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Unexpected Lust


Chapter One

Katelyn McKinley looked in the mirror and was surprised that the woman looking back at her looked so fresh and pretty. Katelyn was tired most of the time these days, and taking care of herself was often last on her list. Raising her precocious six year old daughter, Carly and three year old twin sons, Colin and Connor, pretty much drained her of most of her energy. But tonight, the woman in the mirror looked attractive and glowing. She had gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant with the twins, but by the time they were mobile she had lost all of it and then some. At 5'6" and 122 pounds, her figure looked slender and sexy. Tonight was her 32nd birthday and she was having the opportunity to not only go out, but to go out alone with her husband Mike, something that rarely happened anymore. Her friend Becky had volunteered to come over with her four year old son and baby sit, so that Katelyn and Mike could go celebrate the big 3-2.

"You look pretty, Mommy." It was Carly peeking in the doorway. "Can I wear some of your perfume?"

Katelyn sighed, "Yes, Honey if you promise you won't decide it smells yucky and make Miss Becky wash it off."

"Ok," Carly said and came into the room to receive a spritz. "Thanks, Mommy," she said, wrinkling her little freckled nose as she sniffed her wrist. Then she gave Katelyn a big squeeze around her middle and skipped out of the room.

Katelyn turned back to the mirror. At 32, she looked at least 5 years younger. Her skin was very fair, and she had a sprinkling of freckles across her nose---just like her daughter. Her hair was dark brown and lustrous, falling in waves to her shoulders, and her eyes were huge and a deep blue. She fumbled with her pierced earrings, almost jabbing one through the not- so -open hole on her earlobe. Getting dressed in the morning was a quick and thoughtless process these days, and Katelyn rarely took time to put on her jewelry. It's not the only thing that doesn't go into a hole easily in me, she thought to herself as she struggled with the stubborn earring. She surprised herself by thinking that---about Mike's erect penis struggling to enter her because she usually wasn't very wet. And that was just when they had sex, which they usually didn't. Katelyn just wasn't in the mood anymore, and Mike was incredibly patient with her, hoping secretly that this was just a temporary phase and that when the kids got a little older he'd have his sexy wife back.

Back in college, when they'd met, Katelyn and Mike couldn't keep their hands off each other. Katelyn would spend the night in Mike's dorm room---even quietly riding his erect penis in the upper bunk while his roommate slept below. And when they had the room to themselves, they would have sex all night and then fall into an exhausted heap in Mike's small bed. Early marriage had followed in almost the same pattern, but once they had children, it all seemed to change.

As Katelyn walked out of her bedroom, she didn't look like a woman who didn't want sex. She wore an extremely tight, little black dress that hugged her 34C breasts sensuously. Katelyn always thought her breasts were too pointy, but tonight they looked just right in the dress with a diamond necklace, a birthday gift from her parents, falling just above the slight cleavage that showed. Her heels clacked on the tile as she walked to the family room to greet her friend.

"Wow, Katelyn, you look great!" Becky exclaimed as she handed Colin a Rescue Heroes fire engine.

"Thanks, Beck. Where's Mike?"

"He went to wait for you in the car. Go on now, have fun. We'll be fine here."

Katelyn gave her friend a quick hug. "Thanks so much. Kids, you go to bed when Miss Becky tells you," she admonished as she quickly kissed each one and hurried out the door.

In the car, Mike whistled when he saw Katelyn approach. "Wow, you look great," he told her as he started to back his black Lexus out of the driveway. "You really do need a break from the kids. That's why I think you're going to love my birthday surprise. But that comes tomorrow....."

Hayley Matthews put the last of her things in a cardboard box and then stashed it on the shelf of her bedroom closet. Her suitcases were packed, and she didn't need the miscellaneous items she had carefully wrapped up and packed in boxes. Fortunately, her roommates were keeping the apartment all summer and through the next school year and had given her permission to stow some of her things there. Hayley had just finished her junior year at Florida Gulf Coast University, but she was taking a leave of absence. First, she felt a little burned out and felt a semester off would do her a world of good. And second, she was low on funds, and since she was paying for her own schooling along with a few student loans, working for awhile had seemed fortuitous. Now, she was thrilled that the perfect job had pretty much fallen into her lap. She had responded to an ad in the paper and had been hired easily. And tomorrow she would start work. A refreshing change from school she thought.

