"Excuse me, John, you're in my way," Mary informed her co-worker, John. She had finished using his bathroom and he was blocking the hallway back to the living room with his arms against the walls.

"I know. Why don't you just turn around and go to my bedroom?" John asked her with a wicked grin.

"You'd like that wouldn't you? Come on, let me pass," Mary said impatiently, trying to push past him. He obstructed her small frame easily with his considerably larger one.

"I don't think so. We're going to the bedroom," he replied firmly.

"Very funny," Mary said, rolling her eyes. She called out towards the living room, "Tracy, John's being a dick again!"

"Tracy went home while you were in the bathroom. In fact the party pretty much broke up while you were in there. It's down to just you and me," John informed her smugly.

"Ok, well then, if the party is over I guess it's time for me to go home," Mary said, trying once more to push past John.

"You're in no shape to drive."

"I can manage," she answered uncertainly. Her plan of only having one drink had turned into four as the night went on. "Why did Tracy leave? We came together, and she was supposed to drive us home."

"Tracy got a ride home with Matt. Well, that's if she goes home anyways. Those two were looking pretty close earlier," John chuckled.

Mary knew John was right. Tracy had lusted after Matt for a while, and was flirting with him shamelessly during the party. Mary silently cursed her friend for leaving with Matt without telling her.

"I'm going home," Mary reaffirmed.

"I've hidden your keys," John answered with a grin, "and I don't think you want to walk on a night like this."

"You're a dick," she told him, staring into his dark eyes.

"Why don't you reserve judgment on that for now? Let's go get comfy on my bed." John wrapped his arms around Mary and pressed himself against her. She tried to squirm away, but he was considerably larger and more powerful than her.

"Let me go!" she exclaimed. "You're drunk. Just give me my keys and I won't say anything about this to anyone."

"That's a sweet offer, but no. And I'm not drunk." Mary studied John intensely. From his clear speech and the sharp focus in his eyes she knew he couldn't be intoxicated.

"I'm not interested in you John," she began, finally escaping from his grasp. She backed away slowly, in the direction of his bedroom.

"Really? So why do you come by my desk several times a day at work, and always stop to chat?"

"I'm just being friendly! God, you're such a pig!"

"Fine, then what about that dress you're wearing tonight? Pretty low cut and short for a woman who isn't looking for something," John stated.

"What I wear is none of your business." John had slowly advanced on her, and she had chosen to continue stepping back away from him, towards his bedroom.

"And all the flirting tonight? The suggestive comments, the innuendo. You hugged me at least four times, including sitting on my lap, and gave me at least three separate compliments on my ass. Are you going to deny that?"

"I was being friendly. And sure, I was flirting a little," Mary admitted. "Is that a crime? You're old enough to know that just because a woman flirts it isn't an open invitation. Plus you weren't the only guy I was talking to."

"I noticed. You flirted with every unattached guy here tonight, and a couple that aren't single. I think Jen from accounting is pretty upset about what you said to her boyfriend Hugo."

"Hugo is Jen's boyfriend?" Mary asked.

"Like you didn't know. They've been together for months, and I know you hear all the office gossip. I had a nice little chat with your buddy Katie the other day."

"What did Katie say?" Mary asked. She had stopped her retreat at the open door to John's bedroom. She was very aware of his strong masculine presence, towering just inches in front of her.

"She told me how you've been bitching about not getting laid for a while. And how you complain that most of the guys you date are too polite, too wishy-washy about what they want."

"Some guys are too timid," Mary agreed hesitantly.

"I'm well aware of what you actually want. I know your type. You end up dating guys you can push around, and then you're disappointed when they don't stand up to you."

"Who I date is none of your business," Mary protested.

"I've had my eye on you for a while," John continued, ignoring her statement. "You excite me. You're smart, you're confident, and you've got a great little body. But I can tell that deep down you want a man to take control, to overpower you, and make you his," John stated confidently.

"You don't know shit about me."

John pushed her into his bedroom, pulling the door shut behind them. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to his king sized bed. To avoid losing her balance she allowed herself to go where he directed her. She ended up landing on her side, losing a shoe in the process.

"I didn't appreciate that," she told him.

"I got tired of standing." Suddenly, John grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed, straddling her hips.

"Stop!" Mary cried out. John didn't listen, instead moving his heavy body on top of her and pressing his mouth against hers.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way," John told her when she didn't respond to his kiss.

"You can't just have your way with me because I was flirting with you," Mary protested.

"I can and I will. That's not the issue here. But I promise I won't hurt you, unless you make me."

"You're pathetic," she told him. She tried to sound more certain than she felt.

"And yet you want me. Since you're not keen on the kissing right now, I guess I'll have to play with these lovely tits of yours. I've already seen most of them thanks to this great dress of yours, and now I'm going to see the rest."

Mary struggled against him, but John was strong enough to keep both her wrists pinned above her head with one arm and untie the straps of her dress from her neck with the other. He bent down to kiss and nibble her neck.

