tagBDSMCollecting On Our Bet

Collecting On Our Bet


I hear you fumbling with your key at the door and get up to open it for you. You look up at me with that shy but playful smile on your face that always gets my heart beating a bit faster. I know you have been looking forward to this as much as I have and I am sure you hurried home from work, anxious to see how things will go.

After a little kiss hello I look down at you and say, “It begins now, right”? You just bite your lower lip and nod a silent yes. “Alright”.

We are both fully aware of the specifics of the bet so there is no reason to go over them again. You lost, and now all weekend you would listen to me. Do what I said, wear what I picked out, and allow me to do what I wanted to you, the whole package.

I can only imagine the thoughts running through your mind as I lead you towards the bedroom. God how I love watching you doing even the simplest thing like walking down the hallway. Your firm, tight ass looks so good, your hips rock back and forth, your hair swaying across your shoulders. It’s going to be tough, but I have to restrain myself. I have plans and I know you will enjoy every minute of them.

As we enter the room you see something on the bed and head over that way while I move to the easy chair in the corner and sit down.

“That is what I want you to put on for me”

Looking back over your shoulder I see the twinkle in your eye as you reply with a simple “Of Course”.

Picking up the pile of lace and satin you start to head off to the bathroom. “No, right here. I want to watch”.

You move around to my side of the bed and stand a few feet in front of me, placing the lingerie on the bed. First you pull your sweater over your head. Your hair spills out from the collar and falls over your bare shoulders. The white lace of your bra contrasts against your smooth, soft skin beautifully.

Standing on display for me has already begun to have an effect on you as is evident by your hard nipples straining against the fabric that restrains them. You reach to the clasp in the middle and release them, sliding your hands up to cup your own breast and knead them momentarily before you let the straps fall from your shoulders and expose your breast to me.

I long to rise from my chair, approach you and take one of your sweet, tight nipples into my mouth. Suck it in between my lips and hold it there while I circle it with the tip of my tongue over and over. Slowly at first them flicking it quickly until I feel you cradle my head in your hands, pulling my face against your breast and hear you moan out. I do not though, not yet. Instead I refocus on the delicious show you are giving me.

You have turned your back to me while you reach behind you and lower the zipper on your skirt. Once it has slid down your legs and gathered at your ankles you hook your thumbs under the waistband of your white thong and bend over at the waist, keeping your knees locked while you lower them. The site of you bent over like this exposing your pussy to me sends a chill down my back. Your lips already gleam from the juices that have begun to coat them. I lick my lips with anticipation.

You pick up one of the black lace thigh high stockings, sit on the bed and roll it up one of your smooth legs, and then do the same with the other. Never once do you look up at me while you do this. You stay focused on your own body and your task at had and it drives me crazy.

You do not notice me undo my pants and pull out my now throbbing cock as you slip the matching corset around you and fasten it’s clasps in the back, & attach the garter straps to the tops of your stockings. Your breast are being caressed by such soft, smooth satin, you feel so sexy and desirable you can’t help but steal a look at yourself in the mirror across the room. Your first reaction is to shift slightly to a sexy pose and sigh until you see my reflection in the mirror.

Turning back to face me your gaze travels down between my legs to my dick. You watch for a moment while I stroke it slowly, letting a few drops of pre-cum gather around my head.

“Go ahead” is all I have to say. You walk over and drop to your knees. Circling your tongue around the head you lick up every drop while you busy your hands with undoing my pants the rest of the way. You guide me to lift up and remove them and my boxers in one motion.

Your tongue works it’s magic, running up and down along my shaft. You cup my smooth balls in your hand, gently rubbing and massaging them, taking a moment now and then to suck one into your mouth and run your tongue all around it. Repeatedly you look up into my eyes, watching my reactions as you manipulate me with your mouth. I can tell how turned on it gets you to watch me squirm, to see the reaction you get as you run your nails across the inside of my thighs.

I know how easily you can use your skills to get me to cum as soon as you want to and I am not ready for that quite yet. I stand up and walk over to the drawer beside the bed. You see me take something out but I shield from you what it is. Still on your knees I walk over and stand directly in front of you.

“Stand Up”

You do and the moment you are on your feet one of my arms is around your waist, pulling you against me. My mouth is upon yours, my tongue working its way over your silken lips and into your mouth. You hungrily suck it into your mouth and wrap your arms around me. Driven by the passion of the kiss your nails dig slightly into my flesh, your hips grind against my body.

