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Dallas and Eve had hinted around to each other about wanting to go to a "club" like the one he'd found on the internet. You know the type of hint; those sort-of cloaked suggestions that are buried in nervousness and a bit of shame. And you know the type of club; those private, join for the night "swinger" places where basically anything goes.

They had heatedly whispered their mutual desires countless times during the many torrid moments of their passionate lovemaking; in fact, those words were often the fuel that kept the fire burning! But to actually follow through with it? That was another story entirely and one about which each of them had also secretly fantasized.

Now that they were away for the weekend in that sultry, sinful southern city the reality was looming ever closer. They went out to a late supper on Saturday night with the idea of dropping by the place that Dallas had found; Club Anais! It was within walking distance of the restaurant, tucked off on a side street, and they both wanted the exercise after dinner. Eve liked to have the sensation of a slight hunger in her gut before sex; it worked to ramp up her carnal appetite even more. As they strolled along, she felt the beginning of a dull, steady pounding in her chest. She was giddy with excitement and a little scared too.

Dallas sensed her mood and glanced over. "Getting excited, aren't you, baby?" he asked with a big grin on his face.

Eve turned to look at him, nodded and smiled. Seeing him was like looking into a mirror and taking in her own reflection; he too was excited and nervous. They squeezed each other's hand tighter and walked faster. As they crossed the street, they saw several big bouncer-type guys in dark suits standing around a doorway. They were talking quietly amongst themselves, chuckling, but not drawing attention to the place. Though Dallas and Eve had never been to a club like this before, they knew this was it; even the air outside the doorway felt heated and charged. As they approached the entrance, Dallas pulled Eve in closer to him and wrapped his arm around her waist. They could now see that the attendant outside staff were wired with headsets and collectively emanated a very serious, professional and no-nonsense air.

The talking between the men ceased; the largest guy peeled away from the group and spoke, "Good evening, sir," as he looked Dallas in the eye and pumped his hand vigorously. Then immediately, not waiting for a response, he turned his head and shifted his full attention to Eve, his eyes quickly, and absolutely devouring her complete visage. "Madam," he said, bowing, his voice deeper now and his hand outstretched to receive hers. Without hesitation, Eve lifted her hand and gently placed it in his and felt a bolt surge through her body as his warm lips grazed the top of her hand. He raised his eyes to again consume her and returning to full height said, "Welcome to Anais. I'm certain all that you seek, you shall find here. And in your particular case, my Beauty, you shall be the answer to the many dreams of others too."

"Why, thank you," murmured Eve. She felt the sudden warmth of Dallas' hand on the small of her back and a soft, but urgent push forward. As the doors were opened for their entrance, Eve felt a little light headed and short of breath.

As they passed over the threshold, the visceral thump-thump-thump of the music pumped through their bodies. "You do look absolutely exquisite this evening, Eve," Dallas whispered in her ear. "Even more alluring than usual; I've been trying to put my finger on it all night. Perhaps it's the fiery glint in your beautiful eyes. You are radiant with sexual energy and I'm a prisoner to it. Let's see how many others fall prey tonight." Dallas didn't usually say a whole lot, so when he did, she listened. And when she listened, she often ended up wet and aching between her legs. Tonight was no different, except that she was wetter and aching even more than usual.

Eve watched Dallas' face as he spoke to her, greedily feasting on his beauty. She thought he was the most beautiful man she'd ever seen and it was precisely the enticement of his beauty that kept her carnal appetite for him running high and hard. She knew he was considered classically handsome in that rugged, Marlboro-man sort of way. He caught the constant attention of most women and he didn't go unnoticed by the sharp and discerning gay guys either.

But what turned Eve on wasn't the rugged masculine thing. No, what had kept her hot for him for decades was the subtle, yet compelling, almost feminine, attributes he possessed. Naked, he was extraordinarily beautiful. Although he had a very muscular, athletic build, his body was classically feminine too. Eve had studied enough Art history to know they typically used male models to depict female subjects during most of the classical eras of painting, therefore the women often had very toned, muscled bodies. The androgynous nature of those models had always stimulated her.

