tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe New Swimsuit

The New Swimsuit


Oahu was beautiful his time of the year, or so we'd been told: We were just finishing Day Two of our honeymoon, and we hadn't hit the beach -- or even the hotel restaurant -- yet. Room service kept us fed as as for our other needs, well, you know...

During a break in the action, Kari rolled over to her side, snuggled her chest against me, and said, "Danny, would you find me sexier if I weren't so flat?"

"What? No, of course not. And besides, if I found you any sexier, I'd be dead by now."

"That's sweet. I think. But weren't you the least bit disappointed the first time you talked me out of my shirt and got a look at these minus-A cup breasts?"

I leaned over and kissed each of her nipples, and felt her shiver. I'd never been with a woman who had such sensitive nipples. "No," I told her. "What's this all about?"

"You're going to think it's silly."

"Probably, yeah. No, I'm sorry. Seriously, tell me what's bothering you."

"We've never been to a beach together."

"Okay, I suppose that's true. So?"

"So tomorrow we'll be down there," she said, gesturing toward the balcony and the beach beyond, "and it'll be filled with big-breasted girls in skimpy bikinis."

"And I'll only have eyes for you."

"Okay, I'll have eyes for all of them. I'm married, not dead. But you're the only one I' want to take back with me when it's all over. I love you, and I love your breasts."

She crossed her arms over her chest and lay back down. "Okay," she said, clearly not convinced.


I was alone in the room when I woke up the next morning. A few minutes later, Kari returned to the room carrying a bag from the hotel gift shop. "Swimwear," she said, swinging the bag at me.

As if she hadn't already packed enough for three honeymoons; but I was just happy she seemed to be over her beach insecurity. "Let me see."

"Nuh-uh. You'll see it on me when we get there."


We went downstairs for breakfast, then came back to the room to change for the beach. Kari changed in the bathroom. I was more than curious by this point, especially when she came out wearing a knee-length jersey over her suit, but I figured I'd see it soon enough. She took a Hawaii Islanders baseball cap from the hotel bag and bundled her hair under it so none of it stuck out. I grabbed a couple of beach towels, and the sunscreen, and off we went.

It was a warm morning so even though the beach wouldn't get crowded for a few hours, people were already out. Including big-breasted girls in skimpy bikinis, but I tried not to stare. We found ourselves a spot at the far end of the beach, where we'd be less likely to be bothered by teenagers chasing Frisbees or families with radios. Also, if Kari's new swimsuit was anything like I was hoping for, I'd prefer not to have too many people around to gawk.

I spread out the towels, and watched as she began to lift the jersey. Was I about to see her in a thong?

She was wearing knee-length trunks, similar to mine. What the hell...?

The she pulled the jersey the rest of the way off, and I saw that she wasn't wearing any top.

I grabbed one of the towels and draped it around her shoulders. "Kari, what are you doing? This isn't a topless beach."

She took the towel off, shook it clean, spread it back out on the sand, and lay down on her stomach. "Relax, Danny. With my hair under my hat, and my flat chest, who's going to know I'm not a guy? Okay, maybe a guy with girlish features, but it wouldn't occur to anybody that I'm a girl."

"Relax," she said again. "And put some lotion on my back so I don't burn."

By the time I finished rubbing lotion into my wife's naked back on a public beach, I was more aroused than I'd been at any time since we'd gotten to Hawaii -- which was saying a lot. If she was lying on her stomach to conceal her breasts, I was going to be lying on my stomach to hide my erection.

The blood had barely receded from my cock half an hour later when Kari said, "Enough sun on my back. Time to turn over."

"Time to WHAT?"

She flipped over to her back.


"Shhh. I'm trying to prove a point."

"This is a public beach. You can't lie out here like that."

"Come on. When I'm on my back, my boobs are flattened even more than they are normally. With these shorts, nobody will suspect I'm a girl. Look around, half of the guys on the beach have bigger boobs than me. And you have no idea how much more comfortable this is than having strings and fabric tied around my chest." She looked over at my cock, pushing out against my trunks "Though YOU might want to wait a few minutes before lying on your back."

Over the next few minutes, several people passed us and barely gave Kari a second glance. If they wondered about the two of us lying next to one another, they probably assumed we were a gay couple, which didn't bother me. I began to relax. More importantly, my cock began to relax.

The she said "Danny, I don't want to burn. Can you put some lotion on my front?" I got on my knees next to her and spread the lotion over her abdomen. "Don't forget my breasts, Danny." I began to massage her breasts with the lotion, and I didn't know whether I was going to come in my swimsuit or if my cock was going to burst through it. Kari seemed amused by my discomfort; well, two can play at that game. I rubbed the lotion hard into her nipples and they became hard and erect like little pencil erasers -- not so little, actually, compared to her small breasts. After a few seconds she was already close to an orgasm, and it certainly didn't look as much like a boy's chest now.

"You've proven your point," I said hoarsely. "You fooled everybody. But if we don't get back to our room in five minutes and I'm going rip your shorts off and fuck the hell out of you right here, and that'll blow your disguise. And you're so horny right now, you'll let me."

Without another word we both jumped to our feet. I grabbed our room key and we dashed back to the hotel leaving everything else behind, including the jersey she'd used as a cover-up. We were all over one another in the elevator -- fortunately we were alone -- and we made it to our room just in time.

After a quick, hard fuck that left us both exhausted, I told Kari she was right that in the right circumstances she could pass for a a boy -- but I was also right when I'd said that large-breasted or small, she was the hottest girl on the beach.

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