tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 05

Cobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 05


Nearing the end -- this is the fifth chapter of the six-part story. Go ahead if you want to just jump into the scene, but if you haven't already, I would encourage you to read the first four chapters to see how our victims ended up where they are. Your feedback and comments are welcomed. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


The HD feed of holding cell one was capturing the frantic actions of Escobar and his prized victim. As soon as Cammy and Ryan left with the State Lieutenant, the man known as the 'Gunrunner' dragged the defenseless ATF agent into the jail cell. After slapping both sides of her face with thundering smacks, he slammed Jessica hard against the metal bars and pressed the police baton across her throat.

"You are mine, Miss Koch. Am I not a man of my word?"

Dazed, the blonde agent felt the sleeves of her jacket being tugged down her arms. In a series of lightning-like moves, Escobar first pinned Jessica's right wrist to the hard steel bar to handcuff them together, then followed up with a forceful but measured punch to her stomach. As she doubled over and gasped for air, Escobar took a hold of her right ankle and cuffed it to the jail bar as well.

"Much better. How many times have you had the pleasure of placing handcuffs on me, Miss Koch?"

Not waiting for a response, the excited Mexican forcefully savoured Jessica's sweet lips and tongue with his own. Like a child in a candy store, Escobar just couldn't decide where to focus his attention on. He ran his hand through her soft blonde strands, relished her smooth, perfect skin, and inhaled her lovely scent with no further impediment.

"I have a confession, I have imaginations of your tetas, from Day Uno. Now... reveal your titties to me, Miss Koch."

"Go fuck yourself, Escobar."

He smiled at the insult -- then slapped her hard, sending Jessica's head back and smacking into the metal bar. His hand closed in on her throat, squeezing slowly.

"You will undress your top for Escobar now. Otherwise I will remove it myself, during which you will be severely injured."

Still dazed but with murder in her eyes, Jessica tugged at the undersized tank-top. With one wrist handcuffed to the metal bar, she struggled at completing her task. The Mexican ogled at her, as the thin cotton material rested on top of her bare, heaving breasts.

"Stop there, Miss Koch." Instinctively she raised her arm to cover herself, but Escobar promptly slapped it down.

"You have nothing to hide." He leered. With both hands, he eagerly squeezed and worked on her ample tits. "Yes, my... lovely Federale. You are, deli-cious, perfect, over my... imagination." He panted, between more kisses.

Jessica was about to scream when his aggressive fingertips honed in on her sensitive nipples. As if reading her mind, a hand flew up and covered her mouth. The next thing she knew, Escobar had spun her around and pressed her face against the cold metal bars.

"Oh, but I am being very gentle with you, my dear." He whispered in a raspy tone, ignoring her muffled cry as he released her from the harsh nipple twist. "Now, please refrain from crying out, or I will be forced to show you pain. Yes?"

The ATF agent nodded in pain, then watched helplessly as her former prisoner tore off the button on her trousers. With a roar, he destroyed the pants' zipper and impatiently pulled her pants down. He chuckled at the cuffs binding Jessica's ankle, and decided to leave the ruined khakis there.

"Beautiful. Just... magnífico." Escobar sighed, as he admired Jessica's bare, jutting ass and her smooth, tall legs. What began as gentle caress of those parts quickly escalated into greedy grabbing of her fine buttocks.

"You will pay for this, Escobar. You will be a hunted man for the rest of--"

"Silence!" He ordered, punctuated by a stinging slap across her cheeks. "Now open your legs for me, my dear. Further!"

With both hands, he easily spread apart her ass cheeks and was immediately mesmerized by the sight of her puckered asshole. His thumbs crawled closer in until her muscles instinctively tightened up to ward off the invasion. Fascinated, Escobar teased the agent with his digits until his thumb wormed its way inside.

"Ahh! You bastard! Mmmppphhh..."

"Naughty agent. You must mind your manners before Escobar." He shook his head, as if speaking to a child. With one hand cupping her mouth, the arms-dealer took careful aim and smacked down hard on her exposed bottom. Her cry of agony only encouraged Escobar to continue the loud and humiliating spanking.

"Your... what is the word... yes, your squeals, they are most sexy, my dear." He added, finally pausing to rest his palm on her hot, glowing butt cheeks. "Now, will you be a good Federale? Very well. Turn around, and allow me to examine your pussy."

