College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 04


After the show they all went back to the green room to change. The crowd could be heard at a deafening rate for them to come back and perform one more song. As his sexy niece was ushered through the screaming crowd to the limo, her roommates went backstage to meet and hang out with the band. All three dressed in tight mini skirts with see through blouses and high heels had the attention of all of the band members, and promoters and tour managers.

Crissy cunningly followed her roommates rock star Uncle into his changing room and instantly shut the door. She looked sinful in her black mesh dress that looked painted onto her perfect Asian body, under it the black garter belt with long garter straps attached to the sheer black thigh high stockings and black thong showing right through the mesh material making her look almost nude.

Her black high heel pumps drawing his attention to her shapely legs. Being daring and wanting to fuck him she had removed her sheer black bra allowing her inch long, dark Asian nipples to poke right though the mesh material, almost ripping though the holes. The sight of her 5'5" 80 pound Asian body had him instantly going wild as he kissed her hard and pinched her long nipples through the mesh material.

"I'm glad you like what you see baby. I bought this just for you," she said as she watched him slowly take in every inch of her skinny body, from her black high heel pumps, up her thin stocking covered legs, to her naughty garter straps and garter bet to her huge, dark, rock-hard nipples that were begging to be sucked. You want to fuck me of her tonight baby," she said with an arrogant voice.

"You're real hot baby, and this will be yours too," he said as he pulled down his pants and reveled his freakish 14 inch monster to her disbelieving eyes.

"OH FUCK," she gasped, as she tried to comprehend the freakish size of his cock.

She had fucked a lot of big cock's, including her black professors 12 inch cock, and her boyfriend's father's cock which was 10 inches, but none of them were even as close to being as big as her roommates uncle's rock-star monster cock.

"This weekend my sexy niece gets fucked by it baby. I've wanted to fuck her for a real long time. Next weekend it's yours sexy," he said as it came to life before her wide-opened eyes.

"Oh fuck, you know I'll be there baby," she said in a smoking, deep voice. "Oh God, please fuck me fast right now baby, that huge cock has me dripping," she said in a voice even she didn't recognize. "Come on baby, I promise you're gonna love my Asian pussy wrapped around that fucking huge cock of yours," she begged as she saw him take in the sight of her body. "Come on baby, let me take the edge off that great, big cock of yours," she said as she pinched her long, dark nipples, as she watched it swell-up in front of her eyes like a giant balloon being inflated. "I know you want to fuck me baby," she said with a confidence he couldn't deny.

He was so turned on by her thin Asian body and her huge dark nipples that he pushed her down so that she was squatting on her high heel pumps and began rubbing her huge, exposed nipples with the head and shaft of his great big 14 inch cock, which was hard as a rock now, and angry to fuck. She was going crazy from the sensation of his massive cock rubbing her aching nipples and flat tits that she came real hard.

As she was popping-off in her wild orgasm, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up and kissed her hard then spun her around then grabbed her left thigh and put her left high heel pump up on the edge of a chair. Her mesh dress was so short that it rose above her ass once she put her high heel on the chair. He instantly ripped her thong to the side and spit on his huge cock. She looked back and gasped in fright as he lined his monster cock up with her waiting Asian fuck-hole.

"Oh fuck," she snarled as she looked back at his monster cock in shock, as he pushed his huge cockhead between her long, dark fuck lips inching into her, forcefully. "Oh fuck, I've been so fucking wet all night for you," she snarled as her pussy was introduced to the biggest cock it would ever meet or fuck.

With every fat inch she came like a faucet, seeing stars from the enormity of such as huge cock. As she came she turned her head and their tongues met in a wild dance, as her pussy snapped again and again, going off like firecrackers. Although she would have liked to spend a good two hours to adjust to the size his massive cock, by fucking a few inches then pulling his monster out and blowing him for a few minutes then resuming their fuck, she knew that that wasn't going to happen, so she painfully agonized as his massive girth slide into the depths of her scorching pussy.

