tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCNAs in Trouble - The Party

CNAs in Trouble - The Party


It was the big night, and both Jill and Steph were worried at what John had in store for them. They both received the text with the address, and a repeat of the orders on what they were supposed to wear.

Steph grabbed a quick shower to remove any stubble that may have grew around her pussy. After drying herself she grabbed the schoolgirl outfit from the drawer. She put it on a white thong with red lips on the front, and then the rest of the outfit.

She topped off the white nylon knee high socks, and a pair of high heeled Mary Jane shoes. As she looked in the mirror she could see her nipples through the white shirt. Somehow she knew more than John would be seeing her nipples and more tonight.

Stephy bent over in front of the mirror and watched as the short plaid skirt rode up her ass. She could see the white thong disappear in her ass, and her puffy lips pushing out the thong. She figured the thong wouldn't be on long, so it didn't matter how much it showed.

Jill had her outfit laid out on the bed as she showered. The curtains to the bathroom were open for the first time. She knew the boys were watching as she shaved her pussy to a nice strip above her lips. She dried herself in front of the window before heading to the bedroom to get dressed.

The seamless pantyhose went on first, and the thin white bra was next. Shorts and tank top quickly followed. The long socks pushed down, and new tennis shoes finished off the costume. A quick look in the mirror showed the thin bra holding up her DDs, but still showing her nipples.

Jill threw on a coat and headed for the car. She had 15 minutes to get to the gas station to meet up with Steph so they could arrive at the same time. They decided to leave Steph's car there and drive the rest of the way together.

At the gas station Jill pulled up to the far corner of the lot to wait. About that same time Steph was leaving her apartment. Mark quickly turned off his monitor, and rushed outside to see the costume in person. He was not disappointed.

Steph even did her blonde hair in a ponytail to finish off the costume. Mike thought he was going to have a heart attack when he saw her. She was walking slowly in the heels, and a little breeze lifted the skirt far enough, so he could see the red lips on the front of the thong.

He walked past with a quick hello and continued on. Tomorrow night he will put his plan in motion. Mike wanted to get a few more items before he confronted her. Bondage was his choice of porn, and he still needed some restraints.

Jill saw Steph's car pull in, and she unlocked the doors to give her a quick entrance. If her outfit was anything like Jill's school girl outfit it would show a lot. Jill watched as Steph exited the car, and she was right. As she put one leg out of the car Jill could see the white thong.

She even could see her pussy lips push out below the red lips. Jill figured whomever was with John would be all over this young thing. She might even get a break tonight if they all attacked Steph.

As they pulled up to the address they both noticed the six cars parked in the driveway and street. They both knew they were over their heads on this one. Jill figured they would be servicing at least three guys apiece tonight, but she hoped Steph would take most of them.

They got to the door as quickly as possible and knocked. The wait for someone to let them in took forever. They looked like two stripper going to a bachelor party waiting on the front step. When the door was answered both the girls gasped.

The man that answered the door was younger than John by at least 20 years, but was the fattest guy they had seen. He was not very good looking to top it off. He let them into the house only asking if they were John's girls.

They both shook their heads yes as he grabbed their asses to lead them to the back room. Jill felt his hand squeezing her ass, and when she looked over she saw he had his hand up Steph's skirt. The way his hand was moving his hand it looked like he was trying to play with her puckered hole.

The look on Steph's face confirmed she was right. Jill could tell when the fat man's dry finger tried to penetrate her ass. Steph winched in pain, but never said a word. When they made it to the back room all hopes of an easy night went away.

There were eight men sitting around a poker table, and the fat man and John made ten total. They were all younger than John, but nowhere as good looking as him. It was a good mixture of fat and ugly men getting ready to play poker.

John walked over and introduced the entertainment to the men. He then turned to the girls and gave them the orders for the night. First order was that the girls would be serving the men food and drinks for the night.

The second order was that the girls were to do anything the active players wanted. Sitting on laps and letting them play with their bodies were going to be the most common. Next was that there was to be no penetration of pussy, ass or mouth during play.

