tagSci-Fi & FantasyClone Saga: Final War Ch. 03

Clone Saga: Final War Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - Mia, Myself and I

Mia threw another fast punch into the bag and cried out as the painful electric current ran through her body. The little inverted shock ring hurt like hell, and she was frustrated that her clone body couldn't absorb the charge and become stronger. Her brow was covered in sweat and her heart was beating rapidly. Still, she continued to punch at the bag.

Her other self was there in the cargo bay watching. "You know, that's the definition of stupidity; doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result each time."

Mia turned to her, getting her breath back, "And what's the definition of determination."

The other Mia shrugged, "Pretty much the same thing I guess. Stupidity and determination must be linked. But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, am I?"

"Do you think we should give up?"

"You know I don't. But we should take a step back and reconsider our approach. Grandpa has gone to pour over his scans. Maybe we should wait and see if he comes up with anything useful."

Mia stepped away from the bag, rubbing her fist, and removing the shock ring, 'Yeah, step back and reconsider."

"You know what helps clear my head?"

"Of coarse I do..." Suddenly, her clone came at her and lashed out with a hard kick to her chest. That was the first time her clone had done something that surprised her.

Mia cried out and stumbled back. "Aaagh, you bitch! I wasn't ready!"

"That's your fault." she said raising her fists. Then Mia sprung forward with a high roundhouse kick aimed at her head. Her clone stepped back, easily dodging it. Mia pressed her attack, determined to get her back for the cheap shot. She threw a series of fast punches and Mia blocked them. Then she grabbed onto her arms and rolled back, sticking her foot into her guts and throwing her over her head.

The clone slammed into the floor, but quickly rolled back up onto her feet with her fists raised. Mia quickly stood again too, facing her. They both looked into each others intense green eyes. They had fought each other a few times before. Mia liked it. There couldn't be a more even match. They knew each others moves, and strengths and weaknesses so well, so they had to get creative, and work hard and push themselves in order to win.

Mia came at her again and with a fast combination of high and low blows that were deftly blocked. The two of them continued to attack each other, moving with grace and precision and striking out furiously. Most of the blows were blocked or dodged, but now and then a hard blow got through with a loud thwack. It hurt, but neither Mia let it slow them down.

Mias' heart was thumping in her chest and she was breathing heavily. She could feel the painful stinging around her body and face, where she had been hit. She could taste the blood in her mouth. Her opponent stood in front of her, looking all hot and sweaty, still giving her an intense stare. She remembered Sensei Lennon back on Rygar, "Your greatest opponent is yourself." he had told her. She didn't think this was exactly what he had in mind.

They had both been made for battle. Created by the alien cloning pod on Verona shortly before it was destroyed. They fought furiously against overwhelming numbers of pirates as their other selves and friends were killed around them. Their sire was also killed in the battle, the woman whos' life they shared up until the point they were cloned. They were no better than the other Mias, it was pure chance that they survived when the other didn't. Mia was glad she wasn't the only surviving Mia.

Then the brief pause was over as her clone came at her again. The intensity had seemed to go up a notch, as fists and feet came flying at her from all angles. Her opponent was determined to win, but so was she. Mia saw a rare opening and quickly threw a strong left uppercut that smashed into her clones' chin, making her stagger back. Mia came forward and grabbed her, ready to throw her again, but her clone got a firm grip on her and they stumbled over each as they rolled on the floor.

The other Mia was on top of her now and they were grappling at each other. She struggled furiously as her clone managed to pin her arms down. Mia growled and was kicking her legs and bucking wildly, trying to get her opponent off of her. The other Mia looked down into her eyes and smiled, "I got you now."

A while later they were in the basic white shower block of the nearby gym. Mia was worn out and aching all over. The fight had got pretty intense, but they managed to stop it before it went too far and called it a draw, which neither of them were really happy with. She looked up into the showerhead and let the stream of warm water run through her long red hair and down her body.

She looked over at her clone sister. She looked just as sore and stiff as she was. There were several bruises over her face and body. The bruises would clear up fairly soon though, thanks to their regenerating nanobots. It used to take them a few days to heal up when they were like this, now it took less than an hour.

