tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCockboy Ch. 02

Cockboy Ch. 02


(To better understand the story please read Cockboy Ch. 01.)

Jeff showered, shaved, and started his day. His mind was racing. "What the hell happened last night? What was with those girls, and why couldn't I stop what they were doing? Kristen is so confident and tough, and Mara seems shy but she is devious and wicked when she's with Kristen. And they have so much against me! Shit, what was I thinking when I started jacking off at work? And to get caught by the same girls that I was peeping on!"

"I had no choice but to show up at their apartment. Actually it was sort of cool being made into a 'cock boy' for these two hot girls. And being made to shoot a huge load in front of them. It certainly wasn't bad as punishments go!"

He struggled into a clean security uniform, grabbed his keys and his wallet, and headed for the door. He had to be there by 2PM.


At 'Teens and More', Kristen led the young girls through the task of processing a huge shipment of clothing. The new styles were in for summer, and since the company had shifted focus there were many new styles. Since Kristen was the senior employee, beside the manager Carol, it was her job to lead the all female staff through the orderly process of displaying the new summer line. Carol had, of course, just happened to be out on a personal day.

They'd all be working late tonight. The company policy was that for every late night like this there would be pizza for all when the work was done. Kristen ordered the pizzas and sodas to be delivered at nine thirty. At nine she announced to the girls that there would be food and beverage in the conference room in thirty minutes. They didn't usually use the conference room, but Kristen had a plan.

She slipped from the store and hurried into a back corridor, then followed the tangled maze of pathways until she got near to the Security office. She knew that Jeff was there because she had seen him earlier when she went to lunch.

She used the same technique that she had used before and silently opened the door and peeked in. Jeff was looking at the live video feed, and talking on the phone, He confirmed that everything was fine. He said goodbye to his boss and put down the phone. Jeff spun around to shake his frustration and found himself looking at Kristen.

He was shocked at first as he looked her over. She was a true beauty, her body lean and inviting. But the look on her face was anything but inviting. She looked stern and powerful, like she was in command. He immediately felt intimidated.

"Hello, Cockboy." She sauntered over to where he stood. He couldn't, or didn't, speak.

"You were good last night. Mara and I enjoyed it very much." She looked at him hard and he dropped his eyes in shame. "Look at me." He lifted his eyes to her demanding stare.

"You have shown that you will bear punishment to keep us quiet. That's good, since you violated the trust of everyone in this mall. And you spied on Mara and me. But don't think that you're off the hook because of last night. We're not done with this yet."

"Mara and I talked it over last night. We've decided that that there are five steps to your punishment. You have completed step one and done very well. But there are four steps left to go. You will need to do as we say four more times before we forgive you for what you've done. Do you understand, Cockboy?"

Jeff started to speak but Kristen stepped very close and held up her hand to stop him. He was blushing hard. He knew he had to hold her stare and not look away. Her face was only inches from his.

He couldn't stand her glare any longer. He answered softly. "Yes."

She grabbed his tie and pulled him even closer. "When everyone else is gone lock up the mall. Come and see me and Mara at the store. Be there at 9:30."

She spun on her tall heal and walked out of the door.


Jeff had been thinking about what she said as he walked around the circumference of the mall and locked all of the doors, It was 9:25 when he made his way back the the center section of the mall. He was torn. Part of him wanted to run out to his truck and flee. The other part wanted to go to 'Teens and More' and do what he needed to do to put an end to this.

At 9:30 he found himself at the entrance to the store. Kristen was just inside and she watched his approach. She crooked her finger and invited him in. He slowly walked up to her.

"Jeff, you did as we asked the last time. You made a big mistake by spying on us. I know that you can turn and leave at any time. But you know that we have the video of you jacking off while you looked at videos of the changing rooms."

Jeff said nothing.

"Your task tonight is to follow me and do as I say." Kristen looked hard into his eyes, and Jeff found himself blushing again. She turned and walked toward the back of the store. Jeff followed.


Kristen had told the girls that tonight's pizza party would be special. They had worked hard and deserved a special treat. Mara brought in the pizzas and a selection of drinks and put them on the conference table.. She placed plates at the eight center chairs of the big table.

