tagExhibitionist & VoyeurColleen and Nathan Bare It All Ch. 01

Colleen and Nathan Bare It All Ch. 01


Colleen and Nathan had eloped the Monday after their prom weekend. Now they had to break the news to their families; to Nathan's parents, Bob and Betty Baker and his sister Susan, and Colleen's mother and father, Mark and Mary Quinn, and her siblings Rob and Kathleen.

Betty thought that, at eighteen, they were much too young, but she wished them well anyway. Mary was disappointed that she was never going to be the mother of the bride; Colleen had eloped, and Kathleen and Rob lived together in a committed incestuous relationship. Mark was elated that he didn't have to pay for a wedding.

Bob gave them an all-expenses paid week at Club Orient, on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies, for their honeymoon. He and Betty had been there many times and really enjoyed it. He had a broad grin on his face when he gave them the tickets, like there was some secret he wasn't going to reveal.

As their plane circled the island they could look down and see crystal clear blue water and miles of pure white sandy beach. When the shuttle from the airport dropped them off, they discovered their accommodations were a beachfront chalet with the sand right outside their door.

Inside they found a comfortable living area, a mini-kitchen and a plush king-sized bed. "Hey, let's try out the bed," Nathan grinned as they set their bags inside the door.

"Let's do the beach first. We can spend all night in bed."

Colleen stepped out in a rather modest bikini. She really wanted to wear her new thong, but she wasn't sure of the decorum, and didn't want to offend anybody. Nathan wore long boxer-like trunks. They grabbed a pair of the oversized beach towels the resort provided, hit the sand, and headed for the water.

A middle-aged couple cut across their path. "Oh my God, Nathan, they're naked!" Then she saw the sign: "Clothing Optional." Her lips curved into big smile. "Wow, a nude beach." She quickly shucked off her bikini. "Come on, dude, get yourself naked."

"Well, I, uh, um...."


"No, well, I just don't want to, uh, embarrass myself."

"You mean you're afraid you might get a hard-on looking at all the naked women?"

"Jesus, I get hard every time I look at YOU." She could see he already had a bulge in his trunks.

"Well, leave them on until we get on the towels, then you can roll over and nobody will see it."

Colleen did a pirouette in the sand, her long blonde hair fanning out as she twirled. Nathan was enchanted. He was besotted. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen; waist-length blonde hair, blue eyes, long dancer's legs, perfect rounded ass, full firm breasts with puffy areolas and pink nipples sticking out of them. She shaved off her pubic hair, because she knew he liked it that way.

"Oh, Nathan, this is wonderful. I feel so free. Your mom and dad knew about this place, didn't they?"

"Yeah, they've been coming here for years, but they didn't mention anything about this. I think they set us up."

He wasn't the only person watching her. The men who were clothed were staring, their wives glowering at them. One man was busy texting on his iPhone, and she could tell he was taking pictures of her, so she paused and posed provocatively. Even the hardcore naturalists, who took nudity for granted, stopped at stared at this young vision of loveliness.

She skipped across the sand, and watching her breasts bounce, made his hard cock throb. When she turned a cartwheel, he though he was going to explode right there.

Colleen found a spot near the water and spread out their towels. He watched as she slathered the sun block over her front. She lingered over her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples, which hardened under her fingers. He loved to watch her touch herself. She rolled over on her stomach and handed Nathan the bottle to do her backside.

He pulled her long hair out of the way, and started with her shoulders, digging deep into her muscles with his fingers. He loved touching and massaging her body, anywhere. He made his way down her back, digging deep as he went. She cooed at his touch.

He lingered over her rounded buttocks; God, he loved her perfect ass. He kneaded and rolled each cheek, digging his fingers into that sensitive crease where it joined her legs.

Starting at her ankles, he moved up her legs, over the calves, and up her thighs. From the inside of her thigh, he slipped his hand under her, fondling her outer lips. She sighed with pleasure and spread her legs a bit, giving him better access to her pussy.

Slipping two fingers into her already wet vagina, he used his thumb to stroke her clit. Her hips began to undulate, her ass rose and fell and his hand continued to plunder her. As she approached her peak, she fisted the towel beneath her, and went over in a shuddering climax.

