Cleaning Cans and Bottles Topless


"I'm not helping to clean the planet for Earth Day Mister," she said with a tone to her voice when still suspecting that he may be poking fun at her.

"If you are an environmentalist and/or a conservationist," he said continuing his teasing with a smile, "then I commend you for your hard work and applaud you for your unappreciated effort in your contribution in helping to clean the planet. Bravo," he said clapping.

Feeling his stare burning twin laser beams through her sweatshirt and bra, she looked away from him and from his leer. Yet, still monitoring him with her peripheral vision, he looked at her in the way that they all did. Young or old, they all stared at her tits and they all stared at her as if undressing her with their eyes. First he looked at her face and then, unable for her to hide them even in her baggy sweatshirt, when he noticed that she had tits, big tits, he stared at her tits. He talked to her breasts as if her breasts had the brains enough to answer him in the way that he talked through his cock when he leered at women. Men always thought with their cocks and he was no different.

"Environmentalist? Earth Day? Nah. I'm just trying to collect enough bottles and cans to cash in for the money. I need to get through tomorrow," she said with a sad, little laugh. "One day at a time. I figure six dollars is enough to feed me for the day," she said reaching down to pickup and place a bottle and toss a can in the green, plastic bag that lay open in her cart. "I'm just glad that people are littering pigs. I'm just glad that people are too lazy and don't need the five cents to care enough to redeem their bottles and cans."

"Six dollars? That doesn't seem like very much to feed yourself for the whole day," he said. "Six dollars buys me a coffee and a muffin at Starbucks," he said with a nervous laugh by her stern stare.

"Actually, you're right. Six dollars isn't enough money to feed myself properly and nutritionally for the day but the mission gives me a hot meal most days too," she said. "Still, maybe because I'm forever expending my energy to walk the streets looking for cans and bottles is the reason why I'm always hungry and, until they open the shelter again later, I'm always cold," she said. She wrapped her arms around herself to stop herself from shivering while looking up at the grey sky and ignored him still staring at her tits.

"It must be so awful to be homeless and to not have a place to call home and all your own," he said with kind sincerity.

Only instead of feeling appreciative for his understanding, she felt angry because he had a home and she didn't. He had a new car and she didn't. Obviously, he had a job and income and she didn't. Why her? What did she do so wrong to deserved homelessness and to have nothing but misery? She just wanted a cup of coffee.

"It is awful to be homeless," she said using his word to describe how she felt when she wanted to add a few expletives but controlled herself from showing her anger with vulgarity.

"I can't imagine endlessly wandering the streets," he said showing her some compassion along with his lustful leers. "Worse for a woman being homeless than it is for a man, I can only imagine what you already must have had endured by living on the streets."

Having been down this road before with men, her ears perked up when he said homelessness was worse for a woman than a man. Suddenly, she didn't trust him. He's up to something, but what? Nonetheless, she played his silly game of dialogue and with him pretending that he felt bad for her plight. He was like all the other men in her life. He was only looking for sex. He just wanted to see, feel, and suck her big tits.

"The rain is the worst part of being outside in the cold. If you get wet, you'll never get warm again until you can take a warm shower and put on some warm clothes. Unfortunately, being out on the street, I can't always take a shower," she said lifting her arm to smell her armpit when he looked away and before looking up at a grey cloud again.

"I can only imagine," he said staring at her tits again.

"The snow is even worse. I can't push my shopping cart in the snow," she said. "I have to trudge through the snow and lug my bag around with me and without having a hat, gloves, or boots, it doesn't take long for me to get frostbitten. So cold, after I cash in my bottles and cans, I spend my days nursing my coffee in McDonalds and taking slow, tiny bits from my breakfast sandwich which may be the only thing that I eat until tomorrow. If I buy coffee and food the manager doesn't bother me but as soon as I'm done and still sitting there trying to get warm, he'll ask me to leave and that's when I hit the ladies room. He can't bother me in there," she said.

