tagErotic CouplingsCodie's Rough Year Ch. 02

Codie's Rough Year Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Party Time

The rest of the week went by smoothly after the events on the first day of school. Brett kept his promise and didn't mention anything about my little secret to anyone, at least that i know of. Chelsea was particularly curious about what we talked about. I think she knew what happened but didn't want to believe it. I guess she saw our interaction in the parking lot and watched me get into his car. I kept my mouth shut, insisting that all he did was drive me home.

In the middle of the week she dropped the topic completely, instead having me help her plan her boyfriend noah's back to school bash. Which also happened to fall on their first anniversary. Noah wasn't a particularly social person, he fell into the hipster/ emo kid groupe at school, so his party's never had more than ten people at them. However since chelsea was in charge there was no telling what was going to happen.

It always surprises me that they ended up together, with noah being so shy and grunge and chelsea being the typical cheerleader type. But they worked good together and i loved having both of them as friends. Don't get me wrong though Noah is hot, like the sneak up and surprise you when he removes those layers type of hot. But i never really found myself wanting him. He was my best friend's girlfriend and i was no slut.

As the week rolled on i dedicated myself to helping with their party. On friday afternoon Chelsea ran into class in a panic.

"No one's getting alcohol, there has to be alcohol." She said with a crazy look in her eye, "What kind of highschool party doesn't have alcohol."

I just stared at her in amazement, "Don't worry my brothers in town for a few more weeks i'll just text him and ask im to pick some up for us." I laugh as her face brightens.

"How could i have forgotten that he was here." She leans back in her chair. I can't tell if it's from relief or if she's remembering her old crush on my brother, "i'll give you money after school to pay him back."

As the school day is coming to a close i text my brother asking him to come pick me up from school. I finish out the last half hour of my class and head to meet chelsea so she can give me the money. I then head towards the door and wait for my brother to get to the school.

15 minutes later i see his car pulling into the parking lot so i gather up my things and walk towards the curb. I get in the car with him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey thanks for coming." I say as i slam the door to his car and hand him the money that Chelsea gave me. "Will you drop me off at home first, i need to get ready."

"Sure thing sis, try to dress somewhat conservative." He winks at me.

"Oh you know i will, i'm a nun." I joke back.

A few minutes later he stops in front of the house to let me out.

"I'll be back in a few hours, i have to run some errands of my own while i'm out."

I wave back at him from the driveway "Okay take your time, it'll be awhile before i'm ready."

I turn my back on his car and head into the house to get ready. About an hour after dropping me off i get a text from my brother saying that he'll be back in 30 minutes and that i better be ready. I finish putting on my makeup, nothing too much i don't want it to go everywhere, and get up to decide what to wear. Now i know that nothing is going to happen tonight but i still want to look available so i decide on a black push up bra and a matching thong. Then this little maroon tank top crop top catches my eye and i just have to wear it. I sit there trying to decide between my black skater skirt and my white one when i remember that my brother told me to dress conservative so i grab my only pair of yoga shorts and shimmy into them. Knowing full well that the bottom off my ass will be completely exposed but no one at the party will care they've all seen it before.

I go downstairs just in time to hear my brother pull into the driveway. Wasting no time i head outside ready to start partying.

As i hop into the car my brother says "I see you took my advice and went for a more conservative look."

I smile ignoring what he said "So what did you get us." I start to search through the bags on the floorboard of the car.

"The usual found at highschool parties. Cheap vodka, cheap whisky, and cheap beer." He laughs at his joke. "So you're staying the night at chelsea's after the party?"

"Yes i am." I laugh, "mom and dad would be pissed if i came home drunk."

He agrees and turns the radio up. The drive is quiet until we pull up in front of Noah's apartment and i start unloading the car.

"Hey sis try not to get too drunk tonight." My brother says.

I look back at him innocently, "You know i don't drink, it's everyone else i'm worried about."

With that said i turn around with the bags on my arms and head up the stairs to the apartment. At the top of the stairs I pause for a second trying to remember which apartment was Noah's. However that was answered quickly when I see Chelsea open a door down the hall.

"Hey you're late." she yells down the hall at me.

I pick up the pace walking down the hall "yea, while at least I can make up for it." I smile holding the bags up above my head.