"Jesus, Nathan, I love what your hands do to me. Now slip out of those trunks and turn toward me." She took the sun block and squirted some all over his erection. Linking her fingers together, she used both hands, swirling round and round his swollen head. His hips began to buck as he fucked her hands. He came in bucket loads.

"Now that we've taken care of your little problem, let's go in the water." They had just waded in when an American cruise ship slid into view, steaming at barely headway speed. Orient Beach was a regular feature on that cruise line, so the passengers on board could ogle the naked people on the beach.

The tourists flocked to the rail of the ship, armed with cameras and binoculars. Colleen again struck a provocative pose and waved at the crowd. What ever happened to his shy, demure little Colleen, Nathan wondered. Not that he minded, of course.

They put on the swim masks that the resort provided and swam out into the clear blue water. Neither one of them had been skinny-dipping before, and were delighted with the freedom. He loved the feeling of the water moving over his genitals. She loved the water swirling over her breasts and between her legs.

Nathan dove down to the bottom and lay on his back, watching her body as she swam over his head, her breasts cutting through the water, moving with each stroke.

They caught a wave and body-surfed all the way to the beach. They lay side-by-side in that place where the water meets the sand, as the foam swirled around them. The incoming waves caressed their bodies, washing in and then back out again.

Wrapping their arms around each other, they kissed, stroked, and caressed each other, replicating a love scene from "From Here to Eternity," an old black and white movie that had been scandalous in its day.

When they got back to their cabin, they noticed that it had an outdoor shower. It was right out in the open with no privacy curtain. They stood under the spray, washing the sand off themselves. Colleen unhooked the showerhead and directed the spray between her legs. "I think I've even got sand in my pussy. Ooo, that feels really good."

They took turns soaping each other up. Very intimately, in fact. Nathan's cock was standing at full attention.

Just then, a middle-aged woman sauntered by. She was overweight and had sagging breasts. She paused, and looked, and looked, particularly at Nathan in his full glory. "Newlyweds, eh? Sure wish my Roger could get it up like that. Have fun, kids." She gave them a big smile and a wink. They were beginning to discover that, except for families with children, they were the only young people there.

Colleen giggled, then grabbed Nathan's hand and dragged him inside. "Now we'll try out the bed. I am soo horny." She sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. He knelt on the floor, put her legs over his shoulders, and buried his face in her pussy.

His tongue found her vagina, his hands found her breasts. His lips had barely fastened on her clit when she fisted her hands in his hair, arched her back, then her whole body shuddered as she came, flooding his face with her sweet, musky juice.

"Fuck me, Nathan. Fuck me hard." He took her legs off his shoulders, stood up, and wrapped them around his waist. With his feet planted firmly on the floor, he slammed into her. Hard. Fast. His fingers dug into her hips, with each thrust he pulled her into him. She grasped his buttocks and hung on for dear life. He ravished her, destroyed her. That's exactly what she wanted.

He took her over one peak. Then another. And another. Reaching his own, he screamed out her name and emptied himself deep in her womb, then collapsed on top of her, gasping for air. She rained kisses all over his face.

"My Tarzan."

"My Jane."

"Nathan, I want to talk to you about something. For some reason, I find I really get off on being naked in front of other people. Does it bother you if other men look at me?"

"Not if all they do is look. It kind of turns me on, watching them watching you. Actually, I really got turned on when that woman came by and checked out my boner while we were in the shower."

"I'll get you a trench coat for your birthday and you can become a flasher."

They soon discovered that it just wasn't the beach, but the whole resort was clothing optional. "So let's check out the bar. Do you think you can keep that bad boy down?"

"After what we just did, I couldn't get it up with a skyhook."

Every head in the place turned toward them when they walked in to the open-air bar. The men, clothed or not, literally drooled in their laps when this golden haired angel sauntered by. The women checked out Nathan pretty thoroughly, too, as he was quite a hunk.

They pulled up a stool. She leaned forward, resting on her elbows, her breasts lying invitingly on top of the polished bar. "We'd like a couple of those fancy drinks in a cocoanut shell, please, and don't forget the little umbrellas."

