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Client Satisfaction


My wife Allison is an attorney and a partner in her firm. As such, she is largely responsible for bringing new business to the firm and for keeping existing business loyal to the firm. Dinners with clients, luncheons, parties and out-of-town trips are not only normal but, in fact, are frequent.

Tonight she is out with a current client. This is not new business but, instead, maintenance of ongoing business. During a few, rare, passionate moments in bed with me, she has mentioned that this person, Wilson, is attractive. He even excites her. Tonight they are having dinner and drinks together.


As the evening wears on, Allison & Wilson continue to order drinks. Allison is mostly a beer drinker and is just taking the first sip of her 7th beer. Wilson, on the other hand, is tucking into his 4th whiskey & coke. They each are beginning to cross over from tipsy to drunk. Conversation is flowing easily between them and ranges from personal and casual to business and client relationships. Wilson is dropping frequent hints that his company is less than satisfied with the legal work they are receiving. As the conversation turns more serious, it becomes clear to Allison that Wilson is sending a definitive message and that this message was the reason for the dinner this evening. Allison's firm is going to have to work hard to retain this client.

Despite the business tone of the conversation, Allison has not been blind to the fact that Wilson has been stealing surreptitious glances at her chest when he thinks that she is focused elsewhere. She shakes the thought out of her head as it threatens to distract her even if it is a not unpleasant distraction.

Allison shifts into business mode, intent on turning the tide of this conversation. She laments the potential loss of Wilson's business and Wilson agrees that the situation doesn't seem to be beneficial to either party. He is hard pressed, however, to continue with her firm at current bill rates when an alternate and equally reputable firm has offered a less costly arrangement. Allison catches his eyes straying to her chest again. She feels warmth and a slight tingling sensation between her legs and the immediate guilt that follows.

Their dinner continues with the occasional and fairly obvious glance by Wilson at Allison's more delicate and feminine body parts. On one occasion, as she excused herself to the restroom, she even caught him eyeing her backside as she departed the table.

With more drinks and more of Allison's charm, Wilson still had not come back completely from the precipice of terminating the firm. Allison can tell, however, that the door had been opened to striking some kind of new deal to retain the business. Wilson does not want to seek other legal services but feels that the deal must be re-struck to account for a changing industry environment.

As the evening winds down to its conclusion, Allison finds herself more confident that the right terms can be reached and her mind allows itself to dwell on other matters. Namely, the now unmistakable admiration directed at her womanly assets by a definitely tipsy Wilson. His attention is now unsurprising but what is unexpected is the extent to which her body is responding. She can feel a slickness between the lips of her vagina as she shifts in her chair, a slickness normally only in evidence when her sex is excited by a man. Only tonight, it isn't her husband.

She finds herself disappointed when it comes time to leave. She then finds herself feeling guilty for feeling disappointed at such a thing.


They approach his car in the parking lot, going through the rituals of separation for the evening. The informal negotiation that has continued on the walk through the parking lot takes a break for more personal and less weighty conversation as they reach his car. Allison comments on the car as it is an expensive 4-door Jaguar and Wilson modestly accepts the compliments. They find themselves leaning against the rear passenger door on one side of the car, only inches apart from one another. She touches his hands or arm now and again for emphasis in her conversation. When she does, his eyes stray to her chest and occasionally and furtively to the area where her smooth shaven legs disappear into her skirt. She sees and registers all of this banter and interaction. She won't mentally acknowledge the interplay between them but a more personal area between her legs responds unabashedly.

"I think that if the firm could sweeten the pot ever so slightly, my company would respond favorably. I think they would do so if only to preserve a long standing relationship and to avoid costs associated with switching providers", Wilson says.

"Within reason, I'm sure we'd be able to meet you part way. What does it take to stay competitive?", Allison responds.

Wilson replies with a non-sequitir, "do you want to see the interior?".

He is referring to the car, she knows. She responds too quickly, "yes". It's emphatic, expressing not simple agreement or acquiescence but instead, desire. She wants to take a personal break from the high stakes conversation and, besides, she's actually interested in seeing what the car offers even if this is only a distraction. Undeniably however, she again feels a nervous titillation between her legs. On some level she acknowledges to herself that she has become slightly wet. More visibly, her nipples have begun to strain against the fabric of her dress. Their hardness is evident and Wilson's illicit glances have already taken them in. Allison has seen him see her hard nipples. In a moment, she senses that they are headed toward a certain conclusion. A slight shake of the head restores her disbelief and she steels herself to remain friendly but professional.

Wilson says, "hop in the back seat" as he opens the door against which they had been leaning. "check out the leg room", he adds.

Allison accepts the proffered, open door and slides into the back seat of the Jaguar. She instinctively scoots to the middle as one does when expecting others to follow. The indication, though unintentional, is communicated to Wilson and he slides into the back seat next to her. He shuts the door.

