tagMatureCollege Moving-In Day

College Moving-In Day


Leaving was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Personally I would have preferred to just stay home, wishing the summer would never end. But inevitably it did. My friends were all leaving for their first year of college, and that's exactly where I was heading too. There would be no point in sticking around town while everyone else was moving on with their life.

Being at home was just so easy, so comfortable. Who knew if I would even like college? Back in New York I had tons of friends I had known basically my entire life. We could all read each other like a book, knowing exactly what the other person was thinking. But now that's all over. Everyone is going their separate ways.

Looking back, I guess I was scared more than anything else. I had just turned 18 that July, so all of a sudden I felt like an adult. Considering that I was planning on studying business at a school in Boston didn't ease the tension since I would not be close to home. In my heart I knew it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

By the end of August it was time to load up my Jeep to drive 4 hours to Boston. My parents were away on a cruise of the Caribbean so I was planning on moving in all my stuff alone. It was probably better that way since my dad could get embarrassing at times.

The drive seemed to take forever because of my nerves. The anticipation was building up inside. By noon on that Saturday I had finally made it to school. I drove through the front gates and was amazed by the number of people on campus. As I found a parking space I noticed tons of girls wearing their short khaki shorts and tank tops. Maybe college wasn't going to be that bad after all.

I wouldn't call myself a ladies man, or anything close to that. I never really had anyone I would call a serious girlfriend, although I did have sex with a girl for my first time during my senior year of high school. But that was my one and only time. I was hoping college would somehow change all of that.

After I parked I went inside the dorm to find my room, number 423. Cinderblock walls, two beds, two desks, two dressers - just how I imaged it. My roommate's name was Mike Peterson. We never met but I did get a chance to talk to him briefly on the phone to talk about who was bringing what to the room.

About halfway through making my bed I heard a knock on the door. "Must be Mike," I thought. I yelled out to tell him to come in. Instead of Mike standing in the doorway, there was an older woman with a smile on her face. We both kind of stared at each other, the confusion on my part was overwhelming.

She finally broke the silence by saying, "You must be Mike's roommate Jared. I'm Mike's mom."

"Oh great, I was concerned Mike wasn't coming today since its getting pretty late."

"Actually his flight out of Chicago from his dad's house got delayed by a couple hours, so he probably won't get here until at least 8 PM tonight. But I guess I'm supposed to be the mom and put his stuff away for him. Been doing it for the last 18 years, so what's one more time."

Since I was for the most part done unloading my car I offered to help her unload Mike's stuff, which she gladly accepted. We mostly made small talk for most of the trips up and down the stairs. When Mrs. Peterson asked if I had a girlfriend she seemed surprised by my response of no.

"Oh so I guess you're just playing the field," she said while winking at me.

"Um yeah, something like that"

She went on to tell me about how her "bastard ex-husband" left her two years ago and she has been single since. It was my turn to be surprised. Even though she was an older woman of probably 45 years, she still was pretty attractive with an even more attractive body.

She had dark wavy hair that flowed into her pretty face, with big pouty lips. On top she wore a red cotton top, pretty tight fitting and low enough to show a little cleavage. Her breasts were relatively perky for a woman her age, easily C cups. On bottom she had on a pair of black jean shorts, which showed off her tanned, toned legs pretty nicely.

Overall, I would say she was pretty good looking, but who was I to comment on my new roommate's mom. Although, I do admit I was taking a couple peeks at her when she was putting some of Mike's things away. At one point she even bent over right in front of me far enough that I could see her breasts in plain view cradled in a lacey black bra.

Mike's mom was pretty quick at getting the majority of her son's things put away. Years of experience I guess. All that was left were some posters sitting on Mike's bed that she wanted to hang before he arrived.

"I am always so bad at hanging things on the wall so they are straight. Do you mind give me a hand?" she asked me.

As I was accepting, she took off her shoes and stood on Mike's bed, grabbing a poster. She attempted to position the picture on the wall, but frustration came over her face. As she was trying to adjust it, she was bending over slightly so that her rock hard ass was sticking up in the air. I could see the very bottom of her round butt as her shorts started to ride up her legs. My mind started to go wild, but I wanted to play it cool so that she didn't expect that I was staring at her.

