"It's true, as a general rule, that women's turn-ons aren't so much visual as men's. But yours are."

Kelleigh blushed. "What do you mean?"

"You haven't stopped sneaking looks at my shoulders and arms while we've been talking. Sometimes your eyes drift to other places... When I gesture with my hands, you follow them, every time."

There was a pause, while he spread his hands dramatically and Kelleigh watched, smiling sheepishly. Then his gesture drifted up to his face. "And every so often... your eyes just get lost... looking into mine..."

After a longer pause, Kelleigh blushed again and looked down.

"I think you would be very easy to hypnotize."

"What?" Kelleigh glanced up again with a look of alarm.

He gestured to the room at large, and she looked at the scene around them. "Scene" was the right word, she'd heard; they were at a kinky, "BDSM" party, Kelleigh's first. Her friend Sandy, who had talked her into coming here, was in the far corner of the room, shackled to a big upright wooden frame of some sort, while Sandy's boyfriend hit her rhythmically with a sort of multi-tailed whip-- a flogger, Sandy had called it. Kelleigh was trying not to listen to the noises Sandy was making. Although they didn't sound in the least unhappy.

Kelleigh's hastily thrown together sexy-nightclub-wear-- basically a Little Black Dress with a closely-matching black bra, black fishnet stockings with garters, and some nice black heels-- seemed to cover more flesh than a lot of the outfits around her, but the thin black straps across her pale shoulders set off her lush red hair and green eyes. She hadn't been quite daring enough to forego the bra in favor of black electrical tape xes over her nipples, as Sandy had... although Sandy had taken even those off now...

Kelleigh turned her attention back to the man she'd been speaking with. He'd caught her attention at first by also being dressed to show skin, which seemed sadly less in style for the men in the room. A black leather... something between a tank top and a harness, seemed to almost point her eyes at his muscular shoulders and biceps, while she tried to avoid staring too much at the tight leather pants that lovingly clung to his legs, slit and laced up along the sides and in a bewildering pattern of other places to show glimpses of flesh, while tightly hugging his ass and... package. A pair of slightly narrow-toed stompy black boots with a lot of buckles finished the ensemble.

As she finished her head-to-toe re-examination, he caught her eyes and grinned. She blushed again at having so obviously been checking him out. Although this did seem the place for it. And he had clearly been quietly returning the favor.

"It would be easy for you to go into hypnosis, if you were decide to let someone hypnotize you," he reiterated. "You are very good at giving your full attention to what you're looking at. Becoming completely absorbed in one thing until you lose track of the rest of the room, don't even notice anything else going on. That kind of deep concentration is an important skill, and you seem to be very good at it."

"And then I'd... cluck like a chicken?" Kelleigh asked, grinning nervously.

"Oh, goodness no. If a beautiful girl were to do me the favor of making wild, uninhibited animal noises for me, I don't think I'd ask her to make noises like a chicken."

He held her eyes, and she blushed again and looked down when she realized what he meant. Then she looked back up with a little smile. "What sort of noises *would* you ask her to make?"

He looked back, very intently. "The ones she couldn't help making."

There was a pause, but she didn't look away this time. He gave an almost imperceptible smile and nod. "I would ask her not to try to make any noises at all. Just to keep the thought in the back of her mind that it's all right. That she has my permission, and my welcome, and that I will enjoy it and approve very much when she does. And then she might find, very soon, that the noises just come out of her, surprising her with how good it feels when she can't help but make *that* sound, the sound she always makes when she finds what she's looking for..."

His eyes dipped down and hers did too, dropping to where his legs seemed to have just parted slightly, and she looked again at the bulge in his tight pants and imagined what it would look like to peel those pants off, and a small sound escaped her as she drew in a quick breath.

"That's right." He was nodding and smiling the tiniest bit more. "Hypnosis is just like that."

"What?" Kelleigh felt lost again.

"You don't have to do anything consciously. Just keep the thought in the back of your mind that it's all right. You have permission to go into trance, whenever you are ready, no matter what is happening, and you'll enjoy it and be very approved of when you do. And then you might find, at some point very soon..."

Kelleigh realized there had been a pause, and she was staring at his crotch again. "Um," she said.

"Yes?" He was once again smiling and nodding.

"How does it work, then, what do you do? Do you take out a pocket watch or something?"

He just held her eyes for a moment. "Would you like to see what it is like for me to hypnotize you, Kelleigh?"

"Um... sure. Isn't that what you were saying?"

"I just want to be clear that you are ready to be hypnotized. So: may I hypnotize you now, Kelleigh?"

"Yes." She smiled.

"Good." He smiled back. "There are a lot of different ways to hypnotize you, but I was thinking I would just show you my cock."

"Wha-at?" she burst out, loudly, and other people in the room turned to look at her. She giggled.

"You're very visual, and you can't seem to stop looking at it anyway."

Her eyes flickered to his crotch again at this, but she looked away. "That's like, I dunno, sending crappy photos to girls on the Internet, right?" She giggled again.

"Well, this isn't the Internet, and I'm not going to send you a photo. I'm going to show you the real thing. And you've been wondering what it will look like, and wondering how you'll go into trance, and what noises will slip out of you when you forget to tell yourself stories about it and just look, drinking in all the details with your eyes, and enjoy getting lost in that visual experience, haven't you? Maybe you've imagined how it might come into view-- whether I'll unzip and unbuckle and peel these pants off or slide them down or pull myself out over the top of the waistband until you can just see the tip... but you know that it's okay to go into a trance when you see my cock, and you can just pay attention to the sight of my cock and nothing else, even letting my words slip past and slip inside you while you just watch and enjoy that sight, can't you?"

His hands were busy along the top of his pants now, but never quite hiding the growing bulge. And she still had a forgotten giggle in the back of her throat, but she was staring as he caressed the lump in his leather pants and teased her with almost starting to pull them down or zip them open but never quite doing more than framing the shape of the shaft with his fingers, making it stand out perfectly in the tight black leather.

"It's weird to be hypnotized by the sight of a guy's cock, and a little silly and a little embarrassing, but when you find yourself doing something without realizing it and then you notice how *good* it feels, how you really *enjoy* doing it, it's almost more fun to notice it feels so good that even thinking it's a little silly makes it hotter, doesn't it?"

He was almost starting to unzip. "Uh-huh," Kelleigh said, hoping to encourage him to continue.

"And the wonderful thing is that that complete focus makes the sight even better. Seeing my cock will feel even better when you go into trance, and the more you enjoy it the more deeply hypnotized you are. It's even good to become even more deeply hypnotized, if you can, to make it even better, and I can help you with that, when you're ready. Are you ready, Kelleigh?"

She could see every detail of the outline of the head of his penis through the thin leather where he had pressed down against his pants to make it stand out. There was obviously no underwear in the way. But he still wouldn't unzip, which was maddening. "Yes!" she said. She was ready for him to show her, dammit, and stop teasing. Even if she'd agreed to be hypnotized by it. Had she agreed to that?

And then there, the zipper went down and the head of his cock popped free, the whole shaft sticking out straight from his body, and he was saying something about going deep and she knew where she wanted it deep, but it wasn't important to listen to his words, just to let that moan slip out of her and slip deeper, and look at that beautiful hard cock and think about what it would *taste* like in her mouth, as she found herself on her knees leaning closer...

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