Degraded and defeated, the Jessica tip-toed on the cool concrete floor until she faced her ex-prisoner. He applied more handcuffs on her left side until she stood naked, spread out in a giant 'X' and bound to the jail metal bars. Satisfied with her immobility, Escobar slid his hand over her crotch, relishing the sensation of her blonde curls on his palm.

"Spread yourself." He demanded. It was a symbolic gesture, since her legs were already forced apart. Soon, his fingers gained access to her puffy pussy lips. Not entirely surprised by the slick wetness present, Escobar explored her cunt with patience. Before long, two of his fingers were buried deep, right up to the knuckles.

"Delicious, wouldn't you agree?" Escobar complimented, passing his slippery digits from his mouth to Jessica's lips. She parted them reluctantly, and was made to suckle on his fingers. While he happily repeated his visit to her pussy, Escobar returned his attention to Jessica's firm breasts.

He toyed with them, lifting and caressing her mounds. In due time, he lowered his mouth to them and teased her pink nubs with his tongue. The son-of-a-bitch was taking his time, Jessica realized helplessly. She gasped sharply when his hand returned to work on her cunt, until he could feel her juices flowing and subtle, but growing desire, to meet his intruder fingers.

"D-damn you, Escobar."

"This is desirable, yes? I believe you are ready for Escobar." He smiled, tearing off his orange prisoner jumpsuit. The dark tattoos and intense scars over his rippling muscles were a definite source of intimidation for the ATF agent, but her eyes were glued to his full erection, with its raging mushroom head pointed straight at her...

"Do not be concerned, Miss Koch. That perra, the slut... police deputy, was very helpful to give me some... immediate relief. I will not be hurried with you."

He took a step forward, taking his cock and sliding the head slowly along the wet crease of her cunt. The arms-dealer grinned triumphantly when a long moan escaped from the bound agent. Jessica's moan abruptly transformed into a shriek of pleasure when her former prisoner drove deep into her, taking care to slide along her hardened clit.

"Yes, Miss Koch... you are... mine."


As he savoured his triumph over the federal agent with each stroke, Hector Escobar was completely oblivious that he had a captive audience two floors above him. The three were watching the TV monitor intently, although the 'hostess' had little say in the matter. A fistful of blonde hair in her hand, Cammy held up the head of the whimpering lieutenant, with the blade of her tactical knife placed under her chin.

"Even a dumb tart like you should know what's coming. No?" Cammy painfully jerked her head around. "Let me spell it out for you then -- you are our evening sex toy, like the fucking ATF agent." She whispered coarsely into Samantha's ear, enjoying the gasp that escaped her lips.

"We won't bother to gag you. You know why? If you try to draw any attention, your colleagues will be shot with hollow-point bullets, and we will gun down anyone in our way. Also, in a few minutes, the Knox County Sheriff's Department will be requesting assistance from the State Troopers to locate their missing deputies, so those in the field will be occupied. Do you understand the situation, lieutenant?"

With the charcoal-coloured blade near her throat, the blonde mumbled a response in the affirmative.

"Very good. Believe me, bitch, it's in your best interest to make us happy."

The state lieutenant nodded breathlessly. Samantha had never been held at gunpoint or knifepoint before, and it was all she could do not to burst out in tears. The descent from being in control to being completely powerless was so swift and sudden that her mind was still struggling to comprehend. Then there were the contents of her safe...

Deep in thought, she offered no resistance when 'Romeo' removed her blazer jacket. He had her stand at the edge of her wooden desk, before his massive hand clamped down on the back of her neck and held her face down on the table surface. Armed with a coil of rope, the silent hulk first tied her ankles neatly to the opposing table feet. He allowed for some slack, but her legs would stay spread far apart.

He left the handcuffs on her, but looped three more twine of rope just above her wrists, elbows, and shoulder blades. Samantha had no idea that her elbows could touch like this -- she was certain that only her experience with hot yoga was allowing her arms to stretch.

Finally, a bright red leather collar was attached to her neck. An exhibition of its choking capability -- when Cammy jerked on the connecting cord -- further motivated the lieutenant to behave.

After securing her, they kicked back and focused on main event on the TV screen. Samantha noticed the brunette was also engrossed on her phone, sending and receiving messages. Unable to block out the assault of the attractive ATF agent, it wasn't difficult for Samantha to imagine what they would do to her.