Hayley was a free-spirited, petite blonde who was incredibly likeable. She always had a smile on her face and her eyes shone with humor. She had a dimple in her chin and the most mesmerizing aqua-colored eyes. And then there was her long blonde hair and 36 D breasts---breasts too large for her small frame. But all those features made her captivating to men and even interesting to women.

Hayley was very passionate and usually had a boyfriend whom she indulged sexually, much to his delight, but she had also had sexual experiences with two girls over time and couldn't quite get those experiences out of her head. The first had been with the older cousin of one of her high school friends back in Miami, and Hayley had ended up in a relationship for an entire summer while the girl was in town. Her panties got wet just remembering the fun they'd had in the guestroom of her friend's house. She had loved when the girl had eaten her pussy and felt that a woman's lips were softer and much more sensuous than a man's. A brief affair with another female student during her freshman year of college had whetted her appetite even more for a woman's touch, but men appealed to her greatly too, so she just laughed to herself that she loved sex and loved to experiment, and she didn't care if anyone thought she was a lesbian. But the term bisexual would more aptly describe Hayley's sexual orientation. Hayley lay down on her bed, tired from packing, and found her hand sliding into her panties. She closed her eyes as she began to stroke her clit and think about sex---whatever thoughts happened to pop into her head. She was currently without a lover and needed to bring herself to a climax frequently.

Chapter Two

Dinner at Bahama Breeze had been wonderful, and now Katelyn and Mike were sitting around the fire at the outdoor bar as Katelyn drank one of their fabulous pina coladas, laced with strawberry. She glanced sideways through her lashes at Mike. "Won't you please tell me what my birthday surprise is?"

"No," he answered. "You're going to have to wait until tomorrow."

Katelyn had trouble sleeping that night as her thoughts kept drifting to her birthday surprise which was supposed to arrive at 10 am. At first she thought that Mike had arranged a vacation for them, and his parents would arrive to baby sit at 10 am. But then she realized that couldn't be it. Not that they didn't need a vacation. They hadn't really gone anywhere since moving from Chicago to Fort Myers, Florida a year before the twins were born. Of course, Katelyn had gone back to Chicago often with the kids while Mike was working, and she often wondered if she should have let him convince her to move south. However, Mike was the one earning all the money, and she felt it was appropriate that he should be happy. And she hated the cold Illinois winters and rainy springs. Mike was a computer consultant who traveled extensively for work and could live anywhere, and when he decided to pursue his slice of paradise, Katelyn was mostly willing to oblige. She had hated leaving her family and friends though, and although her in-laws lived in Fort Myers, she wasn't close with them like she was with her own family. One plus was that the in-laws could occasionally watch the children, but normally they were pretty busy with their own activities. They resided in a 50-plus community and always had something going on, it seemed.

Is that what life is all about Katelyn wondered as she stepped into the shower after giving up on trying to get more sleep. Stay home and raise kids for years and then get older and be excited about the next bridge party you'd attend with the other senior citizens? There had to be something more. As much as she loved Mike and the kids, she felt like something was missing in her life, and it wasn't just missing her loved ones in Chicago. She knew she needed something, but she had no idea what that might be.

Katelyn dressed quickly in a short black cotton skort with a white tank top and sandals. Going to the gym was impossible, but since they had a large home with extra bedrooms, Mike had set her up with a home gym. Katelyn tried to use it as much as she could, but some weeks she was just too tired to get in many workouts. However, she did manage to do enough to keep nicely toned, and she always felt better when she worked out. Thus, her thighs in her short skort looked very firm and shapely. Katelyn put gel in her hair and scrunched it. That was one good thing about hot Florida---she didn't need to spend time drying her hair. Next, she applied her makeup. Makeup was the one concession she'd made to her appearance. She might not style her hair or take the time to put on her jewelry, but she always liked to wear makeup----at least some mascara, blush and lipstick, if she was rushed. Her lips were full and puffy and looked great with a bright lipstick. She felt it brightened her whole face----especially on those tired days.