When she looked away from him, she gave him the opportunity to look away from her face to stare at her tits. Always bothered by their stares and offended by their leers, she hasn't enjoyed someone staring at her breasts in the way that she was enjoying it now in a long time. As if he's never seen a busty woman before, as do most men, he seemed enamored with her big breasts. Suddenly enjoying the attention of a breast man, maybe his wife or girlfriend has small breasts. Maybe he's never been with a big breasted woman before and having sex with a busty woman is his sexual fantasy. Maybe him staring at her tits has something to do with him not sucking his mother's tits long enough then, that made him want to suck her breasts now. Just as she's never understood some women's fixation with cocks, she never understood men's fixation with her breasts.

Whatever was the reason why he stared at her tits, she didn't know but he stared at her tits a lot, every chance he had. Strangely enough, all she knew was that his stares and leers that made her feel uncomfortable before were making her feel horny now. Nonetheless her discomfort, when he made his way from the driver's seat over to the passenger seat to better see her and talk to her, she was ready with her cart if he tried to reach his hand out to feel her tit, grab her breasts, and try to lift up her top and bra. Taking her by surprise and catching her off guard, she's had that happen to her several times before, bastard men wanting to see and feel her big tits. She's had one too many perverted men intent on having their violent way with her by coming up behind her to cop cheap feels of her ass and tits. If she allowed them, they'd strip her naked and force her to suck them. If she allowed them, they'd rape her and fuck her.

"Yeah, it's suppose to rain today," he said only removing his eyes from her breasts to look up at the sky through his windshield.

It was a little chilly outside this early hour of the morning and her nipples always made their appearance known when she was cold and/or sexually excited and right now she was a little of both. Along with her big tits, she had big nipples too. She had the kind of nipples that made men stare whenever they saw her nickel sized, impressions of her nipples hardening and erecting to make her sensitivity to the cool temperatures and/or her feelings of sexual desire known through her clothes.

She had the kind of nipples that made the sound of a cork being popped from a champagne bottle when quickly pulled from a man's lips. She knew he could see the impressions of her big nipples poking out through her bra and blouse but she didn't care. Maybe because of a hormonal change or maybe because she was getting her period, she's been feeling horny lately and it's been a long time since she's had any sexual attention from a man, other than stares, leers, and gropes. Even though he was staring at her tits, he didn't seem like all of the other jerks. He seemed like a nice man.

After being homeless and on the streets for so long and not receiving any attention from men that wasn't lewd, lascivious, nasty, and mean, by the attention of his mostly welcomed stares, oxymoronic in her emotions, when he wasn't making her feel uncomfortable, he made her feel sexy. Even though she didn't even know his name and he didn't know her name either, he made her feel romantically wanted and sexually desired by the kind attention he was paying her. No one took interest in her enough to even ask her a question. Instead, they made inappropriate comments and lewd gestures, generally about her tits. Suddenly feeling a familiar warmth between her legs, even though he was much older than she was, he was still a man and he added to her already present horniness. It had been quite a long time since she's had sex and felt a man's lustful passion between her legs. He made her feel special enough to want to show him more than just the impressions that her nipples through her sweatshirt.

Being that she's an exhibitionist, a side effect from suffering incestuous sexual abuse from her uncle, her cousin, and her brothers, he made her want to show him her tits. If he asked nicely to feel her big tits through her clothes, she'd allow him the pleasure for five dollars. If he asked to see her big tits, she'd allow him that honor too for ten dollars. She'd love to have that heated warm sensation of a man feeling and fondling her big tits while fingering and sucking her big nipples again and while rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Only, fearing that he may be a cop and she'd be charged with prostitution, she'd never ask if he wanted to feel and/or see her tits for money. Not wanting to go to jail for solicitation, he'd have to be the one to ask and he'd have to be the one to tell her what he wanted her to do and for how much. Only, too old to be a cop, he didn't look like any cop she's ever seen before.

"I don't mind a little rain but when it's a bone chilling, skin soaking downpour, I have to find a bridge to stay under with the rats that want to stay out of the rain too," she said looking up at the sky again so that he'd have another free look at her big boobs and erect nipples.

