tagGroup SexCoed Love Story Ch. 02

Coed Love Story Ch. 02


*Many thanks to Jill for being my inspiration for this story*


Chapter II -- The New Girl

Nicole went to class the next day, still tormented about the way Peter had found out about Brad. It took her an entire lecture on Darwinism and social evolution to convince herself that she had only done what she had needed to survive -- well, the goal was more about sexual enlightenment/empowerment than it was about survival, but you get the idea.

She continued to stare at the lecture board in a sleepy, contented daze. She felt exhausted and her body ached all over - she also felt more sexually fulfilled than she thought was possible. The previous night had been incredible. In order to get her mind off of things, Brad had certainly put his stamina to the test and they had fucked for hours. She previously hadn't realized it was possible for a guy to come that much in one night. His sexual appetite was matched only by his incredible swimmer stamina and she had been absolutely helpless to resist his strong hands and naked abs. Needless to say, they had gotten very little sleep and now Nicole was having difficulty staying awake during her lecture. She didn't know how Brad survived. As the lecturer droned on, Nicole wondered what tonight would have in store for her. And the night after that... Fucking Brad was like a full-time job - she was going to have to take a few days off school just to recover!

She was so lost in her own thoughts, that she completely missed the new girl in the classroom. All Nicole saw at the end of the lecture was an unfamiliar but fabulous girl butt, clad in a frilly short skirt, leaving the classroom.

During the next couple of days, in which she continued to see all of Brad, Peter was thankfully absent from classes and thus, her thoughts. She also got a good look at the face attached to that new butt. To Nicole's dismay, the new girl was hot all over; tall, blond, curves in all the right places, with a fashion sense to boot. Bohemian chic, is that what they called it? When she spoke in class, Nicole heard her rapid speech, characteristic of Californians. She sounded confident, even though she had missed the first month of lectures.

One beautiful Friday morning, Nicole was late to class for obvious reasons. She had had to beg Brad to let her sleep after 3 rounds. With a huff and a puff, he had agreed to call it a night, on the condition that she would make it up to him over the weekend. Her head had fallen on the pillow, while nodding in agreement, as Brad had walked out of her room. Sneaking into the classroom, Nicole grabbed the first empty chair she could.

"Don't worry, he hasn't quite got into his usual rhythm yet; still building momentum." Said the person next to her. Nicole looked to her side to see she had ended up next to the new girl.

N: It didn't take you long to figure him out, right. He definitely wasn't born to teach.

Nicole was surprised she could put together a coherent sentence in her current state.

V: They warned me at the registrar when I wanted to sign up for the class a month into the semester. Something about how missing the first 8 lectures would put me way behind... At his pace, I'm gonna guess I missed maybe 2 lectures' worth of content. But enough about that; I'm Vanessa.

N: Hi, I'm Nicole. And no, you didn't miss much; we barely got through the first chapter, because he got sidetracked talking about Darwin and his tortoises.

Vanessa laughed; it felt sincere and warm to Nicole. Then they decided to try and listen to the lecturer, but Nicole felt too giddy to focus. She had actually, successfully made small talk with a gorgeous girl, without feeling self-conscious about her own looks. That, in itself, would have been a victory to celebrate, but Vanessa didn't turn her back on Nicole after the short banter. Throughout the lecture, they shared glances and small giggles whenever the professor went off on a tangent and lost his train of thought. By the end of the allocated 90 minutes, the girls had giggled a lot.

V: So, in case I don't see you around in the quad later today, there's a party at one of the houses on the edge of the campus, starting around 10 pm. I think you should come and party with us.

N: Umm, yeah, I'll ask Brad, but yeah, we'll be there.

V: Great, see you guys there!

Nicole hadn't meant to mumble much, but failed. All in all, she had done enough to earn an invite to a college party, which was a huge boost of confidence. If only she had anything to wear... She ran to her room, rummaging through her closet, completely forgetting that she had another class to get to.

A couple of hours later, she was dressed in a black mini skirt and a tight red tank top, courtesy of her roommate. She met Brad in the quad, whose eyes grew at the sight of her. As they walked towards the party house through the campus, he used the cover of the dark to get a good grip of her ass and let a finger slide in under her panties. Nicole was somewhat shocked at his behavior, which he completely justified by saying "I told you I liked you in a skirt".