His legs lacked an abundance of hair and were therefore quite smooth for a man. They were long and shapely too; Eve often fantasized about shaving them and carefully running a delicate silk stocking up each one. His chest had well developed muscular breasts and, like his legs, was virtually hairless. His nipples were the type that remained constantly hard and pressed against the cotton shirts he wore.

It was Dallas' ass that drove Eve absolutely wild however. Seen from behind, his broad shoulders stood atop a strong back which gave way to a lovely, tapered waist. Beneath his waist lay his exceptionally well muscled buttocks, each cheek high, rounded and firm. Between those cheeks was the portal to their mutual bliss. Dallas was still somewhat ambivalent with Eve when it came to her infatuation with fucking him. He was game, but he remained uncertain about just how far he was willing to go and with whom. And it was precisely this hesitancy, this shyness that kept her clit stiff pretty much constantly. Not a day passed by that Eve did not think about his lovely ass and just what she'd like to do with it given the opportunity. She was certain that she had an ass fetish; Dallas ' ass in particular.

"Eve, honey, where are you?" Dallas asked as he waved his hand in front of her face. She shook her head quickly from side to side and was startled to find herself standing with him in front of a table behind which sat an attractive young woman looking at her expectantly.

"Madam, your last name please?" she repeated.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. I was lost in thought. Adams . Eve Adams'" she said. "But I don't want to be on any mailing lists or be contacted in any way. OK?"

"Of course not, Madam. Privacy is our pledge to you at Club Anais. Once you crossed our threshold, you've entered a place and time which has no past or future, just the present. Think of it as our gift to you." Her tongue slid across her full, moist lips as she smiled at Eve. "And sir, your last name, please?"

" Norman ," Dallas said. "How late do you stay open tonight?"

"There is neither a beginning nor an ending to your time here, Mr. Norman." Again she licked her luscious lips. "If you'd be so kind as to follow Maxwell, he'll show you and Ms. Adams around and explain all the ins and outs of the club." She winked as she placed emphasis on her pun, "ins and outs". Eve saw Dallas wink back at her and felt a tingle pulsate through her breasts. She glanced down at her heaving chest and saw that her nipples were completely hard and visibly pressing against her thin shirt.

Maxwell led the way into a dimly lit room with a central circular bar as its main attraction. The room was only partially filled with clientele; it didn't look like the makings for a very lasting and lascivious Saturday night. "This is our main lounge. It's BYOB but the bartenders do have a good assortment of mixers available for you," Maxwell declared as he smiled at the scantily clad twenty-something male server. "Here," he chuckled, "is our main dance floor complete with a pole in case you're in the mood to entertain the other guests."

Dallas and Eve stuck close to Maxwell as they passed from room to room. Eve was listening intently, but found herself constantly distracted by the other "members" who appeared to be in varying stages of undress rather than dress. Dallas stayed by Eve's side, his warm hand gently nudging her along. "Looks pretty interesting, don't you think?" he quietly inquired.

"God, Dallas! This is wild. Did you see the couple, or rather threesome, on the dance floor back there? It looks like this scene is not only geared toward the straight crowd after all. Those two women were totally going for it while that other guy watched," Eve whispered back loudly. "Feel my heart, baby. It's banging away like crazy in my chest!" She giggled and brought his hand up to her breast. He pressed his palm against her, and then cupped her boob and squeezed.

"Well it sure seems as though you two are ready to be on your own," Maxwell exclaimed with a wink. "Let me just show you our second floor; it's designed for our more intimate groupings and play. Then I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening."

At the end of a long, softly lit hallway, they came to an elevator door. A small group of people were waiting, laughing and joking amongst themselves. Dallas nodded to a tall Latino guy who had not taken his eyes off of him since they'd started down the hallway. Eve felt her clit stir and start to harden as she watched Dallas hold the guy's gaze.

The doors clanked open and everyone filed in, moving toward the back of the cab, and pressed in close together. Eve and Dallas followed the big Latin guy and, with Maxwell, were the last ones in. They turned to face the doors, and as they closed, Dallas felt a large, warm hand begin to rub his ass. Dallas gently pulled Eve over in front of him and, holding her hips, pressed his cock, which was hard now, up against her. As he did so, the guy behind him mimicked his moves, pressing and pushing his rock-hard dick between Dallas ' thighs. Dallas carefully brought his right hand around behind him and felt the warmth of the exposed thick cock. The guy was hung like a horse and was as hard as iron.

