Coerced Exhibitionist - Laura


I clamped my mouth shut. I knew Sue liked a variety of cocks, but never knew her to be so flagrant about it. The dual betrayal of her comfortably naked for someone else and he being a close friend, made my heart ache. "Good idea, Laura. Everyone but you has seen me naked and I expect to see the rest of you naked shortly, so this isn't a big leap. Is it? Toss your coat over the sofa. I'm up for some warm swapping." Typical Sue — all in or all out! "I know you're always concerned about safe sex, Al. I have been safe and checked all the others I fucked too." She rubbed it in under the guise of my concern!

Noting Sue's small tits with absolutely perfect nipples, Laura commented "I see amazing nips on you and can't wait to lick them with my heated tongue. I hope you'll oblige me too?" Sue nodded an eager yes as Laura slowly untied her coat, held it open to let both the cheaters have a long look at her perfect body. Their mouths dropped. Laura turned and slowly tossed the navy blue coat on the back of the sofa as she allowed them to admire her perfect ass. As she bent over, she gave us all a long look at her beautiful, plumped pussy.

She sat on the plush chair and stuck out her foot to offer one of them the privilege of removing a boot. Silently, except for a little giggle, my ex got on her knees, spread legged, and pulled the furry boot slowly. Sue also moved Laura's gorgeous legs apart and stared at her perfect, swelling vulva. Laura grinned widely as she pulled. Sue sucked air at the lusty sight as Laura enjoyed the exposure and admiration.

Steve lifted and pulled the other boot as he stared into her gaping pussy. His short cock bobbed several times as his hands wandered up her short legs. She slapped his hand away coyly. "You'll get your turn, maybe even tonight if we hot swap or explore other avenues. Until then, I'm with Al." Loyalty? Deference? Either felt great after Sue's disloyalty. Definitely not shy! Sue sipped the hot drink then pulled Laura to stand. My ex combed her fingers thru Laura's short, dark bush, circled her swelling clit then leaned her hot tongue against the sexy stranger's gaping vulva. Both gasped at the lurid boldness then Laura thrust her heated pussy against Sue's face as Steve and I took cocks in hand — our own.

Laura moved to the floor and lay on her back while Sue continued to eat her on all fours. Her beautiful pussy was aimed at me and deliberately wiggled a slow invite. Maybe as a bit of revenge, I quickly knelt behind Sue before Steve did, cupped her tiny, boney ass and gently spread her cheeks as a reminder why I thought her pussy and asshole were beautiful. Without checking, or caring, who was touching her, Sue pushed her tongue and fingers deeper into Laura as she offered her wet twat to me. My cock needed no help to find the familiar portal between her legs. Steve watched as I split my ex's cunt, hands free, and sank in fully in a single thrust. I wasn't concerned with her comfort then, just her lust.

Her familiar, classically beautiful pussy swelled around my cock and sucked it in. Her labia clung firmly to me as a 'welcome back' and swelled to its puffy fullness. The warmth and grip felt comfortable and intoxicating. I wondered if Steve had worshiped this beauty. The thought of his defiling cock filling my girl urged me to thrust harder in anger. Her puckered hole gaped each time I slammed her ass and soon a familiar, pleasant, musky aroma filled my nostrils. I always loved the scent of her ass.

As I aimed my cock to rub Sue's clit then her G, I noticed Steve kneel directly over Laura's stunning face. As she groaned at Sue's attentions, she cupped his balls then pulled his stiffness into her mouth and lapped his aching tool. He pinched and pulled her nipples without regard for their beauty or tenderness and she moaned loudly around his cock. Shortly the intensity of this impromptu four-way soared. Sue was gasping into Laura's pussy as I fiercely slammed her G, cheating cunt and asshole. I gasped as I approached my sensitive climax and my sweat sprinkled both women.

When I erupted, my vibrations pushed Sue to climax; she drank Laura's cum and pushed her to climax and Laura's shakes got Steve to fill her perfect mouth with his foul cum! We collapsed and rested happily a few minutes. Sue seemed satisfied and yet annoyed at that satisfaction on my cock! Good! After warming our mouths with the still steamy drink, Steve shouted "Switch!" Sue got on her back and Laura put her steamy tongue on my girl's swollen, wet and tasty pussy.

I think Steve wanted to fill Laura's pussy with any part of his body, but got Sue's mouth instead. I was thrilled to eat then fuck Laura while she ate and fingered Sue. My ego swelled as I blissfully fucked Laura and knew Sue was stunned and a little slighted at the thought that I had scored with such an incredible creature. Not good enough for her, but desired by a goddess! We slowly built to another four-way climax; rested; finished the hot drink and plotted more fun.

Breathlessly, I arranged Laura on all fours with taller Sue on top so both beautiful, gaping pussies were facing me. That left two warm mouths for Steve. On the pretext of comparison, I harshly shoved my cock all the way into Sue first and was reminded how much she enjoyed my pubes rubbing her pink, wrinkled hole. As I used them to rub her, she began clenching my cock. "Been - practicing - your - kegles - I - feel!" I managed to gasp. Then I struggled to leave her hot, strong pussy for Laura's.