I reach behind me and grasp one of your wrists and bring it to the small of your own back. Hearing the click of our handcuffs you find yourself with both arms being restrained behind you. Moving you back to in front of the chair I help you back to your knees and sit down once again.

You are about to lower your head to continue where you left off when you feel my hand on your shoulder. “Lift up a bit”. You rock forward on your knees and watch as I place your favorite toy between your legs. Feeling the head of it between your lips, pressing against your now dripping opening brings a moan from you.

You ease down and feel it move deep into you at the same time your lips wrap around my dick and slide it down your throat. I run my hands through your hair and grasp a handful at the base of your neck. I pull firmly enough to get the response from you I want, but never hard enough to impede your movements.

Both your ends filled at once, the feeling of the fake dick moving in and out of you as you rock back and forth along with my throbbing cock in your mouth quickly elevates the level of your passion. Your muffled moans are getting louder and louder. I can tell you are getting closer and closer to cumming.

Watching you like this is such a turn on, listening to your pleasure spurs me on. I begin to talk to you, telling you how good you look with my dick in your mouth, how warm, wet and wonderful your mouth feels, how much I am going to love shooting my cum down your throat.

That triggers it, you slam down on the dildo and your whole body tightens up. You roll your hips back and forth, grinding your pussy against what you are impaled upon. It is too much for me to watch and you feel my dick explode in your mouth. I throw my head back and call out your name over and over.

My juices flood your mouth and you suck down every drop, licking me clean as the waves of pleasure slowly subside inside of you.

As soon as I have recovered enough I stand up and bring you to your feet. Turning around I bend you over so your chest is resting on the bed. Now it is my turn to drop to my knees. You feel so vulnerable right now, your hands still locked together behind your, me spreading your legs wide, exposing all of you to me.

My fingertips dig into your ass cheeks while I spread them open. The insides of your thighs glisten from the juices that run down them. I begin lapping at your thighs with my tongue, trying to collect as much of your musky, sweet juices as I can. As the first drops of you touch my lip you hear me moan.

God I have always loved the taste of you. I could spend hours just licking you, exploring your pussy with my mouth and tongue. I trace every crevice, invade every fold; I suck your lips into my mouth. Reaching between your legs with one hand I run your juices around your clit. Circling so close but never actually touching it.

Your hips buck and rock as you try to get the contact you long for. You are now pleading with me to lick your clit, to finger your pussy. Your words encourage me to continue teasing you, knowing you love every moment of this torture and knowing in the end it will intensify everything for you so much.

Finally my tongue grazes over your clit quickly. With each touch there is another moan. My dick once again standing at full attention. One finger slides into you, then another. The pad of my thumb pressing against your puckered ass, teasing it while I lap at your clit.

I wait until you are on the brink of cumming and at that very moment I suck your clit into my mouth. Running my tongue over it, circling it, the entire time my fingers thrusting in and out of your pussy faster & faster. You call out for me to fuck you with my hand, beg for it harder and faster. Your juices release, your pussy spasms around my fingers.

I stand up and you cry out as you feel my fingers removed from you. A moment later the head of my cock is pressing against you. Electric pulses of pleasure run from your pussy to your sensitive nipples that you rub them against the comforter, enjoying the friction & stimulation it creates.

In one motion I am inside of you, my balls slapping against your clit. I grasp your hair at the base of your neck and you feel the first *SWAT* of my other hand landing on one of your delicate ass cheeks.

The sounds our bodies make while I fuck you from behind, faster and faster, harder and harder, begin to be muffled out by the sounds of our grunts, moans and the filth we manage to speak to each other between thrusts.

A third orgasm builds inside you. It is finally triggered as I call out to you I am about to cum. “Yes…..Yes” you scream, “cum deep inside me”……”Oh fuck YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSssssss”. One final thrust and you feel me releasing inside of you. My dick expands against the walls of your pussy, releasing load after load of my cum. I can feel you contracting around me, milking each drop from inside of me.

I lean down, kissing, biting and licking your neck and shoulders while we catch our breath. Finally I pull my once again flaccid cock from inside of you and undo the cuffs. Turning to embrace each other we playfully kiss until finally I ask, “ready for a shower”?

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