tagLoving WivesC'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 08

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 08


My wife's relationship with her cyber-lover seemed to be getting on very well indeed. Tina was now having a full-fledged online sexual affair with Morris. They exchanged e-mails frequently, and there were times when I caught her browsing some of the hot porn sites obviously recommended by him.

And there was no reason for me to complain. I was thoroughly enjoying the sizzling fallout from my wife's online sexual encounters. I really didn't mind having a sexually supercharged slut wife around the house. And I looked forward always to helping her conclude her mental escapades and fantasies with some wild physical sex.

I had stopped reading Tina's communications with Morris, but she loved keeping me updated with detailed accounts of the more interesting messages from him.

Apparently Morris had become not only my wife's lover but also her love guru. And he made a special effort to preach to her the joys of having more than just one sexual partner.

He gave her some practical advice on how we could go about opening up our marriage and arranging a sexual rendezvous with another couple. He suggested the use of aids such as adult movies, adult literature and the digital camera in the process of developing extramarital relationships.

Morris emphasized the importance of us going into the realm of open sex as a couple with mutual love, understanding and trust. Even in Tina's relationship with him, he encouraged her to imagine me being sexually involved with his wife Alicia. He told Tina that the idea of me fucking his wife got him really turned on.

Tina was very excited when Morris attached a photograph of himself with one of his e-mails. At least now her lover had a face, and she could picture the person who was making love to her.

"Maybe I should reciprocate his gesture," she muttered almost to herself as we lay in bed one night.

"If you are asking for my approval, I think you should," I responded, "I can imagine how frustrating it must be for him to keep making love to a faceless partner."

The following day Tina sent him a photograph of herself showing only her face, and the next e-mail from Morris was packed with expressions of utter excitement. Apparently her beauty simply overwhelmed him and went far beyond his expectations.

While Morris continued to work wonders on my wife, tearing down her doubts and inhibitions, I played my own little role in promoting a more open sort of attitude in our marriage.

I encouraged Tina to dress more seductively and to be more flirtatious with the guys out there. I loved to see how the chaps responded to her enticing mannerism. And I was quite pleased with the way she could get heads turning with her new image.

Something that I didn't miss to notice was the pile of DVDs next to the DVD player. She now had this passion for watching adult movies, especially the ones about married couples swapping partners or indulging in group sex. Sometimes she watched these movies with me, while at other times she would watch them on her own. Either way they provided enough fodder for a good hot fuck later in the night.

There was no secret about Tina's indulgence in self-gratification. She would unashamedly play with herself while reading the e-mail from Morris. She had no qualms whatsoever about masturbating in my presence while browsing the porn sites or while watching the adult movies. And whenever I got to her pussy, it was always drenched.

"When are we going up to the next level?" Tina asked quite casually, as we lay exhausted in bed one Friday night after an unusually long and heavy session.

"Well, it depends on how soon we find our suitable playmates," I replied, "I would love to get it going as soon as possible. But I wouldn't want it to end up in any embarrassing mess."

"Morris feels that we should avoid familiar people in our first try," Tina continued in her casual manner, "He feels that the response can be unpredictable, and the whole thing can backfire."

"How predictable can things be with strangers? And how do we make contact with them?"

"I know you are a little tensed up about the whole thing, darling. I'm also no less nervous. Morris suggested a number of ways to find a suitable willing couple that won't leave us disappointed in our first venture into this lifestyle. Even if things don't come up to the mark the very first time it won't really matter."

"Okay, what did your lover boy have to offer?"

"His cock! What else?" Tina spurted out, almost in exasperation.

I was dumbstruck for a while, stunned by my wife's sudden explicit outburst. But I understood her predicament and decided to go along with her manner of talking.

"What about his hot thick fertile sperm?" I retorted, trying to sound very serious.

Now it was Tina's turn to be taken aback. But she realized very quickly that I was only teasing her.

"Oh, I would love that ..." she said with a far away look in her eyes.

Then she looked at me again, and went on in a more serious tone, "Morris suggested that we should go to a swingers club."

