tagErotic HorrorCoblynau - The Miners Goblin

Coblynau - The Miners Goblin


(Please note in the UK several ex-mines have been maintained as educational tourist attractions, to show how men once worked and lived below ground).

Most Halloween stories you read are about fancy dress parties, where the wives masquerade as Little Red Ridinghood, drink too much and fall prey to the Big Bad Wolf or the Headless Horseman. Then, when the wife sobers up, she discovers to her embarrassment the big dicked mythical beast was in reality her neighbour or postman.

My Halloween story is darker than that and totally true. So read on if you dare...


"It is said that the phrase `bread cob` derives from the fact that the miners would throw some of their meal, normally bread, into the caverns as payment to the Coblynau."

The gaunt and sallow tour guide paused for dramatic effect as he narrowed his eyes and looked around at the group of shivering tourists. All were standing in the cold dank rock hell that was once Wales` biggest copper mine.

"Don`t pay the Coblynau goblin and he`ll cause a rock fall you`ll never escape from, which is perhaps why so many men died in these mines."

With another dramatic pause, he remained silent until he felt enough nervousness had built within the confines of the cavern. The tense unease caused the youngest child in the group to start quietly sobbing. Mission accomplished, the sinister man continued.

"Of course they were very superstitious back in 1820, working in candle light a thousand feet below ground can spook a man." Again the pause. "Or woman. We wouldn`t want to be politically incorrect now would we?"

Jittery titters escaped some lips before the guide cheerily shouted, "follow me and mind your heads." He strode off down a narrow gauge railway track used for moving ore in small trucks pulled by pit ponies.

While the rest of the group quickly followed the spooky leader through fear of being left behind, Ollie took the opportunity to pull me away from the others, allowing him to fondle my firm young tits in relative privacy.

He hadn`t been keen on the idea of a trip down a copper mine. It wasn`t his idea of fun, but when I said I wanted to wear a hard hat and slide down a long shaft in a cage, Ollie smelt the potential for fun and games. Not so much the mile high club, more like the mile down club.

His cold hands delved under my clothing and he quickly began to roll my nipples, bringing his hot lips to my delicate porcelain neck.

"Mmmmmmm." I reached backwards and grabbed his crotch. "I see Mr. Penis wants to come out to play."

He laughed, "yeah, even this place and your hard hat can`t dampen his ardour."

Reaching further around my body, he started to lower my jeans zip.

"Be quick, it's bloody freezing down here," I hissed.

One quick tug and my jeans slid down enough to expose my white buttocks to the icy air. His fingers delved between my thighs for a brief moment, checking my wetness and parting my lips before he released himself and entered me.

I placed my hands on the rock wall, bending at the waist a little more and grunted as he pushed his own sizeable truck up my sperm cavern. He knew I wasn`t exactly innocent. He`d fucked me the first night we met, in the alley at the back of The Stags Head. The whole village claimed to have fucked me but the truth was only half of them had and he loved the fact I was a dirty bitch. Because dirty bitches are fun!

He sucked his middle finger and slid it into my rear siding. I didn`t flinch, well, not until a waspish voice from out of the darkness breathed.

"Cobby can see you."

"Was that you?"

Ollie just kept thrusting, ignoring my question. He was reaching the point where he was oblivious to any outside stimuli.

Again the voice said, "Cobby can see you."

"You must have heard that?"

Ollie picked up his pace, grabbing my hair below the blue plastic helmet, pulling my head back, something I normally enjoyed.

"You perform for Cobby and Cobby will show you where the gold is."

"Get off."

I shook my head and pulled Ollie's hand out of my hair.

"I said get off."

"What? What?" Ollie at last realised something was amiss and stepped back.

"Didn`t you bloody hear that?"

I began pulling up my jeans while Ollie stood there with his cock sticking out at right angles through his flies, a bemused expression on his face.

"Put it away, someone is in the dark watching."


"Will you stop saying what? We`re being watched, get dressed and lets fuck off, the creep is giving me the willies and not in a good way."

Ollie put Mr. Penis to bed and zipped his fly up before saying to the impenetrable dark, "come on then dickhead, let's be seeing you."

The dark answered with an unnerving silence and both Ollie and I felt the hairs on the backs of our necks rise. Now not feeling quite so brave Ollie grabbed me by the hand.