Breakfast that morning was a typical affair at the McKinley household. Connor got cereal in his brother's hair; Carly spilled her orange juice-----nothing out of the ordinary. Katelyn was distracted, however, thinking about her surprise. Mike was closed in his home office, working, and said he'd pop out around 10:00 for the surprise to arrive. Katelyn watched the clock almost constantly, until finally it was 9:50. The kids were busily playing, and Mike came out of his office looking pleased with himself. At around 9:58 the doorbell rang, and he answered the door.

A beautiful petite blonde girl walked through the door pulling a wheeled suitcase behind her. She was smiling and her face was radiant, Katelyn thought. Of course, Katelyn was completely confused. The girl said hello to Mike and then walked over to Katelyn and took her hand. She looked into the older woman's eyes and smiled sweetly.

"I'm Hayley Matthews. You must be Katelyn," she said. Katelyn nodded, and found that she was staring at the girl's eyes which were the color of the Gulf of Mexico in spring. Katelyn looked at the pretty face in front of her and found that she was thinking how appealing this girl was. She just stared for a moment, still almost mesmerized.

"I'm your new nanny," Hayley said. "How do you like your husband's birthday present? I'm taking a semester off of school, so I'll be here all summer and through December at least. Well? What do you think? I was dying to surprise you."

"Wow," Katelyn finally responded. "I'm shocked. I don't really know what to say, but I think I'll end up getting used to this quickly," she said with a laugh. "I feel more relaxed already."

"Good, well that's why I'm here," Hayley replied. She couldn't believe this beautiful, sexy brunette was the exhausted, wiped-out mother that the husband had described during their interview. This lady was stunning and looked much younger than 32. Hayley couldn't help it; she was instantly attracted to Katelyn and stole quick looks at her face, breasts and legs.

"Let me show you to your room," Mike said. "Please feel free to use our home like your own---just make yourself at home. After you get unpacked you can meet our little rug rats." Hayley followed Mike down a long tiled hallway. She couldn't believe what a large, gorgeous home they had. She knew Mike was successful in business but had no idea what to expect. About anything, I guess, she said to herself.

Chapter Three

An hour later, Katelyn was drinking coffee in the kitchen and Hayley was seated barefoot on the family room floor with Connor on her lap while Colin sat next to her showing her his new police car. Carly was playing with Barbie dolls and chattering happily to Hayley. Obviously, the children had taken to her right away. Katelyn strolled out of the kitchen and sat down in the chair by Hayley.

Hayley was wearing a stretchy tee shirt with a scoop neck, and Katelyn's eyes seemed to stray automatically to the soft full mounds protruding above the neckline. It took a moment before the pretty mother realized she was staring, and she flushed slightly, surprised that she was looking at a woman's breasts. Katelyn had to remind herself what she had wanted to say, and she almost had to force her eyes away from the new nanny's cleavage.

"You really seem to have a way with kids---- a good quality in a nanny." Katelyn smiled at Hayley.

"So, you've had a lot of experience with little ones?" Katelyn continued.

Hayley looked up at her new employer. From where she was sitting she had a wonderful view of Katelyn's lovely legs. Too bad she's wearing a skort, Hayley thought, or I'd be able to see her panties. Then she almost visibly shook her head to clear her thoughts and answer her employer.

"I used to do a ton of babysitting, and then I worked summers as a nanny during my last two years of high school and one summer in college. I'm majoring in elementary education, and I just have a thing for children, I guess. Some people say it's because I never completely grew up myself so I can relate to them at their level," Hayley chuckled.

Katelyn smiled. She was already enjoying Hayley's easy-going style. "Well, whatever the reason, I can tell you'll be a great addition to our household," Katelyn replied.

The rest of the day went on much the same way, and before Katelyn knew it the kids were tucked in bed (with Hayley's help), and everyone had retired to their rooms. Mike was already asleep as he needed to catch an early flight the next morning. Katelyn changed into a light green tank top with green and white striped cotton boxer shorts. She sat in bed reading a mindless romance novel trying to get drowsy, but for once, getting sleepy was eluding her. She decided to go see Hayley and tell her how glad she was that she was there and what a big help she had been already. Katelyn didn't understand it, but she felt compelled to talk to Hayley that evening, felt like she could not wait until morning.

Katelyn padded barefoot to the guest room which was now occupied by Hayley and knocked on the door. "Yes?" Hayley answered.

