tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCockstoppers Ch. 3

Cockstoppers Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Forced Pop Shot!

The memories continued to flood my mind as I looked at the pieces of my precious watch in the palms of my shaking hands. I looked up, with a stunned look on my face, and almost, like an angel leading the way, I noticed a gorgeous blonde woman walking on the sidewalk across the street. My mind roaming now, my eyes watching her, my thoughts racing…no more stopping time…no more free pleasure…no chance to see this beautiful creature in my own special way. And then, she turned and stepped into a store…my eyes floated up to the sign: “Jewelry Repair.” I looked at the window, barely able to see the blonde hair traveling behind it, and read the words that my angel had led me to…“We fix all watches!” I took a deep breath, turned to the street corner and pressed the button for the crosswalk light. Standing, waiting for the light to change, my heart slowed slightly and my mind returned again to days past…the daydreaming continued…

Thursday night, I’m laying in my room watching TV, smiling to myself a little about some of the things I had enjoyed at school today, spinning my incredible new watch in my hand. A time-stopped visit to the women’s locker room gave me a few nice views of some of my favorite classmates. I even stopped my Spanish class for a minute so I could examine my hot teacher’s loose-fitting blouse, letting my fingertips softly slide through her cleavage, pulling her blouse out a little and taking a look at some mature breasts. But the topper of the day was getting the biggest bully in school expelled for exposing himself to the math class while writing on the blackboard. Of course, I did my best not to actually touch his manhood when I opened his pants, but getting him thrown out of school was well worth the feeling of unzipping that asshole’s pants and pulling them down.

Smiling to myself for a second as I watched “Save By The Bell,” my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my little sister, swinging open my bedroom door.

“Mom just said that you have to take me to that concert tomorrow night cause she can’t go” little Suzy spouted.

“Hell no! I’m not taking my little sister to some crappy teenie bopper pop crap show! Where’s mom?” I jumped out of the bed, a little pissed about being forced to a concert full of young girls with high pitched voices screaming for sqeaky boy bands and crap like that. ‘I’m a rocker’ my mind said.

“She went to the store…the concert starts at 6 tomorrow night…I want to be there for the start” Suzy screeched, while sticking out her 13 year-old tongue at me.

“GREAT!” I said, “another Friday night ruined.”

She slammed my door shut. God, what a prissy little witch – gets her way with everything, bosses everyone around and now I have to babysit her at some shitty concert. I rolled over and my eyes dropped to my watch sitting on the edge of my bed, where I dropped it. ‘Yeah, like that will do me any good in a room full of 12 year olds’ I thought sarcastically. I laid down and went to sleep.

The next day passed slowly, probably cause I stopped it a few times to admire a few nice views. When I got home, my mother asked, “So, what did you learn in school today?” I couldn’t exactly tell her the truth – Jan, the hottest swimmer on the senior team is on her period unfortunately; Heather, whose locker is right next to mine, had the sexiest black bra on today but her tits aren’t quite full enough to completely fill it yet; Michelle’s face can turn 3 shades of red, especially when her skirt blows up in the middle of campus and she suddenly realizes that she lost her panties sometime during the day (ha ha ha, I wonder how she lost them) – so I jumped right into an attack on my babysitting job tonight.

“What this about me having to take Suzy to that stupid show tonight? You know I hate that crappy music. My ears are gonna bleed from all those 12 year old girls screaming in my head!” I snapped.

“Sorry honey, but I had a job come up and I can’t take her. It’s some of her favorite groups, plus I heard there is a surprise superstar tonight. Maybe it will be Britney Spears!” my mother chimed, trying to make me feel better.

“Oh God…don’t tell me I’ll have to listen to that crap too!” I said, but in the back of my mind, I was already thinking of my watch.

I went to me room to get dressed, slipping on my Metallica t-shirt and ripped black jeans. ‘Ha…You can make me go but you can’t make me dress like a teenie bopper!’ I thought as I looked in the mirror. I looked down at my chest of drawers just as my little sister burst in.

