclaimed as her knickers were pulled down to her feet, revealing her tight pink pussy.

"I'm going try and get some purchase by bracing myself inside you," he replied.

Claire had no idea what this meant. Unless... He couldn't possibly mean...

"Oh, shit!" she screamed as he pushed his long slender cock into her delicious cunt. It took a few thrusts before he managed to get his full length into her causing her to squeak in consternation. And then he started fucking her with long powerful strokes.

Claire, speechless at this treatment, could only moan in surprise and then pleasure at his forceful rogering.

"I just thought this would be a good way of forcing the lid open," Kevin explained as he stroked in and out of her.

Despite her best effort and the awkwardness of the position, it wasn't too long before Claire felt herself getting excited by Kevin's assured shagging. Although she tried to suppress it, she couldn't stop herself climaxing with a yowl of bliss.

In fact, Kevin made her come three times before he eventually paused. "You know, this isn't working. I need a better tighter grip. Oh, I've got an idea..."

Claire felt him withdraw and lodge his knob into her arsehole. Before she could scream for him to stop, he thrust hard.

"Oh fuck!" she shouted as the lubricating juices from her pussy allowed him to slip a few inches into her tiny pink anal rosebud. "No, it's too long!" she cried desperately.

But Kevin didn't seem to hear her as he began to fuck her butt, pushing further into her fundament with every vigorous thrust, causing her to grunt in discomfort.

Knowing she couldn't stop him, Claire concentrated on ignoring the pain and squeezed her arse tighter to speed up his climax. Obligingly he began to spurt up her bum without too much delay.

"Oh, fuck that's amazing! I've never had anything so tight! Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed as he came.

As soon as his shuddering had subsided and Kevin had pulled his soiled penis out Claire's poor bottom, the lid on the cabinet mysteriously loosened and flipped open when she tried to stand.

"See told you that would do the trick," he said with satisfaction.

"Thanks," Claire said gingerly, grateful that he had freed her but not too happy about his methods.

Kevin zipped himself up and rubbed his hands together expectantly. "Right, I forgot to mention that we've got a party tomorrow afternoon. Can you make it?"

"Oh! Er, well, yes, I can. My boyfriend's out so I should be able to slip away," she replied, wincing slightly at her sore arse but also at the guilt she felt for not telling Danny about her current career plans. She pushed her misgivings out of her mind to focus on the task in hand.

"So, what do I have to do?" she asked.

"For tomorrow, I just want you to look pretty and help me hand out sweets, that kind of thing. We won't be able to do any big stage illusions and you need more swallowing practice before we can turn it into an act. Don't worry - you'll do fine."

The party was in a fairly typical suburban semi-detached house not too far from Kevin's lock-up.

They were greeted by a harassed mother and the smiling soon-to-be seven year-old birthday girl.

"Oh, good, you're here a bit early. My husband's not home yet and the first kids are due to arrive in half an hour," she said in a hassled tone. "You can set up in here," she said showing them the lounge. "If you need to get changed, you can go and find a room upstairs. I need to sort out the food so I'll let you get on with it. Come on, Jocasta, you can help me with the canapés," she added to her daughter.

Kevin turned to Claire as they left. "Right, don't forget I'm the Great Phellatio and you're Slapperina. I'll set up the tricks in the front room. You go and get into your outfit." Kevin was already wearing his cloak and ruffled shirt. Claire hadn't felt too confident about walking around in her costume in public so had decided to get changed at the venue.

She went upstairs, entering the first room she came which seemed to be a master bedroom.

Thankfully, she had managed to find a spangly golden leotard outfit which wasn't too scandalous or too tight around her formidable bust. She felt nervous but trusted Kevin to look after her.

She stripped out of her jersey and jeans and considered whether she should wear her white bra under the leotard. She decided that it would be too visible so took it off, leaving herself in only a simple white g-string that disappeared into the delightful crack of her perfect peachy bottom.

Just as she was rummaging in her bag for the leotard, the bedroom door opened and in walked a portly middle-aged gentleman.

Claire stood up and froze, exposing her large pale red-tipped breasts to the stranger's gaze astounded gaze.

"Fuck me!" he said with feeling, closing the door behind him.

Claire, quickly lifted her hands to partly cover her boobs, hiding her high nipples from his hungry stare.

"Who are you?" she screeched crossly.

"Who am I? I should bloody well be asking you. This is my bedroom. Who the hell are you?" he replied as he moved towards Claire, his eyes roaming eagerly over her tall slender figure and outsized bosom.

Claire realised that this must be the father of the birthday girl.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm Claire, I mean Slapperina. I'm part of the magic act. Your wife said I could change up here," she explained.

"Right, sure," he replied distractedly, still staring at her virtually bare body. "Do you know, you've got the most amazing tits I ever seen," he commented with feeling.

Claire, uncertain how to respond, murmured, "Oh, um, thanks."

"I've never seen such big breasts that are so firm. Are they real?" he asked.

Claire, indignant at his accusation, dropped her hands to reveal the full expanse of her creamy freckled bosom and tight red nipples. She lifted her tits and dropped them allowing them to wobble charmingly. "Of course, they're real!"

"Oh, fuck, yes, I can see they are," he said reaching out to squeeze them.

Claire, ever proud of her boobs, briefly let him have a feel before remembering the situation. "What are you doing! Stop it! Your wife's downstairs," she said, batting his hands away.

The man just reached out again to tweak her nipples. "Oh, don't worry about her. She's busy putting the finishing touches on Jocasta's cake. God they're amazing."

Claire, alarmed that a complete stranger was idly groping her bare breasts, pushed him away and grabbed her jersey, trying to cover herself up as much as possible. "No! Stop that!"

The man stepped back and pointed at his crotch. "Look what you've done!"

Claire moaned in agitation. He had a clear erection poking down his trouser leg.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said, aghast at the situation.

The man shook his head. "Well, there's nothing else for it. You'll have to make it better," he added, undoing his belt.

"What! No! Don't get it out!" Claire begged. But he already had his ugly stubby erection in his hand.

"I'm sorry but you can't expect me to walk around with a hard-on at my daughter's party! Come here and relieve me," he ordered, waving it at her.

"But can't you do it yourself? I didn't mean to make you hard!" Claire whined.

"Then you shouldn't expose yourself to strangers! This is your fault -- you should sort it out. Otherwise I'm going to complain to that weird looking fellow downstairs," he threatened.

Claire immediately panicked at the thought of anything going wrong with her first ever engagement as a magician's assistant. "No! OK! I'll sort you out. I promise," she said, dropping the jersey and sitting down on the bed in front of him.

She reached out tentatively with her hand to pull his foreskin back. He let out a long sigh as she began to masturbate him, gradually increasing her speed until her hand was a blur on his hairy cock.

"Oh, yeah, baby that's good," he sighed, stroking her head, before reaching down to roughly squeeze her tits.

However it wasn't long before he started to push her head down towards his penis. "Go on suck it," he demanded. "We don't want to make a mess, now, do we?"

Despite her disgust at his unsightly cock and obnoxious smell, Claire resigned herself to the inevitable and opened her mouth for him to slide it between her plump red lips and over her agile pink tongue. She began to suck, knowing he wouldn't be able to resist her hot skilled mouth.

However, despite her expectations, it took a lot longer than she was anticipating to bring him to orgasm. Conscious that his wife might interrupt them at any moment and that Kevin would be waiting for downstairs, Claire decided to escalate her relief-giving mission.

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