tagExhibitionist & VoyeurClimbing The Lighthouse Stairs

Climbing The Lighthouse Stairs


This is one of a series of Catherine stories. If you want to know more about her, check out any older Poorwriter story and read the introduction. Thanks!


My beautiful and adventurous wife Catherine and I took a weekday trip up to the shore and we had so much fun traveling along the coast.

It was so nice out and she wore a very cute little sundress. It was perfect for riding in the car. When we were alone, with no cars that could see into ours, she would lower her top and treat me to her fine breasts and nipples.

I love watching them bounce and jiggle with the movement of the car. She would also slide the hem up into her lap so I could see her sweet little pussy. I loved it!!!

We had fun driving around and to my great surprise she even allowed a couple of truckers a little peek at her fine boobies. This was quite fun and from the looks of the drivers, they sure appreciated it too.

We came upon a famous old lighthouse that offered tours. We wanted to stop in. There were not a lot of tourists there. We decided to separate and appear like two individuals and not let anyone know we were a couple. This way she could tease me and pretend I was a stranger.

I went in first and Catherine came walking up about five minutes later. Since the parking lot was not in direct view, no one would know we drove in together.

I came up to the small group of four tourists and noticed there were just one older couple and two college age boys. I was chatting with the lads when Catherine walked in. They nudged me with their elbows and pointed toward her with a low whistle.

She did look hot too. I have to say. She is so dang pretty anyway and in that little sundress she looked awesome. Her legs are so muscular, tanned and toned and she wore medium heeled sandals. And even with the frilly dress, her fine bubble butt looked incredible.

We were all walking around the inside of the base of the light house compound. The tour guide invited any who wanted the tour the tour to gather around. He introduced himself as Kyle.

We joined the older couple and the two college boys. We all made casual first-name greetings and seemed to like each other right away. I also appeared to say hi to Catherine as well as to the others.

On the tour, we gave the older couple the lead out of courtesy. The boys and I did the same for Catherine, letting her go in front of us.

Catherine had been getting a lot of the attention from the two lads due to her bouncy boobs in the sundress top since she was braless.

Even the older couple noticed and the lady didn't even seem to mind that her husband was looking. She seemed to have a great sense of humor about it and she obviously thought Catherine was pretty too.

When she would lean over to look at a display, the loose top of her sundress would fall away and her fine boobs were now the display we were interested in.

I watched as she positioned herself opposite the guys and when we would look in display cases she would move just enough side-to-side to allow us all to see her breasts and nipples as they gently swayed.

Every time she would lean way over to get a nice long closer look at something; and at the same time she gave the boys and I our own very nice long look at her breasts. They hung down and the top was hanging down just enough further away to show them off.

All the while she appeared interested only in the light house tour. She looked like she had no idea she was the star attraction. I watched the boys and they were loving every second of this, as was I. Whenever she walked the boys watched her hips sway and loved that bubble butt and fine legs she is known for.

The tour was fun. We saw the house where the light keeper and his family lived in the early 1900's. We saw several of the out buildings where they kept food and animals too.

We finally got to the lighthouse itself and it was amazing. There is a spiral staircase that winds up about ten stories. The highlight of the tour is climbing the stairs to the top and seeing the magnificent view.

Well when we got to the spiral staircase Kyle, the guide, went first. He warned us there were a few places we would have to step and reach out and that the climb was long, so if we couldn't do it to stay down.

We all agreed to try it. The guide started, next the older couple, then Catherine went after them, followed by the college boys and I took up the rear.

I noticed Catherine pull her sundress up and tuck it under the waistband just below her boobs. This raised the bottom part of the hem of her dress way up toward the top of her thighs.

I smiled at her. What a tease she was going to be. I was so glad I was below her. She really acted as if she was totally engaged in this tour and pretty much paying us guys no attention at all. But I knew she was going to have fun with the boys.

I looked up and I noticed the boys let Catherine get about four or five steps ahead of them so she would be quite a bit higher and it would be easier to see up her dress. They were in for a treat, because she was not wearing any panties.

They gave me a nudge and pointed up. I looked up and I could already see up her dress and her beautiful thighs were moving as she climbed and her calves were flexing too.

The guide was talking the entire time and pointing out many interesting features of the light house and its history.

It was fun to hear it all and truly interesting. But for the last three of us the real interest was showing itself for a couple of seconds with each step she climbed.

We could now see her smooth, shaved, pretty little pussy and her entire bare bottom. It was hard to concentrate on the steps.