"Hey how about me? My pussy's getting cold waiting —whoop!" One full thrust sent me fully into Laura. She did feel looser than Sue, but just as hot, lusty and encapsulating. Within seconds, I felt her muscles clamp down on me. Heaven! Watching her pinkish, bleached butt hole wink at me was a delight and helped bandage my ego. As I seriously slammed and fucked Laura, I fingered Sue. Her cum was always so intoxicating and delicious I couldn't help but savor its splendor off my fingers — twice — before proceeding to wet her rear hole with it and worm a finger into her ass.

Her response was a muted groan. When I looked over her sexy back, I saw that Steve's cock was fully in her mouth. She relaxed her rear hole enough to allow a second finger inside and responded with a greatly extended moan. Being a germaphobe, not nearly as OCD as her beautiful sister, she was theoretically against ass play. Yet she'd rimmed me twice and let me rim her, but never allowed a finger inside. Apparently her 'no to the ass' was just another lie she told. We'll figure that out later. Right now, she was into ass fingering and I was soon in as deep as my fingers allowed. As I pumped her, she surprisingly climaxed quickly and melted onto Laura's back. I left my fingers inside her ass.

Now refocused on Laura, I adjusted my entry angle so my thrusting cock rubbed her vaginal roof and reclusive G spot. As she climaxed, instead of deflating, my cock stiffened at the lurid thought of what I planned next. As I twisted my two fingers inside Sue's relaxed ass, I leaned forward and whispered, "I'm guessing you've had other cocks in your ass, but your lies kept me out. That ends tonight. You'll tell me, truthfully, later if you ever had a cock covered in another woman's cum inside you, before now. You remember how wonderful Laura's pussy tasted, now imagine that heavenly flavor riding my stiff cock deep into your gut. Enjoy!"

She whimpered an insincere 'no' then surrendered without resistance. With dual 'plops' I pulled out of both women, scooped some more Laura lube onto Sue's back door and pushed my bishop into her ass. She hissed, sighed then relaxed as I held still, yet throbbed inside her. This was already the deepest my cock had been in her rear. I couldn't help but consider how much we missed out because of her lies. I would have fucked her ass regularly and let her deep finger me, maybe even let her fuck me with a strap-on, but only because I loved and trusted her completely.

When I felt her ass relax and ease its choke hold on me, I was back in the moment. Once I'd slid half my cock into her, I gave Laura's clit some well deserved attention. God, this is so distracting! As I looked around her, I saw the reason for her muted response. Steve's cock was again the muffler, blocking her vocal output. Despite the copious Laura lube on my shaft, penetrating my girl was a start-stop affair. I knew if I forced it in, there would be some initial pain, followed by an extremely satisfying friction and ultimately with much burning, pain and maybe some blood. Though still angry about what her psyche had cost us, I had to admit I still loved her and wanted her to enjoy this and crave more.

Each time I dipped into Laura's well for more sweet lube, I paid tribute to her clit and G spot since I expected to return in her as soon as I got Sue off. Using the tasty lube to coat my cock, and Sue's greatly distended rear portal, helped me ease the last few inches into her. When she finally felt me crush her cheeks, she gasped, "Are you-are you all the way in my ass? Ohhhh, I feel so full and, and like I'm being tenderly hugged from inside." Then I started moving and pulsing my cock. "Oh! Oh! Ahh ohh!"

The friction, the heat, the snugness and the closeness all translated to her too, I hoped. The combination was bliss and I could think of nothing else. There were no landmarks to hit, no didactic goals to consider. "Ohhhhh, so good-muph." A quick peek showed me Steve was back in Sue's mouth. I was also fascinated by the hypnotic, rhythmic, orbital motions of Laura's heavy tits since they were driven by my thrusts into Sue.

When Sue's reactions got louder and breathless, I heard Steve yell out "owwww! The bitch bit me!" He pulled back his hand as if to slap her, but I stopped and glared at him. He walked away to soothe his injuries, and Sue took several deep breaths as she continued to grunt. Suddenly, she let out a scream I never heard from her before and collapsed into a quivering pile of spent flesh onto Laura. Her shakes pushed me over the edge again and I began firing my loads deep into her spent ass hole.

Awkwardly, I pulled my still stiff cock out of my girl's ass and moved it down to Laura's. Another warm stream shot onto her patient ass. "You, my love, get the benefit of your own lube and my creamy, slippery cum to ease my entry into your beautiful ass." She moaned lightly as I easily slid into her relaxed ass where many had been before - apparently. She didn't get the full benefit of an intense ass fucking, but she did get to 'taste' the final two spurts of my cum as it filled her bowels. "I'm sorry you didn't get the full experience. I didn't know how distracting fucking two hot women and then their hot asses would be. I'm happy to repeat this in full when I've recovered."

