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Coach Knows Best


Dave had a tough up-brining. He had lost both parents at a young age, and was raised by his legal guardian, Karen. Karen was a track coach at the local high school. Karen is all Dave ever had or knew, and he would always do anything for her.

Dave was a good looking guy; tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and a strong build. However, because he went to a small private school over an hour away, he didn't have any friends, nor did he have very good social skills. Dave was a nice guy too, and Karen always felt a little sorry for him that he never had any sort of real social life. She also grew continually concerned that he wouldn't fit in at college in the fall.

One humid day in early July, both Dave and Karen were at the house. Dave was in the Kitchen finishing a late lunch. Karen sat on her black leather couch watching television when she heard a knock at the front door.

Slowly getting up to answer it, she turned the knob and pulled it open. Standing there was a girl...a familiar looking girl.

"Hi, would you like to buy a raffle ticket?" the girl asked cheerfully with a big smile, "I'm selling them to raise money for my school." Karen did not smile back. It only took her a second to figure out who this girl was. It was Kera Santos from Central High School. She was their track star who had just graduated a few months earlier. Kera had won every event she ran against Karen's team, costing Karen's squad the state title and nearly her job.

The wheels in Karen's head began to turn as she mustered up a fake smile and said "please come in, let me get my pocketbook." Karen closed the door behind her as they both walked into the living room.

Kera only stood at about 5'3, but as a runner, was in top shape. She had curly brown hair, blue eyes, and olive skin. Karen looked her over for a brief moment. She had on white flip flops, capris pants that hugged tight against her firm, round buttocks, and a skimpy pink top that showed of her taught, tan mid-drift.

"Have a seat on the couch, I'm just going to run into the kitchen to see what kind of money I have, I'll be back in a minute" Karen said.

Dave was just getting up from his lunch as Karen walked in. "Who was at the door?" he asked. Without answering, she looked at him and asked, "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, why?" he replied.

"We'd do anything for each other, wouldn't we?" she continued.

"Yes, of course" Dave responded, a bit confused.

"Good, come with me into the living room and do exactly as I say. I need you to trust me," She said.

The two of them entered back into the living room where Kera sat, looking up at them. Dave stood there in his jeans and white tee shirt, looking down in curiosity at this new girl.

"Dave, this is Kera, she's here selling raffle tickets for her school," Karen commented.

"How do you know my name?" Kera asked.

Without acknowledging the question, Karen continued in a patronizing tone, "but I don't have any money for her..."

"Excuse me, how do you know who I am?" Kera asked again.

Karen walked right up to her this time, extending her index finger towards Kera's face.

"Listen you little bitch," she said in a stern voice, "I know who you are because you almost cost me my job and my reputation." She paused to take a deep breath, and then went on, "You're a rich little girl from Central High who always got whatever she wanted and never had a single thing to worry about."

"Dave, come over here and feel these arms," Karen said.

He didn't question her, walked over, and rubbed her arms and shoulders. Fear began to cross over her face. Dave was nervous, he didn't know what was going on.

"Little miss track star has a nice, conditioned body, doesn't she?" Karen whispered to herself. Dave's hands were still rubbing her arms, but the nervousness was being taken over by curiosity. He had never even kissed a girl, let alone touched one like this.

"Please, you don't have to buy a ticket, but I have to go now," said Kera.

Karen looked her in the eyes as she pulled a steak knife from her pocket that she grabbed while in the kitchen, and responded, "You're not going anywhere. No Screaming, no yelling, in fact...no talking at all. Do you understand?"

Kera looked up. Terrified, she simply nodded.

Dave was still confused, but with his hands still on Kera's shoulders, refused to question his life-long guardian.

Karen took a few steps back and looked at Dave. "Do you want to touch?" she asked him.

Dave's heart began to pound in his chest as he slowly inched his hands down the front of Kera's shoulders towards her chest. She sat there, still and afraid as his big hands slid underneath her top and over the soft material of her bra. Her breasts weren't big, but they were firm and perfectly shaped.

As he massaged her breasts in his hands he began to throb in his pants. This was quite visible.

"undo his pants," Karen instructed. Kera reluctantly reached over and undid his jeans, but Dave took over and quickly pulled them down himself. He pulled his shirt off as well, and standing there in just his underwear, guided her hand to the front of his boxer shorts.

She looked down at the floor as he rubbed her hand over his shorts...she could feel him growing bigger as she massaged it. At this point his hands had worked their way into her bra and were now rubbing her bare chest.

By now Dave was getting caught up in the moment and didn't care about right or wrong. Karen was getting caught up also, and walked over to them. she reached down and quickly unzipped Kera's pants. She grabbed them at the pockets and Kera struggled to keep them up, but Karen was determined and with a strong tug she pulled them off. Dave's eyes locked in on her white bikini briefs as he was now practically bursting through his shorts.

"Take them off," Karen yelled at Kera as she saw how badly Dave was straining in his underwear. She began to lower his boxers, and as they came off his waist his penis sprung out, long and thick, and pointing straight out. He grabbed her wrist and she wrapped her little hand around his throbbing cock.

She held her hand still on it, and Karen yelled, "Come on you little slut, you know what to do." Hearing this, Kera began to slowly move her hand back and forth over his hard shaft. Dave had never experienced anything like this before, and let out a moan as she rubbed him.

As she stroked her hand over his rock hard dick, he reached down and rubbed his fingertips over the front of her panties. Karen could see how curious and excited he was, and noticed that Kera was ever so slightly moving her hips to his touch.

