tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 01

Cobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 01


Hello Literotica world! This is my first story and I hope it's the first of many to come. Enjoy the read and let me know your thoughts! My sincere thanks to Sexandthecity77 for her edits on all six parts.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


The Friday afternoon began like many others for the two Knox County Sheriff's deputies. Rachel McNamara and Sofia Cortez reported in at their station and went over the daily briefings together. Aside from the odd break-ins and wild animal sighting, there weren't much excitement in their large but sparsely-populated county. The women changed into their dark navy blue uniforms, put on their equipment, and drove out in the force's full-size SUV.

Twenty-seven-year-old Rachel McNamara is a five-year veteran on the force, easily making her the more experienced of the two. The cool strawberry blonde walked around with an air of authority, confident in her above-average height and athletic build. She was an avid runner and very proud of her fit form.

Sofia Cortez, on the other hand, graduated from the academy just six months ago. She was hired by the quiet county as a community liaison officer, but since the detachment had a total of eight full-time deputies, Sofia was asked to perform more patrol duties. The petite Latino was only twenty-two, and outside of uniform, she was often mistaken as a college student. Her male colleagues were drawn to her large, dark-brown eyes and light complexion, and the way she filled her size small uniform. Her shy but eager-to-please attitude was a good contrast to Rachel's take-charge nature, and the pair got along great together.

The two policewomen made their quick round through town, making their usual stop at the local Starbucks, picking up their tall lattes and secretly enjoying the attention that two attractive ladies in uniform typically brought. This afternoon, however, they didn't realize they were receiving extra attention from a well-dressed man, who stayed hidden behind the wheels of his passenger van.

"They are leaving now. See you soon." He typed on his tablet and tapped 'Send' as soon as the deputies drove off. Ten minutes later, the man was driving the van along the stretch of road leading out of the town.

Five miles away, the two deputies pulled off of the road and on to a soft shoulder. Rachel skillfully piloted the behemoth Chevrolet Tahoe out of sight, coming to a stop behind a group of tall bushes and rocks. This was by far their favourite speed trap location: they were completely unseen from both directions, and the speed limit here had just dipped to 30mph.

As the sun was setting on the quiet road, the two female deputies fell into their routine -- Rachel began to setup the radar gun on the driver's side, while Sofia performed calibrations on the laptop. Both were so engrossed in their work, they failed to notice two figures approaching their vehicle from the rear.

It was the younger deputy who first sensed activity out of the corner of her eye. Sofia turned to the side rearview mirror, where she was met by a figure holding a silver-chromed .40 semi-automatic in her gloved hands -- with the hard steel barrel tapping on the side of her cheeks.

The assailant smiled behind her mask and put a finger to her lips. The shocked policewoman could not make a sound even if she wanted to -- her jaw hung open, frozen like the rest of her body.

At the same moment, a second assailant slid her Mossberg 590 shotgun forward until the barrel rested against the side of Rachel's skull, just behind her left ear.

"Don't make a move, deputies. You are surrounded." Came a stern female voice, from the one with the shotgun.

"Sofia...?" Rachel uttered softly while remaining motionless.

"I-- uh" The Latino started to speak, before the semi-automatic was jabbed more forcefully against her cheeks.

"Shut up, bitch, or that was the last sound coming from you." The youthful, higher-pitched voice demanded, revealing both assailants to be female.

"Deputies, you will not be harmed if you follow the instructions you are given. However, if you resist in any way, we will NOT hesitate to hurt and kill you. Nod if you understand."

Both officers nodded glumly.

"Good. Both of you, put your fucking hands on your head. Nice and slow."

Sofia turned to her partner for guidance. With little choice, Rachel let out a deep breath before raising her hands to the top of her head. The Latino deputy followed suit.

"Don't move...at all!"

Both doors of the SUV were opened, and the assailants stepped into view for the first time. Even in the fading glow of the sunset the deputies saw two slim figures, their faces hidden behind ski masks. The one with the shotgun, clearly the leader, was taller and appeared slightly older than her counterpart. Both were calm and serious, with the deadly weapons held steady in their hands.