"I had several of my friends back here for a short road trip last weekend", he says. "Plenty of room and check out the DVD. Drops down from the ceiling back here", he says pulling the DVD screen down from its position flush against the roof.

His movements bring his arm in the slightest contact with Allison's breasts. She feels him brush across her hardened nipples. His head tilts slightly toward her as he too notices, undeniably and obviously that she is aroused. There is silence between them for seconds and their breathing is heavy with expectancy and attraction.

"I think it shouldn't be too hard to find a compromise that will continue our relationship. Anything that you could offer that would sweeten the pot would probably be enough to secure an agreement", Wilson said quietly, in the dark of the Jaguar's back seat, inches from Allison's lips. She could feel his breath and the radiated warmth of his body. He hadn't yet moved his arm and it lay poised against the hardness of her left nipple. Her stomach was doing somersaults and her mind filling with equal parts nervousness, guilt and arousal.

Her mind began to process the choices which lay before her. She was at the precipice and could choose a path in one of several directions. In the balance hung her fidelity, her job and her desire. If her conscience were put aside, it seemed such an easy choice. She had but to lay back on the soft leather of the Jaguar's back seat. She could allow her knees to separate, pull her panties only slightly to the side and let Wilson renew his comapany's alliance with her firm. While she played out this rationalization in her mind, her conscience, like an insistently yapping watch dog, persistently pinged her conscious mind with messages of guilt.

To clear her mind, she leaned forward into his lips and kissed him passionately, committing to him by slipping her tongue just between his lips for a deeper more erotic liaison between them. Just as his mouth began to respond to hers, his arm still pressing against her breast simultaneously slipped backward to draw his thumb to her nipple where he began to rub a light circuit around the perimeter of her areola. She pulled back slightly from his mouth and moaned. She wanted this.

Allison reclined back into the soft leather of the Jaguar and slowly splays her knees as Wilson follows her kissing lips and presses his weight on top of her. She can feel his erect penis as he adjusts himself to press directly onto her pussy. His mouth presses harder into hers and he begins to make low, rumbling moans deep in his throat. His hips respond to the escalating arousal and begin to grind his hardened shaft between her legs.

Without breaking their kiss or embrace, he slowly hitches up onto his knees and begins to shift his trousers and boxers off of his hips and over the round hump of his bottom. Allison reaches for her panties, intending to pull them aside as depicted in her earlier, fleeting fantasy. Instead, she finds that her arousal and excitement demand that she slip them over her hips and, raising her legs above him, remove them entirely.

She knows now that she lost. She wants the full contact of his flesh between her legs. She has remove her panties and dropped them to the floor of his car. She may not and likely will not retrieve them later. She spreads herself open for him, inviting him to take her.

"Oh god", Wilson breathes as he eases himself back between her legs. Only now his exposed cock bobs in the air between them and he is lowering himself onto her dark patch of hair and visibly open, wet and excited pussy. His lips latch onto hers again and his tongue find the inside of her mouth. She is focused on the feel of him kissing her until she feels the first touches of his cock head against the outer lips of her vagina. She is open and wet and her arousal offers no resistance to the subtle pushes of his cock against her opening.

She presses her mouth against him and holds fast to the back of his head with one hand while the other finds his naked bottom and begins to pull his hips into her. She is beginning to breath heavily and pulls apart from their kiss to whisper "fuck me" in passionate, irrational arousal.

In reply, Wilson thrusts his hips forward and the full length of his excited cock slide into Allison. The picture is for a brief moment frozen with the dull yellow light of the parking lot lamps illuminating and casting shadows in the back seat of the Jaguar. She is naked from the waste down and her knees are splayed wide apart in sexual surrender. His hips are thrust forward, buttocks clenched as he buries every possible inch of his erect penis deep into her yielding and willing womb.

The moment unfreezes with a deep and desirous moan Allison, her body arched in reception to Wilson's deep thrust. A faint "yes" escapes Wilson's lips and his hips begin a slow retraction from her pussy. Wilson's glistening shaft begins to withdraw from wet clench of Allison's vagina. His cock slips from her belly until the out edges of his cock head begin to withdraw. Here, his hips reach the apex of their arc and suddenly plunge forward again, ramming the length of his hard cock back into the smacking, wet place between her legs. His weight presses against her again and her moan, this time, reaches a higher pitch that is a first sign of her abandon.

As Wilson's hip find a steady rhythm that forces his cock in and out of her womb, he whispers "I've wanted this for so long". Allison responds by forcefully pulling his bottom toward her vagina and simultaneously pushing her crotch upward to meet him.


Allison notices that the urgency of his movement has increased. He bucking between her legs more forcefully and his erection is pistoning in and out of her body at an ever increasing pace. She concentrates on the feeling of his smooth shaft gliding between her swollen labia. She feels his large scrotum slap against her exposed bottom each time he completes a thrust into her body. She remembers suddenly, as his hips quicken the pace even more, that Wilson is unprotected inside of her.