Next they were told that the winner of the tournament would get choice of girl and hole as the big prize, and all places after that will make their choices on how they finish. The way that most of the men were staring at Steph's costume Jill knew she would get most of the requests for fucking.

Jill felt a little disappointed that she was not as desirable as Steph. Steph did look good in the school girl outfit, and soon as the men saw that bald pussy it would drive them crazy. Jill's pride took over and she decided she would work the room hard to get some takers.

The poker game started, and food and drinks were being served. The fat man that let them in grabbed Steph's waist as she walked by, and placed her on his lap. It looked so strange that this beautiful young blonde was even that close to the blob of a man.

He had to pry her legs apart at first, but a cough from John had Steph open legs wide. The little skirt ended up around her waist, and the red lips on the thong were presented to everyone. A few rude comments about kissing those lips were said around the table.

Another thing that did not go unnoticed was that the thong was wedged between her lips showing off some great camel toe. The fat man's fingers were now playing with her outer lips through the fabric.

Steph may have had her eyes closed, but the little grinding movement of her hips showed that she was starting to enjoy it. In fact, a little wet patch was already starting to form on her thong. The game was halted for a few seconds as the men took it in.

It was too much for another of the fat men in the room. He was not as big, but was getting close to the size of the first man. He grabbed Jill and placed her on his lap.

Jill didn't wait for him to part her legs she opened them wide, and leaned back against the man. The man tried rubbing her pussy, but the pantyhose and shorts were getting in the way. Her legs were too far apart, and the pantyhose and shorts formed a barrier.

Jill brought her legs together until she could feel the man's hand touching her. He eventually moved her shorts to the side. This exposed her pussy to the rest of the room. With no seam or gusset they got a great look at her pussy, but Jill didn't care.

She loved the feeling a pantyhose on her pussy. She grinded hard into his hand as play went on. As both girls were getting close John coughed, and all touching stopped.

It was obvious that John was in charge, and he had rules for the men also. Both girls were pushed off and told to get more drinks for the boys.

When they returned a skinny pock marked man grabbed Jill. She sat on his lap with spread legs, but the man went for her nipples. His fingers rolled around her areolas slowly making their way to the hard nubs.

Jill's hand went down to her inner thighs as she caressed her legs through the pantyhose. She moved her shorts to the side, and was about to start rubbing when John put a stop to it. She needed to cum, and all this playing with her body was not helping.

Jill looked over to see Steph laying across the man's lap with her skirt around her waist. One of his hand was holding cards, and the other was playing her pussy and ass. This was the ugliest man Jill had ever seen.

He was tall and lanky. His face was full of red splotches, and when he smiled it showed brown rotting teeth. Jill was glad she didn't have to deal with him right now.

Stephy just laid there across his lap. She didn't dare look up. She got a look before he put her in that position, and she did not like what she saw.

For now she concentrated on the crocked finger rubbing her pussy lips to her ass. Her body was responding to all the stimulus, and her juices were building up behind the wall that her white thong had made.

Either John was not paying attention or he was letting it go, but Steph was right on the edge. It only took one buck of her hips when John stopped it. Steph was now as frustrated as Jill was.

A few more turns around the table will short breaks to get drinks had the girls going nuts. They both needed to cum, and John was not letting them. All of a sudden the girls noticed no one told them to sit on their laps.

The pot was huge, and two players were all-in. The fattest man was trying to take down the not so ugly guy, and another fat man. The last card was turned and jumbo took out two players, and made a nice stack for himself.

The two knocked out were disappointed. First they lost the ability to play with the girls at the table, and they would also go last at the gang bang. John was next to fall to the ugliest in the room, but fat man quickly took him down.

After about a half an hour of being played with the girls noticed it was down to three players left. The fattest guy, a tall homeless looking guy, and a short fat bald guy were about even in stacks. John told the girls to stand back until there were two left.

It didn't take long for the fattest guy to fall to the bald guy. He would be get thirds at the end of the night. John stopped the game for a break to explain to the girls what was expected of them.

First each guy will choose a girl as his lucky charm. Then they will choose an article of clothing for the girls to remove, and the guys can penetrate the girls with their fingers only. The last rule was that the rest of the clothing can be moved, but not taken off.

