tagBDSMCoed & the Professor

Coed & the Professor


Angela knocked on the dark oak door with Professor Ballard's name on the brass plaque mounted at eye level. The deep male voice on the other side of the door called, almost commanded her to come in. As Angela opened the door, the dingy, dark room, filled with the smoke of the Professor Ballard's pipe clued Angela that it would be difficult to ask the Professor for the additional help she needed to pass his Psychology class on sexual behavior. She moved cautiously toward his huge desk cluttered with books and papers. His large high-back winged leather chair was turned away and she couldn't yet see the Professor. The Professor was aware that Angela was standing in front of the desk and he asked, "What can I do for you young lady?" Angela clutched her books against her breasts, her breathing was fast as she tried to speak.

As she gazed over the desk she could see text books open, papers, test booklets, and rather large leather bound book open, with an illustration of a female, her body encased with leather straps, buckles, and ropes that held her captive. The illustration was a full page drawn in black and white. The young woman was a captive, her arms held above her with rope, her legs spread wide with a bar between her legs, clamped to the leather ankle straps. Angela's thoughts spun as she stared at the book. She could feel her nipples stiffen under the bra as her books put pressure over her firm breasts. The dampness between her legs took her thoughts far away from where she was, thinking back... Her mind spun.

The Professor's voice once again asked the same question. Angela cleared her erotic thoughts and knew that she had to ask and gathered herself from the book, and in a soft, meek voice said, "Professor Ballard, I am not doing well in your class and need to pass this course to graduate in the Spring. Could you tell me how I can improve my failing grade? Is there any special projects I can do to earn extra credit? I'll do anything to pass." She was relieved as she finally got it out. The silence was killing her as the Professor had not answered. The seconds of silence seemed like hours. She was ready just to walk out, when the leather chair slowly began to turn toward the desk.

The Professor was dressed in his wool tweed jacket and vest. His bow-tie was tied perfectly. His hand held the pipe to his lips and the smoke slowly eased between his lips, floating upward. He then spoke, "Well, Angela, I have noticed you in class and have been disappointed as well that you have not done well. I understand that you need to improve greatly in class or you will fail. I have, on occasion, allowed certain students to participate in my special projects to earn extra credit." Angela took a deep breath, still holding her book against her chest, her nipples still hard from looking at the book. How can I convince him to let me be one of these students, she thought.

"Angela, you need to understand that these extra projects may take up much of your free time that you would normally have to do things as date and have fun with your friends. " he stated. "Now it takes a very special student to qualify as well." he explained. Angela spoke quickly, "Professor, believe me I'll work hard on any project you give me, I promise," she said, knowing that she needed this to graduate.

"Place you books on my desk, Angela." he said in his deep commanding voice. Angela took the books and placed them on the edge of the desk. Standing the in front of the desk, she felt his eyes looking over her body. Her breathing was still deep and fast, her young breasts heaving up and down were obvious. Angela could sense another person behind her, moving toward her from the dark corner. "Angela!! Look at me!" he commanded from his chair. Her eyes stared deep into his, still aware that someone was behind her. Her body was warm, the smell of the pipe tobacco, the darkness of the room made her knees weak and tremble.

Without warning, someone grasped Angela's wrists and pulled them behind her back, just above her ass. Held firm, she arched her back, thrusting her breasted upward. Her nipples were very clearly visible through her silk blouse.

The outline of her body was visible through the silk blouse and was very appealing to the Professor. "Okay, but there are some strict rules about these projects and you must not share these with anyone. Is that clear?" he asked. Angela was relieved that she would be allowed to work on these special projects. She nodded her head, unable to utter a word. The Professor slowly stood. Her unknown captor held her hands tight as he walked over to Angela and placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly let them slide down her torso, cupping her covered breasts, as his hands traveled to her hips. Angela was shocked at his touching her, but was so taken she could not move or say anything. His touch was firm and she could feel her nipples become erect as his hands slid down her body. Her helplessness stimulated her womanhood, the soft folds of her pussy became very warm and damp.