This climb was so exciting. Every step of the way, we were treated to her awesome body with no panties to block out view.

After we were up about thirty steps or two stories, Catherine stops and bends over to adjust her sandal. The way she did it, the three of us guys were all treated to a full moon view of the prettiest little bare bottom that anyone could ever dream of seeing. And her pussy looked a bit engorged in my opinion. I would say she was getting turned on.

The tour guide Kyle announced, "People we are approaching the mid-way point. You will see there is a galley that goes around the inside of the lighthouse so you can walk around and look out the windows in the case there are clouds above.

We will all take this little walk around, but keep an eye on each other as you will have to really step out to get to the galley ledge.

He went first and we looked up and we all saw him reach way out with one leg to the ledge and then pull himself to it by a handle nearby. Next went the older couple. They each moved along the ledge so there was room for the rest of us following them.

Now it was Catherine's turn. She acted quite hesitant and stepped her right leg way out to the galley deck then paused.

The boys were going crazy and so was I. We looked up and there was my wife, for all intents and purposes, bottomless with her one leg stretched out, spreading her legs way apart and giving us the most incredible view of her pussy and butt.

I could not believe these two college boys were looking at my wife's pussy and bare butt cheeks. They kept looking back down at me and pointing up at her with their mouths open and looking like they had just won American Idol. I gave them a thumbs-up in response.

We walked around the galley and looked out the windows. Then we started back to finish the climb which required one more long reaching stretch put with her leg to get back on the staircase. This was so exciting.

We got to the top and the view was so fabulous. We could see for miles and looking down we saw the sheer face of the rock wall the lighthouse was built on. If seemed like we were a thousand feet up.

Once we had seen everything we went back down in the same order. This bummed out the boys and me, but it was so fun to watch the tour guide and the older couple.

Catherine had slowed down so they were already on the ground floor and she was still up about fifteen feet.

They sort of instinctively looked up and I could see the look on the faces of the two men as they stared straight up at my lovely wife's bare legs and bare, smooth, pretty, perfect little pussy.

The guys both looked like they were in shock. The woman looked up and smiled and nudged her husband and said laughing quietly, "Oh, you're loving this view aren't Freddie?"

We finally all got down and thanked the tour guide and everyone said good-bye and nice to meet you to each other and left. The older couple and finally the college boys left. Catherine and I watched their cars drive away.

We told the tour guide we were actually a couple and asked him if he would do us a favor. Kyle was very nice and about 25 years old and he said he'd be happy to.

I said, "My wife and I like to get photos of us together in public places. Will you take a couple pictures of us?"

He said, "Oh sure, I take peoples pictures every day."

Catherine said, "Do you mind if I am naked?"

"Did you say, do I mind if you are naked?'

She said, "That's right."

"Oh no I do not mind at all!!! I would just LOVE to see you naked!!!"

We made sure there was no one else around and since it was just the three of us, we stood in front of a display that showed an exact replica of the lighthouse.

I handed the tour guide our camera and Catherine pulled her dress down over her boobs and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. Kyle was opening whistling and hooting and saying how awesome Catherine was and how beautiful.

She put one hand on her hip and fluffed up her hair with her other hand. Then she trilled around and let him see all of her. "Thank you Sir!"

"No THANK YOU!!!!" was his reply.

He took about twenty pictures. He kept suggesting different poses and pictures for us and we went along with him. We even moved outside and took a few in front of the entrance sign.

I even took one of Kyle standing next to Catherine. He loved that. He asked if he could hold her boob. She said sure, so I took one with his hand on her fine boob.

We finally had to go and Kyle begged us to let him take a picture or two with his cell phone. He said no one would believe him otherwise.

Catherine agreed and said he could take any three he wanted as long as her face was not in them.

He took one of her fine boobs, for which she inhaled and she poked her boobs way out for the photo.

Then he knelt in front of her and took a close up of her pussy saying it was the finest pussy he had ever seen in his life, internet included!

Then he asked her to turn around. She turned and poked out her butt and stepped her feet apart and he took one of her fine bubble butt with the bonus pussy showing too.

She put on her dress and we walked out to our car. As we got in we saw a note on the car seat. There was a six pack of beer and twenty dollars and the note said, "Thanks for the greatest day of our vacation ever. We will never forget your beauty."

She really loved that and said that confirms that letting guys see her naked every now and then makes everyone happy.

Needless to say, she spent a lot of the drive home naked in the car.

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