What set them apart was their appearance and fashion preferences. Camilla Green was in her late-twenties but already served in combat missions overseas before leaving the military. Her preference for army wear was evident: she was dressed in a black, tight tank top, flashing her smooth, toned arms, and showing just enough cleavage from her sizable bosom. She also wore a shoulder holster with a compact pistol, with a tactical knife strapped to her hip. Her dark camouflage slacks completed her commando appearance.

In contrast, her companion looked as though she was ready for a tennis match -- if not for the black mask and the large handgun. Valerie Reiter was seven years younger than Camilla and acted her age; she loved trying on different outfits. Tonight she was dressed in a snug, steel-gray tennis skirt with neon-pink stripes. She had a matching sport jacket on, but it did not conceal the mesmerizing view of her mounds being squeezed together, just above the low necklines. The one-piece skirt barely came down to her thighs, generously showing off her shapely rump and slender legs. The overtly sexy attire, combined with the smiling cherry lips, made it all the more ominous for the two bewildered officers.

"Don't move a fucking muscle, or I'll blow your fucking head off." The young woman hissed at Sofia, before deftly relieving the deputy of her standard-issue Glock 22.

"Now get the fuck out of the car!" Came the next order, but the deputy just sat there, terrified.

"Wait," Deputy McNamara protested, but the loud pump-action of a shotgun shell being loaded into the chamber quickly dissuaded her from further action.

"If you want to live through this, I suggest you follow our instructions, Deputy McNamara and Deputy Cortez."

"How do you know our...?"

"We know a hell of a lot more, like your membership at the Marathon Fitness Club, or that Deputy Cortez is living in town at 22 Summer Drive." The woman smiled, as she watched the shocked expressions on the deputies' faces at their personal details. "Now, for the last time, get out of the car."

Rachel nodded to a shaking Sofia, "Do what they say. It will be okay."

As soon as her feet hit the ground, the younger deputy was taken with an arm wrapped around her neck, and the semi-automatic was pressed against her temple.

"Move it, bitch!" Showing no fear of the inexperienced cop, the younger assailant coerced her hostage to the other side of the vehicle.

"Your turn, Deputy McNamara. Nice and easy."

Rachel swung her legs aside and hopped out. With a hard shove, she was pressed against the police vehicle. The strawberry blonde watched helplessly as her service pistol was snatched from its holster, along with her handcuffs.

"Hands behind your back. Do it!"

In a flash, the veteran deputy was secured with her own handcuffs. Suddenly, the distinct sound of tires tracking on dirt filled the air. They all turned and saw a vehicle, with its headlights turned off, rumbling towards their position.

"Get help!! They are armed!!" Rachel instinctively cried out, but was held in place by her assailant. A passenger van screeched to a stop behind the group. A tall, masked man jumped out; as he stepped closer, they could see he was carrying a shortened MP5 sub-machine gun in his hand.

"A little late, Romeo." The leader mused.

"Sorry, hit all the red lights." The man known as 'Romeo' replied gruffly. Ryan Quinn was a few years removed from being a middling linebacker on the college football team. His sports career came to an end when he was cut from the team and dropped out of school shortly after.

He still looked the part of a pro athlete, however. The stylish maroon-coloured tie under his charcoal business suit masked his size somewhat, but his imposing physique was still evident in his 6-foot-3, 245 pounds frame. He glared down at the two deputies, whose hopes of being rescued were now thoroughly dashed.

"The roads clear?"

"Nice and quiet. We okay here?" Flashlight in hand, the newcomer passed the beam deliberately over the two policewomen. He nodded approvingly at the situation, especially at the young Latino deputy trembling in the arms of her sexy captor.

"Our deputies were behaving until you showed up." Without warning, the shotgun handle landed with considerable force to the back of Rachel's head. The deputy almost blacked out from the blow, but managed to stay on her feet and slumped against the police vehicle.

The veteran officer looked up just in time to see the other assailant land a solid elbow to the side of Sofia's head. The young cop cried out in pain, but the gloved hand immediately clamped over her mouth.

"Just so that we are perfectly clear, deputies, when one is non-compliant, both will suffer." With emphasis, the lead assailant grabbed a fistful of Rachel's hair and tugged hard. "You keep that in mind, Deputy McNamara."

"We could start with her, Cobra." He suggested to the leader, who nodded in agreement.

"Good idea. Romeo, grab this bitch." She pointed to Rachel. "Vixen, check their car and take the useful stuff. I got Deputy Cortez."

