College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 04


"Oh fuck, you have the biggest cock I've ever seen Uncle Jimmy," she said in a hot, throaty voice as she instantly started spitting hot saliva at his towering shaft. After spitting on his enormous shaft 20 times she began pumping his monstrous shaft, feeling her hot saliva slide through her palm coating every inch of his huge cock. She was so turned on to be squatting on her pumps in front of her 62 year old uncle, stroking his massive 14 inch shaft, a cock she wanted to fuck since for years. As she lovingly pumped him she made sure to cover the wild maze of veins that pushed through the skin in an almost grotesque way. Pumping and kissing his cock while looking up at him slyly had him climbing the walls.

"Oh fuck, watching you at the pool all those times with you teasing the fuck outa me, wearing those hot bikini's and high heels. And now here you are, 18 and all grown up baby," he groaned. " All grown-up and ready to fuck this great big cock," he snarled while looking down at his incredibly sexy niece pumping his huge, angry shaft.

"Oh fuck yeah Uncle Jimmy. I went crazy waiting for mom and dad to leave, then rushed to put on moms skimpiest bikini just to turn you on. They would have freaked if they saw me wearing it. Then I'd put on a pair of moms high heel pumps and put on my sunglasses and sit across the pool and watch you look at me," she said while kissing his massive shaft. I used to love getting up and walking in front of you, showing you my body, especially my ass, and how hot I got just from hearing the sounds of the high heels clicking on the cement when I walked in front of you, knowing you were checking me out.

"Fuck baby, it was torture, but well worth the fucking wait," he growled, as I grinned looking up at him slyly.

"I wanted this huge cock so bad baby, and couldn't stop thinking about how sexy you were," she said as she looked up into his eyes. "So fucking huge," she said as she felt it expand and contact rapidly.

Allison knew he was real close to cumming, and began lustfully pumping him harder and faster.

"That's it baby. Let me take the edge off this huge fucking cock. Let me watch it cum Uncle Jimmy," she pleaded while looking up at him. "Oh fuck, think about how I came out to the pool dressed to tease you baby," she teased while looking up at him slyly with her braces glistening.

"Oh fuck," he snarled as he looked down at his sexy niece and thought about how naughty she was, as he imagined her at the pool in her sexy bikini and high heels.

The thought of her then and the sight of her now in her thigh high stockings and high heels was too much for him. Suddenly his massive cock began shooting bust after burst of long ropes of cum way up in the air and onto the marble floor. His cum was so powerful that it sounded like rain pounding against a car windshield. Seeing the massive, non-stop bursts of cum fly out of her Uncles cock over 10 feet away caused her pussy to open and close and cum hard.

"Oh fuck..... so much cum," she shouted out loud as her pussy was in a deep orgasm.

As he continued to spray a wild burst of cum, her hands continued to pump his erupting monster cock, as she was looked on in absolute shock from the staggering load that came out of it.

"Oh fuck baby, SO MUCH CUM!" she said almost in a twisted grin as she felt his cock pulse violently with no sign of ever stopping in her out stretched palm.

After what seemed like 5 minutes his giant cock finally stopped spurting cum. She greedily licked at the drops of cum that leaked out of his cockhead as it finally came to a stop. After he came, he pulled me up to him and we kissed hard for 15 minutes. As he kissed me his hands were all over my ass and tits driving me crazy. He went from kissing my rock hard nipples to my mouth then back to my nipples. At one point he spun me around and pushed down on my back, exposing my pussy and ass to his face.

He leaned over my ass and started licking it and my pussy while he stood over me. As he spread my ass he spit on my hot cunt and asshole. He then ran his tongue and mouth over each of my turned on holes going from my ass to my pussy, back and forth. I was going crazy from the different sensations inside my pussy then my ass. I was so turned on that I started clicking my high heels on the tiled floor in seconds. I was on fire and almost came until he took me by the hand and pulled me to his bedroom.

"I've gotta fuck you baby," he snarled as he spun me around and took hold of his massive cock.

As soon as we reached his bedroom he pushed me against a chair and lined up his massive hardon, bringing it right to the opening of my tight wet pussy. As I looked back I gazed at his enormous cock for a a few seconds, realizing how fucking huge it was, and what it was going to do to my tight cunt. I already knew what my pussy felt like when my professors fucked me, and they weren't as big as my uncle. My Uncle had a look of depraved lust on his face. His eyes were rolled back and he had a demented, twisted look on his face and was groaning like mad.

