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Closing Time


I had only been at my job for two or three months. It was my senior year of college and internships were scarce. Rather than take out more student loans at the age of 21 I picked up my first waitressing job, which by the way is the shittiest profession on earth. I wasn't that great of a waitress but I figured it would hold me over until I could get another pathetic office job. Jen was new too. She started about a week after I and we ended up working a lot of the same shifts since she already had a degree and a day job.

We always joked and enjoyed each other's company, and eventually became better friends, going to bars after work, catching the occasional play, and eventually inviting each other to our friends' parties. I had gotten this job when I was in my not-a-soul-knows-I-am-into-girls-too-phase. I was attracted to Jen, but I always figured she was straight, she had mentioned an ex-boyfriend/whatever she left back in New York. I knew I'd never get the guts to hit on a seemingly straight girl, let alone Jen. I still had never gotten up the courage to hit on a girl I knew was a lesbian either.

One day everyone had been cut, other than us and a manager. Even the cooks had left. I was left closing down the bar. I grabbed one of the diced limes and stuck in my mouth, leaving a couple slices and threw the rest away. Jen walked behind the bar and cashed out her last table.

"You goin' home after this?" She asked counting out her tips.

"Probably. I've got a couple bottles of wine and all my roommates went to that concert in Scottsdale." I said as wiped down the counters. "What about you?"

"Same. I figured I'd chill for the night, I have the next few days off." She said leaning up against the bar.

The last of the customers left, and Jen and I cleaned up our tables, since we had let the bussers leave early. After we turned all of the closed signs off Jen shed the top half of her uniform and continued to close everything down in her small tank top. At 5'7", about 140, and 29 I was impressed with her physique. I had seen her in less clothes before, but compared to staring at her for the last 5 hours in a long sleeved-neck hugging shirt, I felt like she was practically wearing nothing. I could see her skin between the fabric of her thin shirt and the creased black jeans that unfortunately didn't show off my favorite physical aspect of her.

I didn't stare too long, still concerned that my persona as a straight college student/waitress could be in jeopardy if I lingered on her bare skin too long. Our manager was in her office, finishing up the paperwork and the tallying up our sales for the evening. I quickly averted my gaze to something under the bar, feeling my thongs wetness. I picked up the last slice of the lime and sucked on the juice. I picked up the rest of the fruit and stuck it in bag to go back to the refrigerator. On my way back I found some unopened whipped cream laying on a counter. I picked it up as well. After dropping the fruit off in the walk in refrigerator I made my way back towards the walk in freezer. The door closed behind me as I reached to the highest shelf where the rest of the frozen milk products called home. I heard the door open again.

I shifted the boxes around to make more room, assuming my manager had walked in behind me to make sure I was doing my job or something like that, I didn't turn around to check. I continued rearranging the boxes until I felt two hands run themselves across my abdomen. I dropped from my tip toes to my heels, still certain that my manager Wendy had entered the freezer behind me.

I was frozen. More solid than the produce that surrounded us. That is until Jen's voice echoed through the freezer, melting the tension. "I really hope you are into this because I don't know what else to do." She placed her lips on my neck and slid her hand down the front of my pants. I stood still. Allowing her to kiss the side of my jaw and feel the juices that now soaked my thong.

I turned around, allowing her hands to shift towards the small of my back. I took in her green eyes, unsure if this was actually what was happening. She pulled into me, tilting her head, meeting her lips to mine; I obliged. We didn't say another word. She allowed my hands to explore her body. Finding her swollen nipples from either being turned on or the thirty degree atmosphere, peaking through the thin fabric of her undershirt. The smooth side of her neck, covered in chill bumps rising to meet my eager lips.

Her hand was over my breast, groping for more. I suddenly became very conscious of my breast size, which at 5'9" and 130 was fairly meager, and must feel less satisfying under my nun like uniform. My mind was wandering. What did this mean for us. What did this mean for me? I had never had the confidence to so much as hit on a girl before. Was she a lesbian? Was she bi? Did this mean I was bi?