Applause breaks out as I enter the apartment and see that all the usual people were there. I put the bags down on the counter and immediately they were surrounded by eager young alcoholics. I smile and turn to talk to Chelsea and Noah.

"How come you're always allowed to have these parties?" I ask

"My parents are out of town every other weekend and I get the place to myself." he places his arm around Chelsea and winks at her.

"So this is like your little fuck pad on the weekends? I see how it is." I say to them.

As the conversation dies down I go to pour myself a drink and join in the party activities. After my second drink though the rest of the night is a haze until I start slowing down around 11. I look around the room trying to find Chelsea but can't find her or Noah. I go to the master bedroom and knock on the door. A few seconds later Noah answers the door and steps out.

"She passed out, and I don't have to heart to send her home tonight." He said

I drunkenly reply "I was supposed to stay the night with her, I can't go home now." i start to freak out

"Hey, hey don't worry, why don't you stay here. You and chelsea can share a bed, i'll sleep out on the couch since there is a very drunk tommy in my room."

I look up at him "Are you sure i can sleep on the couch if you want to stay in there."

"No it's fine don't worry about it, you go on in there." He smiles at me.

I hug him for the first time, "Thank you so much."

He stiffens up, "You're very welcome, now go in there and get some sleep."

I walk into the room and shut the door behind me. trying to be as quiet as possible i crawl into bed next to chelsea and let sleep wash over me. After what seems like only seconds i feel movement in the bed next to me. I roll over half asleep and see chelsea getting out of bed. And looking for her things she moves towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going." I ask as she grabs the handle.

She jumps back, "Jesus Codie you scared the shit out of me. I have to go home so my parents think i never left. I'll be back in a few hours"

I shrug and roll over letting her leave. While i'm laying there i hear movement out in the living room and the door open and shut. Suddenly i hear footsteps heading back to the room i'm in so i quickly pretend to fall asleep. The door opens and whoever's there pauses in the door frame. They stand there for several minutes then move into the bathroom. I hear the bathroom door shut. So i roll over to see if i can find out who's in here. I get up out of the bed as i hear the shower turn on and i slowly open the door to the bathroom only to see Noah standing there naked. As he turns toward the door my jaw drops, he's standing there with his eyes closed, my eyes travel from his face to his chiseled 6 pack than almost against my will my eyes venture down even more to his manhood. It must have been 8 inches long, soft, and as wide as my arm. I let out a noise in shock. His eyes dart open and i quickly back away from the door and jump back in bed. Not a second too soon. I lay completely still as i hear the bathroom door open and Noah walk out. He walks over to where im laying and places his hand on my shoulder. Shit he saw me i think to myself although i refuse to move. He stays still for a few seconds. Then suddenly he bends over and whispers in my ear. "I caught you."

My eyes shoot open and i sit up, "Im sorry i wasn't trying to..." I stammer.

Instinctively i glance down at where his cock would be. Grateful and a little disappointed that he covered up.

"I was just wondering who was in here." i say feeling the blood rush into my face.

He smiles at me, "I think you know now." He laughs and sits down on the bed next to me.

"I didn't see anything if that's what you mean." i make eye contact him fighting the urge to stare at his body.

"The look on your face says otherwise." He says as he grabs my hand. "I won't tell Chelsea if you want."

I bite my lip wondering where this is going. Noah picks up my hand and places it down on his growing bulge. I gasp at his forwardness but dont move away. I feel his hand brush the hair out of my face as he pulls me closer to him.

"I can't," i whisper, "Chelsea is my best friend its not right."

Noah kisses me, "She'll never know."

"Seriously this is wrong," I urge still making no move to remove my hand from his ever growing bulge, "chelsea will kill us if she finds out."

"But she will never find out." he says into my ear, "It can be our little secret."

With that being said he begins to kiss me, even trying to slide his tongue into my mouth only to be met with resistance. After several minutes of him trying i finally give up and start kissing him back just as passionately. I let my fingers explore his body, tracing his abs with my fingers as i start to slide my tongue into his mouth. He places his hand on the small of my back and pulls me in closer. Slowly his hand creeps down my back until it rests on my ass.