"Very nice perfume by the way," he whispered in her ear.

"Fuck you," Mary uttered softly. Part of her was glad he noticed and liked the compliment.

"Soon enough, dear Mary. But foreplay comes first. Beautiful bra," he observed. "But it will look better on my floor."

"Oh that's creative," she said, struggling with futility against his strength. Mary's bra was a black push-up bra that lifted her breasts together to show off her tits and create the illusion of a much larger chest.

"It even clasps in the front. That was good planning on your part." John bent down to kiss the upper swell of Mary's cleavage. She felt a mix of repulsion and arousal as his tongue and mouth moved across the exposed portion of her breasts.

"Don't," she said.

"Don't what?" he asked, unhooking the clasp and sliding the bra's cups off her breasts. Mary trembled slightly.

"Lovely. You really are beautiful," John remarked casually as he stared at Mary's erect nipples. He grabbed a wrist in each strong hand and pulled her arms downward, pinning them against her sides before extending his tongue to lick a nipple.

"You'd fuck anything with tits," Mary spat.

"Oh no I wouldn't," John said looking up into her eyes. "You are the only woman I would do this for. You drive me wild with lust, Mary."

"Don't do me any favors," she replied.

He didn't respond and instead resumed licking her breasts and sucking upon her nipples gently. When she didn't respond he sucked the hard bud more forcefully, biting upon them gently.

"Ow! That hurt!" she cried.

"Just making sure you were paying attention, baby. I know you like it, so why don't you admit it?" he asked.

"I'd rather go to a day long work seminar."

"Ouch. That's cold, Mary. You'll change your attitude soon enough." John moved her hands together near her navel and held them together with one arm, undoing his belt with the other. She managed to wiggle one hand free, but he quickly recaptured it.

"You're feisty. I like that," he said, wrapping the belt around her wrists to bind them together.

"You're such a fucking caveman. Let me go."

"Soon, soon." John continued holding her bound wrists with one hand, and lifted the hem of her dress up past her hips with his other.

"Please, no!" Mary whispered.

"A lacy black thong," John observed. "Very nice. Sexy yet functional. The sort of underwear a woman wears if she thinks it might be seen."

"Not by a shithead like you!"

"Such language! Let's see what we have underneath." Despite John's weight Mary was able to squirm her legs and hips enough to make it impossible for John to slide down her panties with much success.

"Fine, we'll do it your way," John sighed, grabbing her thong and giving it a firm yank. Mary cringed at the sound of ripping fabric. He gave a second sharp tug and the delicate garment came off her body. "I'll have to buy you dinner some time to make up for ruining this," he chuckled, tossing the torn bit of lace aside.

John grabbed her thighs and pulled them open for his inspection. Mary trembled silently.

"What do we have here? VERY nice little haircut. I like the racing strip," John said, stroking the thin line of trimmed dark hair above Mary's pussy. "You shaved the lips and everything. Do you always maintain it so well when you haven't gotten fucked in three months?"

"I'm going to kill Katie for telling you that," Mary said softly.

"Katie's not here right now. Let's focus on us," John said, running his fingers against her bare pussy. Mary tried to close her legs, but John used his bodyweight to keep her thighs spread wide open.

"No..." Mary said weakly as he slid his index finger slowly into her.

John looked up at her, smiling with surprise and self satisfaction. "You are one wet little girl down here!"

"Dick!" she shot back.

Mary closed her eyes tightly as John explored her with his finger. He probed her with surprising tenderness. Mary fought the desire to exhale from pleasure at his touch. She didn't want to give John the satisfaction of knowing his caresses felt good.

"You like that don't you?" he asked smugly, sliding a second finger into her wetness. She clenched her teeth in silence, breathing heavily from her nose, not responding to his questions.

As he explored her pussy with his fingers, John moved his shoulders between her thighs. He released her wrists, still held together by his belt. John extended his tongue and licked her clit with the tip, causing Mary to gasp.

"Since when is oral sex a part of rape?" Mary asked, trying to sound angry.

"Well I love to both give and receive oral sex as part of foreplay, and since we haven't reached the level of trust for me to put my dick in your mouth, I figured I'd give you a little treat," he told her.

"Oh, you can put your dick in my mouth. I want to suck on you." Mary opened her mouth and bared her teeth menacingly.

"Another time," John replied before resuming his own oral attention upon her.

Mary felt a mix of emotions. John was acting like an arrogant bastard, taking advantage of her, pushing himself upon her. Yet, there was a tenderness to his strong touch. Although she hadn't struggled much, he really hadn't hurt her. She felt herself giving in to him as his tongue worked its magic on her clit.

"I don't feel you struggling or hear you complaining," John taunted after a few minutes. Mary realized she had been enjoying his oral offerings silently.

"I've given up. You win. Do with me as you will. I'll just report your ass to the cops tomorrow."

"Fine," he replied.

"Don't think I won't do it," she continued, angry at his reaction.