When I gazed at his cock I nearly died when I saw how angry and frighteningly huge it looked. It was as if I was seeing it for the first time as it stuck way out from his body like an angry flagpole, already dripping pre-cum like a running faucet! I looked at the twisted expression on his face then glanced down and saw the thick maze veins that menacingly ran along the sides of that huge cock and a sudden bit of fear washed over me.

As he grabbed his giant cock in his hand it looked staggering in size as it shot out over a foot from where he was holding it at the base. I swear his cock looked so huge that it seemed to take up more then half of his slender body! It was already pulsing wildly and pre- cum was already flowing from his huge cock head.

As he lined up his massive cock to the entrance of my smoking pussy I covered my mouth to muffle my cries. Ignoring my cries he brought that freakish 14 inch cock past the entrance of my sex starved pussy as I gasped, "Ohh fuck! ....its sooo fucking huge... I'm cumming already just looking at that great big cock of yours Uncle Jimmy....Ohhh fuck!"

Without any concern for me my uncle began feeding that turned on monster into my scorching pussy. He was going wild telling me how sexy I was and that he wanted to fuck me for so long, after all the teasing at the pool in my bikini and high heels. As each throbbing inch penetrated my overstretched pussy I came all over his huge cock with cries of lust, panting in short-hot breaths from it's mammoth size.

"You ever fuck a real big cock baby," he said as he pushed his colossal pole beyond the opening of my fuck lips.

"Oh fuck baby, I had five big cocks, but none of them were half the size of yours," I blurted out as he grabbed my hips and pushed his monster fuck-pole past the walls of my already straining pussy, stretching me wider than my boyfriends father, Mr. Travers, or any of my professors and the 80 year old African.

This twisted, almost depraved fucking of him thinking about me the times I teased him in my mothers bikini and her high heels worked to our advantage as we were about to have the hottest fuck session together. With the younger guys I was fucking and my boyfriend, it was always being romantic and loving, but with my rock-star uncle it was always about hard animalistic and depraved fucking, raw and hard. This was heightened by the fact that I was 18 and he was 62 and that he had a monstrous cock that could cum and recover in an instant.

As my uncle began fucking me harder and harder he began running his hands up and down my thigh high stockings which caused me to turn my head and moan, then meet his tongue in a torrid kiss. As his huge cock filled every inch of my burning pussy I began using my turned on ass to meet each one of his long deep angry thrust. I crossed one of my white high heel pumps over the other which caused my sexy ass to stick out more.

My uncle enjoyed the new angle and moaned, "Oh yeah baby , that's real nice....That ass looks so fucking sexy as your taking my big cock in that deep 18 year old pussy of yours." As he fucked into me he kept complimenting me on my sexy ass as it stuck out perfectly from crossing my stocking covered legs while I stood in my high heels. I couldn't stop cumming from this wild fuck position as I took every delicious inch of his giant pussy opener, feeling my fuck lips grip him tightly every time he pulled back out.

Every time he drilled back down and bottomed out I came so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out. As I came over his huge cock he thrust that monster fuck pole way up into me, causing his huge hanging balls to slap the bottom of exposed clit, which made me cum even harder from the incredible sensation. This feeling caused a new set of eruptions inside my sex starved pussy. Although I was shrieking and cumming with every penetrating thrust, what I was really loving was the fact that I knew I was driving his huge cock insane, and that he loved the way my sexy ass looked while his giant cock disappeared all the way up into the depths of smoking hot, wet pussy. He then began pinching on my hard nipples while he pounded that big angry cock into me which sent sparks deep into my boiling cunt.

He was making me moan as he rolled, twisted and angrily pulled on my sensitive nipples through his talented fingers. As he fucked into me and played with my turned on nipples he moaned in a low dark voice, telling me how sexy my tits were and how much he loved playing with my hard turned-on nipples. He then thrilled me by saying he has fucked hundreds of different pussy's and none were as sexy, and felt as hot wrapped around his big cock then mine did.

