Coed Dorm


I recently took a job at a small liberal arts college in New York. It was necessary for me to go ahead of the family who will join me in the summer. Arriving on Jan 2nd, I stayed in a motel for two weeks until I found a short-term lease on a rental unit. Unfortunately, the central facility room for the building had a boiler explosion which closed the building for the next two months. I was again out on the street. The landlord was only obligated thru the end of the month, so I was paying motel bills after a week.

I could not afford to stay in the motel so I was looking for any alternatives. I talked with the school housing staff and they offered me a dorm room. I said OK and then asked where.

The only opening was in a mixed floor coed dorm. At the beginning of the fall semester a former men's dorm was converted to mixed gender housing. Only limited changes were made to the facility. Most of the men lived off campus and were not interested in dorm living regardless of who lived next door. As a result the ratio of men to females was 1 to 10. It turned out that most of the girls were lesbian or at least bi. It seems the idea of having open showers appealed to them.

The few men were made to feel so uncomfortable and the last one requested new housing in November. At the beginning of the spring semester, no men were assigned to the floor. I heard all this and expressed no interest in idea. The dorm director, asked me to think about it and she was going to check with the residents about my moving in.

Now I am 52 and grew up in a typical traditional family with no opportunity for being with girls in other than a controlled situation. As a result the first naked female I ever saw was my soon to be wife who finally consented to some oral sex before the wedding. Since, marriage we have been rather modest with others and each other. We seldom showered together or were nude in front of each other for any length of time. Since the kids have gotten older, I have been sleeping in the nude but my wife was hesitant to join me.

Last summer, we were out on a rented boat at a nearby lake. We had not planned to go swimming and had not brought swim suits. After an hour on the lake, we both were wanting to go for a swim. I found a cove with no other boats and suggested we go for a swim. After the usual conversation about no swim suit, I said "I can't wait any longer." I pulled my pants off followed by underwear and jumped into the water. My wife watched me with no reaction. I had paddled around the boat when all of sudden there was a yell followed by my naked wife jumping into the water.

After an hour in the water, we climbed our and sat on the lounges to air dry. For an hour we sat on the lounges and read magazines we had brought. Two boats came into the cove and circled us. The boat sides hide our nudity and we made no effort to cover up. At four, it was time to head back to the marina. I pulled on my pants and started the engine. My wife did not dress until we were nearly to the dock.

As we drove home, my wife was in a very good mood and wanted to talk. "You know, I really enjoyed our time on the boat. It was the first time we have ever been naked without sex. I guess I like the feel of the sun and air on my body. Now don't get any ideas, I enjoyed being nude with you, not with others."

For the rest of trip home we did not talk about our boat trip. When we got home, my wife fixed dinner in her bra and panties. When it was bed time, she joined me in bed with no gown. Sex that night was great.

Later, I found out that my wife started to clean the house in the nude. Our daughter caught her a couple of times after school and was very curious why her mother was running the sweeper with no clothes on.

When I told my wife about the offered dorm room, she thought I was kidding and then thought it was funny. She finally said OK but really assumed that I would not go for it.

The next week was a real frustration, the small college town offered few no options in January. I was now faced with serious financial problems if the offered dorm room was not available.

The dorm director called and said that the residents were fine with me moving in and if I was interested she would arrange a visit. I told her that I had no choice but to check it out.

The next afternoon, I meet the Ann Smythe, the Director at her office before we walked to the dorm. Ann started to kid me about the situation and told me that the girls liked the idea of an older guy moving in. Most of them knew who I was and realized that I could be their dad.

We walked up to the third floor and the Director used a key to open the floor security door. She walked ahead and announced that a "man was on deck". We walked into the only restroom on the floor and I found a typical male room with urinals and a few enclosed toilets. The shower room was wide open with shower heads down both sides. Two of the shower heads had temporary curtains that offered some privacy.

We walked down the hall to the lounge where we found several of the girls waiting to talk with me. We all found seats and the floor president told us, "We are more concerned that you are a member of the faculty more than the fact that you are male."

Ann had anticipated the question, "he has no obligation to observe and or report anything other than something that is an immediate threat to a student of school property." That seemed to settle that concern and we moved on.

Rachel, a student in my morning class, started laughing as she spoke, "Professor, if we share a shower at seven, what will you be like in class at ten?"

I shrugged and said, "it might be a little strange at first but I am sure that your curiosity about my body will quickly pass."

Everyone laughed and it seemed to break the tension of the meeting. When everyone had settled down, the student continued, "well I was really more concerned about your curiosity about my body than me about yours."

Everyone looked to me for my answer. "I am sure that is a concern, you are all very attractive young ladies and I am sure that I would be curious. However, if I am also naked then it is probably a simple trade and after I look you over and you look me over, we will go on with our business. Besides, I have a wife and changed my daughter's diaper many times, so I have some idea of what you look like in the shower already."

