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Collard Greens


Fred decided to head back to the grocery store as his two, breast-like melons finally got too ripe to use. In hopes of coming across a special deal on the "melons," he once again came back shopping a little after midnight. He had a few other items on his list but his prime goal was to score a couple more of those melons. If no one was around, he planned to try them out before buying them like he did the week before.

Once again he visited his local bar for a few beers before shopping. Sure this late at night there wasn't many people shopping, but Fred still thought he could use a bit of attitude adjustment before hitting the grocery store. Sitting at the bar he worked his way through two beers and decided that was enough. Standing up from the bar stool, he walked out to his car and moved it to a parking spot closer to the grocery store.

Getting out of his car he noticed only about five other vehicles parked out across the lot, so allowing for the overnight employees there may be a customer or two in the store. As long as there were no employees working in the produce section he just might get to spend a bit of time with the melons. That is providing they had their midnight special featuring the breast-like melons.

Walking past several empty handicap parking spaces he stepped into the crosswalk, crossed the empty traffic aisle and then entered the outer automatic doors. He went ahead and grabbed a cart heading down toward the bakery department. He didn't need any bread or other bakery items so he continued through to the produce department. He immediately headed toward where he found the melons the week before and sure enough they were there again.

He did notice a grocery worker arranging the bananas so he headed off into the store to pick up some of the other items he needed. Walking slowly it took him about ten minutes to pick up several frozen dinners, a six pack of beer and a twelve pack of soda and some sandwich meat. He then headed back to the produce department where he noticed the banana guy stacking up some empty boxes and rolling his card toward the back of the store.

It was only then that Fred happened to glance to his left and noticed something very strange. He saw what appeared to be a naked woman actually laid out amid all the collard greens, with the greens stacked around her and placed in a few strategic places covering her breasts and pussy. He quickly grabbed the two breast-like melons, squeezed them and them tucked them in a plastic bag, carefully fastening the top. He then wandered over toward the collard greens and took a closer look.

Yes, sure enough what appeared to be a woman was there amid the collard greens, apparently very naked except for the well placed greens. Wondering if the woman was real or not he reached out and touched what would have been her thigh. The skin was soft and warm!

Looking closer at her upper body he could see that the woman or doll was covered in collard greens from her breast to up over her head. Assuming it was one of those fancy sex dolls he had seen on cable TV he moved the collard greens that covered her pussy aside and found himself looking at either the most realistic fake pussies he had ever seen or the most inviting real one he'd ever seen.

Either way, Fred was determined to give it a try. Looking around he confirmed that there was no one nearby so he quickly unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants. Kicking off his shoes, her completely removed his pants and underwear and climbed up onto the display case. Brushing aside the greens around the pussy, he pushed a finger into the opening and moved it around, feeling the wetness inside. Pulling out his finger he tasted it and was finally convinced that this was a real live woman he was about to fuck.

Holding his cock he carefully guided it into the wet opening and leaned forward, gently pushing it into the pussy. After reaching the hilt he slowly withdrew and thrust back in again. As he continued sliding in and out of the pussy he could feel the hips begin to move beneath him, rising up to meet his thrust and backing down as he withdrew.

He continued for a few minutes until he felt the pressure build in his balls and the pleasure shoot though his cock. Arching his back he shoved his cock deep into the pussy and came, spurting his cum again and again inside the woman. As he pulled his cock out and reached for his pants, he noticed a hand drop down to the pussy and two fingers pushed inside, getting wet. The two fingers moved up to the clit and quickly began rubbing it.

Fred continued to watch the woman masturbate while he pulled on his underwear, pants and then his shoes. Waiting until he saw her come, he then reached in, took a handful of greens, slipped them in a bag and tossed it in his cart. He then headed toward the front and the checkout lanes thinking, "I've just got to give these collard greens a try."

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thinking the Collards were Lysergic D in character, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by screedbear09/25/17


cant we do better

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