The girls filed in and sat around the table, tearing off pieces of pizza, laughing and talking over each other as they enjoyed the food and drink. All eight girls were in a happy mood even though they had worked late. They liked working here, liked each other, and liked the late night pizza parties. When they had finished and the table was cleared Kristen rose. Everyone quieted and looked toward her.

"Friends, you have all done a great job for 'Teens and More' tonight. Without your enthusiastic support, we'd be just another store that closed it's doors within a year. It is you that has made us successful."

The employees all clapped, and a few yelled. So far, so good.

Kristen continued. "So tonight we have a special reward for you. Please let me present Jeff." Kristen moved to the door and pulled a reluctant young man into the room by the arm.

"Mara and I caught Jeff doing something that he shouldn't have done. I won't say what it was. Jeff's punishment is to do five tasks for us. He completed the first task last night. Tonight brings him to task number two," explained Kristen. "Jeff has a very impressive cock. Tonight he is going to show it to us." Kristen looked at Jeff and smiled. Jeff looked terrified.

"I need two girls to strip Jeff. Any volunteers?"

Every girl giggled, but two rose to their feet immediately. It was the twin sisters, Erin and Kate. The two redheads started moving toward Jeff. Their pale faces were slightly flushed as they stopped next to the boy.

"Jeff, you know that you have four more things to do for me and Mara before you have fulfilled your debt. Is that correct?"

Jeff's eyes were on the floor. He knew that he had to answer. "Yes", he said.

"Erin, Kate, take off his clothes." Without hesitating, Erin pulled off Jeff's tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Kate stepped behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Slowly she began to unbuckle his belt.

Jeff blushed deeply as he watched Erin unbuttoning his shirt.

The girls seated around the table all stared with wide eyes as Erin pulled Jeff's shirt off, then his t-shirt over his head. Kate released his belt then opened the catch on his pants. They fell to the floor leaving just his boxers. Jeff tried to cover his growing bulge from their stares, but Kristen firmly grabbed his hands and pulled them away. Erin and Kate went to their knees and each removed a shoe and a sock. The twins then removed his pants from around his ankles. Jeff was visibly shaking.

"Excellent, girls. Please return to your chairs. Don't worry, you'll get your chance to play," Kristen smiled at the twins as she pulled back an unused chair next to the table.

"Last night Mara and I came up with a name for Jeff. You'll see why." She turned to face Jeff. "Cockboy, step up on the chair, and then onto the conference table."

Jeff looked at Kristen with pleading eyes and shook his head left and right, begging her not to make him do this. She saw that he was quivering, but the bulge in his boxers was obvious.

Kristen's eyes bore into Jeff's. "Your mind says no, but your cock says yes. Your blushing face says no, but your cock says yes. More importantly, you know the consequences if you don't do as I say. I order you to stand on the table."

Jeff let out a meek groan as Kristen pushed him toward the table. He climbed onto the chair and then up onto the table. Kristen followed and stood closely behind him on the table.

"Ladies, for tonight's entertainment I now present....Jeff the cockboy!" She reached to his hips and slid his boxers down. His erection caught in the front as she kept pulling the boxers lower. "Tah dah...." She yanked his boxers down and his cock sprang free, slapping up against his belly.

A collective gasp went through to room. Then, silence as the girls stared at his huge hard-on. Finally, Erin spoke softly. "Holy shit, Kristen, you told me and Kate that it was big, but that thing is... enormous!" Now, all the girls started talking at once.

Jeff stood there with his eyes closed, feeling totally humiliated. Kristen pulled his boxers off of his feet and tossed them on the floor. "The girls want to see your big cock up close, Cockboy. Lie down on your back." She positioned him in the center of the table and pulled him down, then stepped to the floor and sat in her chair. Jeff laid back on the table with his cock pointing toward his chin.

Kristen took the lead again. She slowly reached out and gently wrapped her hand around the cock. "Now, Jeff is obviously very excited. We do not want to let him come. You may all touch and fondle this whopper and play with his swollen balls, but DO NOT make him cum. To stop him from stroking himself each of you grab the arm or leg in front of you and hold him down on the table." Each girl grabbed with both hands and held him down. "Mara, you're on cock watch. If he seems close to coming, squeeze his shaft and pull his balls down like we did last night." Mara immediately wrapped a tight hand around the base of Jeff's cock as Kristen pulled her hand away. Kristen and Mara shared a devilish smile.