When she fucked her black professor for the first time, she remembered how it took her almost four hours before he finally bottomed out inside her. He was huge, 10 times bigger then her boyfriend and bigger then his fathers cock which measured 10 inches, his massive thickness being the hardest part to adjust to. She and her professor had the whole weekend to fuck, so she took her time getting used to his enormous black cock. He was extremely patient, because he had his eye on the sexy Asian all semester, and couldn't wait to fuck her. She started by riding him, with her pussy perched right above his huge, black cockhead.

With the help of her high heels giving her the extra height she needed to reach the top of his huge cock, she fucked his grapefruit sized cockhead for almost an hour, spinning her pussy around and around like a corkscrew, as they kissed hotly, until she climbed off him and licked all over his black cock, kissing it, while she used the time to calm her pussy from the shock of fucking such a huge dick. She then went back to riding and kissing him until she had a few more inches of his mammoth, black cock inside her, then got off and repeated the process of licking and pumping him. She repeated this for almost four hours until he was able to bottom out. As she worked her way down his huge black shaft he ran his hands over her stockings and garter straps and over her huge, dark nipples, the sensation driving him and her crazy, as her pussy came in waves, hundreds of times, as it adjusted to his huge, black cock.

Determined to take the older rock-stars mammoth cock, a cock that was twice as big as even her black professors, she fucked back onto his giant shaft in an effort to please every inch of him, and to keep him turned on to her. His cock was going wild, throbbing and pulsating rapidly, because of how turned on he was, knowing he was going to fuck his incredible niece, and loving the fucking action of the skinny 18 year old Asian's pussy, and he knew he was going to really enjoy the next weekend fucking her.

When he finally bottomed out he slammed his angry, monster cock into her tight pussy so hard she thought she was going to pass out. Suddenly, he put his hands under her ankles and lifted her to his chest and mercilessly pounded into her like a jackhammer, as his monster cock plowed into the deepest place in her pussy, a place no one ever hit, not even her black professor.

"Oh Fuck, Oh my God," she squealed as his massive cock stretched her pussy wider than a beer can, stretching it ten times wider than it was ever meant to be stretched. She never came so hard in her life, not even with her boyfriends father or her black professor and could feel him expand inside her, which made her shudder from it's massive, expanding girth. He was fucking into her so hard that her high heel pumps nearly came off her feet, dangling from her toes, in a reckless rhythm, back and forth, during each powerful thrust of his cock.

"Nice pussy baby," he groaned as his huge cock expanded inside her.

"Ohhhh fuck. You're gonna pop aren't you baby," she snarled, as her eyes rolled back inside her head from the massive girth expanding inside her.

He reached and began pinching her hard nipple, causing her to explode all over his freakish shaft. Suddenly she gasped as she felt him shoot way up inside of her.

She felt him expand and cum so hard that it made her pussy squirt for the first time in her life, as she almost blacked out from the sheer pain of having such a massive cock inside her pussy. She squirted so hard that a flood of clear liquid formed a puddle under her. After she came he let her down and they kissed hard for a few seconds, while she pumped his still rock-hard cock, which made her instantly squat on her high heels and lick and kiss it.

"Next week baby, and wear the same kinda shit," he said as he pulled her up before she could get him to fuck her again. As he was telling her what to wear he coiled his still huge cock into his jeans and ran out, hungry to fuck his sexy 18 year old niece.

Frustrated, and aggravated that he ran out on her to fuck his niece, she began to play with her long nipples and her wet pussy as she thought about the size of the staggering cock she had just fucked and was going to fuck next week. She was so turned on. His giant cock had set off the launch sequence in her pussy. The way she came had her in a fuck-ready state, and she wanted to fuck him all night, all weekend.

At that point the drummer came in looking for her and they immediately began kissing until he pulled his cock out and fucked her like a crazy animal against the green room wall. His cock was nice and big, about 9 inches and would have even been considered huge if she just didn't see with her own two eyes then just fuck the biggest cock in her life, a cock so big it made the 9 inch dick look like a miniature!


