Cockatoo Pt. 04


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'Hey, didn't you say Areeya was going to join us?'

Alex looked straight into my eyes and said, 'Yes, she did, she's sitting just over there.'

I whirled around to follow where Alex was pointing and Areeya sat just a few yards away from where Alex and I had been. My heart nearly jumped into my throat with shock.

'What the hell? Was she there all the time we were, you know?' I was babbling again.

Alex took me by the arm and said, 'Yes, of course, she was. We don't keep anything from each other. Oh, James I think you've had another shock today.' That was putting it mildly. More like two near cardiac arrests within a few hours I would say.

'Jesus, is there anyone bloody else there? The cook or the waitress, for example?'

Alex laughed, 'I'm surprised to hear you say that, James, but if you want them to watch next time, that could be arranged.' By this time I couldn't tell if she was joking or not. Next time, of course, carried an implication that I didn't want to face right now.

She led me by the arm towards Areeya. She rose, smiling, from the chair with that extraordinary grace of hers.

Quite bizarrely in the circumstances, she made a wai to me and equally bizarrely, I made one back. Me and my bloody manners.

Areeya came to stand in front of me and reaching up kissed me on the cheek.

'Kap kun ka, thank you, James,' she said softly in Thai then English.

'Thank you? What for, Areeya?' I was baffled.

'For making Alex happy, James.' Her smile was so genuine that I had to smile back.

Alex squealed with joy and pulled Areeya into a massive hug, 'Oh, Areeya, I do love you. James, isn't she just the best?'

To say I was bemused was about the understatement of the year. Areeya had just sat and watched her girlfriend give a blow job to a man who had walked into their lives only a few hours earlier and she was thanking him for it. Nothing in my life so far had prepared me for this kind of relationship. I felt I might have fallen down a rabbit hole into a parallel universe.

'Areeya, I don't know what to say,' I felt I had to say something, if only that I didn't know what to say.

Alex still had her arm around Areeya and was smiling just like a cat who with two bowls of cream. Areeya said something to Alex in Thai and Alex nodded.

Alex took hold of my hand and still holding Areeya round that waist said, 'And I would like to thank James also for what he said about not wanting to hurt either Areeya or I. That was just what I would have expected my gentleman to say, so thank you.'

Areeya smiled and said, 'That was very sweet of you, James. That made me happy too,'

'You're both welcome,' I said and immediately screamed to myself, what an idiotic thing to say.

'I think we should all head for bed now. It's been a long and tiring day. And at least two of us have to do some work tomorrow. Or I mean today really.' Alex announced.

'Look, wouldn't it be better if I went back to the hotel so you two can get some rest?' I offered.

Alex pouted, 'Don't you want to stay with us, then? Didn't you enjoy what we did?'

'Yes, no, yes, I mean, I just want to do the right thing, that's all.' Back to babble speak, these two girls just scrambled my brain.

Areeya said, 'James, the right thing to do is to stay here tonight and we can discuss what happens next tomorrow. It will take far too long for you to go all the way back to your hotel at this time of night. We have the flat right here and it has two bedrooms so there is no problem whatsoever.' Areeya was obviously the sensible half of their partnership. 'I will take the second bedroom and you and Alex can take the main room.' Scratch that about Areeya being the sensible half of the partnership.

'What? I mean, I thought I would sleep on my own.' I spluttered.

'Poor James,' Alex said soothingly to Areeya as if talking about a child, 'I think he's had a few shocks too many today, he can't think straight.' She turned her attention to me, 'James, here's what's going to happen, Areeya will take the second bedroom and you and I will be in the main bedroom. For God's sake, there's a big day bed in there if you really want to sleep by yourself. It's only for tonight, after all.' I was so bemused at this point that I didn't pick up on the full implication of what she meant by only for tonight.

Alex held both my hand and Areeya's and led the way to a flight of stairs at the rear of the building. Areeya said 'The flat is on the first floor and it has a wonderful view of the sea from up there.'

You can take the girl out of real estate but you can't take real estate out of the girl, I thought.

The top of the stairs opened out onto a balcony running the length of the building. Alex punched some numbers into a keypad and a large glass floor to ceiling door slid open.