“Let’s go big brother….OH MAN…You aren’t going looking like that are you? My friends will die laughing.” Suzy sputtered.

“Too bad…I don’t want to go anyway” I leered at her with my own tongue pointing out at her. “MOM” she yelled and shut my door. I turned to walk out, then looked back. “Ah, might as well take it” I said aloud as I grabbed my watch and slipped it in my pocket.

I gathered Suzy and hopped in my car. Off we sped to the arena where 10,000 screaming little girls were already watching the first act. “I told you we needed to leave earlier” Suzy screeched. We walked down to the seats Mom had bought, on the floor about 10 rows back. All of Suzy’s friends were right there too, and some with their moms. ‘Thank god,’ I thought, ‘I don’t have to stick to these seats.’ I said “hi” to everyone, then told Suzy I was going for a walk and to stick with her friends and their moms. I turned and headed back up into the arena walkway, scouting for cute girls. But just my luck, they were all underage.

I kept circling the arena, seeing a mom here or a mom there that looked pretty good. There were a few girls that could have been at least 16, but still too young. I took out my watch and looked at it – 7 p.m. – ‘that’s it?’ my mind ran. I walked over to the snack stand, and suddenly found myself looking into a beautiful pair of blue eyes.

“Hi…whatcha need?” she asked. Feeling a little confident, I said, “Your phone number!” and smiled. She giggled a little and looked around, “I don’t think it’s on the menu.” She smiled, “You don’t look much like you belong at this show.” I smiled and looked down at the skull on my Metallica t-shirt. “You don’t think so?” I said sarcastically.

During the whole conversation, I kept trying to figure out how old she was. My eyes dropped to the countertop and I saw a purse stuffed right next to the register. I quickly pressed the button on my watch – the music stopped, those perfect eyes were still, burning into me. I reached over the counter and collected her purse, opening it, I found her driver’s license. ‘hmmm…19 years old…’ I smiled as I slipped things back the way they were. As I did, I noticed that the register next to her was open as the man had been giving change. I looked up at the board – Soda $3 – “Ouch!.” I reached over and slipped three bucks out of the other register, then returned to those blue eyes.

I pressed the watch and everything resumed. “I’ll take a coke please and maybe we can share it if you have a break.” ‘Blue-eyes’ smiled again, turned to fix my drink, took my money, then handed me my soda softly saying, “I break in about 15 minutes…meet you over there by the souvenir stand.” I winked and turned to walk away, suddenly noticing how tight my jeans were. Oh god what a hard on I got, just from talking to that beautiful creature.

I took another little walk, hoping to calm myself over the next couple of minutes before my “date” with the soda girl. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to her. Feeling confident, but totally horny, I decided I better go check on my sister – that should cool off my feelings for a minute.

Just as I started to walk back into the arena, the lights went down. An announcer’s voice boomed, “Are you ready for your special guest star tonight?” 10,000 high pitched voices screamed, filling my ears with pain. ‘God I hate these shows’ I thought, but in the back of my mind, I was hoping it was Britney Spears, so at least had something to look at.

The announcer came back on, “Put your hands together for your favorite Geenie, Christina Aguilera!” I suddenly dropped my soda as my mouth dropped to the floor. My heart jumped as I have always wanted that sexy body. I thought she was a thousand times better looking and more real looking than Britney.

Then, there she was, Christina walked out on stage in high heels, fishnet stockings, a garter belt, small hip hugger black panties and a black lace bra. Her blonde hair, with just a streak of red, swinging around that beautiful face, as she marched to the center of the stage, belting a powerful song.

I looked down at my spilled drink, remembering my 15 minutes until ‘blue-eyes’ got her break. Then a smile crossed my face. I might be able to get to know ‘blue-eyes’ and enjoy her company for a while, but I’ll only get this one chance with Christina. I sat in an empty seat by the top of the stairs and watched the show for a few minutes, waiting for the perfect time.

