tagInterracial LoveCloser Ch. 01

Closer Ch. 01


Hey guys. I'm working on chapter two and it should be posted soon so hang on tight. Oh and expect LONGER CHAPTERS in the future.

~ Much Love,



Kimberly stared at herself in the mirror anxiously, running her hands over her outfit trying desperately to wipe away the imaginary wrinkles. She looked back at her reflection and chewed her bottom lip softly smearing her cherry lip gloss on her two front teeth. 'Shit', she thought to herself. 'Why did I let Justin talk me into this?' she asked, dreading her decision to go.

Justin had been her best friend since second grade. He was new to the elementary school where they both attended and she was the first person to befriend him. He was painfully timid until puberty hit at the beginning of junior high. After that he was as confident as a male model who knew they were basically God's gift to women...and men. Girls basically threw their panties in his direction every time he walked past them. His reputation as the "hot guy" in school earned him a one way ticket into the popular circle, while Kimberly maintained her status as a "nobody."

While many people would've assumed he'd ditch Kim after his rise in popularity, he proved them wrong. After he had started hanging around with those popular snobs at their school like Mackenzie Myers and Rory Willis, Kim was certain that she would become invisible to her best friend, but she was surprised when she hadn't. Justin even tried to include her in the stupid after school activities the group did even though she felt out of place. Some people in the group weren't bad people, but most were fake assholes and Kim could see right through their bullshit. She knew which people liked her and the many who didn't, which was the main reason she was nervous about going to Mackenzie's party.

She knew for a fact that Mackenzie did not like her at all. In fact she remembered the time she heard Justin and Mackenzie talking in a small pizza place close to the school. Mackenzie had obnoxiously whispered, "Why are you still hanging around with that black chick?" To which Justin ignored and continued to eat his pizza. Kim really didn't care what Mackenzie thought because in her eyes she was a dumb, fake blonde, plastic Barbie doll who was extremely annoying. 'This is gonna be a long night,' she told herself before she heard three loud pops outside her window. She sighed at the familiar sound of gunshots and stepped away from the mirror.

"We have to get out of this neighborhood," she whispered loudly to herself.


Mackenzie was practically radiating with joy and excitement from head to toe. Two months. Two fucking long months was how long she'd been planning this party and it was finally happening tonight. In just another hour her guest would be arriving, including Justin.

She wanted Justin so bad. What warm blooded female with a brain wouldn't? He had dirty blond hair that he styled in a faux hawk and eyes that seemed to pierce right through her body and his smile. Goddamn his smile was enough for her to cream her panties. The only person standing in her way was his little friend, Kimberly.

'What he sees in that poor, little black bitch is beyond me,' she thought with disgust. Kimberly lived on the bad side of town where all the drug dealers, thugs and prostitutes resided. Her mom was even a prostitute at some point and even today she'd slept with men to pay her bills. Mackenzie believed that if Kim's mom was doing it then so was Kim. Whenever Mackenzie would say something mean about Kim to Justin he would get very defensive and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was protective of her. 'If only he was that protective of me,' she thought with a loud exasperated sigh. Then the thought of what she was going to do to Kim tonight made her laugh for a moment.

As her laughter died down he focus shifted from Kim back to Justin. Oh just thinking about all the stuff she wanted to do to him and all the things she wanted him to do to her instantly made her wet again.

She walked over to her bed and lay down. She brought her hands up to her breast and squeezed firmly, imagining her hands were Justin's. She brought her left hand to the front of her jeans and rubbed her crotch through the material. She softly moaned his name until she heard the familiar tune of "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera. She groaned loudly and looked at the caller ID; it was Andrew. The thought of him quickly made her horniness vanish.

"Hello?" she asked when she finally decided to answer. She listened to him talk about his day and every once in a while she would add an 'Oh wow,' or 'Really?' She was really focusing on Justin. Even though Andrew was technically her boyfriend, she knew he cheated on her multiple times so in her opinion that gave her a right to cheat too.

'Oh well. A girl can never have too much dick,' she thought with a smile.


The party was already started by the time Justin arrived. As he made his way inside Mackenzie's huge house he pushed past the crowds searching for Kimberly. He ended up getting slightly buzzed before the party and was in no condition to drive his jeep so he got a ride with one of his friends, Dino. Unfortunately, Dino was scared of "getting shot" in Kim's neighborhood so he wouldn't pick her up. He hoped she would still be able to make it even though he felt kind of shitty for making her catch the bus.

He was walking towards the pool when he saw the unmistakable platinum blonde hair of Mackenzie walk up to him.

"Well hello." She said while handing him a drink. He gladly accepted and began to drink while she continued making pointless conversation. "My cousin knows the DJ. He's like one of the hottest newcomers on this side of the equator." She said while flipping her hair over her shoulder. She was sporting a wide, unattractive smile that showed all of her top and bottom teeth.

"Have you seen Kim?" Justin asked while scanning the room. Mackenzie's toothy smile quickly faded and she scoffed, or at least tried to.

"You know for the life of me I can't figure out why you still hang out with the nasty, trashy slut." She stated while folding her arms. Her anger was obvious, but Justin was starting to get frustrated. He closed his eyes tightly and held his breath. After about twenty seconds he finally exhaled and opened his eyes to look at the angry blonde.

"That's not what I asked you. Have you seen Kim? It's a simple yes or no question." He replied in an annoyed tone. He really wanted to get away from Mackenzie and he was not in the mood for her bullshit. It was obvious that she wanted him, but he would never go for her; she was too bitchy. Mackenzie rolled her eyes and pointed upstairs.