She found herself admiring her well toned body, the way the water ran down her firm C-cup boobs with their dark nipples, down her well-toned abdomen and her mound with its' small triangle of dark pubic hair. The other Mia caught her looking and she quickly looked away. The other Mia smiled at her, "You know, you're not bad looking for a redhead."

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself."

"Yeah, I try to stay in shape. You liked the look of Streeks' body too, didn't you, ...when he was a woman."

Mia shrugged, "She was a bit skinny, and her boobs were too big."

"Ha, but you wanted to grab them and squeeze them, didn't you? You enjoyed kissing her back on Verona. You lezzo!"

"Idiot, you're teasing yourself as well."

She came closer, smiling. "Yeah. Want me to wash your back for you?" Mia nodded and turned around and her other self got a handful of liquid soap from the dispenser on the wall and started rubbing it into her back. Mia enjoyed her touch, she was usually feeling pretty randy after a good fight.

Getting intimate with her fellow clone was something she thought about a fair bit. But was it strange and perverted? Like incest? Was it really vain to be sexually attracted to yourself? And did she really want to wander over to the other side? She liked men, but the female Streek had stirred up some lesbian desires within her. She liked the feeling of Mias' hands sensually rubbing the soap into her back.

The other Mia seemed to be thinking of Streek as well. "So, Streek and Bernie have gone to bring back a couple more Streeks. That's interesting isn't it?"

"You think they're bringing back boyfriends for us?"

"I know the thought has crossed your mind."

"Because it's crossed yours. These Streeks might not be the same. They might not even want to join the Resistance."

"And you might prefer it if they were the female version." Mia teased. She moved her hands down and began rubbing her firm butt. This was the first time her clone had felt her up like that. Mia didn't mind it at all.

"We're Resistance captains, not giddy schoolgirls. There's a big galactic war flaring up that may destroy the galaxy, we should worry about that, not getting boyfriends."

"You're right Captain, who needs boyfriends?" Mia's soapy hands moved up and firmly grabbed her breasts.

"What are you doing?"

"Your boobs might be dirty."

Mia turned around and gave her a playful slap on her hip. "Your mind might be dirty." Then someone else entered the shower block. The dark haired woman looked over at the two identical redheads and nodded a greeting, then started running a shower. Mia didn't know her name, but had seen her around before. The two clones modestly backed away from each other and continued showering.

Mia stole glances at the other womans' naked body. Not bad, she was a little older and fairly curvy with smooth, lightly tanned skin. She had a nice pair of round boobs with quite large protruding nipples. She wasn't in the habit of perving on other women, her clone had got her quite hot.

Soon they had finished showering and got dressed again. Mia put on her dark blue jumpsuit and short green jacket over it. Her clone was wearing a similar jumpsuit, but had a brown jacket so at least people could tell them apart.

That night, they were having dinner with their father again. They met up with their brother Zac outside the airlock that lead into the Generals' ship; the Angelina. Zac was Mias' twin brother, though they didn't look much alike. He had short, spiky brown hair and was of average height and build. Mia supposed he wasn't bad looking, in a sort of plain, every-man sort of way.

He wasn't much of a fighter, but he was a great mechanic. He also wasn't a bad pilot, hacker and sharpshooter. He and Mia were co-captains of the Van Halen, a super advanced small ship built for speed. Zac loved that ship, it was his life.

"Hey there Double Trouble." he said to his two identical sisters.

"Hey Dufus." replied Mia.

"What have you two been up to lately?"

"We've been training. Trying to learn how to do Streeks' power attacks."

"Trying to? Wow, sounds real productive. Meanwhile, I've been working my ass off getting our first Hornet squadron off the ground."

"Yeah, are they almost ready to go?" asked the other Mia.

"Just about. We've got six Hornet fighters and a couple of Gnat bombers. Just need a few thousand more and we might be able to match it with the Feds."

"Well a Hornet with a good pilot is worth about twenty Fed Darts isn't it?"

"Yep, which still leaves us hopelessly outnumbered, and it's likely the Feds will be bringing out their own powered up xenoform fighters."

"Were all about surgical strikes. We're not about to take on the Federation in full scale battle. We'll leave that to the Pirate Alliance."

"Yeah right. Hey, did you hear the Ivan Drago is off to recruit a couple more Streeks? I'm starting to feel like the odd one out 'cause there's only one of me."