I kept checking my watch to make sure I’d have time. 10 minutes till I get to meet with ‘blue-eyes.’ Christina was now joined on stage by a set of dancers. This was it. I stood poised, waiting, watch in hand. They did a bunch of moves. There were too many dancers around her. I waited, my time running shorter and shorter, and then it happened.

Christina and her dancers did the move I was waiting for. With legs spread just slightly, they all bent at 90 degrees at their waists, bending forward, chests sticking out, with Christina tilting her face up to see the crowd. She had plenty of cleavage showing in that position. I pressed the watch button and everything froze, except me. My cock jumped in my pants at this scene.

I jumped out of the seat and ran down the steps to the arena floor, weaving my way to the front around a bunch of frozen teenie boppers. I climbed the stage, stepping up in front of my favorite gorgeous singer (looks wise, not actually singing). With her bent over like that, her face turned up, it was like her eyes were looking right at my hard cock in my pants. I couldn’t wait any longer. I set the watch down, so it was out of the way, then looked down at Christina’s beautiful face. Her headset held the microphone firmly in front of her mouth. I reached for it, turning the microphone down, bending it away from her lips. I touched them, feeling the soft skin. Unfortunately, I hadn’t caught her with her mouth open, but god was she sexy anyway.

I immediately reached down and unzipped my pants, pulled on the button and slid them down a little until my hard cock popped right out in front of Christina’s face. God what a feeling, standing in an arena with 10,000 people staring your way, even though they were frozen. I grabbed the shaft of my cock and directed the tip, rubbing my head back and forth across Christina’s lips. “Oh god” my voice cracked a little as her soft lips rubbed the tip of my cock. I already had a little precum leaking, from all my previous thoughts, and as the tip rubbed back and forth on those perfect lips, I left a little glistening wetness.

I tried to press my cock head through her lips, but her mouth wasn’t budging. I stepped back and admired her for a second. A thin string of my cum was hanging from her bottom lip to the tip of my cock. I looked around for a second, admiring my surroundings. I smiled and walked around behind my pop queen. Bent over like that, her garter was stretched, the fishnets looking so hot on those sexy legs. But you know where my eyes were headed.

I dropped to my knees behind her, remembering for a second how Nancy’s pussy had reacted when I froze the Volleyball team and hoping that it would happen again. Slowly, softly, I reached out and ran my index finger right on Christina’s panties, right over her pussy. Feeling her soft tender lips, I could tell she was shaved. My index finger traveled back and forth, softly rubbing her pussy. My eyes looking at her perfect ass…those legs…the perfect “V” she is frozen in…and then, a small wet spot began to form on her black panties. “YES!” I cried out, my cock swelling with anticipation.

I had to see it then…I had to taste it. I hooked my index finger under her panties and pulled them to the side, staring at her beautiful bare pussy. The perfectly formed lips spreading open like a flower, shinning a little from some wetness. I slid my index finger softy between her lips, feeling them spread, watching them turn a little shade of pink as they continued to open. I pressed my finger into her hole, feeling her tight walls contracting a little, more juices flowing now.

Slowly, I slide my finger out, leaning forward, extending my tongue, I licked her lips softly. Tasting Christina in front of all these people had me ready to explode. My tongue slid softly up and down through her slit, collecting her juices. I curled my tongue and made it stiff, pressing it inside her hole. Wiggling just the tip inside her sweet pussy. More juices flooding my tongue. I pulled it out and slid down, spinning small circles around her now exposed clit. I puckered my lips and closed down around her clit, sucking on it. Pulling with my mouth until it popped from between my lips.

I sat back a second, staring at Christina’s pussy – now bright red, throbbing and dripping. I could wait no longer. I stood up behind her. Looking out at the huge crowd of people staring up at the stage. I placed one hand on her ass, squeezing it, then sliding it down and around her hip, grabbing her hipbone. My other hand grabbed the panties again, pulling them to the side as I stepped forward, placing the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it would jump from my chest. I looked out into the arena and smiled as I pulled on her hip, sliding the head of my cock into her sweet hole. “Ooohhhh” I moaned a little as her pussy walls were so tight. I pressed my hips harder, spreading her a little more. I looked down and watched as my cock slid slowly in deeper. Inch by inch, her pussy swallowed my cock until I was fully inside.