"Go to a what?"

"A swingers club. You know, where couples get together and free themselves of their marital bonds, swap partners and enjoy extramarital sex in a harmonious and conducive environment."

I had heard of swingers clubs, but I had never brought up the subject with my wife. I didn't think that she would be receptive to the idea. But Morris seemed to have hit the right note with his suggestion.

"You wouldn't mind being intimate with total strangers," I asked, "I thought you would have preferred someone familiar."

"I always thought that I would be more at ease with someone familiar. But now I've got second thoughts. Maybe Morris changed my mind. The whole idea is to go for it the first time without worrying about offending anyone. Good intimate fun with no strings attached, no pressure and no coercion."

I tended to agree with the whole idea. Morris was definitely doing a good job as my wife's sex guru.

"We can give it a try," I said.

The very next day we began to search the Internet for swingers clubs in our area. I was not even sure if there were any. We were pleasantly surprised to find five such clubs listed on one of the sites devoted to the swinging lifestyle.

We went through the individual websites of the listed clubs, patiently comparing notes - the setup, the rules and the modus operandi. One particular club -- called "The Nest" - caught our attention, and we decided to check it out. What impressed us about this club was the extra emphasis it gave to accommodating newbies.

I was feeling quite nervous when I called up the mobile phone number provided on the website, but was immediately put at ease by the very sweet female voice that attended to my call. She was even more comforting and reassuring after realizing that we were new to the game.

"Come and enjoy the night at your own pace," she said, "We provide a totally relaxed environment with no form of compulsion whatsoever. And we encourage a lot of interaction among our guests. Our concept is especially suited for couples who are just beginning to explore their boundaries."

According to the girl on the phone, a couples party was organized every Saturday night. Each get-together was limited to a maximum of only twenty couples. Most sessions recorded a full house.

Since one slot for a couple was still available, we registered to attend the party on the following Saturday. Further instructions were sent to us by e-mail.

We were instructed to be present for dinner at one of the restaurants in town by 7.30 pm. Dress code was 'smart casual' for the men and 'provocatively sexy' for the ladies. It was a bring-your-own-drinks kind of affair.

Tina decided to wear the same dress that she had worn to Paradise Lounge, with matching black high heels. I agreed with her choice.

"Don't forget to wear your panties this time," I teased her.

"I'll have to find a suitable type," she said, "But I'm not wearing a bra this time."

Tina looked stunning and really sexy as the two of us walked hand-in-hand into the restaurant. I felt a tinge of pride and realized what a head-turner my wife had become. She was really tensed up inside, but outwardly she gave an air of absolute confidence.

Over a light buffet meal, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the other couples. Most of the men kept complimenting Tina about her looks and her dress. I was quite preoccupied checking out the other ladies. It was amazing how some of the other ladies were dressed, hardly leaving anything to the imagination. It was a fairly respectable crowd, mostly professionals, with the guys in the 30-60 age group and the gals in the 30-50 age group. We were relieved to note that most of them were first-timers.

Just before 9 o'clock the whole group boarded a coach for a short drive to 'The Nest' which was actually a modified single-storey bungalow with a perimeter wall high enough to ensure total privacy.

Once inside, the newcomers were given a short briefing on the layout of the place. Each couple was allotted a locker for valuables and other extra stuff. We were advised to deposit our bottle of whiskey at the bar.

The hostess reminded us that this was a couples party, and we were expected to stick together and enjoy the night as a couple. The dress code was clothes-optional in all areas of the club except for the main lounge where guests were required to be adequately covered.

The starting point for the night's activities was the main lounge, which was like any normal nightspot with soft lighting, sofa seats for the couples, a bar, a small dance floor and recorded background music. A large-screen TV mounted on one of the walls was continuously churning out some very adult stuff.

Tina and I took a little walkabout just to check out the scene. One door at the side of the main lounge opened into a wet area with lockers, shower cubicles, a jacuzzi and a small open-air swimming pool. Another door led into the Erotic Zone which was in fact a very tastefully decorated lounge and play area in the back portion of the bungalow. This Erotic Zone was also directly accessible from the wet area.