They marched the two deputies towards the van, and forced them both into the rear. All the seats have been folded away, creating a spacious cargo area. The policewomen never detected the pint-sized video cameras setup in the van, nor noticed 'Cobra' activating the recording from her smartphone.

"Hands on your head, deputy." Sofia found herself seated on the carpeted floor, with her wrists handcuffed to a metal bar high above her head. Satisfied, the masked assailant gently patted her cheeks and whispered, "Watch and learn. You're next."

'Vixen' rejoined the group quickly, holding a Remington shotgun liberated from the police vehicle. With expertise, she ejected the shells from the shotgun and placed it aside. In her other hand was a backpack with the two deputies' cell phones and wallets, the police radio, some plastic ties and leg irons.

The gang turned their attention to the strawberry blond, whose heart pounded like a hammer when the man draped his huge forearm around her neck, then flicked open a sharp switchblade an inch from her face. She gasped for air when he tightened his grip.

"Relax, or else."

"Wh-what do you want?" Rachel whizzed through her shortened breaths, as she was being lowered into a sitting position.

"That's an excellent question, Deputy McNamara." 'Cobra' crouched in front of the officer and studied her face for a while, before leaning in close... and kissed her deeply on her lips. The strawberry blonde twitched in surprise and repulsion, but instantly felt the blade on her cheek and froze. The forced kiss continued until the woman broke it off.

"We are taking the uniforms from you two bitches, and you will be our... special guests, yes, until we are done with our business. Does that help?"

"O-our uniforms? Why?"

"Isn't that obvious? You are going to be a perfect fit for me. Now, don't make any trouble..."

Virtually immobile, Rachel could not believe her predicament as fingers danced to the buttons on her uniform shirt and undid them one by one. To make matter worse, the younger female assailant appeared with a professional-looking camera and began to snap away.

"Oh, very nice, deputy. 34Cs?" 'Cobra' commented as she peeled her shirt back. "Why don't we find out..."

Taking the grey cotton tank by the hem, she sliced the thin material right through with her own knife, and tore the ruined top from Rachel. Her flat stomach and perfect skin weren't able to draw their attention away from her heaving tits. To everyone's surprise, her large, firm breasts were encased in a low-cut bra with lace and pink floral patterns.

"Well, what a pleasant surprise. Is Victoria's Secret part of the dress code?"

"Damn." 'Romeo' mouthed, but held fast his grip on Rachel.

More close-up pictures of the half-dressed policewoman later, they proceeded to remove her equipment belt. Climbing on her lap, the woman eagerly loosened Rachel's pants. With some help from the others, they dragged the trousers down to her ankles. The unveiling of Rachel's matching pair of lacey pink panties and her perfect legs elicited more excitement for the crew.

Finally, her shoes were removed and the humiliated deputy was forced to her knees. Dressed only in her police cap, underwear and white socks, they undid her handcuffs only to pull her shirt off completely. She was forced to bend backwards, where her wrists were cuffed behind her again, this time to a metal catch in the floor of the van. Her ankles were given similar treatment with the leg irons.

"You won't get away with this." Deputy McNamara protested with anger, though it came out lacking any confidence.

"Really? You two are on patrol, for oh, another five hours, and you never report in unless there's trouble. We have been watching you. No one will even know you are missing, deputy."

"How do you know so much about us?" She exclaimed in frustration. "What are you going to do with us?"

"We could do a number of things with you. Slitting your throat open is an option." 'Cobra' snapped, gesturing with her knife inches from the deputy's chin. She allowed that thought to sink in for a moment, before unleashing a backhand across the unsuspecting cop's cheeks. Rachel groaned and doubled over in pain.

"Fact is, bitch, we will do whatever we want with you. And right now, we've had enough of your chatter. Vixen?"

The young female assailant gleefully skipped over and stood over the strawberry blond. Smiling seductively, she lifted her skimpy tennis skirt to reveal a butterfly knife strapped to her thigh -- and flashed her skimpy, shiny violet-coloured panties. Her fingers traced the lace trimmings downward until they came between her legs, and she took a moment to caress herself in front of the outraged cop.

"Ready, police bitch? Open your fucking mouth!" She ordered abruptly as she rolled down her underwear and balled them up. Her hulky companion assisted, and his iron grip on the deputy's cheeks meant the warm, damp piece of fabric filled her mouth with ease. The policewoman retched at the salty taste, but the gag was sealed in after two pieces of duct tape were applied over her face.

