C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 08


Jill and I continued from where we had left off. With our bodies molded tightly into each other we pressed our mouths together almost instantaneously in a mind-boggling show of passion. We hardly moved to the music.

In her tiny spaghetti strap blouse and small skirt that just about covered her butt, Jill left a lot of herself accessible for exploration. After I had familiarized myself with her waist and neck areas, I let my hands wander playfully to the hem of her skirt.

Easing the soft material of her skirt up, I managed to cup her round ass cheeks with my hands. I continued to kiss her on her lips while I began to gently knead her firm buttocks.

"Oooooooh ..." Jill murmured in pleasurable despair when we parted our lips momentarily to catch our breath.

I glanced at Tina and Dave. They were on the dance floor just a few feet behind Jill. I wouldn't say that they were dancing. They were just standing there with their bodies entwined together. Dave was running his lips over the side of Tina's neck, giving her little pecks and bites. His hands had wandered under her dress and were planted firmly over her partially exposed buttocks.

Tina's eyes were closed as she held her head slightly tilted to give access to Dave's roaming lips. She appeared to be totally lost in her own world, and I thought that she looked really beautiful.

I brought my lips back to meet Jill's. Maintaining one hand on her bottom, I moved the other up to her chest. She wasn't wearing any bra and I could feel her moderate-sized breasts through the thin material of her blouse. I squeezed her milk bags and pinched the taut nipples. In response to the mammary stimulation Jill brought her tongue out to let it wrestle with mine.

A little later I asked Jill if she would like to sit down for a while. She just responded with a soft murmur.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means," Tina mumbled almost inaudibly, "that I'm totally at your disposal."

With one arm around her waist, and one hand clasping hers, I led my lovely lady to a nearby sofa. As we collapsed onto the soft seat, I could feel my head spinning in anticipation of what the next few hours could hold for us.

Jill was a girl of very few words, but she knew exactly what she wanted. At that particular moment she was in a very adulterous state of mind. And I was certainly not going to let myself disappoint her.

We lay sprawled on the sofa, cuddled together in a tight embrace, celebrating our newfound illicit relationship. Jill's little blouse had come off along the way and lay ruffled on the nearby coffee table.

"You happy?" I whispered in Jill's ear.

"Hmmm ..." Jill mumbled in her usual style, "Very happy ..."

"They seem to be very happy too," I pointed out to her.

Tina and Dave were still on the dance floor. The zipper on the side of Tina's dress had been unfastened and gave her partner liberal access to her flesh. My wife clung on to her soul mate for the night, letting him run his hands all over her anatomy under her dress. When one of Dave's hands wandered really high up Tina's back, her dress got drawn up to fully expose her round buttocks and I could just make out the thin strap of her thong panties running around her full hips.

"They make a good match," Jill commented, "My husband will definitely not disappoint your wife."

I had been married to Tina for so many years, but now, when I looked at her enjoying the close company of another man, I felt as if I hardly knew her. Now that she was in another man's possession, I saw her like I had never seen her before and I really appreciated the fact that she was my wife.

Turning my attention back to the girl in my arms, I began to work on her beautiful pair of boobs. They were not too bulky and not too small, just a good handful. Her nipples stood erect under my stimulating touch as I kneaded the globular flesh and pressed her breasts together.

"Ooooooh ..." Jill murmured, enjoying the workout I was giving her tits. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and gently pinched them. "Ouch ..." she muttered playfully when I tugged at her succulent teats.

The fact that Jill was another man's wife added to the pleasure of playing with her naked mammary globes. I fondled and caressed her breasts till I lost count of time.

When I dreamily looked up again to see what the other couple were up to, Dave's hand had ventured to Tina's chest and he was diligently playing with her breasts. I knew that my wife was braless for the night, so it must have been quite an experience for her having her bare breasts fondled by another man for the first time. The soft smile on her face gave away the feelings that must be racing through her mind.

Then Tina did something that took me and even Dave by surprise. Without any warning she brought her hand down to grab the enormous bulge in Dave's crotch. I couldn't believe my eyes when my wife began to squeeze and massage the monster hidden within his pants.

But my dear wife was not in the mood to stop at that. Her deft fingers had soon unfastened the zipper and eased out Dave's huge erection. While her new friend continued to play with her breasts, Tina wrapped her hand around his tool and began to slowly move her hand up and down the masculine shaft.

The tingling sensation in my genitals gave way to a mild ache as a rock hard erection throbbed in my pants. The sight of my wife engaged in such seductive activity with another man was a real turn-on and I looked forward to seeing her in even more intimate settings with Dave.