She didn't have to wait long to find out.

As she watched Escobar's fingers plunge up the agent's pussy on screen, Samantha felt her knee-length skirt being hiked upward, ever-so-slowly, past the tops of her black stockings and garter belt, until it was bunched up just over her curvy rump.

"Very sexy." She could feel their eyes drinking in the view of her raised ass, barely covered by her fluorescent yellow, French-cut panties. Samantha managed to stay still when both his hands started on her ankles, glided up her stocking-clad legs, gave extra attention to her buttery-smooth calves, before the giant palms rested on her butt cheeks.

He began to spread and massage them, slowly but powerfully. She cringed when his fingers traced along the laced edges of her underwear, snapping the elastics loudly against her skin.

"Please..." Samantha started, but then the brunette pulled her up by her hair, forcing her upright. Still dressed in the stolen deputy's uniform, the woman knelt in front of her on the desk, and caressed her frightened face. Leaning closer still, she pulled out the pins to release her long blonde hair from the bun.

"Beautiful." The brunette nodded, took a strand of hair and rubbed it against her own face. Gazing Samantha in the eyes, she inhaled deeply to relish her mix of subtle perfume and natural scent.

As Escobar bit down on Jessica's tits on the screen, both of Samantha's assailants stepped up their aggression on her. The brunette suddenly gripped her cheeks and kissed her on her lips. As her hot tongue forced its way past Samantha's lips, she felt her blouse being tugged upward.

"If you move... the knife goes through you." Came the hurried warning, in between her raiding kisses. Samantha froze when she heard and felt the tactical knife slicing through her cream-coloured blouse. One by one, the buttons fell noiselessly on the desk.

Without breaking their kiss, the brunette reached past her open blouse and groped hungrily at her firm tits. The state lieutenant gasped when the lacey fabric of her matching yellow bra was raked against her tender nipples.

As the forced lesbian kisses continued, the silent brute's fingers arrived at the gusset of her panties, and he started to stroke her vulnerable pussy through the flimsy material. Following a loud tearing sound, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her dark gray skirt tossed across the room. Startled, she whined in objection -- right into the brunette's mouth, and was largely ignored.

She stiffened at the feel of her panties being yanked upward -- was that her wetness that has matted to her panties? Samantha heard further ripping and felt the cool air greeting her heated pussy. Yet she could still feel the waistband of her panties. It took her a moment to realize he had simply tore through the gusset piece as though it was paper, and left the ruined piece of lingerie on her.

"This pussy is nice and shaved." She heard him report, almost dryly.

As her hands hefted and explored her rich cleavage, his fingers parted her vaginal lips and probed at will. Samantha groaned in heat when -- oh god, that's his tongue! -- slithered across her labia, and dabbed at her waiting clitoris. The bastard was even using her torn panties to wipe off the excessive mixture of fluids. She groaned again as her bra cups were forcefully pushed down, and her large tits spilled forth. Immediately, greedy hands -- both of hers, quickly followed by his -- pawed and squeezed and massaged her large breasts.

"With these babies, I bet you get allll the attention, don't you?" The brunette guffawed. "Answer me when I ask you a question, bitch!"

Blushing, Samantha nodded.

"Captain Barnard, he fucks you all the time, doesn't he?"

The abrupt, piercing accusation sent Samantha into stunned silence. The action on her came to a sudden stop.

"... W-What?... Cap... That -- No, that's not true..." Her half-baked denial was interrupted with a sharp, stinging backhand across her cheeks.

"Don't lie to me, bitch." The brunette snatched up Samantha's blonde hair to ensure their eyes met. "I know you're having affairs -- multiple affairs."

The lieutenant's jaw just lowered. "How do I know this? First, you are such a pushover, there's no fucking way you've actually earned your way up the force. You're just a fucking slut with big titties." She emphasized her charge by pinching her nipples -- hard. Samantha gasped and could not offer any retorts.

"Second, your lover boy captain can't stop sending you messages. You have 2,400 texts from him just from the last month. Pretty steamy ones too. That's right, our colleague just ran a check on the phone backup data on your computer. So tell me, lieutenant, how many cops are you really fucking? And don't be shittin' me, because if I find out..." She twisted both pink nubs -- hard.

"Ow!! Stop, please... I... it's the captain... the commander......"

"Keep talking, bitch, you have at least one more."