"You bet your ass you will. Now go wash up while I clean up your mess from her ass!" Not only did I not want to leave and miss this new facet with Sue, but my cock throbbed at the thought! Though I hurried to grab some hand sanitizer and heated a wash cloth, I was too slow to catch Laura convince Sue to mutually lick my cum from their asses. Steve was on a chair, watching and jerking himself. I guess we both had reserves of staying power we didn't know we had!

"Steve," I whispered with a low growl, "don't you ever raise a hand to either of them! If you do, not only are we done, but I'm coming after you and will make you regret it. Understand?" He looked me over and realized he had never seen me truly angry. As he mumbled an apology, he said he wasn't going to hit Sue.

There was no room to eat a pussy until they broke the 69 and put Laura's ass in the air. I quickly lapped her wet pussy, but my cock was too sensitive to properly penetrate her. Steve hadn't cum as much as I had, so he was still ready to go. He popped his short, fat cock into Laura; slammed her cheeks four times then grunted a release. I'm not sure which bothered me more — that he fucked my date, or that my girl spun and sucked down his cum from her. I still needed to make some adjustments!

We stayed in my home, naked, the rest of that vacation week; depleted my pantry and ordered in pizza and calzones often. The girls relished and exploited their freedom. Both sat at or exercised at the open windows constantly naked and disregarded how much my neighbors enjoyed the beautiful sights. The women watched naked from the unsheathed window as the first pizza boy, who was young and 'cute', approached the door. They were giddy and answered together, beautifully naked.

As soon as he opened the door, his expression changed from ennui to jaw dropping shock. Our two naked beauties slowly pulled him into the room where he caught two naked men get up and approach him. His jaw still locked, he backed away from us, but Sue blocked him and pulled his Santa hat off as Laura pushed his droopy jeans and boxers to his feet. His skinny dick quickly swelled into a young cock. As Sue wrapped her hand around it, she hoarsely said, "Sorry, we don't have any cash to pay for this, so you either have to take it back or maybe accept another form of payment?"

He stared at her bare tits, then Laura's and quickly nodded his head. Steve beat me to comment, "Remember, safe sex only since we don't know his health history. No fluid exchanges; that means no kissing, sucking or fucking." Pizza boy Barry suddenly looked hugely disappointed. "That still leaves a hand job, sucking their tits and milking your prostate. Enjoy! Hand me that pizza." Steve and I sat at the table and ate a slice and watched as our oversexed women finished stripping him then sucked and bit his nipples and tiny sac. They bent him over the back of a chair and spread his cheeks for a peek at his clean, but deeply brown hole then sat him on the chair and began paying for the pizza. Laura slowly pumped his long, skinny cock and watched his eyes roll back in his head.

She expertly slowed when he was close to cumming. Sue pushed two fingers deep into Laura's snatch for her special lube; he groaned loudly at that sight and twitched. She slid her wet fingers along his taint and found his wrinkled hole then nodded at Laura. As Laura began to slowly twist and jerk his young cock, Sue rubbed his rear hole then entered. They used their free hands to probe and stimulate each other's wet and swollen snatches. As if a practiced tag team, Sue felt her way around then nodded again and Laura made deeper strokes. As she pulled his foreskin back, Sue found his prostate and made it sing. He screamed out, grabbed obviously different tits and began shooting his cum in long arcs that Laura directed back onto his belly.

They handed him tissues to clean up and watched his still stiff cock bob proudly as he did. Sitting spread legged, he said that though he and his girlfriend were nearly nineteen, they were both virgins and wondered if we could teach them some things. He never heard of milking a prostate before and his reaction scared him. They were also concerned about safe sex and had gone in for a joint physical and blood work up just last week. "Our doctor even checked for HPV and said we were below the minimum levels. So we are clean and I am assuming you all are. Can I deliver you another pizza tomorrow, with my girl, and you can surprise her like you did me?"

We looked at each other, the girls, eagerly anticipating the fresh blood, and I spoke up. "I think we can handle you both. But it will cost you four calzones with the pizza. You have to bring us your blood work and notes or you each get no more than this. If you are clean, you probably won't leave here as virgins, but will have a lifetime of memories!"

He shouted "DEAL!" and dressed. When he tried to kiss the girls, they gave him a cheek. He took that, then kissed and sucked our women's tits before backing out the door in a stupor. We had a great time with Barry and Brine. I'll share that another time. You should know we became extremely popular with that pizza shop and all the delivery men and women fighting to deliver to us. Even the owner stopped in to find out why.

All four of us watched, arm-in-arm-naked at the window, as Barry pulled away. One neighbor shoveled his driveway, three times, slowly and waved to our naked women. It was a week that changed our lives forever. It was the keystone and watershed that joined us for life. I couldn't ask for a better xmas gift.

( ~ ~ )
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[gck November 26, 2017 ]

4/22/15 seminal image: Laura is standing on a teacher desk after class; I'm flattering her stunning beauty and 'looking for ANY flaws to knock you down from 100/100 so I need to closely examine you' - nothing at all obvious

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Maddict -

I never met her and never saw a photo of her, bu I can't imagine anyone more beautiful than Laura.

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You need to be forthright.

Lovely Laura has a sister ? So lustfully deliberate to withhold her story from me.

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