"You're not as sly as you think noah," i whisper in his ear.

He slaps my ass and i let out a little moan, "i'm not trying to be sly codie."

"Good because neither am i." i sit up and push him back onto the bed.

With him laying down i crawl into place in between his legs and slowly unwrap the towel from around his waist. Once the last layer of the towel falls to the side his cock springs up and nearly hits me in the face. I grab it with one hand and begin to kiss the sides of his shaft.

I look up at him with my mouth inches from his cock, "I bet i suck dick better than chelsea does."

Without waiting for him to respond i start circling the tip of his cock with my tongue getting the tip nice and wet. Slowly i start to inch more and more of his dick into my mouth using my hand to keep what wasn't in my mouth stimulated. After a few moments i feel his cock hit the back of my throat i push through and take to entire cock in my mouth gagging on it. I feel him start to tense up. Quickly i pull my head up.

"Come on i was about to cum," noah complained.

"Ohhh youre cuming in someting other than my mouth if you want me to keep quiet about this." i tell him.

I lift off my top and reach around to unclasp my bra as he sits up and slides his hand in between my legs. I place my hand on the back of his neck and pull his head into my chest. I feel his lips close around one of my nipples and i feel a soft bite. Unable to control myself i let out a moan. His hand slides into my shorts and begins to massage my pussy.

"Ohh just fuck me already." i moan unable to contain myself anymore.

"It would be my pleasure." noah whispers as he flips me onto my back.

I feel him grab onto my shorts and pull them down. He tosses them across the room and pushes my thong to the side. I feel something slide up and down my slit too big to be his fingers he hesitates for a moment then i feel him start to slide inside me. I let out a moan and claw at his back as i feel him stretching out my pussy. He begins to thrust slowly at first but he picks up speed. I moan loudly "come one fuck me like you fuck chelsea" i say with him thrusting in and out of me. He grunts and grabs my legs and put them over his shoulders almost folding me in half. Now that he's able to go deeper he starts thrusting harder hitting my g spot with every thrust. I feel my body begin to shake as i near my orgasm.

"I want you to cum in my pussy." i beg as he pushes me closer to orgasm.

I feel him tense up. He keeps pounding my pussy harder than ever i my legs shudder violently as wave over wave of pleasure washes over me. I feel noah's seed fill my pussy as he cums with my pussy clamped around his dick. He thrusts a few more times and then slowly pulls his softening cock from my pussy. I pull him to me and kiss him deeply.

"That was the best sex i've had in months." I say as he rolls over onto his back.

"You can say that again." noah sighs as he gets up to put some clothes on.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to recover from my orgasm. My hand wanders down to my pussy. Noah's cum leaking out into my thong. "Jesus you came alot." i say impressed.

"Yea i do that i'm sorry. You can go wash up in the bathroom if you want."

"No." i blush, "I like it. It feels naughtier knowing that your semen is leaking out of me"

He lies next to me and i roll over onto his shoulder still only wearing my panties. We lay there for a while when all of the sudden the front door to the apartment clicks open. Noah and i look at each other in horror.

"Hey guys im back." Chelsea calls from the front room.

Noah jumps out of bed and runs to the door. I get up too and hear them talking in the living room. I scramble around the room trying to find my clothes. After searching for several minutes i find everything but my shorts. "Fuck where did he throw them!" i whisper as im looking under the bed. I glance up and spot them next to the nightstand on the other side of the bed. I sprint over and slide them on. Just in time to have chelsea come into the room.

"Hey girl how are you feeling." she asks.

"I've never been better, no hangover and noah was nothing but a gentleman while i was here." i smile and hug her.

"Thats great, im glad to hear he treated you well." she said.

"Well i know i'm intruding on your time together so i better head home before my parents start to wonder." i tell her feeling noah's cum start to pool in my panties.

Nervous that she might notice i start to head to the door

"Hey let me walk you out." Noah offers as i open the front door.

He follows me out to the hallway and walks me to the stairs. I turn around to say goodbye and he pulls me into a kiss.

"I'll see you soon." he smirks and slaps my ass.

I walk away, "I'll see you soon, and remember no one can know."

As i get to the bottom of the stairs he call after me "By the way your shorts are inside out."

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