The feeling of his huge cock stuffing every inch of my tight 18 year old pussy while he played with my turned on nipples, while telling me that I had the sexiest pussy he'd ever fucked caused me to cum real hard all over his giant shaft. As I came, I began pushing my turned on ass onto his giant sexy cock, going crazy as I felt it pound way up inside me.

He was groaning wildly and began saying, "Oh fuck that's real good baby....Yeah, fuck onto my big cock...Use that wild ass of yours to jack my big, horny cock baby." At one point he said with a sly laugh, "So baby does your sexy pussy get this kind of fuck from your boyfriend or those big steroid boyfriends at school and do they stretch your sexy young pussy apart the way this 14 inch cock is doing right now baby?"

That's when I lost it and turned around and snarled, "Oh you fucking huge cocked bastard, you know they don't. You know you have the biggest cock every girl ever fucks." With that he laughed and said confidently, "That's right baby, but right now I'm real glad I have a 14 inch cock, because I'm fucking the most incredible pussy I ever fucked." At that point I thought I was going to pass out from how hard my uncle was fucking into me.

I looked back and saw this glazed look in his eyes and I knew that he was just getting started. I had heard the story from my mother and her friend about how he could fuck for hours at a time, and I was going crazy knowing we would do the same. Men with huge cocks like my uncle and my professors fucked to please themselves, they all had huge ego's that came from having monstrous cocks.

They all knew how in demand they were and in turn could fuck just the way they wanted. If a guy with a small dick started making demands about what he wanted a girl would laugh and walk out. All the guys I knew, except for my boyfriend had average to small sized cocks, and it was always the girlfriend that controlled them, making them do what she wanted. Those girlfriends always ended up seeking out the guy with the real big cocks like my professors or my uncle. I can't tell you the amount of times guys on campus would ask me if I saw their girlfriend when I knew they were at one of my huge cocked professors getting fucked senseless.

For the next four hours my uncle fucked crazily, as his skilled musicians hands ran up and down my sheer thigh high stockings then up to my huge swollen nipples. His unrelenting cock fucking into me hard as he pinched and pulled on my throbbing nipples caused me to cum again and again. My uncle was fucking me crazily as I heard him utter to himself like a man possessed, "So fucking sexy...Slender body.....those big sexy tits...Gorgeous ass...Stockings and high heels, driving me fucking wild...A pussy so tight and deep that it can handle and take every inch of my great big cock." This thought seemed to make him angrier and fuck into me even harder! I cannot begin to explain how sexy it felt to know that I could turn on such a huge cock.

I know every guy who looks at me wants to fuck me, but guys with giant cocks like my boyfriends father and my professors and especially my uncle, fuck all the time. Because of their mammoth size they get all the pussy they want; anytime they want it and all on their terms. I felt so powerful knowing that my uncles huge cock couldn't get enough of me and that I was the best fuck he'd ever had. Even though I couldn't stop cumming over his enormous cock, it felt so sexy to be driving him crazy for me. As he continued to pummel me with one long vicious stroke after the other, I turned my head to the side and our tongues flew out of our mouths to meet each others for a few minutes of twisted kissing.

We were sharing a wicked kiss that was long overdue. As we kissed my pussy was exploding from each powerful thrust of his huge cock as it bottomed out inside me again and again. At one point my uncle put his foot up on the table and angled that huge cock inside me. I knew he was getting real angry and wanted to fuck me harder, and in this position he could really slam his 13 inch monster into me.

Before my uncle put it back into my burning pussy I looked back and gasped out loud saying, "OHHHHH FUCK!" With his foot up on the table I looked back at the frightening sight of his huge cock that jutted out from his tight 150 pound body and waved from side to side like a serpent ready to attack it's prey. I noticed that his huge piss slit was opening and closing with a clear fluid running out of in a steady stream.

Looking and groaning at my open pussy he took his angry cock in his fist and brought it to my quivering fuck hole and began inching it back into me. I began to shudder and said apprehensively, "Ohhhhhh fuck.....Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big...Soooo fucking bigggg." I nearly passed out and came harder from this new fuck position. My uncle found every horny hot spot in my young teenage pussy and made it cum harder than my boyfriends father, or any of my professors, even harder than my black professor and the 80 year old African. We continued this twisted and depraved non- stop fucking for fours hours straight.