"Thank god for that." said Mia, as they entered the ship.

General Bolton was in the large round common room of the Angelina. He had a short grey crew-cut and large grey moustache, and deep green eyes like Mias'. He was wearing his simple olive green military uniform as usual and was sitting in a comfy chair, reading something on his TAB. "Hey Daddy." said Mia, going up and kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey sweetie."

"Hey Daddy." said the other Mia, going up and kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey sweetie." Her father stood up and regarded both his daughters with a stern look on his face. "Which one of you is the sire again?"

"...You know." said Mia. She could see it in his eyes. "Did Dr Arnott tell you?"

"Yes, because I asked him. He doesn't lie to me."

Mia looked at him sadly and sighed, "Okay, we're both clones. Our sire is dead. I'm sorry I lied to you. It's just..."

"I know why you did it. Your mothers' death hit me hard, but having you and Zac to look after helped me to carry on. Mia will be mourned and honoured, but having you two here softens the blow." He wrapped his arms around both his clone daughters and hugged them. "In future I would expect you to be more open and honest with me, as my captains and as my daughters."

"Okay Dad."

"Great." said Zac. "I'm glad that's done with, I hate having to keep secrets. Lets go eat, I'm starving."

"Won't Grandpa be joining us?" asked Mia.

"He should be here soon. Probably just caught up in his work again."

They started moving toward the dining room and Mia looked on the shelf unit on the wall where there was a holopic of her mother. She was beautiful, not much older than Mia in the pic, with short, spiky red hair and large brown eyes. "Hi mum." said Mia quietly. She had lost her mother when she was little, but still missed her every day. She had been thinking about her more often after the death of her sire.

They all sat down in the dining room and the boxy android Vaxx served everyone drinks. "So, I was thinking..." said Zac.

"Oh no, are you all right, didn't strain anything I hope." said Mia.

"Ha, funny. So, the Ivan Drago has two Ben Anders clones..."

"Three." his father corrected him.

"Right, three, and the Van Halen had two Mia clones. We should do a swap, a Mia for a Ben. It makes sense doesn't it?"

Both Mias sat there silently. They had thought about this, but didn't particularly like it. "It does make sense." said General Bolton. " We wouldn't want to put all our eggs in the one basket."

"What, we're eggs now?" said Mia. "You just don't want us ganging up on you Zac."

"Yeah, I don't, and I could use another mechanic aboard. The Ivan Drago could probably use... more muscle."

"I'm not just muscle, I'm a leader, a captain. Bernie is the captain of the Drago and Streek is her second in command. If I go over to their ship it'll be a demotion."

"Well, I tell you now, three captains for the Van Halen isn't going to work. Two was hard enough."

"It would just be temporary." said General Bolton. "I will put you in command when a new ship becomes available."

"I thought you would go for this." said Zac. "You two would get fed up with hanging around each other all the time, right?"

Mia sighed loudly. "Right, and which one of us gets exchanged."

Zac shrugged. "Does it matter? Sort it out between yourselves." The two Mias looked at each other, they knew it made sense, but neither of them particularly wanted to go. Then the doors opened and Dr. Arnott entered, followed by his android Makita. Both Mias smiled as he wondered in, they loved the little old clone and even his strange android.

He wasn't her real Grandfather. She suspected he never had a chance to start a family, working his ass off for the Feds. She was happy to become his family, she knew he had a kind heart. She also knew he had balls, turning against those he called master for most of his life in such spectacular fashion.

He joined up with her father and his band of fleeing rebels who had lost the previous war. Together they had formed the Resistance; a shadow militant organisation with the aim of opposing the misuse of alien technology by the Federation.

"Hi Grandpa, how goes your study of the shock absorption?"

"Hello Dear. It goes slowly I'm afraid. There's not much more I can tell you about it at this point that I haven't already told you. I trust you haven't had success replicating it."

"None." said Mia sadly.

"Well don't get carried away with it. There are other things we need to concern ourselves with."

"Yeah, ...the war. What's our next move Dad? "

"So eager to get out there again, ...after you didn't even survive the last mission."

"Yeah, well, I'm here now, and I'm not gunna just sit around on my ass. I suggest we assassinate Skylar, she's the one responsible for starting this damn war."

"That would not be easy, Skylar has proven to be very crafty, cautious and secretive."