As the guards opened the door of the limo his incredibly sexy niece was sitting back with her amazing, stocking covered legs crossed. The sight of her in her black open toed high heel pumps and the skin tight white mini dress had him instantly hard again. She was going wild with lust having to wait nearly 20 minutes for him, and with the sounds of a bunch of screaming women and teens screaming," Please fuck me Jimmy," she was even more turned on to fuck her uncle. As soon as he got in the limo he was rock hard as he took in the sight of his killer niece dressed so fucking hot, driving his huge cock insane. Their tongues immediately came out to greet each other, as his hands were all over her huge nipples tits.

"They all want to fuck you uncle Jimmy," she said hotly.

"I've got the fuck I want right here baby," he said as he took in the sight of her amazing body. The white mini dress showcasing her long crossed legs and the sexy white thigh high stockings which he could see the tops of as she crossed her legs which accented her tapered legs to perfection and were brought out even more by the sight of her sexy black pumps. "Fuck, you're a sexy knockout baby," he said as he played with her aching tits and kissed her flicking tongue.

"Oh god, I am so fucking turned on to you, watching you on stage had my pussy dripping all night uncle Jimmy. Oh god, can't wait to fuck you," she panted as he masterfully played with her body.

As he kissed her his hands roamed up and down her thigh high stockings, stopping along the tops of the sexy lace trim. She was going wild as her hot uncle played with her nylons and slipped two fingers into her open mouth. As she sucked on her fingers he told her he couldn't wait to get her inside his penthouse to fuck her.

When they reached the penthouse they went right into his private elevator and immediately began kissing and playing with each other. This time her hands found the beginning of the enormous bulge and she tried unsuccessfully to put her palms around his massive girth, and in turn began to stroke the length of it. She was shocked to feel his huge shaft go follow the inseam of his leg right to the beginning of his knee.

"Oh fuck, no fucking way," she groaned seeing the freakish size, power and weight of it.

"Ever fuck a big cock baby," he snarled as his monster cock twitched angrily in his pants, wanting to fuck the sexy big titted blond teen.

"Oh fuck, I fucked four cocks that I thought were huge....that was until I felt this huge fucking thing in your pants," she said in an almost horrified voice.

"This fucking cock has wanted your pussy for years baby," he snarled as he thought about the times she would be out by the pool in a sexy, micro bikini showing her big sexy tits and the thin piece of material that disappeared between her incredible ass cheeks, and how sinful her body looked and especially naughty wearing a pair of high heels.

"Oh fuck, I wanted to fuck you for ever uncle Jimmy," she moaned as she rubbed his massive cock through his jeans. "I knew you had a huge cock from hearing mom and her Asian friend talk about it the day after you fucked her, and once I heard how big you were I wanted to get fucked by you too," she said hotly as she continued rubbing the length of it, as it uncoiled right to his knee. "When I knew you'd be at the house and my parents were out, I'd go put on one of moms skimpiest bikinis, that was always way too small for me, especially the top, and a pair of her high heels just to get you're attention," she said hotly then went back to their wild, hot kiss. "Now that I'm 18 uncle Jimmy there are no rules," she said hotly as she messaged his rock-hard cock through his pants.

As soon as the private elevator opened to his penthouse they went right back to kissing and heating each other up. Allison would not be able to fully appreciate the incredible, panoramic view his penthouse had of the city for another four days.

As soon as he tore off his jeans she went wild seeing his massive cock swing out over a foot from his skinny body. He was 14 inches and as fat around as a big Smart Water bottle, but because he only weighed 150 pounds, his cock looked like it was almost 2 feet long! It was the most staggering sight she had ever seen, even more staggering than her black professor and the 80 year old black African's tremendous cock. The African's cock was in proportion to his 7 foot 300 pound frame. Her uncle's cock seemed like it should be on a horse or elephant, not a 150 pound man's body.

After they hungrily kissed he spun her around and forcefully pulled down the zipper of her mini dress and pushed it down her amazing body, leaving her in her bra, stockings and high heels. He then ripped off her bra and threw it across the room then tore off her tiny thong, shredding it with his hands. She was groaning like mad from the assertiveness of her uncle then turned her head to meet his tongue in a wild kiss. She remembered him telling her he fucked real hard, she was dripping at the thought of it.