'Neat. Huh?' said Alex with pride as the door slid closed. She had let go of Areeya's hand to use the keypad but held onto mine. Areeya said, 'my room is over here, so good night James. Alex told me you tasted very nice, so I hope I get to find out for myself soon. ' Before I could think of any reply, Areeya disappeared into the room. My grip on the certainties of life was now slipping rapidly away. I wondered what could possibly happen next.

'Come on, we're over here,' still bouncing with energy, Alex pulled me over to another door and almost dragged me into the room. She kicked the door shut with her foot and snaked her arms around my neck and drew me into a passionate kiss with her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. Whatever resistance I might have put up had been totally sapped by the events of the day and I let her take the lead. We stood there for a while just kissing and holding each other. I was getting hard again and my hands went to her buttocks and pulled her tight towards me. It was then that I felt something push into my groin and I realised with a jolt that Alex also was getting aroused.

Even in my tired and lust fuelled brain I knew that I had to slow this down somehow. I had fallen for Alex as a girl even though I knew she was more than that, and now I was going to have to deal with that somehow.

Alex sensed my hesitation and stopped kissing me and pulled back to look at me.

'What's up?' she scanned my face for an answer. 'James, talk to me please.' Real anxiety now crept into her voice. 'Tell me, am I going too fast? Is that it? Please tell me.'

'Alex, it's me, not you.' I said.

'Oh, for fucks sake not that old line, now it's 'I really want to be friends' and you disappear again, is that it?' She was working herself up now.

She dropped her hands, spun around and walked off a few steps. Without looking at me, she said in a shaky voice, 'If that's the case, then you'd better go now.'

I said, 'do you want me to go?'

She was holding her arms across her chest hugging herself, 'No, I don't want you to go, but I don't want to be hurt again so if you go please never come back.'

This was a tipping point. I felt my whole future would revolve around what I said in the next few seconds. The voices in my head were finally still. I knew precisely what I was going to say.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, she stiffened but stayed still. I said, slowly and carefully, 'Alex, I would never want to hurt you and I don't want to be just your friend. I don't want to leave; I want to be with you, because I am in love with you, but if you still want me to go, say it and I will go now and never come back, I promise.'

I felt her body relax and, still facing away from me, she whispered, 'Do you really mean you love me?'

'Yes, I do'

She whirled round and kissed me again. She put her arms around my neck jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I grabbed her just quickly enough to stop us both falling over.

'James, I love you too. I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay with me.' She covered my face with little kisses and I walked us over to the bed. I put her down on the bed and sat down next to her.

'Alex, this has happened so quickly, I feel like I have to slow down a bit. There are some things I need to get adjusted to and I want you be patient with me. I have never been with someone like you and you will need to let me get used to things at my pace. You will have to be my guide through this, but I want to try my hardest to please you.'

She giggled and said, 'You've tried quite hard already.' Seeing the look on my face, she went on, I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. I'm so sorry; I know this must be difficult for you so we'll go at your pace. I won't make you do anything you're not comfortable with. I have this horrible habit of trying to be funny to cover up my insecurity. I'll stop it, I promise.'

My turn to chuckle, 'Don't promise what you can't deliver,' as she started to reply I kissed her and all I could hear were some muffled noises as she tried to say something. She broke free and slapped me on the arm. 'Be careful, or I will have to punish you. Or maybe that's what the gentleman would like to happen?'

She jumped up and moved out of my reach, giggling all the while.

She stopped and looked serious, 'Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight then?'

I looked at her, her face showed the anxiety she must have felt. 'No, I would rather sleep in the bed tonight,' I paused for a fraction of a second, 'You can sleep on the couch.'

I watched her face drop, but I couldn't keep a straight face and burst into laughter, 'No, I want both of us to sleep in the bed tonight.'

'You bastard,' she said, though she was laughing too by this time.

'I really will have to punish you somehow for that,' She hit me on the arm again to make her point. 'Is that the best you've got?' I replied, although to be honest, it did hurt a bit.

'You monster,' she was laughing like a drain by this time. 'I'm going to get ready for bed. There's the loo over there and I'm heading for the bathroom over here.'