"By the time we finish, if you choose to report me I'll accept my fate. I'm taking a chance on you. If I'm right, this is exactly what you want. Like most women you want sex, but you're afraid to go after it for fear of looking like a slut. Part of you probably feels guilty about your desires. You put yourself out there, wearing a big neon sign that screams out "SEX". You flirt, you tease. You practically beg guys to come onto you."

"You don't know me," Mary protested.

"I think I do. So after you get the guys interested you find yourself in a bind. You're afraid to actually go through with it. So you pull away, act like you were just flirting. Most guys are disappointed, but they move on to greener pastures."

"The cattle metaphor is very sexy," she replied coldly.

"But I'm not like most guys. I saw what you really want, what you crave. A strong, powerful man, who doesn't listen to you when you say you don't want it. Who can see that you're just waiting for a guy to break past your defenses. A man who can show you what you need, who wants you so much he has to have you."

Mary didn't respond. John slowly removed his own clothing. Mary felt strange without him pinning her down against the bed.

Mary had to admit that John had a nice body. His shoulders were broad and powerful, and he obviously worked out. His stomach wasn't perfectly flat, but from her perspective any imperfection in his body was dwarfed by her own. He removed his boxers revealing a nice cock: sturdy, thick and very hard.

"Now's your chance to make a run for it," John observed as he fished a condom out of his nightstand. Mary didn't move.

"I knew you wanted it," John smiled at her as he rolled the latex sheath onto his erection.

"I told you I gave up," Mary replied. She had closed her legs, and John spread them apart once more as he climbed on top of her. John lifted her belt-bound arms back above her head; Mary didn't resist.

Positioned between her thighs, John looked Mary in the eyes and spoke clearly. "Ok, here's your chance. Tell me 'no' right now and I'll let you go."

"Excuse me?" Mary asked.

"Tell me you don't want it. Say 'Please don't fuck me, John' or 'Don't' or 'Stop'. Tell me you don't want me to fuck you and this ends right now."

Mary stared at him with fiery passion in her eyes. "You're a fuckhead."

"That won't do. You can insult me all you want, but I won't stop unless you tell me to. If you don't tell me to stop I'm going to fuck you." John rubbed the head of his cock against Mary's pussy for emphasis.

Mary didn't say anything. Without warning, she spit in his face.

John recoiled for a moment before resuming his lustful grin. "God, you ARE a little spitfire!" He casually wiped his face off with her hair. "Last chance. Say no or it happens."

For long moments Mary stared at John silently. Finally she whispered, "Do it. Fuck me."

"Say please," John instructed.

"What?" Mary gasped.

"Say please," he repeated.

"Oh my god. You really are a fucking asshole," Mary uttered, her arousal getting the better of her. "You win. Fuck me, John. Please, fuck me," she requested softly.

With a loud groan John drove his cock into Mary's pussy with sudden force. She cried out in surprise at the sudden feeling of fullness. The fingers of John's right hand dug into her hip as he started thrusting into her with strong, deliberate strokes. He kept her hands pinned firmly above her head. Mary found herself crying out with each deep penetrating stroke.

"Your pussy is on fire!" John exclaimed. He pushed his mouth against hers roughly. Mary returned his kiss this time.

His bed creaked loudly as he unleashed his pent up passion upon her body. John's groans and Mary's cries formed a chorus of increasing volume as he thrust into her deeply with increasing frequency. John was amazed how good it felt to finally have Mary; she couldn't remember the last time a man had fucked her with such passion and intensity.

John groped her breast firmly and sucked the nipple into his mouth. There was nothing gentle about the way he fucked her. He was conquering her, claiming her, making her his with animalistic lust.

"You're amazing," he gasped, staring into her eyes. "You're beautiful. And you're mine."

"Yes," she whispered.

His thrusts became even more rapid. She heard his breathing increase and felt his body tense up. She squeezed down on his cock as she felt it swell up within her, and gasped as she felt it erupt in orgasm. He cried out and clung to her tightly, his cock pulsing as he ejaculated. Her own cries of passion joined his.

A few minutes later John slowly slid his cock out from her. She cringed, feeling his softening member exit, the sudden change from feeling full to empty. John carefully untied the belt holding her hands before cleaning himself up.

John laid down upon his back. Mary curled her body against his, placing her head on his broad chest. Unseen tears rolled down her cheeks, and he neither saw nor heard her silently mouth the words "thank you."

At work Monday morning John discovered a puffy brown envelope with his name printed on it sitting on his desk. He opened it and found Mary's ripped thong along with a short note.

"John, Thanks a lot for ruining one of my favorite thongs. You still owe me dinner. Wednesday night at Carter's Steak House. Pick me up at 8:00. Mary.

P.S. Since you seem to enjoy ripping off lacy underthings, I guess I just won't wear any under my dress for our date."

John grinned. Wednesday night couldn't come soon enough.

Thanks to awaterhouse for proofreading and editing!

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