The elevator lurched to a stop and the doors opened. "Find me later on," the guy gruffly whispered in Dallas ' ear as he crammed his cock back in his pants. "And bring her too. I like it all. So will you."

"Looks like you make friends easily," Maxwell said to Dallas with another wink. "That was Carlos; he's a regular at Anais and one of our members who seems to have what it takes to keep the other guests returning." Maxwell laughed at his own joke and nodded knowingly to Eve and Dallas.

"Follow me, please. There are just a few more details," said Maxwell as he briskly moved through a maze of under lit corridors. "This is our DVD viewing room complete with non-stop screening." Eve looked up at the screen and was visually bombarded with a movie-theatre sized image of a glistening shaved pussy being rapidly stroked by a ring laden hand with long spiky, red nails.

"Whoa," Eve exclaimed. "There's no missing what's playing up there, huh?"

Dallas sensed Eve's displeasure and gently pulled her under his arm and nestled his face in her hair. She looked over at him; he kissed her forehead and smiled. He said softly, "Hey, it's OK. We don't have to hang out in here if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I know you're sensitive and appreciate a certain level of class when it comes to this type of thing."

"Eve stammered, "It's just that...I don't know. It's just so, BIG and LOUD and..."

"Don't worry, baby. I get it. Let's get out of here." They followed Maxwell, who was pointing through a doorway, announcing, "Now this is our private living room; you are free to just hang out in here and listen to music and relax."

Eve poked her head in the room and could barely make out a few couples scattered about the room on various pieces of lounge furniture. One girl was on her knees vigorously sucking a guy's cock, another guy had his face buried between a girl's spread legs and another man was furiously fucking a guy from behind, climaxing just as Dallas stuck his head through the door frame.

Dallas and Eve quickly shot each other a look. Eve stuck her hand down his pants and felt his hard dick, murmuring, "This is really starting to make me hot, baby." She laid her head on his chest and inhaled deeply, bringing in his delicious and familiar scent.

"We're almost at the end of the tour," Maxwell said hesitantly. It was usually at this point in the "tour" when his clients were ready to lose him and get down to their own business. However, he knew that if they knew what lay ahead, they'd stick it out til the end.

Eve and Dallas followed Maxwell, meandering through another series of dimly lit hallways which finally opened on to a vestibule type area with a series of "rooms" running down the left hand side. Each "room" was separated from the one on either side of it by a sheer, iridescent piece of fabric which hung from the ceiling. A full sized bed covered the entire floor of each room and had an assortment of ethnic-patterned pillows scattered about the headboard. At the entrance of each "room" hung another crinkled sheer piece of fabric which served as a door, but was nothing of the sort. The overall effect was exotic and seductive; very low lighting, shimmering fabrics, soft materials and naked bodies languidly lying about in varying stages of lovemaking.

Dallas stepped behind Eve and pressed his cock into her ass again and said hoarsely in her ear, "Feel how hard I am, Eve. This makes me want to fuck you right here, right now with all of these people watching." He gripped her tits and pulled and twisted her nipples. Eve slowly pulled away from Dallas and turned to face him. She opened her mouth and stuck her wet, tongue deep into his mouth. She was breathing very hard and grinding her crotch into his.

As they turned to follow Maxwell, they both stopped dead in their tracks as they watched a woman wrap her lips around the hard thick cock of a guy lying next to her. He pulled the sheet down to give Dallas and Eve a better view as she swallowed him whole. He spread his legs wide open and sucked the fingers she had stuck in his mouth. Looking at Dallas , he moaned as he took two of her fingers up his ass. The woman stroked his dick with her other hand while moving in between his open legs. She fucked him with her fingers and tongue, pulling fast on his fat cock.

The muscles in his legs are flexed taut and his breath is quick. She buried a third finger up his ass and began to gently roll him over on his hands and knees. Dallas and Eve can see as she rises to her knees that she is wearing a very nice sized strap-on cock. The guy is rock hard and his ass is very loose and wet from the attention of her fingers and tongue. He turns his head and looks straight at Eve and Dallas as he groans with pleasure. The woman feels his orgasm rising and pulls her fingers out and shoves her hot rod deep inside him. He starts shooting his load as she climbs up on him and rides his beautiful ass.