Again everyone laughed and I was ready for another question. The next questioner wondered about any strange things I was used to doing. I calmly told them all, "I sleep in the nude and like to shave nude. But I imagine I would keep the towel around my waist if anyone else was in the room."

Ann then said that she would get back with them for a final decision about whether I was welcome. The floor President responded, "We have no problem, he seems to have a sense of humor and all of us showered with guys last semester. The only concern is if he sleeps in the nude, does he sleep walk and what will he contribute for the next panty raid?"

I laughed but could think of no good answer.

My student then asked, "Since we have a dorm rule that we can have no sleepovers with our boy friends, what will you do when your wife visits?"

"I would imagine that we would go to a motel. I would not want to be responsible for any of you losing any sleep."

With that Ann and I left the building and returned to her office. She lead off with the following, "I am not pushing this just because you have a problem, but I am worried about that group and want to get an adult with them. Several of the ladies on the faculty have approached me but I turned them down because I did not want a volunteer with unknown motives."

I looked at the Director, "I understand, when I walked over here I convinced myself that this was a bad idea. However, after talking with the girls, I guess it would work out. I'll talk to the wife tonight and call you in the morning."

My wife was stunned that I was even interested, but after I told her about my visit and conversation she became concerned over whether I could do it. She reminded me, "remember last summer on vacation, you did not want to stay in the room when our daughter was in the shower. You also wanted me to do something about the bikini she wore to the beach."

"Yeh, as I remembered you were no help. The next day you wore a bikini to the beach and when we got back to the room you undressed in front of us and walked into the bathroom for your shower. Then, later in bed, you did everything to frustrate me, trying to get to make love to you with Annie in the next bed."

"Yeah, that was fun. Now, as far as the room, I think it is fine for you to move in on one condition, I get to stay in your room when I visit."

This last comment was the biggest shock, unless she was planning on not showering, she would be required to use the shower room. The privacy curtains were very limited and not really private.

The next day I called Ann and packed my things that night. The next afternoon I moved in and some of the girls helped to carry my things in. When I was all settled in, I was faced with my first problem, I had to go to the bathroom.

I grabbed a towel and headed down the hallway. I hesitated before opening the door but finally decided that it was OK and everyone expected me to use the facilities.

I stepped in the room and saw my first naked female backside. One of the girls was leaning in front of one of the urinals with her pants down by her ankles. As I approached, she turned and with a smile, "some of us have learned to use these, it really is much quicker."

She pulled up her pants and walked to the wash basin as I unzipped and started to go. I did not look at her but was curious what she was doing. I glanced at her and found her looking towards me. She turned away and was gone before I finished.

Dinner in the dorm cafeteria was fun. Several of the students sat at my table and we talked of many subjects including my classes. Compared to eating at a fast food restaurant, it was a very pleasant evening.

I return to my room and read a little, checked my messages and then decided that it was time to get ready for bed. I took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist. I picked up my kit bag and headed down the hall. I saw no one in the hall or in the lounge. I walked into the restroom and found it empty. I got my soap and headed for the shower room. I looked at the curtained area and decided that it was not worth the inconvenience. I hung my towel near the door and walked to the last shower head. If someone did come in the room, I would be ten feet from my towel when I was showering.

I proceeded to soap up and when it came time to wash my genitals, I turned my back on the door. When I was rinsed off, I turned off the water and turned to walk to my towel. As I turned, nine naked girls were standing just inside the door. I recognized the president and two of my students.

I smiled and continued to walk to my towel. None of them moved as I started to dry. I made no effort to cover up as I wiped down my arms and back. The President finally spoke, "we decided that for all of us it would be easier if we did it this way rather than dragging it out over the next week."

I smiled and said, "thank you, I appreciate it."

"I am sure you do. Fifteen naked coeds are with you in the shower."

"Your right, I appreciate both your thoughts and the view."

"By the way, we expect you to shave and brush with no towel."

I was then dry and without wrapping the towel around me, I walked to the sink and started to brush my teeth.

The girls were now in the showers and seemed to be having a good time. Before I left, I stuck my head in the door of the shower and said, "Next time could someone do my back?"

I walked back to my room and began to think about what had just happened. Anytime I have ever thought about what a lady looks without her clothes, I normally start to be aroused. This time, I found out what several young women looked like naked and had no feelings of arousal until I was away from them and trying to remember what had just happened.

I locked the room door and after putting my things away got in bed. As I moved around the room I noticed that I was noticeably semi-hard. I wondered what would be the reaction in shower room tomorrow. As I thought about the reaction to my arousal, I became fully aroused and is my want did not want to "waste a woody."