He said, "You should make a very good study. Now the first meeting for the special project will be Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM." He took a small piece of paper out of his pocket and placed it on the top of her books. "This is the address. Please do not be late," ordered the Professor.

Angela said, "I won't be late, Professor Ballard." Her unknown restrainer let her wrists free, her head turned quickly to see the stranger. He was a tall, dark, handsome young man, his eyes pierced as she stared into his. She could see the young man dressed in a leather vest, a black silk pouch over his genitals, and leather collar surrounded his muscular neck. He slowly walked back to the dark corner of the Professor's office. She walked over and picked up her books and the piece of paper from the desk and walked out the door.

Friday was here and Angela was anxious to get started on the project. She just returned from her last class, it was already 3:10 and she knew she should be on time for her project for the Professor. She slipped off her sweatshirt and jeans and took a quick shower. As she returned to the room, she dropped the towel as she gazed in front of the mirror, admiring her firm body. Her supple neck, her oval breasts, the pink nipples, her tapered torso, the flare of the hip, her soft blonde curls that surrounded her sex, the tapered soft, firm thighs were the points that her eyes gazed.

Her hands, still wet from the shower, moved up to caress her cream colored breasts, sliding over her nipples. Her areolas were pink, her nipples stiffened as her soft hand rolled over her breasts. One hand continued to caress her breast, roll her nipple with her forefinger and thumb as the other hand travelled down her firm stomach, across her belly-button, to the thin, soft, blonde hairs that surrounded her pussy. Her mind was seeing the book on the Professor's desk, the young woman restrained.

As she started to close her eyes and dream in the image and to allow her hands to bring her to relief, her eyes glanced at the clock, it was 3:45. She gasped, she'll be late for the Professor's first meeting. She quickly took her silk panties and slipped them over her legs and up to her wet cunt. Grabbed her bra, off the bed and slipped her arms through the straps and fastened it in the front, manipulating her tits into the bra cups. Took her leather skirt and pulled it up and snapped the back. The white cotton sweater slipped over her head, over her bra covered breasts. It fit tight, showing off her tits so perfectly. She ran out of her room. left a note for her roommate that she would probably be late.

The narrow street was filled with cars and Angela had a difficult time finding a parking space. She finally found one 3 blocks away. She walked swiftly to the address that the Professor had written down. As she walked up to the entrance, it was an old house, large porch that covered the entry door. She took the large brass door-knocker in her hand and rapped the door twice. Squirming as she stood there, since she was 5 minutes late, she hoped that she's still get the extra credit she needed to pass the course.

The door opened. Angela recognized the man as the man that had held her hands in the Professor's office. He was dressed in a tuxedo, except that he wore no pants. His crotch was covered with a black leather pouch. Without speaking, he beckoned her in. She slowly walked into the entrance way and the silent male closed the door. She stood still.

The silent male then spoke, "You're late and the Professor is not happy. Angela began to make an excuse but the guide silenced her, putting his finger over her red lips. He spoke again, "The Professor has instructed me to give you a word that will stop whatever is going on and the project will terminate. Your word is CASE CLOSED. Is that clear?" Angela nodded. The silent male took a blindfold and slipped over Angela's face and said, " Please do not resist. This is necessary since this is your first visit." The black silk blindfold was tied behind her neck. She could see nothing. She felt the silent male take her hand and begin to lead her through the house. "You'll need to watch your step and do as you are asked." They descended down a stairwell.

The damp, musky smell gave Angela that she was in a basement. It was silent as they walked down the stairs. As they finished the descent, the silent male guided her a little further. Stopped, the silent male released Angela's hand. She heard a sharp snap of someone's finger and without warning, several hands began removing her clothes.

There were at least three set of hands that began to strip off her clothes. The hands were slow, deliberate and firm as they removed her sweater and leather skirt. She remained motionless, standing only in her bra and panties, the mask still kept Angela in darkness. Seconds later the hands began to remove her bra and panties. The hands were smooth, soft to her soft skin as they unclasped her bra, releasing her tits. The hands carressed her tits, toying with her nipples. The cool damp air and the hands touching them brought her nipples to attention. As her panties were pulled down from her pussy, her mind brought back the image of the young woman illustrated in the book. Angela's mind was now spinning a million miles an hour.