"We'll go around the table and take turns. I told Erin and Kate what we'd be doing tonight. They've been waiting all day to get their hands on him so they're first. Kate, why don't you begin. Cockboy, I want you to keep your eyes open and on your cock."

Kate released Jeff's leg and moved her head closer until she was breathing on the cock. She reached gently, brought up her index finger, and pushed it lightly onto the hole in the center of the head. Jeff moaned.

She began by running her fingers all around the swollen cock head with a look of wonder in her eyes. "It's so hard, but so soft," she mewed. She then tickled all the way around the underside of the big cock head while Jeff shuddered. Next, she wrapped her hand around the middle of the cock and slowly stroked up and down. "I can feel his heartbeat." She brought in her other hand and hefted his nuts. Then both hands were on his balls, gently squeezing and pulling. "God, I didn't know that a man's balls could be this big." Letting go of one of his balls, she grabbed his cock and held it pointing straight up into the air. "How long is this thing?"

Mara, who still had a tight fist around the base of Jeff's cock, answered. "We measured him last night. It's 8-7/8 inches long and almost 6 inches around."

Kate sighed then said, "look, the tip is leaking. Can I have a taste, Kristen? Please?"

"Alright, a new rule. Each of you can have one lick. But no more or he'll enjoy it too much, Remember, we're punishing him." replied Kristen. She saw Jeff's pleading look again. She smiled and winked at him.

Now Jeff's eyes were on Kate as she leaned forward. Still holding his cock straight up, she stuck out her tongue and took one long, slow swipe of his cock head. Jeff's ass nearly came off the table but the other girls had a firm hold on him. It was the first time that a tongue had ever touched his cock.

"Ooh, I just love the taste of pre cum," purred Kate as she released his cock and smacked her lips. "OK, Erin, your turn."

Jeff watched as the beautiful twin sisters switched places. He knew that if Mara wasn't holding him so tightly he'd be shooting cum all over the room. He groaned and laid his head back. Mara used her other hand to grab his scrotum. She slowly but firmly pulled his balls away from his body and down toward the table.

"For those of you that don't know, a man's balls pull tight against his body just before he cums. To prevent that you need to pull his balls away from his body," said Mara as she continued to pull. His balls finally felt looser in their sack. "OK, Erin, he's all yours."

Erin softly grabbed a ball in each hand and squeezed, then squeezed harder. Jeff let out a loud groan. Then she pulled his balls up high and dropped them. They flopped back toward the table. She did this three more times, loving the look of the heavy balls flopping around.

"I'll never think the same about a man's balls after seeing these. I've never played with them before like this. I think it'll become my new hobby," she said as all of the girls giggled.

She aggressively wrapped both hands around the big cock and again squeezed tight, then tighter yet, and finally nearly as tight as she could. Jeff twitched and rolled his hips from side to side. Erin loosened her grip and began to stroke him with both hands. Even with Mara's finger and thumb tight around the base, there was still plenty of room for her to stroke away. She heard Jeff start to pant so she released her hands.

Erin looked into Jeff's eyes and said "What's the matter Cockboy, do you want me to keep going until you cum? I'll bet you do. Would you like to cum all over my hands?" Jeff shook his head. Erin laughed and teased him. "I don't think so. You'd enjoy that too much." She pulled his cock up, winked at him, and slowly ran her tongue around the tip. She stroked him quickly, released him, and went back to her chair.

Jeff watched in a daze as they continued around the table. First, the short girl with the big tits. "Hello big cock, I'm Suzie." She shook his cock like she was shaking hands as the girls laughed. Suzie first concentrated on juggling and rolling his balls in her hands. Picking up the cock she put her thumbs on the pulsing cock head and pulled the hole wide open and looked inside. Next she stroked the cock slowly and softly from base to tip. Soon she was stroking his shaft vigorously, finally squeezing out some pre cum before taking a slurping lick. She handed his cock to a shapely blond girl. This girl introduced herself to the cock as Heidi. Seeing more pre cum oozing out Heidi started by swabbing his cock head all around with her tongue. Jeff moaned and tried to thrust his pelvis. She giggled as she pulled his balls away from his body to keep him from coming then stroked his shaft long and hard. When Jeff started to pant again she let go and slapped his cock hard back and forth a few times. Jeff screeched in pain.