After fondling Jill's boobs to my heart's delight, I brought my lips down to encircle her nipple, proceeding to suckle her breast like a newborn. Then I let my lips wander all over her full chest, relishing the illicit taste of her milk bags with my lips and tongue. Jill moaned softly as I appreciated the beauty of her breasts with gentle kisses and soft bites.

My attention was abruptly drawn to the sound of another couple plopping heavily onto the sofa next to ours. When I looked up at them I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was my wife lying on her back with Dave hovering over her like a hungry wolf. His cock was still dangling out of the opening in his pants.

My wife's dress was drawn up all the way to the upper part of her chest, fully exposing her body from her breasts right down to her bare feet. Only the tiny triangular piece of her panties struggled to cover her love slit.

Dave wasted no time in getting down to relishing his almost naked prey, his lips roaming all over Tina's magnificent body. As he savored her bare flesh, she seemed to have plunged into a state of total abandonment, offering her lover absolute access to every inch of herself. At the same time she was working slowly but surely on Dave's shirt, unfastening his buttons one by one.

I looked at my irresistible companion for the night. She was lying on the sofa with her head thrown back in total surrender and her chest thrust out invitingly as I continued to work on her bosom.

When I unhooked her skirt at the waistband, she lifted her bottom to let me slide the tiny piece of clothing off her hips and down her smooth thighs. She drew her slender legs out of the material to let her skirt drop to the floor, leaving her completely naked except for her tiny lace panties.

I removed my shirt and got out of my pants. Jill stared at the prominent bulge still hidden in my underwear. She brought her hand to my crotch and let it touch my erection, stroking it through the material of my underwear.

"You have a strong tool," she observed, "A good tool to service a woman." Then suddenly, without any warning, before I could respond to her comment, Jill grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled my underwear down. She stared in awe as my huge erection sprang free right in front of her face.

The throbbing head of my cock was just inches away from her lips. As if by instinct she grabbed hold of the thick shaft near its base and began to jerk me off. It wouldn't have taken her more than a few seconds to send me over the top. I would have ejaculated right there and then if I hadn't stopped her.

"Not so fast, darling ..." I mumbled, "We have the whole night ahead."

Jill kept looking longingly at my engorged glans. I was sure that she would have taken it into her mouth if not for the consensual arrangement among the four of us to avoid oral-genital contact for that night. Earlier, while we were in the locker area, we had also unanimously agreed to avoid sexual penetration. The way things were going it looked like a tough task ahead sticking to the rules of the game.

I had almost forgotten about my wife and her lover on the next sofa. When I did finally make an effort to check them out, I got a blurry impression of Dave lying on top of Tina in the missionary position.

Dave was completely naked. I was not so sure about Tina until I noticed her panties lying on the coffee table next to their sofa. Her dress lay ruffled on the floor. Dave's lips were mashed against hers while his pelvis moved rhythmically between her open legs in what I hoped was simulated sex.

I took a pinch of the lacy material on each side of Jill's panties and eased her last piece of clothing down her white thighs and long legs. She let her panties drop very casually off her feet onto the floor. Now I had Dave's stark naked wife in my arms just as he had mine.

As soon as I had pulled my underwear down from my thighs and off my legs, Jill instinctively offered herself to me by parting her legs and wrapping her arms tightly around me.

Without wasting any time, I brought my hand down over her flat tummy to the soft thatch covering her pubis. I combed my fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic hair before moving down to the area between her thighs.

Jill was wet, and when I say wet I mean really wet. I felt her labial folds, first the outer ones and then the smaller inner ones. I probed the drenched love slit between her pussy lips and let my fingers dip into the squashy depths of her vagina. Jill wriggled helplessly under my touch as my fingers slowly moved upwards to her engorged clitoris.

"Ooooooooh my God ..." she moaned as I began to rub and gently massage her turgid love button.

"I'd love to give you a good fuck. You've got such a heavenly body," I complimented Jill.

"Mmmmm ... don't stop now ..." she cried while I continued to stimulate her clit and intermittently slipped my fingers deep into her cunt. She crushed her lips against mine in an uncontrollably wild kiss.

Then suddenly she let out a shrill cry and went into a spasm. Her thighs tightened and clamped onto my hand. I continued to massage Jill's sex bud, and her hips trembled violently in the throes of her raging orgasm.

As she settled down from her climax I rolled over to lie on top of her, positioning myself between her now limp legs with my pelvis pressed directly over hers.

I held her head steady between my open palms as I looked into her sexy half-closed eyes. Her arms held me around my waist.

"Thanks," she whispered, "That was fantastic. One of the best orgasms I've ever had. I really enjoyed it."

I gave her a soft peck on her cheek. "You have a great body," I told her, "And you are such a nice girl. I would love to go all the way with you."