I must have cum fifty times from the sheer pleasure of my uncles huge tireless cock. At different points I would pull his massive cock out of my sex starved pussy and go down and squat on my high heels or bend at the waist and lick all over his giant shaft, tasting my sexy pussy that coated his great big shaft. I used this time to recover from the relentless stretching of my pussy and to keep him turned on at the same time. I would use the tip of my tongue and run it up one side of his massive cock moaning and mumbling, "Ummmmmmmmm....soooooo big......sooooo fucking big," as my tongue traveled the length of his towering shaft, from the fat base all the way to his great big cock head which seemed to take forever.

Once I reached the top of his pulsing crown I lovingly licked off the clear pre-cum that gathered in a clear-pool, then flicked his huge crown with the tip of my tongue like a snake as I grinned at him slyly. I then teasingly kissed his huge cockhead over and over for minutes which made a sexy popping sound, while I looked up at him with a sly school girl smile on my face, knowing that my braces added to my naughtiness. I then went to the other side of his fat shaft and repeated this naughty act going from tip to base. I did this over and over as his eyes were riveted to me.

I loved the sexy eye contact we had had each time I kissed his giant cockhead then flicked my burning tongue wildly at his huge tip while I sinfully grinned at him, saying," Such a huge sexy cock. So fucking big," over and over. This was my way of letting my uncle know how much I worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running my hot tongue all over his huge shaft, I lifted his giant cock against his tight chest and began sucking on his huge, hanging, cum filled balls. His balls were gigantic and loaded with cum as I meticulously licked and kissed each one with my mouth, as I moaned in ecstasy.

As I took each of his massive hanging balls into my mouth he was looking down at me taking in the hot sight. The sight of me squatting in my naughty thigh high stockings and open toed high heel pumps with my nipples sticking out long and hard and being his sexy 18 year old niece was turning him on like crazy, and I loved every second of it. As I lovingly blew every inch of my uncles giant cock I began to think about how amazing it was that he could still have such a huge hard on again after cumming so hard and knowing he fucked my roommate right after his the concert.

I was delirious licking his huge cock and those massive hanging balls as my long fingers expanded around his fat shaft to hold it still. My long fingers only wrapped around a quarter of his huge shaft as I licked away at it, savoring the hot fuck juices from my pussy. As I worshiped his huge cock I teased, "So baby, am I giving you better head then all your other whores uncle Jimmy?"

As his huge cock twitched, ready to cum again, he was moaning crazily saying, "Oh fuck baby you're so fucking sexy...No one turns my great big cock on like you baby, no one is baby."

"Better than moms pussy Uncle Jimmy," I teased a I looked up at him with a sly grin that showed my shiny braces.

"Fuck, you even give better head than she does baby, and she's real good at it," he snarled which turned her on even more.

His comment let me know that him and my mother still fuck. I then stood and leaned over and kissed him madly as I pumped his huge cock saying, "Oh baby I need more of that big cock fucking....Lets get back into our fuck baby. My pussy misses your great big cock lover....lets fuck," I snarled. I then kissed the head of his saliva coated cock and said sexily, "Let's fuck baby," then stood and leaned forward and reached back and took his giant shaft in my hand and guided it back inside my flaming pussy. After fifteen minutes of gasping and panting hard in short breaths my pussy desperately tried adjusting to his freakish cock, until he finally bottomed out. This was when we really began getting into our wild fuck again.

After the stars I saw finally cleared we got back into an incredible fuck rhythm, as my wet overstuffed pussy slid up and down his torturous, huge shaft. As he thrust way up into the back of my overstuffed cunt, my teenage pussy lips desperately clung to his huge shaft, sucking on every delicious inch as he pulled out, while his hands ran up and down my stockings teasingly then went to holding onto my hips. As his hands teased up and down my nylons then over the edge of the lacy tops I moaned, "Ohhhhhh yesss that feels so sexy baby...You're hands are driving me crazy baby." My uncle was moaning too, and said enthusiastically, "Oh fuck baby, I love the way you look dressed so sexy in those hot stockings and high heels. Such a naughty little girl.

"A naughty 18 year old school girl who loves fucking a 62 year rock star and his huge cock," I added hotly. With that I turned my head and we met in a naughty slow tongue flicking kiss.

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