Karen moved towards them and kneeled in front of the couch. she reached up, hooked her fingertips into the waistband of Kera's panties, and told her to lift her hips up. Kera pleaded with her, but Karen gave a harsh look and told her, "Now!"

She slowly raised her hips and Karen tugged her underwear down her legs. As her panties left her crotch, the scent of fresh young pussy hit Karen's nose. Karen and Dave both looked between her thighs and saw that perfect crease with just a small patch or hair above it.

Dave pulled back from Kera's hand and quickly positioned his face between her parted thighs. He had never seen a girl naked up close like this, and examined every fold of flesh between her legs. She tried to resist as he began pushing her knees apart, but he was too strong. Once her legs opened she was fully exposed, and Dave wasted no time. He buried his face between her thighs and opened his mouth over her smooth pussy. She gasped loudly as she felt him run his tongue up and down between her pussy lips.

Karen sat close and watched in enjoyment as the look of uncomfortable pleasure crept over Kera's face. She leaned back in disbelief, squirming against his tongue. As Dave continued to massage his tongue against Kera's warm, youthful vagina, Karen noticed his cock standing stiff at attention. She hesitated and tried stopping herself, but then reached down, and with just two fingertips, she lightly stroked back and forth to relieve some of the tension. He moaned as he continued to devour Kera's pussy.

Karen leaned in and whispered in Dave's ear, "you know where to put this, right?" as she wrapped her hand around his shaft. Dave didn't need to answer. He got up and pushed Kera's lean legs farther apart and laid on top of her. Kera began to panic, pushing at Dave's shoulders. "Please!" she pleaded. It was too late, his animalistic instincts had taken over. He laid his much bigger body on top of hers and began to massage the underside of his shaft against her sweet snatch.

"Please don't, please don't!" Kera began to plead.

"I told you to keep your mouth shut you little bitch," Karen shouted back.

Dave kept rubbing his dick against her hot slit, until suddenly the head of his cock caught against her entrance. Kera gasped and again begged, "No, don't do this!"

It was too late. Dave began to lean his weight forward and moaned as he felt his hard cock push through her tight opening. Kera groaned and clenched her eyes shut as Dave's shaft inched through her warm tunnel. He felt resistance at first, but didn't care as he grabbed onto Kera's hips and leaned in harder. He finally stopped and looked down at her. His nerve endings were going off like fireworks from the hot sensation around his penis. His heart was racing as he slowly pulled back, and then slowly pushed forward again.

"That's it." Karen said, "You deserve this. Fuck that slut good." He began sliding his dick in and out, feeling her stretched around his big shaft. He reached up her shirt to rub her tits as he pumped. All she could do is wince and look down, seeing her panties on the floor.

Dave began to move a little faster, feeling more confident as he got used to the new feeling. Kera wasn't a virgin, but she never had a guy of Dave's thickness in her little hole. Karen sat back in complete enjoyment watching Dave's hips thrust.

After a good while, Dave suddenly felt his shaft swelling inside of her, and began fucking faster. Kera noticed the change as well, and looked up to see a more intense look on his face. She noticed his breathing getting much heavier. Kera reluctantly looked down and realized he wasn't wearing a condom...she began to panic. She hadn't taken her pill in weeks and Dave wasn't slowing down.

"Take it out and put it in my mouth," she said to him in desperation, her body shaking under his. He paid no attention, as the sensation felt too good to stop now. He continued to pound harder and deeper. Karen sat back with a grin on her face.

"Pleassssee stop" Kera begged as Dave now clenched her thighs in his hands. His breathing heavier than ever now, and his moaning louder, Karen watched as he thrust.

He was pushing himself in as deep as he could go, letting his instincts take over. The head of his hard, unprotected penis was buried in her deep and aiming straight at her young womb. "Please don't, Pleassssee," She continued to beg.

Karen sat up to see him thrust hard and fast. Hearing him let out a loud groan, she watched as he threw his head back, his shoulder muscles tightening up, and his buttocks beginning to flex. He pushed in so deep that their pubic hair pressed together. He felt his balls tighten and his cock swell to the point of no return. Kera's eyes filled with tears, and then it happened. He let out a loud moan as he felt his cum leave his balls and rush up his shaft. Kera gasped as she felt the first hot squirt of unwanted sperm shoot deep into her pussy. Her tears left her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Dave reached his hands under to squeeze Kera's firm, round ass as the next few shots of cum flooded her wet hole.

Karen watched in pleasure. Dave's cream was starting to escape out of Kera's pussy and run down the crack of her ass onto the couch. After a few minutes, he finally pulled his thick wet shaft out of her body. She began crying even more in humiliation as Karen walked over to her. She took a close look at Kera's pussy as Dave's cream began to run out of it. Her heart was racing, and she couldn't help herself. Karen put her hands on Kera's inner thighs to part them, stuck her tongue out, and licked Kera's glistening cunt. The taste of hot cum on Kera's fresh, young pussy was driving Karen crazy. She licked up and down her wet slit and pushed the tip of her tongue into Kera's tight hole to taste the hot wetness.

Finally, she picked Kera's panties up and threw them at her. "Clean yourself up," she said, "and if you ever tell anyone about this..." Karen stopped and pulled her camera out to take a picture of Kera's naked body..."everyone will see these."

Karen had gotten her revenge. Dave had gotten what he never had before. And Kera...got what she deserved.

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