"Yeah, I know. I had the little bitch right in front of me, I should have snapped her neck when I had the chance."

"I'm calling a meeting with our senior officers tomorrow to discuss war strategy. But for now, let's eat."


After dinner, the two Mias and Zac returned to their ship, the Van Halen, which was docked in its usual spot in the large open landing bay of the frigate. Part of the ringed, orange gas giant could be seen through the open gateway on the far side.

As they entered the common room Mia said, "I'm gunna get us some drinks, you want one Zac?"

"Nah, I'm beat, think I'll just crash. Goodnight girls."

Mia went over to the bar and poured a couple of Vodka Martinis. She came back and handed one to her clone. "Cheers." she said, taking the glass and having a long sip. Mia sat down beside her and drank from her own glass. She looked around the room, which was fairly untidy, perhaps they should see Dad about getting an android.

"It's a nice ship." she said to her clone.

"Yeah, she is." It had saved their asses on Verona, holding together when it was on the brink of being destroyed. It had also been her home for the last couple of years.

"They're right you know. There's probably no place for both of us here."

"Yeah. We'd serve the Resistance better if we're in two places at once. I don't want to go over to the Drago though, having to take orders from Captain Bernie."

"That's not the whole reason is it? You're jealous of Streek and Bernie. It would be hard being around them all the time."

Mia took another sip and smiled. "Perhaps they'll invite you into their quarters for a threesome. Bernie seems pretty open minded, and Streek would do us in a heartbeat."

"Ha, right. How are we going to decide who goes? Have another fight?"

"I get to stay. I beat you today."

"Why? Cos you pinned me down? We should fight to knock-out."

"Not right now." Mia put down her drink and started rubbing her clones' leg. "I'd rather finish what we started in the showers."

"You sure?" said Mia, looking into her green eyes.

"Why not?"

"Good point." said Mia smiling. She leant over, moving her head closer to her clones'. She remembered how nervous she was, going in to kiss Streek the first time. The other Mia pressed her soft lips against hers and they kissed. Their warm wet tongues tentatively rubbed against each other and it felt really nice. She could taste the vodka again. I'm not a bad kisser, thought Mia, she was quickly becoming hot and wet again, they were going to finish what they started this time, her first lesbian sex.

Her hand moved up under her clones' jacket and squeezed her boob while her hand rubbed at her thigh. They continued planting small kisses on each other, getting all hot and flushed. Mia pulled the zipper of her clones' jumpsuit part way down and slipped her hand inside. She squeezed and rubbed at her firm tit which was cupped in her cotton bra. She could feel the protruding nipple through the fabric and gave it a playful pinch making her clone let out a little squeal.

They pressed their lips together again and then she heard Zacs' voice, "Well, well, look at you two!" Mia pulled away from her with a start, quickly slipping her hand out from her clones' jumpsuit. She looked at Zac red faced, it almost matched her red hair. He was standing at the doorway, grinning at them. 'Fuck!'

"Zac, we were just..."

"Enjoying each others company?" said Zac grinning. "Don't let me disturb you."

"We were just fooling around. It's not like you haven't fooled around with yourself plenty of times."

"Hey, I'm not judging." He went over to the bar and grabbed a bottle of water. "I'll leave you to it. Have a good night girls." He gave them a last grin and then left the room.

"If you tell anyone, I'll castrate you!" Mia called after him. She thought she heard him chuckling.

"Fuck, we should have been more private. He's not going to let us live this down."

Mia grabbed her glass and drained it, then she stood up. That little encounter was sobering, but her heart was still beating strongly and her cunt was wet. She looked down at her clone, so pretty, she thought vainly. "Forget it. Come to my quarters." she said.

"Yes ma'am." said Mia, standing up and following her out of the room.

They entered Mia's quarters, it was a simple room, with white walls lined with storage compartments. An unmade bed took up most of the room. There was a chair, desk and holo-table by the far wall as well as a large rectangular screen that was currently set to mirror, so that it looked like there were four Mias there. The Van Halen had three other rooms like this, this was the room where their sire had lived.

Mia locked the door, she wanted to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed this time. She pulled her jacket off and let it drop to the floor. Her clone started undressing as well. "Here, let me help you with that." she said, leading her toward the bed.

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