Totally naked, except the blindfold, she stood still in silence. She heard another snap of someone's fingers and a hand grasped her forearm and began to motion her to move. Stopping, two strong muscular arms went around her back and under her knees and lifted her off the ground. Angela was laid on a flat, soft leather, platform. The leather was cool and sent goose bumps down her legs, but her pussy was getting warmer and her nipples grew stiff with the excitement.

Several hands began to take her hands and ankles and wrap them in restraints. Her arms were lifted over her head, her legs spread wide. She tried to move, but the ties were tight and she could not move. Helpless, she could not move, walk away, or escape. She felt hands untie her mask and as it was pulled away, the soft light of hundreds of candles lit the room. The Professor stood above her head as her eyes opened and focused, his mature face, bowtie was bringing her mind back to the office. "Listen Angela, we're going to bring you to a new sexual level. We will not harm you in any permanent way. We will explore your deepest desires. Do you remember your secret word?" the Professor asked. Angela nodded she remembered.

As she looked around the room could see at least 5 young women, completely naked except for a black collar around their necks. As her head tossed from side to side, she could see one tall, large breasted, blonde, move toward her. Totally nude as well, but her black collar had a gold band in the front. In her hands was a ball-gag. She lifted Angela's head as she put the gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. The ball filled her mouth and the strap held it in place. A black leather collar with silver rings and was slipped around her soft neck, by the female attendant.

Angela's mind spun as she laid totally exposed. Her legs spread wide exposing her blonde pussy, her creamy soft tits pointed toward the ceiling, her mouth stuffed with a soft red ball gag...

A snap of a finger and things began to happen. As Angela glanced over the room, she could see the other women move toward the table that held her captive. Their nude bodies burnt images in Angela's mind. They were beautiful women, young, college age students. Their hands began to caress her breasts, rubbing her nipples, their hands moving to her pussy. So many hands, toying with her tits, her pussy, it was so much so fast. Warm oil was poured over her tits, her torso and the female attendants rubbed it all over her body. Her eyes wide watched the females stare at her body as they smoothed the warm oil over her pointed, erect nipples, over the smooth soft mounds of her breasts. Their hands explored every inch of her body. The hands moved lower to her pussy, taking the oil and began to rub the outer lips of her cunt. Angela could not count the number of hands caressing her body. She closed her eyes as the hands moved over her body. Her pussy was wet, her nipples stood erect

as she lay tied, exposed and attended but numerous beautiful young nude women.

One of the tall women was obviously in charge. The long red hair draped over her shoulders, just above her breasts. Her breasts were full, the size of grapefruits. Her nipples were pink and erect. She also wore a collar with a gold band. Angela turned her head and gazed at her pussy, the red hairs that covered the her hot sex. She stood over Angela's bound body and without a word motioned to the others what to do. Angela looked her over, as her eyes were free, but was restrained to move or speak. Angela could feel fingers move around her cunt, parting the pouting pink lips, slipping the tips of soft oiled fingers over her clit, making it swell, filling with the hot blood that filled her wanton body. Her mind spun, this was the greatest extra credit project she has ever attempted.

One of the attendants began to ease a long vibrator over the wet lips of her cunt. The tingling of the tip made Angela's pussy wetter. The more it tingled the head of her clit, the more the juices of Angela's pussy began to flow. Her nipples were swollen, her pussy ached for a hard cock as the hands of the attendants massaged her body. Her pleasure of the latex phallus teasing her pussy made the juices flow, the intense orgasm build. Her legs squirmed, rotating her hips to take the vibrator to her points of pleasure. Her body twisted, bound on the table, wanting the pleasure to bring her to orgasm.

The silence of her pleasure was broken by the loud snap of a finger. Even though Angela's mind spun with the events, she realized that the snap of someone's fingers controlled the action. The female attendants took the vibrator from her wanton wet cunt and left her side, leaving her only to herself, bound and surrounded by candle light, and unsatisfied.