High stack choose first. The bald guy had the larger stack, and he choose Jill. For some reason she felt proud that she was taken first over Steph. The bald man told Jill to remove her shorts. She bent over to take them off giving the men a nice shot of her ass.

When she turned around the men could see her glissing pussy lips through the hose. Jill walked over to the bald man, and sat on his lap legs spread slightly to give him access. The homeless looking guy ordered Steph to take off her shirt.

He figured he had great access to her pussy even with the thong on. Plus, he was a boob's man anyway, and he really wanted Jill's big tits. Steph removed her shirt and took her spot on his lap. John dealt the cards, so both men could spend more time with the girls.

The homeless guy wasted no time playing with Steph's tits. He was squeezing and kneading them like they were dough. He occasionally pinched her nipples, and rolled them between his fingers. He loved looking at puffy nipples on the internet, and now he was playing with the real thing.

Steph's legs started to part as he played with her tits. Soon her feet were locked around the legs of the chair. Her skirt was around her waist, and a wet spot was forming on her thong. One of his hands left her tits, and moved to her thong.

He grabbed the top of the thong and pulled up. As the fabric raised up it wedged between her pussy until it disappeared between her lips, and scrapped against her swollen clit. Steph couldn't stop her body from bucking. Soon she was ready to cum.

At the same time the bald guy moved one hand to Jill's panty hosed cover pussy, and the other up her tank top. His finger gently tracing the outer lips, and then pushing the nylon into her pussy. He found her clit pushing its way out of its hood.

As soon as the nylon touched her clit Jill moaned loudly. The bald man pulled one of Jill's tits from the thin bra, and started playing with her nipple.

It was too much for both girls. They both came hard screaming and moaning. Both the thong and pantyhose were covered in their cum. Neither girl cared anymore they had the release they needed so badly all night long.

The girls remained on the guys laps as the game continued. The bald man had both of Jill's tits out of her bra. One hand would hold the cards, and the other would play with both nipples. He finally handed Jill his card, so both hands were free.

A hand worked its way onto her pantyhose, and a fat finger pushed its way into her wet pussy. His finger worked back and forth, and when a second finger joined in Jill came again. The whole room could hear the sloshing as his fingers sawed back and forth

Steph was now standing next to the homeless man slightly bent over. He had one puffy nipple in his mouth, and his tongue was working her nipple. He had moved the thong to the side exposing her pussy and asshole to the men behind her.

He started working two fingers into her pussy from behind. His thumb found her puckered hole. He continued this for a few hands until Steph exploded around his fingers. Cum was dripping down her leg.

All of a sudden the game got hot as a large pot was forming. The winner of this one would most likely be the winner of the night. Jill was pushed off the bald guys lap, and fell hard to the floor.

She felt like a used piece of trash being discarded easily as the game got interesting. Steph was now bent over the table with her hands spreading her ass cheeks. This was the request of the real fat guy, and the homeless guy obliged.

The bald guy called all in and the homeless guy called him. Homeless guy had a full house to beat bald guy's two pair. It was time to pick the girl and the hole. There were nine guys not including John.

Jill thought here it comes. The first ones will choose Steph until they think she is too sloppy for them, and then switch to her. At least she will not have to fuck too many guys.

The homeless guy wanted a better look, so he ordered them to strip. Steph pulled down her skirt and thong at the same time. She started to take off her Mary Janes when he stopped her. She was to keep her shoes and knee high socks.

Jill stripped off her shirt and bra, and sat on the floor to remove her shoes and socks. She kept her legs spread to give the homeless guy a show. She stood up and turned away for the guys.

As she grabbed the waist band of the pantyhose she bent at the waist. She worked the hose down her legs giving a good shot of her ass and pussy. After she stood straight up she turned to face the men.

He then ordered Steph to come forward. He played with her tits, pushed a few fingers in her pussy, and even stuck a wet finger in her ass. He did the same for Jill, but lingered a lot more on her tits.