"I saw her a couple of hours ago when the party started. Then about ten minutes ago I saw her going upstairs with some random guy." She replied before flipping her hair again.

"What?" Justin asked getting a little worked up. Kim wouldn't do something like that. She didn't hook up with random boys at parties; she was a virgin. At least as far as he knew she was a virgin. "What guy?" he asked.

"Like I'm supposed to know. All I know is she was super drunk and headed upstairs toward one of the guest rooms with some guy who had dark hair." Mackenzie exclaimed with a shrug of her slender shoulders. Justin was heated. Some guy was going to take advantage of his friend. His apparently very drunk friend. He wasted no more time. He ran upstairs as fast as his legs would allow him.

Shit! Mackenzie had four maybe five guest rooms. Didn't matter to him though, he'd kick all of those doors down if he had to. He walked over to door number 1 and knocked as hard as he could.

"Kim?" he half asked- half screamed. The door finally opened revealing Marcie and Lilly, two lesbians at the school. "Sorry." He apologized before the door closed in his face.

He walked over to door number 2 across the hall and knocked. He called out Kim's name until the door opened to reveal Andrew and some brunette who was definitely not Mackenzie. He looked at her in surprise and turned to give his friend a knowing smile. "Sorry, man. Have fun." He stated before walking over to door number 3.

He began knocking on the door anxiously. "Kim?" he called out her name until he heard a weak reply. "Justin? Is that you?" the voice asked.

"Kim? Kim, open the door." He commanded. He felt relief wash over him, but also anxiety. He flexed his fingers and balled them getting ready to knock someone out if they touched her. After what seemed like eternity, but was only about forty-five seconds, the door finally opened. He felt his jaw tense when he saw the guy that had been on the other side of the door with Kim. He was shirtless with the button undone on his jeans.

"We're busy." The shirtless guys stated with a pissed off expression. Justin restrained himself from punching that guy in his nose.

"Not anymore." Justin exclaimed as he pushed past the guy and made his way into the room. He grabbed the guy's shirt from off the floor and threw it towards him. The guy caught the shirt before he felt himself being pushed out of the room. Justin slammed the door and locked it. He turned slowly to face Kim who was lying peacefully on the bed.

He walked over towards her and sat down beside her body. He rubbed the outline of her jaw softly before he ran his fingers through her soft black hair. She looked up at him in confusion. "Where did Jerry go? No wait, I think his name was John." She said softly.

"What did he do to you?" He demanded while taking in her appearance. Her lips were red and swollen obviously from making out with Jerry or John. Her raven black hair was tousled all around the pillow she was laying her head on and her skirt was bunched around her shapely thighs.

"Nothing. You got here before we did anything." She replied slightly slurring her words.

"Come on I'm taking you home." He said while pulling her arms until she rose up into a sitting position. She surprised him when she violently pulled her arms out of his grasp.

"I'm not going anywhere with you. You're drunk." She stated.

"Not as drunk as you. Now let's go." He replied as she ran her fingers down his cheek and then let them travel to his lips. Just how drunk was she?

"And how do you suppose we do that? You didn't drive your car here and the person you came with is scared of my neighborhood." She retorted softly.

"Then we'll take the bus or the subway." He replied before she shook her head 'no.'

"No. Let's just stay here. I can think of much better things we could be doing than taking the bus." She exclaimed. Before Justin had a chance to ask her to clarify the meaning behind those words he felt her soft lips press against his. Her soft, plump, luscious lips seemed to match perfectly with his and her cherry lip gloss made him crave her kiss even more. He parted her lips with his tongue and she granted him entrance into her mouth. He massaged her tongue with his before he felt her fingertips at the end of his shirt.

She began lifting his shirt and broke their kiss only for a second in order to finish removing it. Kim ran her fingers across his toned stomach and chest before she brought her head down to lightly flick his nipple with her tongue. That small move sent off little fireworks in his brain and electric jolts through his body. Kim's mouth claimed his again and he felt her pulling him down on the bed. A moment later he was nestled comfortably between her smooth caramel thighs. He broke off their passionate kiss and moved to her neck and bit and sucked at the tender flesh. He could feel her lightly grinding her body into his and it was turning him on even more.

"I want you, Justin. I need you." She whispered in between a small moan. She whispered it again in his ear softly, letting the effect of her words sink in. She reached for the buckle on his pants and that's when reality hit Justin with full force.

THIS WAS KIM! His best friend since second grade and he was about to fuck her. No, he couldn't do this with her. Not when she was drunk, not at some stupid party. She deserved better than that; she deserved better than him.

Justin pulled away from her and staggered off the bed. He picked up his shirt from the end of the bed and quickly put it on. He looked over in Kim's direction and noticed the confused look on her face.

"Justin, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Come on I have to take you home." He replied, turning his back towards her. She hopped off the bed and sauntered over to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his back.

"Justin, it's ok. I want this." She exclaimed. Justin turned around to face her and looked deep into her eyes. She had the most beautiful brown eyes he'd ever seen. He could get lost in them. "I love you, Justin." She whispered before standing on the tips of her toes and leaning in to kiss him. He pushed her away softly.

"I love you too, Kimmy, but I'm not in love with you." He replied as smoothly as he could. He was lying. He knew that he was in love with her, but he also knew she was too good for a guy like him and he'd never forgive himself if he hurt her. He saw the wounded look in her eyes and wanted so badly to tell her the truth. He opened his mouth to tell her how he truly felt, but all that came out was, "Come on, get your stuff and let's go."

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