Professor Ballard walked up to the table that help Angela captive. He stood at the end, above her head. His deep voice spoke, "Angela, you are doing well with the project so far, but we have many more things in store for you tonight." The soft ball gag kept Angela from answering the Professor. Her eyes told him she was willing to continue. The Professor could see that she was willing and walked away into the black corners of the room and the loud snap of the finger was heard.

As Angela looked into the darkness she saw the same beautiful tall red haired woman take a thick lit candle from a tall shaft that held it, illuminating the room and walk toward the table. She held the candle above her shoulder as she walked toward the table that kept Angela prisoner. The flame of the candle flickered as she walked, her body was esquisite, her firm, large breasts glowed in the warm glow of the candle. She walked alone to Angela's restrained body.

She held the candle high above Angela's body. Angela's eyes went from the candle to the red-haired voluptuous woman. Her green eyes penetrated her. The woman tilted the candle over Angela's naked bound body. The first drip of hot wax splashed on her right breast, followed by another to the nipple of the left tit. The hot wax against her soft flesh stung, burned for a flash of a second. The hot, white wax cooled as it slowly covered her breasts. It was like hot white cum splattering over her mounds of flesh, running down the side of her mountains of heaving creamy flesh. Angela's nipple covered with hot wax stood very erect, the clear wax cooled and turned her pink nipple white, though burning red under the white tip.

Angela watched the beautiful woman hold the candle above her body letting the wax drip one hot drop at a time on her wanton body. The wax covered her tits and the woman moved the candle down the body. The candle held high, Angela could see each drop as it left the hot burning flame and descended to her soft skin. The large hot splash of wax hit her belly button, filling it with the warm soft gooey wax. The wax was moving closer to Angela's pussy as the woman gazed over her body, enjoying her work as the pain of the wax was causing her. The first drop of hot wax hit the soft hairs of her blonde covered pussy, the next at the opening of her vagina. Angela's hips thrust upward with the short pain the wax caused. Angela's pussy lips were swollen with all the excitement and her erect clit was protruding from her cunt. The young beautiful woman, smiled as she guided the next drip directly to the hot engorged clit. The pain was almost too much to take, but the pain subsided as the

hot wax cooled around the love button.

Angela tilted her head and could see the woman lower the candle and move it closer to her pussy. The light of the flame glowed around Angela's cunt hairs as the woman moved closer. The red-haired beauty's tongue slowly slipped over the lips and teased the wax covered clit for just a second. The feeling was tremendous and Angela wanted her to suck her pussy and bring her to a climax, but instead the woman backed away and took the candle and moved it to her pussy, the flame stood tall, erect and the heat could be felt on her hot, wet, clit.

Just seconds before the flame would singe her cunt hairs, the woman blew the flame out and eased the thick, hot candle between her swollen pussy lips and into her wet hot cunt. The hot wax poured over the soft hairs that surrounded her pussy. Angela could feel the warm wax coat the outer lips of her cunt. The thrust of the large candle was larger than anything else she had ever experienced in her pussy. She had experienced boys, dildos, and other phallic-like objects, but nothing like this, it was huge, pushing her cunt walls wide as the woman thrust the candle deeper. Her body arched as the warm fat candle was shoved in her pussy. It was rough, yet smooth and she was beginning to enjoy the pleasure this was bringing Angela towards the climax that she deeply needed. Once again the snap of the fingers could be heard and the candle was taken from her wet pussy, leaving her unsatisfied, wanting more.

Angela watched the beautiful woman walk away with the candle in her hand. She lit it with another candle and put it back into the tall iron candle holder. At the same time, she saw three naked women walk toward her, all nude their bodies glowed in the candle light. They began to unfasten the wrist restraints at the top and then the ankle restraints were relaxed. Their hands lifted Angela's shoulders and pulled her body toward the edge of the table, until her neck was at the edge and her head tilted back, her eyes looking at the shadows against the darkened wall, their images upside down. Her hands were then taken to her side and fastened again and the ankle straps were once again tightened.

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