I lay in bed and finally gave in and began to stroke my manhood. I must have been saving up because I made a real mess on my chest and stomach. I was now in a bind, I had no private toilet to use, and I needed to keep the sheets clean so that the maid would not know. My only option was to get up and get my towel and wipe off.

I then settled down and went to sleep. The next morning I was awakened by a light tapping on my door. I walked over and asked "who is there?"

It was Janie, one of my students, "I wanted to remind you, that the dining hall closes in 30 minutes. I also wondered if you would have breakfast with me?"

"Sure, I'll be ready in ten minutes."

She was standing in the hall when I came out of the room with my towel wrapped around my waist. We walked towards the restroom and talked of the basketball game that afternoon. I went into the restroom and she moved on to the lounge to wait for me to get ready.

My plans were to rinse the towel of my dried spunk from last night and also clean off any remnants on my stomach or chest. Two girls were standing at the sinks and I could hear that someone was in the shower. I laid my kit on the sink and walked to the urinal. I had decided that urinating would be more of a concern than the showers. As I guessed, it was difficult getting the flow started with two girls standing five feet away.

Janie and I walked to lunch and sat in one of the tables. She talked all through lunch and appeared to enjoy being with me.

After the game, I returned to the room and started to grade some homework. At five a knock on the door preceded Janie announcing that it was time for dinner. Again we sat together and were joined by three other students. The rest of the evening was uneventful until it was time to get ready for bed. I undressed and gathered my towel and kit then headed for the shower room. It was empty when I arrived and I was fully soaped when Janie appeared at the door and walked toward me.

I was wondering what she intended when she stopped at the shower head beside me and started adjusting the water. When the temperature was OK she started to soap up her legs and chest. She turned to me and asked, "I'll do your back if you will do mine." Now I was really being to worry about Janie's intent.

Even though I was naked in the same shower with one of the students with the approval of the school, it did not relieve me from an obligation to avoid improper contact with a student. I finally decided that a little touching on the back was OK and reached for her soap. When she was soaped from waist to neck I stepped back and handed the soap to Janie. She took my soap and followed the same procedure with me.

I was nearly finished and only needed to soap up my genitals. I looked over at Janie and she was casually soaping her breasts. I figured that making a big deal would only bring attention to washing between my legs. Janie glanced over at me as I washed and she immediately started to soap her pubic area.

A few minutes passed and when we were dried and the teeth clean, we headed down the hall. I said good night and retreated to my room. I called my wife and let her know the events of the day. She immediately wanted to know if I had showered and what had happened. I related the story of the day and only down played the fact that all the girls had joined me earlier. She seemed satisfied with my explanation and then began to kid me about when the orgy would start. I declined to encourage her efforts and explained again that my teaching position prohibited any contact with any student. She laughed and the said good night.

The next day was Sunday, and nothing much happened. Janie made sure I ate lunch and dinner. When it was bed time, she again joined me in the shower. As I sat up in bed, I began to wonder what Janie was about. I could not tell whether she was just lonely or was somehow interested in me. I decided that she was not angling for an improved grade since she had made no blatant effort to attract my attention.

The next week passed with no major problems. I was becoming famous on campus as the professor living with the coeds. At lunch, Mrs. Ames, the assistant housing director told me that the reservations for next fall were up for the coed dorms.

To my surprise, she visited the dorm on Thursday and spent over an hour with the floor president and several of the girls. When she finished she knocked on my door. I was getting ready for bed and had just taken my clothes off in anticipation of a shower. I opened the door to see who was there and hurriedly wrapped my towel around my waist.

Mrs. Ames sat down in my only chair and I sat on the edge of the bed. She reported to me about her conversation with my floor mates. She determined that none of the girls had a problem with me living with them. One of them mentioned that Janie seemed to be pestering me. I acknowledged all her attention to me. I was then informed that her dad had died just before school started.

This explained a little about Janie but did not really explain the situation. I decided to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Mrs. Ames left the room and I headed to the shower. Several of the girls were already there and Janie soon joined me. No one reacted when I entered and all included me in the conversation. As I was turning around to rinse off, I found a naked Mrs. Ames standing at the door. "I decided to join you and check out the facilities." Now Mrs. Ames was a very attractive lady with a cute and trim body. I looked her over as she too looked me over as we stared at each other for a few moments.

I walked towards her and took my towel and began to dry off. We continued to talk as I dried. When I was done she moved into the shower and began to wash her arms. I wrapped the towel around my waist and barely covered my growing erection in time. By the time I was back to the room, I had a full erection and was ready for some relief. As I started to slide my hand up and down my penis, a knock on the door stopped my motion. I again covered up and opened the door slightly. Mrs. Ames was wrapped in a towel that barely covered her bottom while containing her breasts.

She smiled, "I hope you take of that problem, good night." I watched her move down the hall as she let the towel drop exposing her attractive backside.

The rest of the week passed with no incidents.

(To be continued)

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