Party was well underway by the time they got there. As soon as they entered, Nicole felt like all eyes were on them and her confidence plummeted instantly. It didn't help much, when a couple girls in super mini shorts were openly checking Brad out and then probably wondering what he was doing with Nicole. What did help were Brad's friends spotting them and quickly supplying them with alcohol. Without really asking what was in them, they all did a couple of shots, chased them with ample beer. It was enough to make Nicole's head start to spin.

Brad helped her to a couch in the corner and they both sat down. She hadn't meant to, but Nicole kind of fell on Brad's lap, giggling uncontrollably at her apparent clumsiness. She didn't even realize her phone fell onto the floor, because Brad was on her face, in her mouth, his hands in her hair. Making out while drunk was a new sensation for her and she decided she liked it.

His hands were all over her, making full use of the easy access skirt. He pushed her back on the couch and crawled on top of her. To the sober eye, he was visibly fingering Nicole as they continued to make out, but there weren't many sober eyes -- except for one pair.

"Nicole, you came!" Vanessa exclaimed, without intending any puns for what was unfolding in front of her eyes. Brad broke their lip lock long enough to check out the source of the voice. Nicole finally managed to open her eyes and sit up, trying to fix her skirt. Then she walked up to Vanessa and gave her a hug. Either she was really a nice girl, or just drunk, but Vanessa hugged back and used the opportunity to plant a kiss on Nicole's lips. What Nicole didn't realize was that Vanessa was staring directly at Brad behind Nicole's back as they kissed.

Brad was starting to see the rest of the night unfold quite nicely in his mind. He discretely pocketed Nicole's phone from the floor, before throwing his arms around both girls and led them to the bar to get a few more shots, just to get the real party starting. In between shots, he started making out with Nicole, quite passionately too, while Vanessa kept drinking and watching the two of them. The drunk inexperienced girl felt so cute and innocent in contrast to the muscular playboy; their power dynamic fascinated Vanessa, who herself was a switch and as such, easily adaptable to any scenario.

True to her West Coast origins, she said "I'm really digging your vibe right now. This party needs to move into my room." Stumbling only a little bit, Vanessa led the other two back to her room, a suite with its own bathroom, courtesy of Daddy. Before she could lock the door behind them, Brad was already back to making out with Nicole, who had more than a few questions but very little resistance to being undressed by her boyfriend. The hot girl mirrored Brad's speed in undressing herself and both girls ended up naked at the same time, whilst Brad was still clothed, albeit visibly hard.

B: Girls, why don't you lie down on the bed and get comfortable?

Nicole sat down at the edge of the bed, still unsure of what to do, although she was already quite naked. But Vanessa seemed totally into her and also totally in control. She invited Nicole to the top of the bed and started caressing her hair, as if to ease her into this completely new realm. Once her hands were on Nicole, she visibly relaxed and lay down on her side with Vanessa facing her. She could feel Brad's eyes on them, as Vanessa started caressing her breasts, her eyes never leaving hers. Then Vanessa leaned in for a soft small kiss and Nicole could feel her heart beat faster. The idea that Brad was watching them made everything feel sexier and a little more risqué than it already was.

A girl's tongue is in my mouth, Nicole thought, but only for a brief second, before she was lost in Vanessa's embrace. Then the kissing got hotter and a lot more passionate; more demanding, but also more rewarding for all parties involved. The new sensation was making Nicole's head spin and she barely realized she was moaning against Vanessa's mouth.

Brad was quietly watching it unfold and decided this would be a good moment to step in. Nicole was past the shyness stage and watching his girlfriend with this hot chick got him going very quickly. He quietly slipped on a condom and spooned Nicole, as she continued to make out with Vanessa. Holding Nicole's hips, he gently eased himself into her; she was dripping wet and in no position to object to anything. As he took slow and deep thrusts into her, Vanessa snuggled even closer and Nicole found herself surrounded by her soft smooth skin and Brad's bulging muscles. Vanessa's hand traveled down her body, rested on her clit gently and accompanied his strokes in perfect harmony. Nicole didn't trust herself to touch Vanessa that intimately yet, but found it very pleasant to caress her breasts. They were much larger than her own and blessed with tiny, super sensitive nipples that responded to her every touch. Each of Nicole's flicks emanated a small moan from Vanessa and she found out that the sound turned her on even more.