All this time, the younger deputy watched the unfolding events with horror. Cops were not supposed to be held up at gunpoint, forced to strip, and... who knew what else her captors had in mind. When they forced the pair of panties into Rachel's mouth, Sofia decided cooperation was the way to go. The dark-haired beauty cared for her partner, but she was neither stupid nor bold enough to defy three heavily armed, professional criminals.

So when the trio turned their attention to Sofia, she swallowed and put forth her best servile face.

"Your turn, bitch. You gonna make this difficult?"

The younger deputy countered promptly with a curt shake of her head.

"Good girl. Why don't you strip for us then?" The lead assailant proposed with a mischievous smile.

"I--" Taken back, the deputy couldn't help but eye the camera and wonder about the consequences.

"Do it." She barked, settling the decision.

'Vixen' chimed in cheerfully: "Don't worry, we'll keep a gun to your head so everyone will know you were forced."

Sofia was released from her handcuffs, but the man covered her with his sub-machinegun. As they all watched intently, the young officer nervously unbuttoned her uniform shirt, shrugged it off of her shoulders and handed it to the woman. Her perfectly-sized breasts hid behind a simple olive-coloured sports bra, but her appeal was augmented by her trim body and flawless skin.

The small canister of pepper spray was within reach as Sofia worked to remove her belt, but the firm tap of the MP5 on her head reminded her who was in charge. She wiggled her trousers down, revealing a pair of black knickers underneath. She wisely remained still and placed her hands above her head.

"Very good, deputy." 'Cobra' commended, after her accomplice finally put down her camera. She glanced at her watch, pleased to see that they were well ahead of schedule. It was time to reward her crew.

"We have 75 minutes. Well done, team. Why don't you two go ahead and relax a bit."

Both deputies interpreted the disturbing signs correctly when the gang all stared at them. 'Vixen' slipped off her jacket and gloves, sauntered over to the young deputy, and caressed her girlish face.

"You're damn fuckin' cute... for a cop. Your partner's tits are impressive, but you're a real sweet babe." She whispered fiendishly into the ear of the cowering deputy. "I've been thinkin' all day about sticking a gun in your face, tying you up, stripping you out of that hot little uniform of yours... and it's gotten me really, really hot... and wet. So you better be a really good girl now..."

"Uh-- mmpph" Sofia opened her mouth to protest when the assailant's hands settled on her breasts, only to be met full-on by her invading cherry lips. Powerless, Sofia allowed her mouth to be invaded by her tongue.

The feisty young woman pinned the unwilling cop down with her body and began to squeeze her round tits through her bra. She broke the deep kiss to slap the distressed Latino cop and to tug at her sports bra until her left breast was exposed.

"Fucking gorgeous." She exhaled, then leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking on it loudly.

"Uh, uh, no, please stop..."

"Keep your hands on your head, bitch!" The sharp rebuke was enough to put Sofia in her place.

Letting go of her breast, 'Vixen' continued to explore the rest of her victim's body, groping her prominent, round ass and even sticking her fingers down the front of her panties. With her free hand, the young woman placed several fingers up insider her own pussy, and worked them in and out until they were coated with her flowing juices.

"Yeah... okay cop, go ahead, have a taste."

"I-uh, I can't, please, I never... I mean, I'm not..."

"I said, taste them. Do it NOW!"

Thoroughly intimated, Sofia stuck out her tongue, and shivered at the salty, piquant taste. Both fingers were soon working in and out of Sofia's mouth. Pleased, the young assailant returned to kissing and licking her face. The cycle went on for minutes, until her moans intensified and her breathes grew shorter.

Eventually, the young assailant jabbed the officer in the forehead with the semi-automatic.

"On your fucking knees, cop. Now!"

Sofia scurried down to both knees and found herself staring at the front of the tennis skirt. Her captor reached for the back of Sofia's head and untied her tight hair bun, letting the cop's black hair flow down. In a swift motion, she lifted her skirt over her head and tossed it aside. Naked, save for her mask and sneakers, she reclined against a ledge and spread her legs wide apart. Her neatly trimmed pussy was slick with her juices, ready for action.

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