Some of the regular guests were already preparing to get into the pool, while there were others heading for the Erotic Zone. The newcomers preferred to mingle around in the main lounge, mostly around the bar area and on the dance floor.

Tina and I helped ourselves to a whiskey soda and spent some time engaging in small talk with a few of the other couples, all the while keeping a lookout for any potential link-ups. Tina was supposed to give a little nudge in my flank if she found herself attracted to any guy, and I would have to pinch her on her waist if I found a girl to my liking.

There was one particular couple we had been eyeing even from the time we were at the restaurant. And we had caught them gazing at us quite a number of times.

"They're on the dance floor," Tina whispered in my ear.

I looked towards the dance floor and saw our favorite couple on the far side, swaying and gyrating away to a fast number.

"You ready to show off your dancing skills?" I asked, holding my hand out to Tina. She took my hand and we headed for the dance floor.

As we danced, our attention was focused more on the other couple than on each other. They were probably in their late thirties, and looked fit and friendly. They were also giving us intermittent glances and appeared to be talking about us.

Some kind of magnetic attraction drew us closer to them . The lady smiled at us and Tina gave them a little wave in acknowledgment.

"Hi," the guy yelled out over the loud music, "You new here?"

"Yeah," I shouted back.

"So are we," he said just as the number ended.

During a short break in the music we took the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Dave and his wife Jill were from another town just about fifty miles away. They had no children and were feeling a bit adventurous. So they had decided to do something different for the weekend 'just to get away from the boredom'.

"Wanna switch partners?" Dave asked as the next song, also a fast one, came on. His question did not seem to be directed at anyone in particular.

I looked at Tina. She gave a little nod.

"It's fine with me," I responded.

So we swapped partners and began dancing again. Tina appeared a little stiff and not as confident as she was at Paradise Lounge. That was quite understandable. After all, the situation was not the same, and tonight she was not going to be in total control of the way things might go.

But she looked happy as she tried to keep up with Dave's brisk moves. And I could see Dave encouraging her to really swing her arms and sway her hips. After a while the two of them seemed to have a lot to yack about.

Jill was a bit subdued and hardly said a word. But she had a very soft and gentle body, and she was a good dancer. I found her very attractive and enjoyed dancing with her.

After a couple of dances, we headed for the bar to get another round of drinks. I still held on to Jill's hand and Dave rested his arm lightly around Tina's waist.

While the barman mixed the drinks, Dave pulled me aside and asked me how far we were willing to go at the party. I told him that it all depended on the situation, but I also cautioned him that, being our first time, we may not go all the way.

"That's exactly our stand," he reassured me as he shook my hand.

Tina and Dave sat on one of the sofas facing the TV screen, while Jill and I settled onto the sofa facing them on the other side of the coffee-table.

By then quite a few of the other couples in the main lounge were already very much occupied in different stages of petting, while there were others who were simply locked in long deep kisses. It looked as if most of them had already been rematched with new extramarital partners.

Tina and Dave seemed to have become very engrossed in the movie being played on the big screen. My wife kept rubbing her thighs together and shifting her bottom in a rather restless way, obviously excited by the hot scenes. Occasionally Dave would whisper something into her ear and she would burst out laughing. I was glad to see my wife enjoying the company of her new boyfriend.

As time went by I noticed that Dave was becoming more physical with Tina, frequently touching her on her arms and thighs as he talked to her. Eventually he moved closer to her and wrapped one arm around the back of her shoulders.

Tina seemed a little startled initially, but she did not resist Dave's amorous advances. When he tilted his head sideways to let it touch hers, she just closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasurable feeling of being with another man.

When Tina opened her eyes again, her gaze momentarily met mine as if to seek reassurance. I gave her a supportive smile and turned my attention to Dave's quiet wife.