Next was a very hot Latina. "Buenas noches, Mr. cock. I'm Maria and I love big dicks." She placed her elbow in his pubic hair and held his cock up next to her arm. The cock went to past her wrist. "You are the biggest cock that I have ever met!" As the other girls laughed Maria grabbed a ball in each hand and sniffed them. She then grabbed the cock with both hands and stroked while she ran her tongue around the head.

Now came the girl that Jeff had been admiring for weeks. They had spoken a few times at the food court but he had been too tongue-tied to say much. He knew her name was Andi and he'd wanted to ask her out but just couldn't put the right words together. She was blond, almost his height, and had a nice, firm body. She surprised him by stepping over and giving him a kiss on the lips before pushing her tongue into his mouth, She moved down and put those lips on his cock and quickly took the first couple of inches into her mouth before pulling off with a smirk. She took her time running her fingertips all over his shaft and balls. Then, leaning down, she planted a soft kiss on each of his balls and stepped away. Jeff was more excited than he had ever been.

Kristen turned to Mara. "Your turn now, room mate, I'll take over on cum control." Kristen's hand replaced Mara's as she tightly squeezed the base.

Mara started by using her finger to collect a small drop of pre-cum from the cock head. She slowly stuck the finger into Jeff's mouth. She then ran her hands all over his shoulders and chest and pinched each nipple hard. Jeff groaned and shook. Mara continued running her fingertips down his belly and thighs and all around his groin, never touching his cock. She went slowly and softly. "Do you want me to touch your cock?" she whispered. Jeff shook his head rapidly. "Tell me what you want."

Jeff looked into Mara's eyes and said loudly, "yes! I want you to touch my cock. Please, make me cum!"

Mara smiled and looked at Kristen. "Kristen, why don't you and I work on him together?" They descended like vultures. Kristen's free hand grabbed one of his nuts, and Mara held the other. They pulled them down and away. "Oh, no, cockboy, you don't get to cum yet."

They both pulled hard, almost painfully, so that Jeff's balls were stretching his sack as tightly as it would go. Jeff groaned and twisted as the other girls held him tightly. Mara grabbed his cock and stroked quickly while they pulled his balls. Jeff's moaning became constant. They worked him higher and higher, his breath coming in gasps. Suddenly, they both let go of him, removing both hands. The big cock twitched and throbbed before the girl's eyes.

Kristen spoke loudly. "Cockboy, you are to cum in the same way that you came last night. I will count down from three, and when I say "now", you'll grab your cock with both hands and jack yourself off for us girls. Eight fully clothed girls are going to watch you spurt uncontrollably." She put her face over his and looked him in the eyes. "Will you do as I say? Are you ready to cum?"

Jeff screamed, "Yes!"

Kristen continued. "Girls, release him..... Cockboy, three." Every eye was on his throbbing cock, including his own. Kristen silently counted to 10 then said "two". Jeff groaned, and his arms began to shiver. Kristen silently counted to 15, then said "one". Now Jeff's whole body was shaking.

Kristen silently counted to 20. The girls were all holding their breaths. The big cock was swollen and twitching.

"Now! Come for us, Cockboy!" shouted Kristen.

Jeff's hands were instantly wrapped around his cock. He pumped fast from tip to base. His head fell back on the table and rolled from side to side.

It began. Jeff's hips rose off of the table and he let loose an anguished scream. A huge wad of cum flew from his cock, splattering onto his chin. Another, and another, and another. His chest and neck were covered with cum. He stroked and shivered as more cum pooled on his belly.

Finally his hips fell back to the table as both hands continued to stroke slowly. He was vaguely aware of the girls clapping and yelling. He opened his eyes to see Mara and Kristen leaning in close and staring at his eyes.

Kristen spoke. "Well done, Cockboy! I'm sure that none of us will ever forget this night. But we can't leave all this man-cum in the store, you'll have to take it with you."

Mara and Kristen each slid two fingers through a pool of cum and brought their fingers to Jeff's lips. Mara said, "time to clean up your mess." She firmly pushed her fingers into his mouth. He had no choice so he licked them clean. Kristen's gooey fingers slipped in next.

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