"It's Katelyn. Can I talk to you a minute?" the slender brunette replied. "Sure, come on in," was the response.

Katelyn opened the door and saw Hayley standing next to the bed. Her tee shirt was off, and she was wearing a silky white bra, her shiny golden hair spilling over her shoulders. Katelyn couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous girl. Her nipples were like round, hard pebbles, clearly protruding through the silky fabric covering them. Katelyn's mouth felt suddenly very dry, and she was aware of her own protruding nipples poking through her knit tank top. She hadn't even thought about how revealing her top and shorts were---until now.

"I'm having trouble with the zipper on my pants." Hayley's voice brought her back to earth quickly.

"Silly, huh? But I closed some of the material in the zipper, and I just don't have the right angle on it. Can you help me?"

Hayley's heart was pounding as she looked at Katelyn's pointy breasts and hard nipples. She couldn't believe her good fortune in that she herself was undressed partially but needed the sexy older woman's help to finish.

"Uh, um, sure," Katelyn stuttered as she took hold of the cloth in one hand and pulled up on the stuck zipper with the other, thereby releasing it from the fabric. Katelyn felt her fingers graze the side of Hayley's soft hip, and her breath caught in her throat. As soon as the zipper was free, Hayley almost automatically grabbed the waist of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She now stood before Katelyn in just her white bra and a white lace g-string thong. She bent down and scooped up her pants and carried them across the room to a chair while letting her rear sway slightly as she walked.

Katelyn was frozen in time and space, just staring at the soft white cheeks moving in front of her. Her eyes were glued to Hayley's sexy backside. She felt as if she could barely breathe. Hayley put the pants down and picked up a sleep shirt, turning to face Katelyn. "Did you want to talk to me about something?" she asked the pretty mother of three.

"Uh....it....it can wait until morning. I'm going to let you get some sleep. Good night," Katelyn said hurriedly as she rushed to the door.

"Good night, Katelyn," Hayley replied. "See you tomorrow."

Once in bed, Katelyn tossed and turned. She couldn't get the image of Hayley in her underwear, and especially her soft white cheeks, out of her mind. She didn't understand her reaction, but she didn't try to analyze it right then. I'll think about it tomorrow, she told herself taking a page out of Scarlett O'Hara's book, one of her favorite literary heroines. However, she couldn't fall asleep. Her clit was swollen, and she felt like she needed relief. Quietly, so as not to wake Mike, she slipped her hand into her cotton boxers and ran her finger up and down her slit. She was totally surprised to find that she was wet. When her finger found her swollen clit, she sighed in relief and then began to rub it. It didn't take long for her to draw close to orgasm. She stroked her tender clit faster and a powerful climax overtook her. "Ohhhh, "she groaned quietly as her hips rose off the bed and her legs tensed. Then she rolled over and fell asleep almost instantly.

Chapter Four

The next morning was very hot and sunny---typical for southwest Florida in May. A few hours after Mike had said goodbye, Katelyn was dressed in a floral cotton skirt and pink gauzy top and was heading out of her bedroom. She heard squeals of laughter coming from the family room and was quite impressed to see Hayley on her knees with both twins on her back while Carly tried to feed her a bowl of Cheerios.

"We're playing horsy, Mommy," Carly called out. "These are oats I'm feeding to the horse."

Katelyn smiled and as she gazed at the scene in the family room, she clearly saw the nanny's little backside. Hayley's shorts were so tight that Katelyn could see the outline of her sex lips in the blue denim. Her heart began to beat rapidly, and as she looked more closely, she could clearly see a wet spot on the fabric.

Katelyn stepped into the kitchen wondering if Hayley was wearing panties. However, when she saw the kitchen, she was distracted from those thoughts. It was tidy and spotless with the breakfast dishes neatly stacked in the dishwasher. Katelyn thought of the normal morning mess and couldn't believe it.

"Carly, go pick out a movie for you and the boys to watch. Mommy needs to talk to Hayley," she told her six year old.

A few minutes later with the strains of Dora the Explorer in the background, Hayley was seated at the kitchen table smiling at Katelyn over a steaming mug of coffee. Her shiny blonde hair was in a ponytail, and she looked incredibly sexy in her cut-off jeans shorts and a striped halter top that clearly showed the nipples of her large breasts.

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