tagErotic CouplingsClover Watches Jed fuck Miss Akin

Clover Watches Jed fuck Miss Akin


He was waiting for me with a glint in his eye when I went into his office, and a bowl of ice on his table.

'Clover," he said. "What were you doing in the music store cupboard with Kevin?"

"Nothing, Sir."

He licked his lips. "I thought I saw him licking your little titties, Clover."

"No sir, he was just checking them for... a medical problem."

"And the cum I saw?"

"It wasn't cum sir, I don't know what that is, we spilled our latte..."


I was terrified of him. Athletic, toned, hairy, he was 6 feet 2 and could have thrown me across the room. He got up from behind his desk and came round the table.

I have ways of checking whether you're telling the truth, Clover, he said. And he put his hand on my shirt and took hold of my nipple between finger and thumb.

I gasped, and my tender purple nipple went hard. They had been so sucked recently they were on fire.

Oh dear, he said. I think we need to inspect...

And he ripped my shirt off so fast that I stumbled and fell to the ground.

He knelt over me. My purple, used nipples stood up like flags.

"Goodness me,' he said, smiling nastily. 'Those teats of yours look in sore need of inspection and testing. I should be able to tell what you've been up to. Lie still like a good girl, or I'll be calling your father."

"Oh God Sir, but you're the Headmaster.."

"That's right Clover. You can just call me master."

"Master," I said, terrified. My knees were threatening to buckle. I could tell his cock was enormous in his pants.

"Now tell me. You have been whoring your tits out for sucking, haven't you?"

"No Master, honestly..."

"We'll find out." He started to lick them.

I stared. I watched his head licking my tits.

The headmaster was licking my tits. And I liked it. Jesus and Mary I liked it. I had a terrible urge to say dirty stuff like fuck me and suck me and ...

...And my clit fired up like a motorbike engine, so suddenly that it grabbed me by surprise."Oh Yes,' I said, I could feel a quivering low level cum in my pussy.

His tongue was raspy... rasp rasp rasp ... ouch.

He bit me. Gentle.Pulled the nipple between his teeth.

Ow, sir that hurt.

I see Clover, he said. You've been pinching them, haven't you? He took the other treacherous little teat between his finger and thumb and squeezed hard.

"I... have caught them in a clip by accident..."

"I think we both know that's a big lie," he said. "I think Henry Jones suckled you last night didn't he? Old friend of mine, Mr Jones..."

"Oh Master," I said, clit throbbing like an engine, "please don't tell my dad."

"That depends on what you can do to apologise,' he said. And then he started to suck my tits.

My God nobody sucks tits like Jed Bonner. He is the dude of tit sucking. He suckled on me like a master. He grabbed and massages my boobs, pushing them together and apart, licking and chewing...He began this sort of rhythm, going from one to the other, sucking and pulling and pulling and sucking and I started to writhe and moan.

"Oh Master, I'll tell you everything, Kevin licked my titties and Henry Jones sucked my titties and it makes me cum. Oh, please make me cum master...

And I was writhing and bucking and he was sucking and feeding off me like a tiger... and I could feel my orgasm starting already...

And then he was off me, and there was ice on my tits..

Oh God Sir, I said. Oh God.

He stood over me. "It's time you met Cyril,' he said.

And he got Cyril out of his trousers.

I stared. Cyril was the fattest, ugliest cock I had ever seen.

Huge and purple, veined and throbbing, curved like a giant banana, Cyril was truly horrible. He had no foreskin, and there was glistening liquid on his tip.

Say hello to Cyril, said Jed.

Oh God Master, I said, I can't, I'm a virgin.

I know you are, said Jed. That's why you're like this. Starved for cock. I'm doing you a service honey. Taking the pressure off. Saving you from yourself. But first you're going to have a little gnosh on Cyril, and then Uncle Jed will give you what you want.

I stared in horror at the fat purple cock. I can't sir, I've never...

We'll see, he said, and he pulled down my panties and started to lick and suckle on my clitty.

Oh God. I had never felt so good. Jed Bonner's fat lips were feeding on my pussy. His tongue was circling my clit, sucking it in, circling my clit, sucking it in

Above my head Cyril hovered. Huge. Quivering. Bulging. Ready to explode.

The feeling built up. Oh master I'm going to cum...

And then an ice cube again. Wham on my pussy. My orgasm disappeared. Sir?

We will start again, said Jed. And we will repeat until you learn what you have to do. Cyril is waiting.

And the licking started again, the licking and the tit squeezing, and all the time I a starting at Cyril and thinking oh God no, not in my mouth

I don't know how many times he brought me to the edge then iced my clit. I was desperate. I was a raging fire. I couldn't bear another moment without cumming...

And then Cyril exploded. Spurts of cum shots all over my face and I closed my eyes. Jed groaned, you dirty girl, look what you've done now

His finger stirred my clit. Lick it off me, Clover.

Oh God Sir, I can't.

And then he penetrated me with his tongue, making it hard and solid, pushing in between my virgin lips.

Oh my God. He couldn't stop me cumming this time. Surely?

No he couldn't, and as my orgasm waves began to build up as his tongue stroked the inside of my pussy, Cyril filled my vision. My orgasm and that vast cock became linked together for ever.

And as I came, moaning and howling like an animal, something changed in me for ever. I looked at Cyril and I saw the most beautiful cock I would ever see. Cyril, gorgeous hot thick Cyril, overseeing my orgasm, tempting me, spurting on me...