As we talked I moved my pelvis to let my swollen cock slide back and forth along Jill's slippery love slit between the labial folds. Her pussy was flooded with her orgasmic secretions.

"It feels so nice," I told her, "The touch of your wet pussy against my cock." Jill just smiled, but the smile said everything.

We were so close to the ultimate union between a man and a woman. I could easily have let my enthusiastic cock slide into the warm recesses of her divine vagina. I was sure that Jill would not mind having my succulent piece of meat inside her hungry cunt. I was sure that she would also not mind having her hot passions quenched with my seminal juices. But we had an unwritten agreement and I opted to abide by it.

So Jill and I just lay there on the sofa enjoying each other -- touching, kissing and saying sweet nothings while allowing our most private parts to meet tenderly in a moist and intimate embrace of illicit love.

I was jolted out of my dream world by my wife's loud scream, and after so many years together I knew that she was in the midst of one of her explosive orgasms. I looked up and caught a reflection of the other couple in the mirror before me.

I was surprised to see Dave with his face buried between Tina's quivering thighs while she struggled helplessly apparently on route to another climax. It looked like Dave had not been able to control himself and had broken the rule of no oral-genital contact. But looking at my wife submerged in the depths of adulterous passion I had no complaints at all about her getting this extra bonus from Dave. I did wonder though whether he had violated any other rules for the night.

Jill and I continued our simulated act of sexual intercourse. It felt really nice to have her naked body pressed against mine in such an intimate manner. Anyone watching us would not have been able to guess that at each stroke my cock was just sliding past her vagina without really achieving the ultimate union.

The next time I looked at Tina, she was on all fours at the edge of the sofa, and Dave was standing behind her holding her by her hips, giving it to her from behind in simulated doggie style. My wife threw her head back uncontrollably with each thrust of Dave's pelvis against her bottom. I could imagine how she must be feeling with his hard tool sliding back and forth against her wet pussy.

"Your wife's really hot," Jill whispered to me, "I'm sure she'd love to have my husband's cock deep inside her."

Just then Dave suddenly turned Tina over onto her back, and began to violently jerk his cock off, shooting a glistening load all over her abdomen. He deposited string after string of his thick cum onto my wife.

I watched my wife scoop up a glob of the slimy stuff and rub it all over her breasts. This was another significant milestone in our new lifestyle. Tonight my dear wife had not only been in naked intimacy with Dave, she had now also savored the feel of his fertile sperm on her flesh.

Drained of his virile energy, Dave collapsed exhausted onto his woman, his seminal fluids bonding their naked bodies in their new relationship of lust and passion, their lips meeting in a kiss that had a new meaning and significance.

"Dave's proven he's a man," Jill commented while we continued to rub our genitals together, "Now it's your turn."

Watching my wife being showered in another man's cum while having my erect cock in such close contact with his wife's wet pussy had sent me to the pinnacles of sexual arousal. Feeling a surge in my crotch, I quickly brought my penis up to position it between our bellies, and soon I was pouring round after round of pent up lust between our bodies.

"Oh, I would've loved to have all that juice inside me," Jill murmured, as she moved her tummy around against mine to feel the damp squashiness of the seminal fluid that was flooding the tight space between us.

After that Jill and I just lay there on the sofa, kissing and caressing each other and occasionally whispering little nothings. Tina and Dave also lay sprawled on their sofa, clinging together in a very tight and passionate embrace.

The dance floor was deserted and there was no more music. The silence was only interrupted by intermittent sounds of love-making, orgasmic moans and groans and an occasion scream, all bearing witness to the uncontrolled pleasure of unbridled extramarital sexual activity.

Jill closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. I looked at our spouses. Dave's cock seemed to be stirring again under the stimulating spell of my wife's agile fingers. With the image of Tina's grip around Dave's shaft hovering in my mind, I slipped into a sweet slumber.

I opened my eyes again to the soft glare of the early morning sunlight filtering in through the curtained doorway leading to the wet area. I looked at the lovely Jill still lying in my arms and woke her up with a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Good morning, my darling," I whispered, "Did you sleep well?"

"I had a fantastic dream," she confided, "I was lying with my legs wide apart, and you were giving me the best fuck I'd ever had."

"Oh?" I responded, "Maybe your dream will come true soon."

Glancing at the other couple, I saw Tina lying on top of Dave, her head resting snugly on his chest. I wondered if Dave had managed to ejaculate a second time. And I hoped that he hadn't flouted any more rules of the game.

By six thirty in the morning we were already on the coach heading for town. Earlier the four of us had a quick shower together after trying out the jacuzzi for a few minutes. While on the coach we exchanged telephone numbers and made plans to meet again in the near future. Dave and Jill had certainly been very compatible with us, and we looked forward to sharing many more intimate experiences with them.

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