Proud of her big breasts, she enjoyed showing off her big tits to a man who appreciated a big breasted woman. Maybe because it's been so long since a man paid her any attention sexual or otherwise, she enjoyed the sexual attention that he was paying her now. Sticking out her big chest even more, she yawned and stretched to more exaggerate the size of her huge breasts while watching his eyes bug out of his head as if she was a topless dancer twirling and twisting her body around a pole. Looking as if she had two bowling balls stuck down her sweatshirt, she knew that her stretching motion would get him going and, by the length of his stare and the inappropriate comment he made immediately after, her flexing and stretching did.

"I can only imagine your blouse and bra being soaked through," he said not removing his eyes from her big tits and from the impressions her nipples made through her bra and sweatshirt. "You have huge breasts and enormous nipples," he said as if he was a man dying of thirst but she ignored his inappropriate comment. "I love big tits."

"Only, on those rainy days," she said acting as if she didn't hear his comment. Instead, hoping to play about his good nature, she hinted for a hopeful donation. "I had better have some extra money put aside for food because my scavenging is limited," she said looking down at him quick enough to catch him staring up at her big knockers again.

"How much do you earn from redeeming each can and bottle?"

He acted too interested in her bottle and can collection but she knew he was more interested in her jugs than he was in bottles and cans. Besides, he asked too many questions and with this absurd question, she looked at him as if he was kidding.

"How much do I earn from redeeming each can and bottle? What are you from another planet Mister?"

"Sorry. I really don't know. I drink only water and coffee. I can't remember the last time I had a can or bottle of soda pop, when I was a kid I imagine," he said giving her a kind smile that cooled her attitude.

Soda pop? Who refers to Coke and Pepsi as soda pop instead of tonic or soda. Figuring he was a hick from the Kansas or Minnesota, a state perhaps where they didn't have bottle and can redemption, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and answered his dumb question.

"Apparently, if only by the look of your new car, you've never been poor and hungry enough to collect and redeem cans and bottles."

"Michael. Call me Michael," he said showing her his white teeth. "I've been fortunate to have a job and successful in my career not to know hunger."

"I earn 5 cents a can and 5 cents a bottle for every can and bottle I return. That's the redemption price for cans and bottles since forever," she said holding up a can and a can for him to see the deposit price. "Do the math Michael. For me to earn six dollars, I have to find 120 cans and/or bottles," she said with her always present bad attitude while rolling her eyes and sighing, and before putting an assertive hand to her hip and tossing the can back in her bag.

She didn't know why she was even answering his inane questions but she was. Sick of the boredom of picking up bottle and cans, what else did she have to do? Besides, it was a break from walking to talk to someone other than herself. She's been so lonely lately and for some reason, even though he was an older man, at least by twenty years, albeit a good looking man, he brought out the woman in her. For some reason, she felt safely sexy with him. It's been a long time since she felt good enough about herself to feel sexy and, by his obvious interest in her, rather in her tits, he titillated more than her curiosity.

"Wow! One hundred twenty cans and bottles, that's quite a lot of recyclables to collect. How long does it take you to collect all of that?"

Recyclables, who calls dirty cans and bottles recyclables? Obviously, he was delaying her to keep her in conversation but why? What's on his mind? He's up to something but what? Maybe in the way that she obviously is by still standing there and talking to him, he's just lonely too. Maybe just like every guy, young or old, he's enamored by her big tits and trying to build up the courage to ask her if he could feel them and/or see them for money. She's done that before, trading feels and looks of her big tits for a few dollars, what else was she supposed to do when she couldn't collect enough bottles and cans to feed herself? Besides, what difference did it make selling feels and peeks of her tits? Whether she's in a back alley now that she's homeless or in the backseat of a car after a date before she was homeless, what men felt and saw for free before she charged them for the pleasure now.

"It depends. When they have a parade or a celebration in the way they did when the Ravens won the Super Bowl, I can find more than enough cans and bottles in an hour. I collected more than three hundred bottles and cans in a little more than an hour. I'd collect more but I can't lug all of those and I have no place to store them and to hide the excess."

