tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCode Name Tequila Ch. 02

Code Name Tequila Ch. 02


As the Lincoln Town Car pulled up to the general aviation terminal at San Diego International Airport, Ria tried to contain her excitement and her nervousness. She was excited because this was all a new and quite glamorous experience for her. Up until the CIA paying for a commercial airline ticket for her from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego six weeks ago, she had never been in an airplane before. In fact, until that flight she hadn't even been outside of Mexico.

Now she was about to get onto a private jet and fly from the United States to Argentina! From there, she would spend the next eight months jetting around the Americas, sipping on champagne, chatting with millionaires and staying in five star hotels. It was amazing to think about, and she occasionally found herself sitting in the back of the Town Car giggling with glee.

Another part of her was filled with nerves, perhaps even dread. She was about to enter the mouth of lion. She had seen enough to Oaxaca and Tijuana to know that those who worked in the drug business were dangerous, especially if they sensed you might be setting up to work against them. When she was nine, a gang that was a major player in the drug trade in the north-east of Oaxaca had found out a local man had been acting as a paid informant for the Mexican Federal Police. They sliced him open and left him in the middle of his street, right out in front of his house where his wife and children could see.

Ria had been there as the eight-year old boy named Vincent. He standing on the side of the road drinking a soda (purchased, ironically, with money earned from running drugs for the same gang that gutted the man). A van had sped down the street, and without stopping or really even slowing, they had opened the door and pushed the man out. Vincent stood and watched as the man bounced on the street, before coming to a rest a few feet from Vincent. He walked up to the man, covered in blood and bruises, with intensities spilling out of his slit stomach. Vincent looked down at the limp body. Vincent leaned closer, looking at the man's puffy blood-covered face with eyes shut and mouth agape.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes, reached out and grabbed Vincent's leg. "Help me," he whispered, his words muffled by the gargle of blood in his mouth. Vincent screamed and ran away, dropping the soda bottle. It smashed on the pavement of the road, the sticky cola in the bottle mixing with the sticky blood pouring out of the man as he breathed his last heaving and sputtering breaths.

Ria, the transsexual woman that 8 year old boy had grown into had never forgotten that moment, and the feel of the man's clammy hands on her leg. She knew that if the Tabernas' found out about her being an agent for the CIA, they would waste no time in sending her to a similar fate. The CIA had given her a laptop computer and a mobile phone that also allowed her to send mission reports, encoded texts and view CIA files via a secure satellite network, but that was all the support she would get. If things went wrong, she was on her own. The CIA made it clear that there was no rescue. There was no cavalry if the Tabernas' decided that she couldn't be trusted and turned on her.

Chambers had been sad when she left. She could sense that he felt that she was heading off into a position that she would not return from, and he reminded her again to be careful. She sensed that Chambers would have liked to go with her, to provide extra support and protection, but both of them knew that was not possible. For the cover to work, she had to be alone and isolated amongst the wolves. It was the only way that people would buy her cover.

The Lincoln stopped in front of the terminal. Ria opened the passenger door as the driver hopped out of the car and removed her bag from the trunk. Isabella, the woman from the Tabernas' Cabo Blanco Racing Team who initial interviewed her for the position came striding out of the terminal. She was a stern looking woman, tall and thin. She walked in a way that was stiff and formal. She wore her hair up in a tight bun, and her face had pinched features. If Ria didn't know Isabella was Mexican, she would have sworn she was German.

Isabella walked over to Ria and shook her hand. "Welcome to the Cabo Blanco team, Ms. Ortega." Isabella glanced over at the single suitcase and small hand bag that the driver had fetched from the trunk of the car. "Is that all you have," Isabella asked.

"Yes," Ria said. She didn't have much in the way of clothes beyond the shorts, tshirts and hats that she had tended to wear around the marina in Cabo San Lucas. She had one black dress that she had worn out when wanting to look dressed up. The CIA had provided a few more clothes, including the black pants she wore to the interviews with Isabella and Pablo, and jacket as they said some places she was going would be "significantly more chilly" than Cabo San Lucas.

Isabella nodded at the bag and opened her mouth in a tight, almost painful looking smile. "I like a girl who is an efficient packer. You needn't worry about too many clothes, anyway, as the Racing Team will be providing you with a full branded wardrobe to wear during corporate events, from casual events including race day to more formal events."