With that she disappeared through a door to what I assumed was the bathroom. I finally had a chance to look around the room. On one side was a window running the length of the room. At one end was the door through which we had entered. There were three or four doors leading off this room, one of which was the door Alex had gone through. At one end of the room were two large couches in an L shape with a low table between them. A huge large screen TV sat on a low cupboard and on a small desk was perched what looked like an Apple MacBook Pro. At the other end of the room was a dining table with half a dozen chairs. In between, with its headboard up against the wall facing the window was probably the biggest bed I had ever seen. It was huge both in width and length.

The lighting was supplied by a number of small lamps dotted around the room. The walls were hung with what looked like original artworks and the whole effect was of understated luxury. I realised my bladder was screaming at me and looked for the loo. I tried one door, which led into what looked like a very well fitted kitchen and found the washroom behind a second door. I took a very welcome pee, washed my hands and stood drying them on a towel when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Despite what had happened tonight, I couldn't see any change. I smiled to myself, what do you think would have changed, you fool. Apart from needing a shave, there was nothing in my face that was any different from when I looked in the mirror this morning. Yet my face and I knew that plenty had changed. The room had one of those lights that really flatters your reflection, makes it look tanned and less wrinkly. I wasn't exactly chiselled but I had kept myself in good shape with running and swimming so I didn't scrub up too badly. Blue eyes, strong jaw and straight nose, sandy blondish hair that did flop down at the front a bit, but Hugh Grant? Couldn't see it myself.

I moved back to the bedroom, took off my t-shirt and jeans and sat on the bed feeling a bit foolish in my boxers. Should I take them off and get into bed? What would a gentleman do?

Before I could decide I was startled to hear music began to flood the room. The music was turned down low as presumably Alex from the bathroom adjusted the volume. I was astounded as I realised it was 'Tutu' by Miles Davis, one of my favourite jazz tracks.

'I remembered that at uni you couldn't decide if this or Oscar Peterson's Hymn to Freedom were your favourite jazz pieces,' Alex spoke from the open doorway to the bathroom. I couldn't remember ever talking to old Alex about jazz but she was right. I still can't choose between those two tracks. I wondered if the Oscar Peterson piece playing in the bar when I arrived had been more than just a coincidence.

Alex stood there backlit by the light from the bathroom and my heart flipped. She was wearing a long silk robe with a vibrant floral print, she had brushed her hair and it just glowed in the light. She looked stunning.

'Oh baby,' she said walking over to me, 'you look so sweet sitting there like that. Are you waiting for me? Come on let's get into bed. First you got to take off those boxers though.' She grabbed hold of them and slid them down my legs. My cock immediately jumped to attention and Alex bent down and kissed the head. 'I see someone's pleased to see me.' She touched a button on the wall turning out the main room lights but leaving two bedside lamps on. She touched another button and they dimmed but didn't go out completely. She also closed the blinds automatically as she said otherwise the morning sun would wake us up too early. I moved onto the bed, my cock waving in the air as I did so. There was still enough light to see Alex as she let the robe slip to the floor and she slipped onto the bed next to me. She was wearing a filmy nightdress that came down to her hips and a pair of knickers.

'James, I don't want you to do anything that you're not comfortable with so let's just take it slow and see what happens. We'll find out as we go what we both like and what we're ready to do, is that OK?'

I nodded and she moved over to my side and she started to kiss my chest, little kisses all over and then began to suck and lick my nipples. I have always had sensitive nipples and when she used her teeth to gently bite and stretch them I was going crazy. She moved up the bed and started to kiss and nibble my ear lobes, the sensations I was getting were almost overwhelming. I gently eased her onto her back, reached under the nightdress and started to fondle her breasts, the first time I had touched any part of her body. She said, 'This is no good,' sat up and in one fluid move took the nightdress over her head and dropped it on the floor. She stayed where she was looking down at me and for the first time I could see her breasts. I reached out and touched the nipples and they immediately started to harden. I gently began to rotate my hands on her breasts gently kneading and rubbing them. She began to make little mewing sounds almost like a kitten. 'Keep going,' she whispered, I love that.'