"Three hundred bottles and cans? Wow! I can't imagine that many bottles and cans," he said prolonging the conversation just to stare, no doubt, at her big tits.

"Otherwise, when there's nothing happening downtown but for the same old, same old, finding enough cans and bottles to earn six dollars takes me all day. I have lots of competition. A sad state of affairs in this recession and bad economy, there are plenty of others doing what I do to feed themselves," she said with sadness. "If my government really wanted to know how many are unemployed, homeless, and suffering, they just have to go to any city, big or small, and look at all the street urchins who wander the city streets and the back alleys while scavenging for enough bottles and cans to feed not only themselves but also their children."

"I see," he said turning off his car, leaning forward, and hanging out of his passenger side window to look up at her big breasts before looking up at her pretty face. "You know, if you don't mind me saying so, you're quite attractive. With your hair done, a little makeup, and some new clothes, you'd...sorry," he said reacting to her stern look. "I didn't mean to offend you. I've overstepped my boundaries. Please forgive me."

Now instead of feeling sexy, he made her feel bad about herself. She knows she's attractive and was once considered beautiful, now look at her. She's a mess. Only, she realized that he meant no harm.

"It's okay," she said softening her bad attitude with a wave of her hand. "I used to be good looking once, not that long ago, actually, before life took me by the neck and stuffed unemployment, homelessness, and poverty down my throat for me to digest."

"No doubt, you'd be good looking again, if something good happened instead of something bad," he said optimistically.

"Thank you. Yeah, I need for something good to happen," she said. "I'm tired of being beaten down, kicked to the side of the curb, and stepped over."

Ready to leave him, she stayed when he stayed too. They stayed like that looking at one another for a long moment before he spoke again.

"If I may be so boldly presumptuous..."


"I have a proposition for you," he said.

"Proposition? Hell no! Uh, uh! Listen Mister, I already told you. I'm not giving you sex," she said jumping all over him without even giving him a chance to finish his thought enough to tell her his proposition.

"No, that's not what I meant by proposition," he said waving his hands as if he was stranded on the highway and trying to flag down a car for help. "Sorry, that was a wrong word choice. Sex is out of the question and not part of this equation," he said shaking his grey head while waving his hands. "I can assure you that sex is not what my proposition is about." He looked at her looking at him. "Instead of you earning a mere five cents a can and bottle you collected," he said giving her a smile.

"Yes," she said leaning in closer to hear what was his proposition.

"What if I offered you a dollar for every can and bottle you collected?"

"A dollar?" She gave him a sideways look as if he was drunk or crazy. "Seriously? You'd give me a dollar for every can and bottle that I collect? Why? Why would you do that? Why would you give me a dollar for every can and bottle that I collected? Do you know something that I don't know? Are they lining these cans with gold and making the bottles out of crystal," she said picking up an empty can from her green bag to peer inside and holding up a bottle to look at it in the light.

"If cans were lined in gold and bottles made from crystal darling, I'd be out here with you collecting cans and bottles," he said with a laugh.

"Then, I don't understand. Why would you pay me a dollar a can and bottle then?"

"Because I want to help you," he said.

"Help me? Why would you want to help me? You don't even know me. I think you more want to help yourself," she said with suspicion. "You haven't taken your eyes off of my tits since you stopped your car," she said.

"I apologize for staring at your chest but your breasts are quite large and rather difficult not to notice," he said with a nervous laugh.

"Listen Mister. I already told you. I'm not going to give you sex," she said more emphatically. "You best be on your way," she said taking a step back to avoid being run over.

In a desperate move, she thought about offering him a feel of her tits for five dollars or to see her tits for ten dollars. She's even allow him to finger and suck her nipples for twenty dollars but what if he was a cop? She didn't want to risk arrest and prosecution.

"Michael, please call me Michael," he said looking up at her with his grey eyes with a smile while making eye contact with her this time instead of focusing his stare of her tits. "You have pretty blue eyes," he said looking at her with affection.

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