Jill seemed quite unflustered by her husband's romantic behavior. She gave me an expectant smile that told me that she was not going to settle for anything meager for the night.

When I placed my hand on Jill's exposed thigh just below the hem of her dress she reciprocated by placing her hand over mine.

"Wanna dance?" I asked her.

Without uttering a word she took hold of my hand and stood up. We walked slowly, hand in hand, towards the dance floor where two other couples were swaying to the slow music.

As soon as we reached the dance area, Jill wrapped her arms over my shoulders and around the back of my neck, molding her body softly into mine. I put my arms around her slender waist and held her tightly. As we began to move to the slow beat, Jill dropped her head to let it rest on my shoulder in total resignation.

Jill almost made me forget that I had come to the party with my wife. It did not seem to matter any more that my wife was right there in another man's loving arms. It did not seem to matter that, at that very moment, another man was free to have absolute physical liberties with my wife.

I was transported back to reality with a thud when I happened to casually glance across the hall at Tina and Dave still comfortably seated on the sofa. My heart missed a beat when I saw how engrossed they were with each other, their lips clamped together tightly in a deep passionate kiss, totally oblivious to everything around them. My pulse raced at double speed in excitement as my wife continued to let Dave grind his mouth against hers while she desperately clung on to him.

This was a whole new experience for me. As far as I knew my wife had never ever been kissed on the lips by any other guy. The present scenario was certainly a groundbreaking event in our marriage and, although I felt a tinge of jealousy, I nevertheless felt very happy for my wife.

Jill lifted her head from my shoulder and looked up at my face as I stared in awe at the other couple.

"You feeling jealous?" she asked.

"A little," I admitted.

"No, no, no," she said slowly, shaking her head from side to side, "There's no place for jealousy and suspicion tonight. She's his and I'm yours."

Just then the music faded away for a short break and, as we stood holding on to each other on the empty dance floor, the pounding beat of our hearts suddenly seemed very loud in the relative silence.

With two fingers on Jill's chin, I tilted her face up towards mine. Then I brought my lips down to meet hers ... and, oh my God, what a feeling ... I was in seventh heaven as I tasted the sweetness of her soft lips.

With our lips glued together, I lost count of time, oblivious to the fact that the main lounge was almost deserted, relishing Jill's angelic kiss ... until I was jolted back to my senses by a little nudge on the side of my chest.

"Hey, you trying to set a new record or something?" Tina's voice sounded so far away, "Don't you want to see what else this place has got to offer?"

"C'mon," added Dave, his arm wrapped possessively around Tina's shoulders, "Let's go see the real action."

Soon we were making our way towards the rear of the club. I noticed then that there were only two other couples left in the main lounge, one cuddled together on a sofa watching the pornographic stuff on the screen and another just engrossed in the drinks at the bar.

Passing through the wet area, we saw a few naked couples frolicking in the shallow waters of the pool. Everyone seemed to be having good fun without any marital boundaries.

Two naked couples sat in the jacuzzi smooching passionately and having their hands all over their presumably borrowed partners. I assumed that they must be regulars at the club, considering how far they had already proceeded in the game.

It was quite a turn-on for me to see my wife being escorted by another man. Dave seemed to be making a special effort to emphasize his claim on her as his date for the night. His arm never loosened its hold on Tina. And Tina was obviously enjoying the attention she was getting from her partner.

"Anyone for a swim?" I asked.

"No!" came the unanimous reply from the others.

After depositing our valuables in the lockers we headed for the Erotic Zone. That's where the 'real action' was supposed to be. That's where marital bonds were supposed to be stretched to their limits, breaking conventional taboos and experiencing new intimate relationships.

The Erotic Zone was tastefully lit to create a romantic atmosphere without undue hindrance to visual interaction. There was a small dance floor in one corner, lots of sofas and a large open play area covered with mattresses. The walls were mirrored on all sides, giving an illusion of vastness. There were also two closed play rooms for those who preferred some privacy in their illicit activity.

"Let's dance," suggested Jill, looking overtly excited, and we all headed for the dance floor.

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