"God, baby. Let's wrap up this little tour, shall we?" Eve whispered while twirling her tongue along the outer edges of Dallas ' ear.

They stumbled forward following Maxwell down another corridor. He pointed to several rounded interior windows that covered the length of the right-hand wall, then stopped and motioned for them to look inside; they leaned forward together and peered through the glass. "This is our premier Exhibition Room," he boasted. "You can see that virtually the entire room is taken up by that round bed covered in white leather. There are 360 degree viewing windows; we offer this in hopes of satisfying each member's desire to be either exhibitionist or voyeur. Whatever you want, this room's got it: climate control, piped in music, black lights, toy cubbies, you name it. Ahhh, just in time. It looks as though a show is about to begin," whispered Maxwell, his voice filled with lust as he pointed to one of the viewing windows.

A naked woman and a partially clad man were lying on the round leather bed. She untied and removed the neck tie that was around his neck. With it she tied his arms up over his head. She wasted no time and hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt, unfastened his belt and pulled his trousers off. Then she opened his thighs and slowly twisted a jeweled butt plug into his moist, quivering asshole. The room was wired for sound and Dallas and Eve can hear his moans growing louder as he falls prey to her desires.

As she wrapped a leather metal studded ring tight around his cock, the jewel in his ass flickered as the black light reflected off of it. She then applied a pair of nipple clamps on his tits and asked him to lift his head, offering him a sniff of RUSH. She slowly poured oil over his cock and balls and begins to firmly stroke his throbbing, hard dick. He took off from the RUSH, groaning with lust as she twirled the jewel around in his asshole, pulling it against his tight bud. Grabbing the chain of the clamps, she slowly tugged harder on his nipples.

As she crawled up his body, he asked for another sniff. He inhaled just as she slides her shiny, wet pussy down the full length of his cock. She rode him fast and deep, then slow, then close and hard. She leaned into him and fills his mouth with her breasts, reaching forward to untie his wrists. He swung his arms down fast and quickly grabbed her ass, squeezing down hard on the plug buried up his ass, he bucks into her. He filled her as she exploded on top of him.

Maxwell quickly turned on his heel while extending his arm out in a sweeping motion toward the room behind him, "Very nice indeed," he said with enthusiasm. "And finally, our group playroom. You want to join in; feel free. But this room is ONLY for active play; absolutely no watching is allowed! Again, we welcome you to Anais. Be safe and have fun!" With those parting words, he bowed and briskly scurried down the corridor whispering urgently into the microphone attached to the lapel of his blazer.

Eve and Dallas suddenly found themselves surrounded by dark silence and within seconds were groping each other with a fierce passion. Dallas jammed his hand down Eve's pants and cupped his palm tight over her smooth, wet mound. He sunk three fingers inside her and began flicking them back and forth quickly in a beckoning motion against her spot. Eve's knees buckled and she squatted into his hand, thrusting her hips forward. She instantly shuddered and then went rigid, letting out a series of loud, deep throated groans. "Ohhh, shit. God! FUCK. Ahhhh, baby...don't stop."

"That's right, baby. That's it. Just like that. Ride it hard. Fill my hand. Keep filling me, baby," Dallas urged as he pulled Eve's head back with his other hand and stared at her face, now glistening with sweat. "How 'bout a little more, baby? Like this? You love it just...like...this," Dallas spit out through clenched teeth as Eve convulsed and rode his hand. As Eve continued coming, Dallas suddenly felt the warmth of another body press up behind him.

"Damn, she sure looks good doing that. I had figured she'd be something to see, but she's even better than I thought," a deep voice whispered hoarsely in his ear. He felt two arms encircle his waist grabbing hold of his belt buckle; within seconds his pants were unfastened and hanging down around his knees. One hand seized his throbbing hard cock, roughly wrapping a fist around it. The other hand slid between his legs and cradled his hot, tight balls. As the fist stroked his dick, Dallas moaned with pleasure. Eve opened her eyes and saw a huge, darkened figure behind Dallas . As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she recognized Carlos, the guy from the elevator.

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