Ria smiled as she picked up her hand bag. A porter came out of the terminal and picked up the suitcase. Isabella directed him to take it directly to the plane, and then thanked the driver of the Lincoln with a ten-dollar bill as a tip while telling him to charge the cost of the ride to the Cabo Blanco account.

Once the business was taken care of, Isabella directed Ria towards the terminal. "We are almost ready to go, but we have a few minutes until Mr. Fernandez arrives, so we have time to go inside and have a drink in the lounge. One of the other girls is already here."

Ria nodded and followed Isabella into the private terminal. The building itself wasn't much to look at from the outside. It resembled an airport hanger, covered with metal siding and boxy. It was much nicer on the inside, though, with a very comfortable passenger lounge with large comfortable chairs. Isabella directed Ria over to a small grouping of chairs, where a blonde woman with curly hair was already sitting. She bounced out of her chair and hugged a surprised Ria, shrieking with delight.

"OH MY GOD!" the curly blonde shrieked, "how exciting is this? Private jets and champagne and RACING... CAR... DRIVERS? Couldn't you die?"

Isabella smiled her painful looking smile, and introduced the women to each other. The blondes name was Emma, and she was from Kansas. When Isabella said Ria was from Mexico, Emma opened her already big blue eyes even wider and smiled a 1000 watt smile. "I was in Mexico last year. In Cancun. PARTY CENTRAL!" she said, twirling around three times and then giggling like a maniac.

Ria smiled a strained smile, and said she was from Oaxaca. Emma nodded enthusiastically, saying, "uh-huh, uh-huh. Cool." Her blue eyes sparkled with life, but Ria guessed that Emma had no idea where Oaxaca was, or even what Oaxaca was. Isabella saved the two from more conversation by handing Ria a flute of sparkling wine and telling them to take a seat.

"Okay, before we go, a few things to cover. The jet we are flying is one of the Cabo Blanco's Challenger 604s. It can't make it all the way to Cordoba, so we will be stopping in Bogota, Colombia quickly to refuel. We will be flying through the night and landing in Bogota in the morning. While in Bogota, we will be picking up another two girls who are coming down to Cordoba."

Emma let out a whispered, "Yay!" and quietly clapped her hands together. Isabella looked at Ria and rolled her eyes before continuing.

"From Bogota, we will fly directly to Cordoba. We land tomorrow early afternoon. From there we will head out to the Tabernas' ranch at the Mar Chiquita salt lake for an introduction dinner. After that, we'll head back to the testing facility that is just outside of Cordoba. We'll do two weeks of training, about half of it related to the racing team and half related to Cabo Blanco with a little bit about our other sponsors. We'll spend a couple days at the test track and meet the drivers and mechanics, plus get some in depth information on the cars."

"In two weeks time, we'll head off to the first race in Las Vegas."

Emma giggled and clapped again.

Isabella continued. "Right. Joining us today on the plane will be Mr. Andre Fernandez. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Cabo Blanco Tequila. He's going down to Cordoba with us for some meetings with the Tabernas brothers, but Mr. Fernandez has been nice enough to agree to join us for dinner, so you'll get a chance to gain some good knowledge from him about Cabo Blanco's product and the company."

Isabella leaned forward, and motioned for Emma and Ria to do the same. In a low whisper, to ensure that others in the lounge could not hear, she said, "Now, Cabo Blanco and the Tabernases expect you to be professional when you are working. There is a schedule that you must keep to, and you must present yourself professionally and represent the team and our sponsors well. You will be meeting many men, some of whom will be interested in your company during the off hours. We at Cabo Blanco and Tabernas Racing do not condone any such behaviour, however we are willing to turn a blind eye to any extra-circular activities that you choose to partake in, and any money those activities may earn you. If you so choose to entertain any guests, please make sure that you are discrete and still maintain a professional image of the racing team and our sponsors."

Isabella scanned the eyes of both Emma and Ria to ensure that they understood, and satisfied that her point was made, sat back.

Ria smiled, "well, I don't think we have to worry about anything with me. After all, I don't think many of the clients would be interested in being entertained by men," she said, glancing down at her crotch. Isabella knew that Ria was a transsexual, as Ria had been sure to tell her during the interview process.