The bartender, when he could think about something other than the stupendous tits that were gracing his bar top, poured their drinks. There was no minimum drinking age in St. Martin, but he judged these two had little, if any experience in the states, and those cocoanut shells held four ounces of rum apiece, cleverly hidden under lots of fruit and sugar.

As they sat sipping away, the woman who had passed them in the shower pulled up a stool next to them. " 'Ello, loves," she said with a British accent, "sorry I didn't introduce myself before, but you looked like you were a little preoccupied. My name's Miriam."

Colleen and Nathan both blushed, as they held out their hands to shake hers. "Sorry about that, I know I'm not supposed to have an, uh, um... or get a, uh...."

"A hard on?" She laughed. "I loved the view; best looking cock I've seen since I was a young thing and had a good looking body. Not as good as yours, dearie, you're what my Roger would call a knockout. I never had boobies quite that nice."

"People aren't offended then?"

"It's perfectly natural, especially when you're young and in love. Most of the old farts around here wish they could still get it up like that. We've been coming here for over thirty years. In the old days, there used to be orgies around the bonfires on the beach at night. These days, public sex isn't encouraged, but it happens and nobody really cares."

"So, where are you from, loves?" They told her the name of the small town in Illinois where they lived.

"What a coincidence," Muriel said. "Do you, by chance, know Bob and Betty Baker? They're in the swinging crowd."

"They're my parents." Holy shit, Nathan and Colleen thought simultaneously. Nathan's parents are swingers! They would certainly view them in a different light now. Holy shit!

They finished their drinks and the moment they set the shells down, the bartender handed them two fresh ones. "It's on Roger," he said nodding in the direction of a balding man with a paunch.

Colleen, full of the spirits of the potent first round, hopped off her stool and bounced, oh God how she bounced, over to Roger and gave him a kiss on the cheek, her luscious breasts only inches from his face. She looked down at his lap and saw his penis start to swell.

Miriam got off her stool, grabbed Roger by the arm and led him toward the door. "Gotta get him home before he gets out of the mood. Thanks, dearie."

They turned back to the bar and picked up their fresh drinks. A man, dressed in Bermuda shorts and a flowered shirt with a thick gold chain around his neck, settled on the stool next to Colleen. She could feel his eyes studying her intently. "I think this guy wants to get into my pants," she whispered to Nathan.

"You're not wearing any pants."

"Oh yeah, there's that too," she giggled in response.

The band took up the stage and started out with a hot reggae number. "Come on, Nathan, let's dance." She was a total reggae freak, and adored both Bob and Ziggy Marley. She loved the freedom of reggae dancing, and thought it would be awesome to do it naked.

The band had a guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, steel drum, and a myriad of other drums and percussion instruments, and as many people to play them. Musicians would wander in and out of the group; some lured by the sound would show up with their own instrument and sit in.

Reggae's origins are in traditional African and Caribbean music, American rhythm and blues, and in Jamaican ska and rocksteady.

Reggae dancing has a variety of different movements. It is not usually done with one partner, but like Texas line dancing, any number of people can participate. Several people took to the dance floor and just shuffled around, trying to keep time with the beat.

Colleen started out with the Bogel Dance, a Jamaican-born dance move which involves the moving of the body in a longitudinal, ocean-wave motion while at the same time raising the arms up and down, aiding the wave motion.

She was a picture of grace, thrusting her pelvis forward and her shoulders back, then reversing the motion. She was loose, supple, her body completely in tune with the music. Most of the eyes in the crowd followed the flowing motion of her breasts as they rose and fell with the wave action. When she arched her back to go with the flow, her nipples pointed up to the sky. All the other dancers left the floor and watched her perform.

A tall dreadlocked black man with a gold hoop in his ear sang the lyrics to the Bogel Dance:

"Bend your back and lift your head up

Turn side way lift your leg up

Bend your face and twist it up

And turn true side like you know you fed up Who

Turn roun like you know rose duck

Spin aroun cause you know how fi wuk

Lift it up back then you breast it up

Back it up cock it up my girl dutty wuk"

When he finished the song, he dropped the baggy shorts he was wearing, and took a position opposite Colleen on the dance floor, grinning at her with his milk-white teeth. Her eyes bugged out when she looked at the biggest penis she had ever seen. It hung almost down to his knees.