At one point, Vanessa reached over Nicole to kiss Brad, which pushed her breasts onto Nicole's face. Nicole's tongue bravely darted out to taste her nipples, first flicking them gently, and then daring to suck and nibble on them. She was imagining what felt good on her own breasts and mimicking them on Vanessa. The new girl's sensitive nipples enjoyed the attention immensely, making her moan louder and keep rubbing her breasts on Nicole's face.

With all the moaning and warmth of two female bodies around him, Brad couldn't last much longer. He grabbed onto Nicole and thrust inside her one last time; couldn't help letting out a deep moan, alerting the still tipsy naked girls around him. "I need a short break, but you guys should keep hanging out", he said with a grin. He would be back in action momentarily, but he also didn't want to miss the show.

Once Brad was off the bed, Vanessa took charge, rolled down to the edge of the bed and spread Nicole's legs. "Come now, don't be shy. I'll take good care of you", she purred and all of Nicole's inhibitions just melted away, as she gave in to the demands of the hot girl, who seemed to know what she was doing. She moved between Nicole's legs and started kissing and nibbling her way up, leaving a wet trail behind her. Her finger crawled inside Nicole's pussy, which had turned a darker pink shade Brad's cock, and she knew it wouldn't take much longer to make the sweet innocent girl come hard. With her thumb still probing inside, Vanessa placed her middle finger gently on her virgin asshole and started lapping at her clit. When her finger started moving around, drawing circles around the highly responsive areas, Nicole felt an immediate build up and couldn't even object to Vanessa touching her asshole; strangely, it felt good.

Both girls were so caught up in the moment, that they completely missed Brad quickly taking some photos on a phone. Nicole, still kind of drunk, eyes closed, was completely yielding to all the sensations Vanessa was putting her through. Soon, a familiar heat crept up her toes to her thighs, her pussy feeling positively hot and dripping. With one last circle on her clit, Vanessa let her orgasm, which rocked her entire body, her tight pussy clamping on Vanessa's finger.

Vanessa wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and turned around to look at Brad, who was already rocking another boner. Shaking her ass suggestively, she invited him back to their fold, but he had other plans. With Vanessa on top of Nicole, on her hands and knees, he motioned for them to kiss as he positioned himself behind Vanessa. He then dove his face into her glistening pussy, eating her out, as his hands held onto her curvy ass. After a few minutes, he slipped on another condom, pulled her hips apart and slid right inside her. It felt so good, her pussy wrapping his dick and he picked up the pace, fucking her harder and faster. He could hear her moan against Nicole, her breasts slapping the other pair underneath them.

"Can you please rub my clit? I promise you'll know what to do, don't worry about it." She begged Nicole. Nodding in agreement, Nicole's clumsy hands made their way down Vanessa's gorgeous body, past her tiny waist. She could sense the warmth and her fingers had no difficulty finding her now enlarged clit. Still fumbling around a bit, Nicole figured out how to draw circles from this angle, which made Vanessa start moaning louder and louder. Brad took that as encouragement to go faster; she seemed able to take it without complaint. As a result, she started groaning and panting. Within five minutes, she asked Brad to pull out in a panicky voice and squirted all over the sheets.

"Come on, get it back in me, I need you!" she pleaded and Brad lost no time in complying. He started fucking her again, shaking his head in delighted surprise. Nicole wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but she tried to stick with the circles as best as she could. Sure enough, Vanessa started tossing and squirming in a few more minutes and this time soaked Nicole's hand too, after Brad pulled out. She was shaking and completely spent, but Brad was so close, he needed a few more strokes. He had to hold her hips up high to keep her from collapsing on Nicole, but he managed to get back inside and get a few deep thrusts into her amazing gushing pussy, before he came violently for a second time.

Vanessa, completely spent, curled up at the corner of the bed. Before Nicole could ask her if she was OK, she had already drifted off into dreamland in the aftermath of the drinks and her explosive orgasms.