"Stop", she whispers faintly. His hips continue their pace, ramming in and out of her. "Wait", she says a little louder. This time, Wilson interrupts his stroke slightly but continues. Allison puts her hands on his chest as if to suspend his plunge into her body and says, "wait, we don't have a condom". Wilson's cock persists in its circulation in and out of her womb but his pace abates somewhat.

His thrusts become more tender as he slips a hand beneath her shirt and bras. He begins to pinch and pull at her hard nipple while he kisses her deeply. His cock continues to press into her though slowly and firmly now. "I don't have one", he whispers. A moment passes. Her hips continue to thrust slowly upward to receive each of his downward pushes.

"We don't have protection. We can't", she whispers. "I can't", she says again.

"We need a little something extra", Wilson says. "There has to be something you can offer that will tip the balance in your firm's favor", he adds. He is still kissing her between words, between sentences. He is still slowly thrusting into her and slowly pulling out of her. She can feel his cock inside of her as he whispers this to her.

She knows how far she's gone but this, somehow, is a definitive step beyond. She wants Wilson. She is completely pleasures by him lying between her legs right now, at this moment. She would love for him to be in her bed every night of this week. She has certainly gone too far but she also has solidified a major concern in her career. She has preserved her ability to contribute to her family's welfare. She feels guilty but she has only let it go so far. She has let another man enter her. But why is this any different that touching herself and fantasizing. Why is this different than using a dildo. Yes, Wilson is a live man but he is only bringing her pleasure. His cock is sliding in and out of her vagina and exciting her. Eventually he will give her an orgasm and then it will be over. Done. He'll pull out and it will, in the end, be no different than a dildo or masturbation.

But now, this is different. He wants to ejaculate inside of her. His semen will pool in her in her vagina and remain there. This is not just allowing him to pleasure himself inside of her. He will leave something behind, he will put a part of himself inside of her.

Allison also realizes that she has already made her choice. She has gone this far. She has let him take her in the back seat of his Jaguar. Worse, she wanted it and is liking it. Even as she considers her dilemma, he continues his slowed pace in and out of her still throbbing and soaked vagina. She begins to become aware again of the feel of him on top of her.

He moves away from her mouth and presses his lips close to her ear. "I want to finish inside of you", he says. "I want you to feel me become a part of you", Wilson adds. Allison's pussy reacts without qualms or guilt and releases a flood of fresh excitement on Wilson's shaft as it thrusts into her.

She commits again to her choice, pushes her hips against Wilson's plunging cock and whispers, "Cum in me, David. My pussy is yours tonight".

Wilson responds with a moan of pleasure and satisfaction while his cock renews its push into Allison's vagina. He places his mouth over hers again and embraces her with a deep kiss. His hips press her naked bottom into the soft leather of the car seat. Wilson pulls away from his kiss and looks into Allison's eyes.

"I'm very close. I'm going to cum inside of you. I can't wait to fill you up", he moans. His excitement is beginning to show is his now huskier voice and his cock is slamming between Allison's legs rapidly now.

Allison has no other thought nor desire. She replies, "My pussy is yours tonight. Fill it up with your sperm. I want every ounce of your cum inside of me. Give it to me! I want it in me!".

"Oh you can't know how long I've wanted to do this. I'm going to release all of my cum in you. You'll go home full of me", Wilson pants.

"I want to take you home inside of me. Give me your cum!", Allison cries.

Allison's hands are franticly pulling Wilson's bottom into her vagina as if to plunge his cock even further into her wet, soft pussy. Her hips are gyrating on the thick shaft of his cock and the fluids produced by her excitement glisten along the length of his cock as he withdraws from her body for each new thrust. The car is beginning to rock with the intensity of their motion and the late night moon and parking lot lights filter through the rear window to light upon their naked, entwined bodies.

At last she hears the words that she didn't realize that she wanted so badly to hear.

"I'm gonna cum in you. I'm gonna cum, Allison!", Wilson cries. Allison's response is a garbled mix of passion. She tells him to cum, to fuck her, that her pussy belongs to him. Then she feels him thrust hard and deep into her. His naked buttock clench beneath her hands, his legs stiffen and he arches his back upward away from her body. His cock, unbelievably, sinks slightly further into her yielding pussy. She knows. She knows as the lamp light filters through the window, as the Jaguar leather gives beneath her, as her jaw contorts in a low moan of ecstasy and her vagina clamps down in an orgasmic vice grip on the hard cock that is impaling her that he is erupting inside of her. His cock spasms and jerks in the clench of her vaginal walls as it spurt gout after gout of thick, creamy semen deep into her womb.

As his pulsing cock subsides and the spurts of cum calm to slow trickles of semen inside of her, his hips resume motion only now is short, sharp thrusts intended to empty every last drop of precious liquid from his testicles. Her womb is open and receiving and she subconsciously opens her legs even wider to encourage him to empty himself thoroughly in her belly.

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