tagBDSMCockTales 03 - Beneath Her

CockTales 03 - Beneath Her


CockTales #3 - Beneath You


i waited there silently, standing with my head bowed, awaiting Your next command. This was my least favorite position as it meant that You were hidden from my view. i couldn't look up, past the high heels and slender ankles just barely there at the far reaches of my vision, to see the bemused and lustful expression on Your face that i knew would be there.

But then, suddenly, You were gone.

i heard You moving, the swish of the stockings on Your thighs rubbing against each other, sending electric sparks through me.

And then, a sigh of acceptance and yearning, from a chair, as You settled Your perfect ass upon it.

i waited.

And then it came.

"Crawl here," was all i needed to hear and my knees hit the carpet before the echoes of Your voice had died away.

i crawled slowly. letting the anticipation in both of us heighten.

Your shoes and ankles crept back into my vision and i wondered, once again, how something so simple as a high heeled shoe could be so erotic on Your dainty foot.

"Kiss Me and thank Me," You commanded.

i knew that this was not an invitation to rise and taste your sweet lips, so i bent down further and lovingly kissed Your shoe and ankle. Moving to Your other foot, i repeated this gesture of love and servitude and then said, "Thank You Mistress, for allowing me to serve You today. i hope that i please You."

"you will, james, you will," i heard You whisper. "Now worship Me!"

The words i had been hoping for! i kissed my way up Your nylon clad leg, kissing and licking ever so lightly as i went. i made it past the knee, then up to Your thigh, and You spread Your legs further, allowing me to nuzzle the sweet succulent skin of Your upper thighs.

"Now! Slowly!" You ordered hungrily. "Make it last." And You pulled my head into Your center and draped Your legs over my shoulders, trapping me.

"Look at Me while you eat Me," was Your next command. "you may not have had dinner, but you're going to have some of My special, sweet cream desert."

i couldn't have answered even if i wanted to. Staring up at You now, my tongue was too busy licking. Slowly cleaning the wetness that reappeared after each stroke. The tip of my tongue grazed Your clit with each broad and long lick, and as i started pushing deeper and deeper into You, I saw You reach for the phone.

"Hi Joy, it's Me", i heard You say through the fog of my passion. "You'll never guess what my sweet james is doing now!"

"No, I'm not walking again. That's not why I'm out of breath."

You paused, opened Your legs slightly, and then reached down and adjusted my head and murmured, "Right there," and then You opened Your legs up wider, lifted them up into the air, and placed your heels on my shoulders.

You pulled me in closer with Your free hand.

"Well, he's kneeling before Me and doing a fairly good job of eating My pussy."

She paused, and i barely heard the unintelligible squawks as Joy replied. "Uh huh, that's right, he's my sex slave tonight."

Now that i could hear better, i felt slighted by the first comment and tried even harder. i could barely keep up with the sweet nectar flowing from You. Ambrosia. i heard You moan and then You suddenly stood, knocking me on my back.

"That's right, Joy, he's My little pussy slave tonight," You said as You stood above me. i gazed up at Your swollen lips, and unconsciously licked my own. "And now I'm going to sit on his pretty face and ride him."

And You did. Lowering yourself down to me i heard You say, "Yes, he's coming along very nicely, my little slave james."

Back and forth. Back and forth She moved, before settling into a comfortable position atop me.

"Hard? I'll say he is! And I didn't even have to touch him! Of course, the used stocking I tied around his cock and balls might be helping him stay that way, but I think he really likes this."

"If only She knew," i thought to myself, and with that last thought, i was cut off from the outside world. You slid yourself against my slick face as You searched for the perfect position. And as i struggled for breath, i heard you say from afar, "I have to come now Joy, so I have to go."

And You dropped the phone and reached down and cradled my head in both of Your hands. Pulling me up into You as hard as You could, i barely heard You say, "Now eat Me good, pussy boy."

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Wow. Great work. Just wish it was longer...but difficult to argue with short & sweet.

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