Nicole somehow felt exhilarated by the entire scene. Vanessa passed out on one side and her hot boyfriend Brad, breathing heavily, but still awake, on the other side of the bed. The bask of her orgasm from before was slowly winding down, giving way to a new wave of desire to fuck Brad's brains out. She was experiencing a distinct confidence that had not been there before. Turning to Brad, she snuggled close and wrapped her leg around his body suggestively.

B: Babe, I'm going to need a minute here. You girls were so amazing already.

N: Come on Brad, you never needed a break before. Are you saying you're too tired? For this?

She saddled Brad slowly, distributing her weight on him evenly. Normally, she would have been mortified to be on top (which was why this had never happened before), but right then felt as good a time as any to do this. The twinkle in Brad's eye as a result of this role reversal was clearly visible. Once he realized he wouldn't have to do all the work, he relaxed and enjoyed Nicole taking charge for a change.

Nicole tossed her hair off from her shoulder, making no attempt at hiding herself this time. As she stared into Brad's eyes, her hands started to stroke his dick, up and down, in slow but deliberate motions, lingering an extra second on his sensitive head with every stroke.

"Somebody's feeling sexy, huh" Brad remarked. Nicole's newfound confident vibe was definitely helping him get back in the mood. She didn't have to know his mind was still on Vanessa, begging him to fuck her harder until she squirted all over his cock. While he had had his share of experiences, squirters were still his favorite -- even better than sweet innocent girls...

Once again, Brad was hard within a few minutes. His stamina continued to amaze Nicole, but it also made her feel happy that he found her sexy and desirable. Being desired was a rush like no other and she wanted to enjoy it for as long as she could.

When Nicole reached for a condom, Brad stopped her. "Baby, you're on the pill, right? If I put on a condom, this third time will last hours, and you must be really tired. What do you say, we go bare and have fun with it? I want to enjoy coming in your hot pussy. I promise it'll feel good for you, too."

It made enough sense to a still tipsy Nicole. She was on the pill and over the last couple of weeks; Brad had mostly just been pulling out, which was basically the same thing, right? She nodded as she lifted her thighs. His hard cock slid right in, filling her up with that familiar tingling. She rode him softly at first and then trusted herself to go faster, as Brad's moans got louder. He held onto her breasts as her pussy stroked his dick, coating the shaft in her own juices. His thick head was throbbing with pleasure, which was doubled in the absence of the condom. As Nicole continued to fuck him, he kept imagining Vanessa and how he could get her to gush all over him again. He was close, but his sweet girlfriend wasn't doing enough to finish him off. He pulled her down to his chest and rolled her over onto her back to fuck her harder and faster than he did before. She wrapped her legs around him and he felt his entire cock engulfed, exploring her depths. Within a few more hard thrusts, he was coming inside her and it felt so good.

They all rolled over and slept on the large bed, still naked under the covers. Brad woke up in the early morning to the pleasant sensation of someone stroking his morning wood. It turned out to be not Nicole, but Vanessa. She had left the bed in all her naked glory and approached Brad from the side. "Wanna take a shower together?" she purred in his ear, knowing full well she had him in her palm. Even if her body had failed (which it never did), her confidence would have won anyone over.

Without shaking the bed too much, Brad left a sleeping Nicole on the bed and rushed into Vanessa's private bathroom. He closed the bathroom door behind him. It creaked, but not loudly. Vanessa turned the hot water on in the shower. The rapidly warming water felt so good on her nipples. She cupped her breasts with her hands and moaned audibly, looking into Brad's eyes as she did so. He didn't need the little show she was putting on, but he didn't mind watching either.

He stepped into the shower and leaned against the wall, pulling Vanessa's ass towards his hips. She filled a loofah with honey smelling foams and handed it to Brad.

V: Do you mind doing my back? I feel so dirty after last night.

B: No, no worries, babe, it would be my pleasure.

He squeezed the loofah down her back and watched the foam slide down her back, pool on top of her ass, where she was pushing against him. Grabbing some foam in his hands, Brad reached over to cup Vanessa's gorgeous breasts. Her nipples instantly jumped to attention as he gently squeezed them. With her back now completely pressed against him, Brad's hands slid down her sides and parted her slippery thighs. His right index finger easily located her clit, drawing mind-blowingly slow and deliberate circles, while his left hand stroked her lips and looked for a way in.

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