She instantly squatted to her high heel pumps and began pumping and kissing her uncle's mammoth cock. As soon as her tongue met the flesh of his enormous cock, a series of shock waves overloaded her senses. It wasn't the fact that her uncle's cock was the biggest she'd ever seen, bigger even than the 80 year old African's massive tool. It was the distinct taste of pussy that covered his entire flesh. She knew it was he taste of pussy because a week before her sexual library increased to include a wild lesbian 3 way encounter.


Her roommate Crissy was leaving to meet her boyfriends father for dinner at his hotel. He had sent his private limo for her, and she walked out dressed in the tightest and shortest black mini dress that had a plunging front. She wore black thigh high stockings and black pumps, and had her hair in a ponytail. Her huge nipples were popping through the dress showing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her boyfriend Todd, the star quarterback of the University was away for the weekend with the football team and this was her opportunity to fuck his exciting, wealthy and very handsome father. Although he was 65 years old, nearly 50 years older than her, he was in great shape and looked decades younger.

Crissy confided to the roommates one night while they were drinking how she started fucking him. She also told them that he had a huge cock, over 10 inches long, 5 times bigger than his son's, and that he could fuck and cum for days. He was divorced for 10 years, and his position as owner of the prestigious world bank always found him traveling or at parties in the company of sexy, young teens. The teens were usually daughters or granddaughters of associates or employees of his.

He met Crissy during the teams home coming game, and was drawn to her instantly, as was she to him. During the dance he told her how sexy she was then gave her his cell number and his room key. The team and the entire campus was drunk by the time Crissy went to the 5 star hotel in the chauffeured limo he provided, and the second she arrived he stripped her mini dress, and thong, leaving her in her garter belt and garter straps attached to a pair of sexy thigh high stockings and high heel pumps and fucked her through the night and into the next evening.

The two other roommates were both from Eastern Europe, Lanka,from Croatia and Svetlana from Serbia. Both girls were very slim, each standing 5'5" tall and weighing 105 pounds. Their body types were very similar measuring 32A-21-31. Although they liked fucking cock, they really loved fucking pussy. They also made a great income from a very profitable webcam business they had which paid for all of their college expenses.

After Crissy left the three roommates shared a glass of wine, then a second. By the third glass they all got giddy and the two sexy roommates started kissing each other in front of Allison. As she watched her two roommates getting into a real hot kiss and running their hands across each other, she felt herself get really hot and could feel her nipples get rock hard and her pussy instantly wet. Lanka saw how interested Allison was in the lesbian action and moved away from Svetlana and started to kiss her. Allison was moaning as she eagerly kissed Lanka, enjoying her first girl-on-girl kiss. It was all over from there as Svetlana moved in on the hot scene and started kissing Allison's big tits through her bra.

The two girls convinced Allison to join them on their web cam, and they all ran to change into something sexy. Allison came out wearing a short white corset that had long garter straps attached to a pair of nude thigh high stockings. The top of the corset revealed her sexy 34D tits which flowed over the sexy, lace trim. She wore a pair of white high heel pumps that made he look absolutely sinful. Lanka came out wearing black thigh high stockings and black pumps, Svetlana wearing white thigh high stockings and open toed black high heel pumps. They both had a sexy, lace black bra which showed their pointy tits and hard nipples right through the thin material.

They all looked very sexy and very naughty, especially Allison because of the garter corset. For the next 6 hours they kissed and ate each others pussy's and asses. Allison had some of the most intense orgasms in her life. Fucking girls was a lot different than fucking men. Although she deferentially preferred cock, especially big cocks like her professors, she also knew she liked fucking girls, especially sexy girls like her two roommates, absolutely loving the taste of pussy. That night her sexual horizons were expanded, as was her bank account, as the girls webcam made more money then it ever had, due to the addition of the sexy, big titted blond. Allison loved going into private chats and eating the pussy of her roommates as she listened to over 100 guys cummig in the background.


"Spit on it baby," her Uncle commanded, bringing her out of the train of thought she was having about the taste of pussy all over his huge cock, the taste she suspected coming from her roommate Crissy's pussy, but she say anything, because of how rock hard her uncle's freakish cock was and knew how bad he wanted to fuck her.

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