It was also the first uncircumcised penis she had ever seen. His foreskin hung down at least an inch from the end of his cock, with a small opening at the tip. She wondered how he could get what must be an enormous head, through that little hole. She also wondered how big it would be if he got a hard-on?

Nathan, at this juncture, sat at one of the tables, and joined the ranks of spectator. Colleen spotted a man in the clothed section with a video camera. She smiled and decided to play right into his lens.

She switched from the Bogle Dance to the Dutty Whine. The dancer moves her legs in a butterfly motion, much like doing the Charleston without the hands on the knees, while swinging the neck when the beat drops.

When Colleen leaned forward and swung her head around, her golden hair whirled like a fan, rising in the air, then touching the floor on the downbeat. Her jiggling breasts displayed themselves with a stroboscopic effect.

She didn't know her now partner's name, so she dubbed him "Rosta Mon." As he matched her moves on the floor, his huge penis swung back and forth like a metronome, at times swinging in a circle.

She thought she saw his foreskin filling up a bit and, fueled by both titillation and rum, wondered if she could coax him into an erection. She giggled at the thought. "I was a teen-aged cock tease," she mused.

Her legs began the butterfly moves. When she spread her knees apart, her shaved pussy lips opened, flashing a glimpse of pink, then closed when she brought her legs together again. She had definitely captured Rosta Mon's attention. His cock began to swell a bit. He poured out the lyrics to this portion of the dance:

"Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I'm feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I'm feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I'm feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love"

The Kumina drummers began their frantic beat, and she began the Batty Moves, which involves gyrating the rear end. Shaking your booty, in Americanese. With her back to the crowd, she started to wiggle and shake in tune with the throbbing beat, her shapely, round cheeks bouncing.

With her legs spread apart, she leaned forward and put her hands on the floor. While she continued to shake her ass, her pussy was on full display, now wet and glistening with her excitement.

That was more than Rosta Mon could take. She watched as his foreskin widened and the giant, bulbous head of his cock broke through. His penis stood straight out like a battering ram.

She finished her dance by doing the splits, then bounced up and down in the split position. As her now completely engorged clit slid across the floor, her whole body shivered and shook and a cry emerged from her throat. It didn't come from the dance, it came from the huge orgasm she had just experienced. She left a big wet spot on the floor.

As she stood up on her shaking legs, the crowd erupted in applause. Rosta Mon, his cock still at full attention, slipped off the dance floor, his arm wrapped around a bare breasted, chocolate skinned woman with a sarong around her waist. They had matching smiles.

When the band played a slow tune, Colleen grabbed Nathan's hand and lead him back onto the dance floor. She wrapped both arms around his neck and pressed her sweaty body tightly against his. She slipped and slid against him, her hard nipples digging into his chest. His leg slid between hers and she buried it in her groin.

"No way am I going to keep it down when you do that," he rasped.

"Who cares?"

When they broke apart to hurry back to their room, he sported a massive erection. The spectators applauded again.

"I need to take a quick shower to get this sweat off of me, then I'm gonna fuck your brains out."

"No shower, I want to taste you just the way you are." His mouth touched every part of her body, licking, nibbling, savoring her sweat. When he reached the place between her legs, his taste buds adored the salty tang with the sweet musk.

She pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. True to her word, she fucked his brains out.

The next evening, at the bar, Murial again took a stool next to them. When they were well into their drinks, margaritas this time, she leaned over and asked, "a group of us are wondering if we could get you two to give us a show?"

"What kind of a show?"

"We'd like you to make love with each other while we watch you do it. You're both so lovely, it would give us a real thrill. Talk it over with each other and let me know what you decide."

"God, Nathan, I never realized I am such an exhibitionist; it makes me tingle just to think about it. What do you think?"

"Turns me on, too," he said, pointing to his lap. "I'm game if you are."

"Okay," she said to Murial, "we'll do it." They made an appointment to join Murial and Roger in their chalet in an hour, then accepted another margarita from an anonymous benefactor. Then one more for courage.

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