"... and a corporal."

"You fucking whore! Is that it? I'd be really pissed if --"

"No, I swear!"

"Who's the commander?"

"It's... Field Commander Thomas Everette."

"And the corporal?"

"That... that's Corporal Melissa Holms. She's... my roommate."

"Shit." He whistled, as her cheeks burned with heat.

"Everette and Barnard, are they married?"

"Oh yes. Please, you can't tell anyone...."

"Shut up and listen. We don't have to say a fucking word -- we can just let the pictures and videos on your memory cards and CDs do all the talking." The brunette pointed to the stash from her safe. "You preparing for some leverage if things didn't work out?" Samantha gave a curt nod.

"Well, guess what -- we have your leverage now. Our colleague, the one holding the deputies hostage? Yes, she's already copied the files from this card. Turns out you're no stranger to handcuffs while being fucked." She beamed, ejecting the memory card from her smartphone.

Samantha's heart sank further when she saw the label -- "C-Nov17" -- the pictures were those of her and the captain in the back of a State police van. Images of their role-playing -- Barnard dominating her, while in uniform -- flashed through her mind. She was now dreading her decision to secretly set her phone to automatically capture their kinky sex...

"Maybe you should think about what this all means -- while we fuck your brains out." Their laughter was bone-chilling.

Resuming their teamwork, the brunette proceeded to run her knife over both bra straps, and he tore the pieces of the expensive intimates from her body. Then, as if communicating by telepathy, the duo ceased their assault to disrobe.

Samantha gulped when the brunette rapidly unbuttoned the dark navy police uniform shirt, revealing a black sports bra underneath. With no pretension, she shrugged the shirt off her shoulders, lifted her bra and tossed it aside.

"Kiss them, lieutenant." She ordered, then took Samantha's face and buried it on her own set of impressive tits.

As she struggled to obey the woman with the knife, Samantha could feel his bare chest muscles pressing against her silky smooth backside. Then there was the wet, hard, lengthy object brushing up her against fingers...

"Play with it." The man hissed behind her. Clumsily, she wiggled her fingers, found a comfortable grip and stroked the massive cock with her bound hands. Without looking back, Samantha knew she had a huge tool in her hands -- and she knew exactly what to do with it. He responded with a series of pleasured grunts, especially when she pressed down on the base of his cock, then grazed his wet mushroom head with her fingertips.

"Lieutenant Slut, you will be a good girl and eat my pussy, won't you?" The new nickname was equally troubling to Samantha as the demand. But there was also the part of her gnawing within to taste this dominant woman...


Her eyes widened with a dark desire when the brunette eased the uniform pants down, then sat on the desk with her legs spread open. She was not wearing any panties. The musky smell was unmistakable, and her womanly cream was already building in anticipation around her own shaved pussy.

"Come here, baby." She smiled, tugging on the red collar.

As her head descended toward the gooey cunt, Samantha could feel him prying his cock from her hands. He was gliding his tool along her ass, before resting against her heat box.

"You're drenched, Lieutenant Slut." He snarled.

"Nnnpphhh--" That was all the policewoman could manage before his ten-incher found its target and penetrated deep inside her, at the same time her mouth was filled with salty heat. Her ravished scream faded into her assailant's dripping, ready pussy.


Valerie was confused. It was hard to reconcile the feelings of jealousy, shock, lust, excitement, delight, and... well, primarily lust. Her eyes kept darting back and forth between the two wild scenes on her tablet. Then there were the two squirming, naked female deputies by her feet.

Ten minutes ago, she was floored to see Escobar practically chiseling at the ATF agent with his cock -- Val has never seen someone pump in and out that fast. The bite marks on Jessica's full tits will take time to fade. However, Valerie could tell she orgasmed at least twice during the first round of prolonged fucking.

The proceedings from Lieutenant Samantha Dawson's office were evening more startling -- and intense. Val was glad she caught the gentle chime on her tablet. At first, she couldn't understand why Cammy texted her -- but she quickly caught on and used the policewoman's password to remotely enter her desk computer.

From there on, it was just a matter of locating the synchronized phone data and searching up the registered owners of the phone number who sent the lieutenant 2,418 messages in 27 days -- Carson & Jacqueline Barnard. There were also the cross-referencing of the State Police roster, the receiving and sorting through the megabytes of pictures sent by Cammy.

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