"Come on, let's go."

As we were leaving, I shouted over my shoulder, "if you`d kept your mouth shut we wouldn`t have known you were there idiot."

With macho bravado, Ollie added, "yer shit for brains!"

We both nearly lost control of our bowels when the waspish voice laughed.

"You`ll be back if you want Cobby gold."

That did it for me, we both picked up our pace and headed towards the exit sign.

Back at the pithead with clear skies above and bright daylight illuminating every corner, it all seemed a world away. Above ground where the fresh breeze tousled your hair and blew away your dark thoughts neither Ollie nor I could think why we had been so scared of a man hiding in the dark down a tourist attraction. What could happen? Like really? He wasn`t the bloody boogeyman.

It was later that evening on the way back from the chippy* that we spotted the cash machine. My fingers danced across the key pad as the green neon light gave my skin a colouring I didn`t want. The screen also gave me an answer I didn`t want.

"I can`t bloody believe it."


"I`m over drawn, it won`t cough up."

"Well I can tell you now my 'mine' is empty."

"Very funny and tell me something I don`t know."

We walked back to the hotel in silence while picking at vinegar covered fried potato chips out of soggy paper, with me observing just how many jewellery shop windows offered best prices for gold. I also recognized for the first time how many souvenir shops sold plastic coblynau, cloth cobbies, cobbies on lighters, cob gnomes, cobby tea towels and numerous other versions of grinning Welsh coblynaus.

That night, once Ollie was asleep, I flipped open the laptop and Googled 'Coblynau'. It turned out it came from the German word Kobold, which is where the whole family tree of goblins, gnomes, knockers etcetera manifested themselves.

The more I read the more I believed Coblynaus existed and I fell asleep thinking about gold prices and gnomes.

By ten the next morning I had dragged Ollie back to the pithead and we were arguing.

"I don`t see why you want to go back down AGAIN, it was just some arsehole playing a prank," he complained, but I was resolute.

"I`m going back down Ollie whether you like it or not."

"Fine, have it your way," he said and then he stormed off.

Getting down the mine didn`t seem to take as long this time and the creepy tour guide's patter was less disturbing. However, I couldn`t ignore the oppressive dark dripping walls of cold hard rock that closed me in. The solid corridors carved into the mountain by pick and shovel resonated strength in the same effortless manner a sleeping tiger exudes menacing power. And I wasn`t sure if I imagined it in the dark gloom but did a smirk cross the eerie tour guide's features when he spotted me lurking at the back of the group?

Ten minutes later, and deeper into the mine I fell away from the others once more, letting them disappear out of sight.


Nothing. Again I spoke.


The black recesses and dark corners just stared back at me. I felt somewhat stupid standing by myself and talking to a wall, but I was here now so I persisted.

"Can you hear me?"

The waspish whisper from out of the dark caressed my ears.

"Cobby can see you, now take off the jacket."

I obeyed his mean tone without question. In fact, submissively dropping the jacket to the floor for an unseen audience excited me. Truth was I`d bought into the myth and into the thrill.

"Now the blouse."

My fingers fumbled with the buttons and the cold air hit my exposed flesh for the first time, my skin goose bumped and I felt all the more exposed. When I stood in just jeans and bra, the voice came again but with delighted insistence.

"The jeans."

"Show me where the gold is first."

"The jeans then I`ll show you what Cobby has."

Gingerly I peeled them off and dropped them on top of my jacket and blouse. A small golden rock the size of a pea bounced from out of the darkness and rattled to a stop near my feet. This time the voice was breathless with expectation.

"The bra."

I know I have great boobs and I`ve flashed them at the Stags Head for a lot less than a lump of gold, but the Coblynau didn`t know that.

"And then you`ll show me where there`s more gold?"

"You perform for Cobby and Cobby will be foolish with his gold."

"But what about the tourist groups?"

"No more groups for another hour," he chuckled.

I reached behind my back and let my bra fall to my feet. There was an audible intake of breath.

"Beautiful," sighed the voice. "Now walk towards me."

I cautiously took a couple of steps forwards in just my panties, my firm breasts swaying slightly with the movement of my body. I`d never felt so vulnerable.

