tagGay MaleCollege Days Ch. 09

College Days Ch. 09


We were on our third day of me having my way with Mark. So far, I had fucked his ass nine times, cumming inside him seven times, shooting my wad on his ass twice more. He had sucked my cock five times, swallowing the load each time and he had been allowed to cum five times.

It was now three in the morning, I had gotten up to go take a leak and came back into my dorm room, and saw his perfect ass spread wide open, his legs still tied spread eagle on the bed. His hands were still tied to, exposing him completely. I reached down and gently rubbed his beautiful ass, he moaned and asked, "Are you going to fuck me again?"

I grinned to myself and asked, "Do you want me to?" Slipping my fingers between the globes of his ass, my middle finger teasing his hole.

"Either that, or," he hesitated, "or, fuck my mouth again."

I smiled and said, "I've got an idea." I then reached over to my desk and opened the drawer, pulled out a seven inch dildo. The dildo was about two inches round and curved just like a real dick. I grabbed the lube and slicked the dildo up, then I applied some lube to Mark's ass crack and pried his hole open just enough to squirt the lube into his butthole.

I slowly worked the dildo deep into his ass, inch by inch it disappeared into his butt.

"OH! OH! That's fuckin' awesome!" he groaned. "It's huge! I love it!"

Soon, the full seven inches was in and I began to pull it out and shove it back in. First only an inch or so, then two, then three. Now I was pulling it a full six inches out and ramming it back inside his ass, with each thrust he screamed into the pillow under his face.

I now had the dildo buried completely in his butt. I grabbed the duct tape off the table and tore off a six inch strip. I then taped the dildo in place, using his round butt to anchor the tape down.

I walked around to the front of the bed, lifted his face up and slid the pillow under his chest so that his face was raised up. His eyes were shining and he smiled, opening his mouth as he saw my fully erect cock pointing to his lips. I slid inside his mouth, grabbing his hair and slowing moving forward. I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat and he tried to gag. I didn't pull back, I pushed harder, holding his red hair tightly in my hands. I kept pushing, he kept gagging. Spit and slobber was pouring from his mouth as he gagged more and more. When I felt his lips touch my pubic area, I began to pull back and let him catch his breath. I then rammed my cock back in, followed by more gagging and much more slobber. Tears were streaming down his face as my cock continued to bang back and forth in and out of his mouth and throat.

I continued to ram my cock down his throat until I couldn't last much longer. I pulled out and blasted my load all over his face, coating his eyes, nose and mouth. I wiped my dripping cock up and down his face until it was drained completely.

"Thank you! Thank you! I love your cum, I love your cock," he moaned.

I squatted down on the floor in front of him and kissed him deeply. I could taste my cum in his mouth, and the slobber he'd been coughing up. After kissing him for several minutes, I stood up and removed the ropes from his hands. I then freed his legs, leaving the seven inch dildo taped up his ass. I had him stand up on the bed, facing me. I took his five inch rock hard cock into my mouth and began to bathe his balls and shaft with my tongue.

"I can't hold back," he exclaimed, "I'm gonna cum soon! Oh shit!!! Here it comes!!"

It only took about five minutes and he began to cum, filling my mouth. I took his entire load, holding it in my mouth, I laid him back down, opened his mouth and positioned my mouth over his. I then opened my mouth and allowed his cum to drip from my mouth into his. Once I was drained, I lowered my mouth and we kissed, swirling his cum between our mouths. I finally broke our kiss again and he swallowed his load.

I then climbed into bed beside him and he wrapped his arms around me. We then drifted off to sleep, the dildo still snug inside his ass.

We woke up around nine in the morning and walked down the hall to the shower, me in boxers, him naked, with the seven inch dildo still buried in his ass. As we showered, he played with my balls and cock until I blew my first load of the day. I then let him jerk himself off for me. We went back to the room and I undid the tape and slid the dildo from his butt.

"Oh, oh, man I feel so empty," he said, reaching his hand behind him and feeling his butthole, realizing that it was still spread open.

"I guess your punishment is over," I started, "I'll let you go now, but if you ever break in here again, I'll have spread eagle in the hall and every guy on this floor fuck you," I said.

He looked puzzled, then said, "So, that's it? You're not going to tell on me? You're just gonna let me leave now?"

"That's right, you can go, or you can stay here until my roommate gets back," I smiled and added, "of course, if you stay you have to stay naked and you'll have to be sucking me off when he gets back."

He thought for a minute, then said, "I really ought to go, I have a ton of homework to do and I'm not ready to let others know that I like cock." He reached for his sweat bottoms and slid them on.

"Too bad, I was thinking you might like a cock in your mouth and one in your ass. It's much better with a real cock in both, not just a big dildo," then I said, "Of course, I do understand. But, you can always come back for more."

He smiled, kissed me and then dropped to his knees, looking up he said, "Can I have one more load for the road?" He then began to suck my cock taking as much down his throat as he could without choking.

His blow job was awesome, his small hands rotated from playing with my balls to spreading and kneading my ass cheeks. He kept it up for almost ten minutes and I felt my balls filling with cum. Seconds later, my cock began to shoot cream down his hot throat. He swallowed the full amount, none escaped his mouth as he swallowed quickly.

He stood up, grabbed his torn shirt and headed out without another word.

After he left, I grabbed the DVD recorder and sat down to mix the cuts of what I had been able to record over the last few days. Once I was down, I had more than two hours of fucking, sucking, dildo and S&M clips of him taking load after load. I then copied the DVD and wrote on the cover "Your brother". I then wrote a quick note to his sister, Marissa, that said; 'Your brother told me about the things you made him do, about you fucking him with toys and about you forcing him to eat your pussy. I'd like for you to watch me do these things to him again, in person, then let me eat your pussy and watch you fuck him. If interested, he knows who I am and where to find me, just show up.'

I then took the DVD and the note and placed them in a padded envelope. After dressing, I took the package to Marissa's dorm room and slid it under the door.

Two weeks later, they showed up at my dorm while my roommate was at class. The experience was incredible, but that's another story. Suffice to say, the three of us moved in together the next semester and stayed together through college. If you want to hear those stories, please write me and I'll work them up.

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Moar Pleez!

So hot! Love the story line, where it's been and where it seems to be going. Great sex scenes, too!

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