All of these thoughts came to a screeching halt when the freezer door opened behind Jen. And unfortunately neither of our first instincts was to break apart, but to stay perfectly still.

I dropped my hands and Jen did the same while distancing herself from me. Our manager Holly seemingly towered over us, even though she was 5'2" and probably wore a double zero.

"I knew something was going on between you two." Holly said. taking a step closer. God, I wish Jen at least had kept her shirt on, even if it was unbuttoned she could be buttoning it up as Holly spoke, rather than both of us standing perfectly still, waiting in line to place our necks across the chopping block.

"I am not going to lie though Sarah," she said directing herself towards me, "I am jealous."

Holly looked hurt.

"I dropped hints, letting you know I was into you. I just thought you had a crush on Jen, I didn't know you two were actually hooking up." Her piercing eyes held on to me. I wanted to tell her that this is a development so recent that we both had probably made 30 cents since it started. But I didn't. I said nothing. Still frozen. Holly approached me, placing her hands upon my hips. Still frozen. "I had never considered this before," pulling Jen closer too.

Jen looked at me, with a look of utter confusion which I am sure mimicked mine. Before, I had always considered Holly gorgeous. But, I had always considered straight girls off limits. Holly pulled me closer by the belt loops of my black slacks. Her lips meeting mine. I was beyond confused. Less than 10 minutes ago I had never kissed a girl in my life, let alone leave any room for any speculation towards my sexuality. I didn't know what do. Holly pulled Jen closer and began groping her breast, maintaining her kiss with me. I saw Jen close her eyes.

Was I really about to have a three some my first time even expressing any interest in the same sex? Apparently. I placed my arm around Jen, sliding it down to her ass, which was unbelievably tighter than I had imagined. I slid my hand between her pants and ass and squeezed. I removed my lips from Holly's and replaced them on Jen's neck, as a moan escaped Jen's lips. I felt someone's hands on my ass and another on my breast. I could honestly care less whose they belong to. Holly squeezed between me and the back of the freezer. Once again a hand slid under the front side of my pants. I spread my legs, allowing her fingers to pump in and out of me. Thrusting into me. I continued to work over Jen's throat, groping her now exposed breast.

I found myself squeezing her nipple with every thrust into my steaming pussy. And soon enough I had stopped kissing Jen's neck and found myself bitting her shoulder, keeping the same pulsing grip on her left boob. As the thrusts into my pussy and the thumb on my clit were sending me closer to the edge. I could feel the tension rising as my mouth found Jen's. Tittering on the edge of an orgasm, I kissed Jen. Holly's fingers thrust once more into my pussy, soaking her hand and sending my body into a spasm. I collapsed into Jen, Holly kissing my neck from behind.

I regained my balance and straightened myself up, I began kissing Jen again, pulling her closer to me, sliding my fingers into her identical black slacks. I worked her pussy while Holly found my breasts. Soon I felt another set of hands over mine, undoing the belt and buckle on Jen's slacks. I dropped down onto my knees, feeling the cold floor beneath my knees. My lips met her pussy. I savored my first taste of another woman, and began pumping my fingers into her while my tongue worked on her throbbing clit.

Moments later I felt her legs stiffened. I slowed the pace of my fingers hoping I could put off her orgasm for a few more moments so I could take in every drip of the juices that escaped her pussy. Soon I drove my fingers into her, the muscles of her pussy clutching my fingers and flexing with every twitch of my tongue on her clit, and the hands on my head tightly pulled at my hair. I licked her juices long after the orgasm had subsided.

I got to my feet, meeting Jen's lips with mine again. Holly's hands on my breasts again, as Jen's hands met my breasts. Our manager interrupted our kiss.

"How about we take this to a warmer climate." She suggested, with a chilled shudder.

I was still unsure if I was willing to share Jen much more my first night with her, but I invited them both back to my apartment anyways. Maybe having to work till close won't be so bad anymore.

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