"But I can`t even see you, Cobby."

The few electric bulbs that worked in the cavern flickered and dimmed and I felt like I was about to be sacrificed.

"Closer pretty one."

Steeling myself and thinking about the possible rewards, I stepped right up to the dark recess of the cavern. Then right in front of me the voice spoke, its foul breath not more than a foot away but just outside my vision.

"Turn my pretty."

"You`ll give me more gold?"

"Turn and you shall be rewarded."

Preparing myself, I closed my eyes and did as asked.

Small fingers stroked my bare ankles, the mini digits dancing upwards, gripping my panties and sliding them down.

I stepped out of them, now totally nude in this subterranean environment. Fiery breath flowed up my leg, fluttering over my mons. A skilled, hot, long, serpent of a tongue tasted me, explored me, coaxed my feet to move a little wider of their own accord as my own breath grew laboured. As my fires stirred, I rose onto my toes, fully aware that my loins were betraying my wantonness.

The relentless oral assault from below forced me to sway in pleasure. I bit my lip, bending and bracing myself against the rock wall, allowing Cobby to spread the cheeks of my offered derriere wide, his nuzzling mouth and tongue hunting my pleasure like no man ever would. His small fist the size of a large cockhead jabbed at my entrance, his thumb bumping my clit, encircling it, enraging it. Despite myself, I thrust back, all pretence of reserve gone. My juices told the coblynau all he needed to know.


"Please what, my pretty?"

"Please do it, enter me," I begged impatiently.

His small fist slid deeper, filling me, stretching me, tearing at my insides, pumping hard. His other tiny digits snaked into my arse, my mouth gaped, my tits hung, sweat beaded on my brow even in the cold, steam rose from my flanks as if I were a stud farm mare to be mated.

"No Cobby, please," I whimpered, but he ignored my feigned plea. He pushed and twisted, bullying and badgering my puckered hole until my anal muscles gave under the relentless onslaught and allowed him unimpeded access. I was now completely full, extended to such breadth that my legs buckled. I knelt on the freezing ground, the pain only bearable because of the tidal wave of pleasure it rode upon. I felt a sense of accomplishment in accommodating his fists.

Looking between my legs, I saw the body of a tiny miner pleasuring me. He pulled back, his arms slipping from my body, and for the first time I gazed upon his ugliness, yet felt empty without him inside me. In fact, I yearned to be impaled, mounted and ridden. And when his thighs touched mine it became clear that Coblynau have a very special gift hanging between their legs. The sort only a mythical creature could possess, the sort that would spear in and out of my willing cunt with a power and speed the men of the Stags Head could never match.

I could no longer suppress my cries of pleasure as his cock entered me and his relentless assault intensified. His dick felt magnificent and I felt like a bitch in heat that has submitted to an animal out of pure lust. I didn`t care who saw or heard me, I needed release and I needed it now. My aching torso bucked wildly as the little man gripped me tight, grunted and then held still inside me. Hot seed of a quantity no mortal woman could hope to accommodate gushed forth into me. The completion of the act sent me into one last shattering orgasm.

Jabbering voices danced along the stone walls as I knelt there naked in a pool of cooling cum while my senses slowly returned. I realised the cobby has been pounding my most intimate places for almost an hour and now more tourists were on their way.

"Quick my pretty, take your clothes and gold and run," came the voice that was once more hidden in shadow. What else could I have done? I grabbed my things and left in a dazed, cum-filled state.

At the pithead, Ollie was suitably shocked when I held up the small lump of gold. I was also shocked when I concluded my loins wanted to meet the Cobby again, gold or no gold. And we were both shocked when at a local jewellers the ugliest of dwarves appeared behind the counter, weighed the nugget and then presented over two hundred pounds before he winked.

"Cobby gold is the best gold, ay miss?" He said with a sly smile.

I didn`t know what to say or think. I stood there with my mouth moving and no words coming out. To throw me even more the tour guide stepped out of the backroom and added, "you enjoy the Halloween celebrations this evening but avoid those dressed as mischievous little ghouls!"


And that`s my Halloween story. To this day, I still don`t know if I`ve been fucked by a cobby or been suckered by a tall gaunt guy and his short friend!

*note - chippy is English slang for fish & chip shop

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