Emma was unaware of Ria's secret, but picking up that something was up opened her eyes wide. "Why wouldn't men want to go with you, you're beautiful!" she said.

Isabella answered the question. "Ria is a transsexual," she said bluntly and without emotion. Ria was shocked. She was used to delivering that news a little more gently. Ria didn't think that Isabella was trying to be mean or dismissive, but rather was just being her direct self.

Emma's mouth dropped open in surprise. "Wow, you have a pee-pee?" she asked Ria.

Ria blushed, not at Emma knowing, but at the innocence of her question. "Yes, which is why I don't think many clients will be interested in being entertained by me."

Isabella turned to Ria. "I wouldn't be so sure. There was rumours about one of the girls on the Patterson Racing team being a transsexual last year, and apparently she did quite well entertaining clients off-hours. It is, of course, up to you. Entertaining clients in that way is not a requirement of the job."

Emma smiled and nodded. "I don't mind entertaining clients. Personally, I love sex. Oral, pussy, anal, whatever. I love the taste of cum. I'll even drink pee. I'll do anything, it all turns me on. I especially like it when they pay."

Now it was Ria's turn to be surprised. Emma had seemed such an innocent girl, and her she was talking about drinking piss.

Isabella nodded. "Emma's beauty and enthusiasm for all things was the primary reason that Pablo and I decided to hire her. You, Ria, were hired for different reasons, those being your grace, charm, intelligence and the additional assets you have."

Just then a large man walked by. He didn't say anything, just snapped his fingers and pointed out at the planes on the tarmac as he strode by.

"Ah, Mr. Fernandez is ready to go," Isabella said as she stood up. She motioned out to a white plane on the tarmac with a large Cabo Blanco Tequila logo on the side. "Shall we?"

* * *

Ria was nervous as the plane took off, but once the plane had climbed up to cruising altitude and the captain turned off the seat belt sign, Ria relaxed.

Ria looked around the plane. It sat 9 people, configured with four seat facing each other at the front of the plane, and 2 seats and a 3 seat couch at the back. Isabella, Ria and Emma sat in the back area, with Ria and Isabella facing each other in the seats while Emma stretched out on the couch. Andre Fernandez sat in the front group of four seats, facing forward and talking on a satellite phone. Up front was the flight attendant, who had moved into the galley to prepare a quick meal after serving each of the passengers a high-ball glass of tequila.

Emma shot her glass and looked around. "Where's the stewardess? I need a refill."

Isabella inhaled through a grimace. "That was more of a sipping drink, Emma. Not a shooter."

Emma shrugged and got up, walking up to the front to find the flight attendant. Ria watched her walk to the front, her hips swinging and shaking like a sex kitten. Ria noted that Frenandez didn't even look up when she passed. Ria figured that he must either be gay or very focused on his work to not have taken a peek at Emma's ass. Most men would have.

"Mr. Fernandez seems very busy," Ria said to Isabella.

Isabella nodded. "Mr. Fernandez is one of the hardest workers I know. Though he is only the COO of Cabo Blanco Tequila, there are many rumours that he is in fact that person that controls the company. He actually has a similar background to yours, Ria. He started out as a poor boy in Oaxaca, but was able to work his way out of poverty and into a position as one of the most important business people in all of Mexico."

"He started out as an entrepreneur in Oaxaca, making money any way he could. Importing good from abroad that weren't available in Mexico, exporting goods out of the country, finding niche markets and filling them. He made enough money by the time he was 18 to pay for a degree for himself at Wharton School of Business. He is a very impressive man."

Ria was intrigued. She knew that Aguila Roja probably had his start in Oaxaca, could it be so simple to find him that she managed it on her first day? She made a mental note to herself to look at the file on Andre Fernandez once they landed.

Emma bounced back with her Tequila, and sat on the couch. Soon after followed the flight attendant, who served a hot meal to all the passengers. Upon smelling the roast beef and potatoes in front of her, Ria was surprised to find herself famished. She had been nervous all day, and hadn't had much of an appetite. Now she was safely on the plane and had at least passed the first hurdle, she found her appetite come flooding back.

As Ria ate, Emma wolfed down her meal with another couple tequilas, while Isabella slowly and deliberately picked at her meal. Up front, Mr. Fernandez didn't seem to touch his meal at all, instead concentrating on his phone call.