I let go of her panties, moving my other hand to her other hipbone, and then began banging her from behind. “Oh FUCK” I called out as my cock slammed home into this sweet hot pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles reacting. Now, there was a sound in the arena, wet skin slapping against wet skin as my cock pounded her pussy.

Already, I was feeling like cumming. This was the most incredible experience and my cock was filled to the brim! I kept fucking Christina, harder and faster, and then I noticed something. Her pussy was contracting, she was gonna orgasm too. Remembering the look on Nancy’s face when I started time again after her orgasm, I decided I had to actually feel this with Christina.

Breathing heavily, I slowed down and slipped my cock out of Christina’s pussy. I quickly scrambled around, looking for the perfect spot, and then I found it. I reached around Christina’s middle and picked her up. Being so small, she was light so I had no trouble. I also retrieved the watch, then carried Christina in her 90-degree bent position, down off the back of the stage to an empty area behind the stage, where we couldn’t be seen. I was taking a huge chance but I had to do it.

I set Christina down and immediately got behind her again. Now, without the eyes on us, I slid my cock right back into that wet pussy. I could feel her muscles convulsing at the suddenly invasion again. Oh my god, I was gonna cum, but I wanted to hold it.

Somehow, I held together, feeling her pussy beginning to react again. I reached down and touched her clit as my cock slid past it. Suddenly her pussy clamped my cock. The time was here.

With one hand, I reached out and grabbed the back of her head, holding it so she couldn’t turn around and see me. With the other hand, I carefully pressed the button of the watch.

[BAM] Suddenly the music was blasting, the girls were screaming, and so was Christina, right into her microphone. Her incredible orgasm racking her entire body as her pussy clamped my cock forcing me to cum, spraying her sweet hot pussy with my cum. My hand holding her head still, but she wasn’t even trying to turn and look back at me. The music as still playing, but missed a beat, the crowd was suddenly quieter, as no one knew where Christina was or why she was screaming.

I slammed twice more into her pussy, making her moan into her microphone and allowing my last sprays to drip into her. Her pussy was contracting and moving and squeezing and doing everything possible to my cock. I slowly pulled back, my cock pulling free and dripping, then I hit the button again, freezing the world.

I looked down at the mess, the cum dripping from Christina’s pussy, pouring out to the floor at my feet. My breathing was still so fast. I took a second to collect myself, walking over to the back of the stage, collecting a towel from behind the drummer, wiping up my cock and tucking myself back into my pants. I walked over and wiped up Christina, a little, but for one last feeling and taste, I slipped my index finger into the cum leaking from her pussy, and ran in across her bottom lip, so she could taste it when time started again.

I wiped her up, slipping those thin panties back over that perfect pussy, then picked her up again, I made my way back to the stage. The dancers had been confused in those few seconds I let the world wake up, so they were kinda all over the stage. I walked Christina back to the center spot, where I had found her, stepping back and looking at the confused look on the crowd. I smiled, then grabbed my watch and walked down off stage, moving back through the arena towards the seat I was originally in. I saw my little sister, still with her friends and their moms as I passed that seating area. She seemed fine. I was much better than fine.

I climbed up to my seat, sat down and pressed the button. The world came to life again, and there was total confusion. Christina looked up towards the crowd, her eyes still all glazed from her orgasm. The dancers all turned and saw her, and began moving towards her. Just before they swallowed her up, I noticed her hand move down to her panties and touch her pussy as her breathing was still coming rapidly. The band just kept playing music, but Christina turned and hurried off stage along with her dancers. The stunned and confused crowd then began clapping and turning to chat about what might have happened. Of course, none of them will ever know.

I smiled and looked down at my watch. “Hmmm, still 5 minutes until ‘blue-eyes’ gets her break.” I smiled and turned to walk out to the arena walkway, to go wait for my ‘date.’

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