I threw myself onto the cum-covered limp Cyril and started to gobble and feed for all I was worth as waves of cum overcame me.

Oh god, I was mumbling, oh Cyril, Oh god Sir I love Cyril so much, please cum again, i want to feed on you, I want to pleasure Cyril...

But he pushed me off. You've behaved very badly Clover, he said, and I have an appointment with Miss Akin. You may watch if you wish. We will finish this later.

I watched from behind his curtains as she came in. Miss Akin. I hated her. One of those teachers that just likes to talk to you as if you're scum.

She'd clearly been crying.

"Headmaster, I can explain."

"There's nothing you can say, Miss Akin. You were caught sucking the cock of a sixth form student. There has to be a consequence to that."

He was fully dressed, his cock huge in his trousers. I saw her notice it. She gulped.

"What consequence is that sir...?"

"That's up to you."

She got it at once. Tears started to roll down her face. 'Oh God, Headmaster," she said. But she knelt before his cock."Oh God."

He unzipped. 'I have need to bury myself in a pussy, Miss Akin. I like to fuck young women as they stretch naked over my desk. I prefer nice girls such as yourself, who are under an obligation and who will do as I tell them."

"Oh God, Sir. i don't know..."

"Get your pussy out Miss Akin, and lets get it nice and wet. tTen you will beg me for it. The more you beg the more chance you have that I will overlook your indiscretion...

She was crying but she took again. She stripped. She had beautiful tits, round but tiny - and a shaved pussy. She bent forward over his desk.

"Work up your pussy for me, miss Akin. get yourself nice and wet for your boss."

She was crying again, "I don't want to."

He slid his fingers into her pussy. 'What you don't want doesn't come into it. Rub your pussy for me."

She started to rub.

"Tell me it's nice..."

"Oh God. I can't - I mean I'm not turned on Sir... I don't want to..."

He sighed and produced a vibrator from somewhere in his desk. One of those little clit massagers. "Here..."

She gulped and put it on. they're pretty instant those things. Her eyes started to roll. "Oh God... oh God..."

"You like that?"

"Please don't, Sir..."

"That's not what we agreEd, Miss Akin. Do you want me to report you to the governors?"

"Oh no sir, please..." her big eyes were round with fear.

"Then tell me how your clit is feeling."

She was starting to shake with the vibrations in her clit. She was fighting her arousal. "Headmaster I'm really ashamed.. it's hot... it's really... Oh god."

"Beg for it, Akin, beg for your headmaster's hot cock..."

"P..please fuck me Headmaster. Oh God, I've never fucked anyone but my boyfriend... oh God..., Sir,"

He fingered her pussy fast and expertly. "You're very wet, Jen. But you're not begging your master..."

He leaned round her and grabbed her nipples, both of them and pinched.

She squealed. 'oh no..."


And then she cracked, 'oh sir, headmaster Sir, oh God sir I want your lovely cock so bad... I need your cock in me, I need to feel your fat cockhead pushing into my pussy"

"I thought as much. Here you are Jen, a little bit of cockhead to start with. You keep begging. Tell me how it feels..."

"Oh Headmaster, I can feel your cock pushing on my cunt lips. Give it to me, please sir. I want the whole of you. I want to be impaled on your fabulous cock. Do me now sir. Do me, fuck me hard. oh Sir... your cockhead feels enormous - oh God you're entering me, you're splitting me in two - oh God Sir your shaft goes on for ever... oh God that's wonderful, that's the best I've ever had..."

Then I could see him fucking her, from behind as he grabbed and pinched her pert tits.

"Oh God Sir," she was saying, "oh my God it's enormous... oh Jesus I've never had anything like... oh God yes...it's fucking me, oh god I love your giant dick in my pussy...I'll do anything you want..." and she was moaning and begging, and I wasn't sure she was acting, actually.

And he fucked and fucked and she moaned and screamed, and he opened his eyes and looked straight at me behind the curtain. And the message was clear - he was fucking her instead of me. She was a stand in.

And oh God I was jealous. I wanted that hard cock in me. I lusted after it. I wanted to lick and suck it till it came in spurts...

I could see she was cumming, writhing and moaning and begging, 'sir let me suck it, oh Sir fuck me...oh Sir your cock feels like a giant ramrod impaling my pussy, you're knocking my cervix sir, I can feel you banging the whole length of my pussy - Christ I'm so stretched, your dick is making me so juicy that my clit is throbbing... oh my God...oh sir, I can feel my orgasm coming... aoooooh"

As she came, screaming with joy and pleasure, he pulled out, turned her round and fucked her face hard and fast as she gagged and choked, until I saw he was spurting down into her.

"Drink it down, Miss Akin, it's good for you."

She swallowed and stayed there kneeling. He pulled out of her, the giant Cyril drooping across his leg. My clit was hot at the sight of it.

"Did you like that?"

"Oh yes dir, I loved your cum sir. Am I free now?"

He reached onto a bookshelf and pulled down a VCR.

"You've made a start," he said.

"Oh God", she said, "we're on film?"

Of course, he said. You're done with me, but I may show the governors. one or two of them may want to check for themselves.

She left, head bowed, tears running down her cheeks, knowing she was trapped. She was barely out of the door when I was on my knees, gobbling on Cyril. Oh my God.

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