After the flight attendant came around and cleared off the dinner, Mr. Fernandez hung up his phone and finally came around to speak to Ria, Isabella and Emma. He stood staring at Emma and Ria for a moment without saying anything. Ria started to get uncomfortable under the hard stare of the COO of Cabo Blanco. Ria started squirming in her seat, and could feel sweat developing on her brow. Finally, Fernandez broke his silence, and the tension with it.

"So, you are the girls that are charged with carrying the brand message of my company forward, are you?"

Ria nodded, and looked over at Emma. Emma was nodding as well, her eyes wide and lip trembling. It was the first time Ria had seen Emma not smiling.

"It is important that you present yourself and my company as sophisticated and cultured, but also fun and sexy. You, both of you, you are the AMBASSADORS for the brand. You need to have the skills of a diplomat to overcome any resistance to our message. You need to carry forward the flag of Cabo Blanco. Are you up for it?"

"Yes, sir," said Emma and Ria in unison.

Ria felt herself transfixed but also fearful of Fernandez. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, but also was afraid of him. He was imposing and serious. Just the kind of man that could build a drug empire and inspire fear as the Aguila Roja, thought Ria.

Fernandez stared at Emma and Ria for another moment silently. Finally he raised an eyebrow and said, "Hmmm, I'm counting on you. Both of you."

With that, Fernandez turned around and headed back to his seat. As he was walking away he said, "Isabella, can I speak to you about the presentation materials for the Las Vegas public booth? I'm not sure they are up to standard."

Isabella jumped up, her face portraying both fear and admiration. She faced Emma and Ria and said. "Okay, I'm going to talk to Mr. Fernandez now. You two should try and get some sleep. The seats recline. We'll be landing in about five hours." With that, Isabella walked up and sat with Fernandez. The flight attendant turned off the cabin lights, leaving the cabin in darkness other than the light over the table where Isabella and Fernandez were reviewing plans for marketing materials.

The sparkling wine, tequilas and big meals were enough to put Ria quickly to sleep. She went to sleep thinking about the fact that she would wake up in a whole new continent.

* * *

Ria woke up feeling a pressing from her bladder. She badly had to pee. She opened her eyes and saw that the cabin was still dark. She looked over at the couch, where Emma was sleeping. She stood up and looked forward. Isabella and Fernandez were both sleeping in their lounges. Up front, Ria could see that flight deck door was open, and the flight attendant was chatting with the pilots. Ria walked to the back of the plane and walked into the toilet.

The toilet was at the back of the plane, wider than your average airplane bathroom, taking up most of the width of the plane. It was very well appointed, with a beautiful gold sink and wood trimmed walls. Ria sat down and released her full bladder with a sigh. After draining herself, she washed her hands and unlocked the door. He opened the door and jumped back, startled. Emma was standing in the door. Emma pushed her way into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

"Let me see it," Emma said.

"What?" Ria asked, confused.

"Your penis, let me see it!" Emma said, her eyes wide and a mischievous grin on her face.

"Emma, I don't think this is appropriate," Ria said, but Emma was having none of it. She reached down and undid Ria's jeans and yanked them down. Ria stood there, naked from the waist down and stunned as Emma stared at her groin.

Emma giggled. "Wow, incredible. You are such a beautiful woman, but you have this cock. It makes me so hot. Do you fuck women?" Emma put her finger on Ria's right thigh, just above her knee and started moving her fingers slowly up.

Ria wasn't usually the type to sleep with women, but Emma's touch caused a jolt to run up Ria's leg to her groin. Her flaccid cock started to tingle and slowly rise. Emma gasped as Ria started to get hard.

"Oh fuck, so sexy!" Emma said. "I want to suck it!" Emma fell to her knees and launched herself onto Ria. Emma took all of Ria's cock and balls into her mouth and started sucking on it like the whole thing like sucking on a peach. The feeling was amazing, and soon Ria was fully hard. Emma had to pop her mouth off Ria's balls just to fit her hard shaft in the mouth. Emma started moving her mouth up and down on Ria's cock. Ria shuttered with pleasure.

Ria closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation as Emma slurped and sucked on Ria's cock. Ria had men suck on her cock in the past, but this was the first time that Ria had a woman on her dick. Ria had never thought about women, sexually, and didn't consider herself a lesbian, but now that it was happening she found herself quite enjoying the experience.

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