He turned to John and told him he would like to decide, but both their pussy looked a mess and could use some cleaning before his decision. John agreed and told Steph to clean up Jill's body of all of her cum.

Jill stood there as Steph reluctantly went to her knees. Since Jill was sitting for her orgasms the cum stayed around her pussy and thighs. Steph's tongue went to work cleaning off Jill's inner thighs. She slowly worked her way to the pussy lips.

Steph cleaned the outer lip with slow broad strokes, and Jill's legs were shaking. As soon as the tongue penetrated her pussy Jill came hard again. Steph pulled up and it look like she had eaten a glazed donut.

Homeless guy inspected Jill's body finding some areas that Steph had missed. She cleaned the rest and stood back, so he could inspect one more time. Satisfied by the initial inspection he had Jill bend over the table and spread her cheeks.

He stuck his nose right in her crack. He was tempted to lick it himself, but want to humiliate these beautiful girls. He turn to Steph and told her she missed some. Steph dropped to her knees behind Jill.

She had never done this before, but knew she had no choice. Her tongue started at Jill's taint, and a long lick all the way up her crack. The guy was not satisfied. He told her work her tongue in and not to stop until told.

Her tongue penetrated someone's ass for the first time. She worked it in and out, and Jill seemed to love it. Jill rocked back and forth driving the tongue deeper. All the men were getting horny, and needed to come inside these beautiful young ladies.

It was now Jill's turn to clean Steph. Since Steph's cum went down her legs Jill had Steph lay back on the table. Jill slowly removed Steph's shoes and socks. No one stopped her.

Jill started at the feet licking her way up her legs. The closer she got to her pussy the farther Steph's legs spread. Once Jill hit her inner thigh she was moaning loudly. As soon as the tongue hit her outer lips she came. Jill did not stop.

Jill flicked her clit to send her into another orgasm. Once she was clean from her last one Jill turned her over and worked over her ass. Jill didn't waste time her tongue shot straight into Steph's ass. She bucked wildly as the tongue slid in.

The men could not take it anymore. The choosing was to take place. To Jill's surprise she was picked first. The homeless guy wanted her pussy.

The bald guy also picked Jill, but he wanted her ass. The third guy, the fattest of the bunch chose Steph's ass.

The next in line took Jill's pussy. She was up three guys to one. Somehow she saw this as a completion, and she was winning. The next two guys took Steph's pussy.

John declined his choice, so next guys made their choices. It ended up with Jill satisfying five guys, and Steph with four. Somehow in Jill's mind she won the game over Steph's young hot body.

The men had already played with the girls bodies, so they went straight for the sex. Before homeless man could strip the fat guy had Steph on all four with two lubed fingers working her ass. Steph was rocking back and forth.

With his other hand he lowered his pants, put some lube on his dick, and aimed it right at her hole. Steph's back arched as he pushed a smallish dick into her hole. It may have been small, but she was tight.

Jill watched as homeless guy stripped and laid on the floor. She knew what he wanted. She looked down at a large thick dick staring up at her. She stepped over his body and lowered herself on to him.

The large head split her wet lips as she moved slowly to accommodate the large dick. Her legs were getting weak, so she finally lowered herself all the way. It hurt being filled so much, but she felt her walls stretching. Soon she started to rock back and forth.

The man's hands went to her tits and played with them. Jill start to raise and lower on the large member. She was riding him hard by the time she came around his dick. It didn't take him much longer with her pussy walls milking him

A load of hot sperm filled her pussy. Jill remained on top of him until every ounce was taken out of him. She looked over to see Steph receive a load in her ass.

Steph was really starting to enjoy anal sex. She had already came twice with the fat slob fucking her ass. She had only wished that he would play with her tits or pussy to take her farther over the edge. His small dick felt great as he came in her ass.

The bald guy was all over Jill when it was his turn. He took her to the couch, and bent her over the arm. Her ass and pussy were at the right height for him to fuck her hard.

Steph looked over to watch the bald guy lube up his dick with Jill's juices before entering her ass. Steph remained in the doggy position as a guy she did not even see entered her from behind. A large dick was pushing deep into her pussy with no time for her to get use to it.

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