I brought her back down to the bed and started to kiss and suck on the right nipple and held the left between my fingers, rolling the hard little nipple round and round. I flicked the other nipple with my tongue and she said, 'God, that's wonderful, do the other one please.' I changed sides and took the left one in my mouth and used my hands on the other one. She began to move her hips as I continued to tease her breasts. Her hand slid its way down my chest tickling me with feathery little touches of her fingers and nails. Her fingers got to my groin and stopped for a moment drawing circles just above my cock causing little fluttery feelings in my stomach. As I continued to kiss and suck her breasts she moved her hand down onto my erection and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. I was already as hard as granite and this was making me gasp with pleasure and arousal. She slipped a finger underneath my balls and started to rub the perineum. This was the first time anyone had done this and the sensation sent me into overdrive. I began to writhe with the stimulation and I started to pant and moan with everything I was feeling. My cock was just aching for some kind of release.

'James,' she whispered in my ear, 'Do you want me to use my mouth or do you want to fuck me?' I could feel how tense she was when she asked, fearing for my answer.

I thought for precisely one nanosecond, 'Oh, I really want to fuck you, but you're going to have to show me how.'

'Baby, that's OK, I'll show you what to do. She reached over to the night stand and pulled out something from a drawer. I realised it was lube when she squeezed something onto my cock and rubbed it in. I watched as she reached behind her and moving her knickers to one side, applied some to herself. She moved me onto my back, straddled me and positioned herself facing away from me right over my erect cock. I watched as she again moved her knickers to one side, eased herself down and gently steered my cock towards her hole. She moved up down on me and when she was sure I was in the right place she used her weight to ease herself deeper onto my cock. I felt an initial resistance but then with an extra thrust I found myself inside her. She gasped as I entered her and slowly she took more and more of me inside. I felt her hole tight around my cock and she began to move up and down on me. She was now bouncing up and down on me and I began to thrust up as she came down. I had never felt sex as intense as this ever before.

'Use your hands on my tits,' she screamed at me. I raised my hands and reached around to knead her breasts as she pummelled herself onto me. I was driving upwards as she pushed herself down on me, both of us grunting with the effort and the excitement. I felt myself moving towards a climax and I slowed my thrusts hoping to keep this feeling going as long as possible. Alex took her cue from me and slowed her movements and we changed to a slower pace with my cock now driving it deeper and deeper into her. I felt myself now on the edge of coming and I picked up the pace again, thrusting harder and harder. Alex responded moving faster now and with one final thrust I shouted I'm coming and filled her with my cum.

Alex kept moving up and down as I felt my juices flood into her. She kept the movement up for a while drawing out the feeling for as long as she could for me and her. Eventually I slumped back, completely spent and Alex moved gently off me and lay down beside me on the bed. I kissed her and she licked the sweat from my cheek, 'Mmm, salty, lovely.'

I laughed and she asked anxiously, 'Well, how was it?'

I turned to her and wiping the small beads of sweat away from the corner of her eye, I said, 'Terrible, I hated it.'

There was a moment I could see in her eyes when I almost had her, but she saw my mouth twitch and she yelled, 'James, you are a real bastard sometimes, and I will hurt you.' With that she thumped me in the chest once, reached down and grabbed my cock and squeezed hard.

'Oooww, that really hurt,' it had too.

'You deserve it, you sod and you know how worried I am about this.' She leant down and kissed my cock which was now soft and a bit sore. 'But you don't deserve it, do you?' I think she was now talking to my cock instead of me.

'James, there's at least one thing about you that's good for something, anyway.' She slipped off the bed and padded across to the bathroom. 'I'll just be a minute and I'm coming back to punish you bad.'

With that the door closed behind her.

I lay back exhausted from the session. The first thought I had was that was probably the best fuck I had ever had. The second thought was that it was with a man. The third thought was no, she's a woman. The fourth thought was did it matter in the slightest. I was a 25 year old man who had never consciously had a gay thought in all those years but in the space of less than 12 hours I had met and fucked someone who had been born a male, but now identified herself as, what actually? I didn't know whether Alex thought of herself as a woman with a penis or a man with breasts or as a third gender as the Thais would have it. Alex seemed perfectly happy with what she was, whatever that was. Are gay, straight or bi real concepts or just labels we use to navigate our way through life when it gets tough? Isn't the truth that all these blur and meld at some point? Can't we be all three of them at some point, or two of them or just one if we choose to live that way? Could I accept Alex for what she is or will I not be able to overturn my prejudices and inhibitions? Does falling for her make me gay and if so does that matter a damn if you love someone. I knew that what I felt for Alex was something so strong and powerful that I knew that at least I had to try.

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