"This is just not working out. I really need your help to get this aligned right. Does this look straight to you?"

I replied, "It's hard to tell. I don't really have the best view from down here." Well the truth is I did have a great view, just not of the poster.

"Well then get up here on the bed. I really want you to look at this."

I jumped on the bed faster than I have ever moved before. She had asked if I could hold the poster while she took a look at it. I now realized I was in the same position she was standing in before while holding the picture.

"No, that's just not straight still. Let me adjust it."

While she was talking, she stood behind me on the bed and reached around my arm to the poster. Realizing she wasn't close enough to reach, she moved in closer to me. As she did all of a sudden I felt her large breasts pressed against my back. I tried not to flinch since I did not want her to get the idea that she should move away.

"See now that's perfect. We make a great team."

Mike's mom now slowly moved away while I was still holding up the untaped poster against the wall. She seemingly accidentally rubbed against my body as she sat down on the bed. Then Mrs. Peterson grabbed the tape and proceeded to secure the bottom corners. As she was reaching for the far corner, her head was inches from my now erect cock. I was hoping she wouldn't notice, as I could not really do anything to hide it since I was holding up the posters in place.

Then the evitable happened. She turned her head and with great surprise on her face she noticed the large bulge in my pants.

"Oh wow, did I contribute to that? I'm really sorry," she said as she started to giggle like a school girl. "I must admit though, is it pretty hot. I don't remember the last time a man got hard because of me. Jared, in all honestly I'm getting a little wet thinking about it."

I was speechless. Did my new roommate's mom just admit to me that she was getting wet? I didn't know what to say next. Good thing she started talking.

"Well Jared, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I see it." When she could tell I had a confused look on my face she quickly said, "I mean your cock, can I see your cock?"

I really did not know how to answer. Of course I wanted her to see it but then again I did not want to mess things up with my brand new roommate who I would live with for about a year. Before I could complete the thought I felt a tug on my pants and heard the sound of my zipper opening. She reached her hand in through my boxers and I could feel her fingers wrap around my cock. At that point, she pulled my penis all the way out of my shorts so it was exposed for her to see.

"Wow I really like your cock Jared. Reminds me of a guy I used to date in college, before I met my deadbeat ex-husband. But anyway, we have a problem here. We have an erection on a beautiful young cock, caused by me. Perhaps since I am to blame for it, I should be the one to do something about it if you know what I mean. I really should take care of my son's roommate and he's not arriving for several hours, so I think we are all set."

Mrs. Peterson then grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her wide open month. Once the head hit her tongue her big sexy lips closed down on my shaft. My eyes immediately rolled to the back of my skull, at which time I dropped the poster I was still holding up. In and out my cock moved between her lips, and she was doing a good job of getting most of it inside her mouth. She then started playing with the head with her tongue gently massaging it. My knees began to feel weak.

I could not believe what was happening all this time. All summer I was so worried I wasn't going to find any girls at college, but who would have thought my new roommate's mom would be here sucking my dick the first day. Before I had a chance to cum, she stopped. She took my cock out of her mouth, and leaned back on the bed.

"I want you to fuck me Jared. It's been so long since I've had a nice hard college cock inside of me."

Still speechless, she proceeded to take her red shirt off over her head, exposing that black bra I had seen before. Her tits looked amazing sitting in that bra. Before I could complete that thought she unbuttoned her jean shorts and started sliding them off. Underneath she revealed a matching lacey black thong.

"Come on Jared, my son is going to be here soon. We don't have that much time."

Mike's mom then grabbed my hand and put it on her right breast. Her skin was so smooth. She then led my hand to her back and guided it to the clasp of her bra. Quickly the bra dropped to the bed, exposing her soft nipples. After taking off my shirt, she pulled me close so my chest pressed into hers so that her tits were pressed against my body.

By that point I was so caught up in the moment that I wasn't so intimidated by this older woman anymore. I reached down to grab some of her ass, and gave it a little squeeze. I started to kiss her neck a little and slowly started moving down towards her breasts. I kissed her around her nipples a little to tease her, and then finally took one of her nips in my mouth. After playing with it with a tongue a little, I reached my hand out to slide the thong down her legs and off her body.

"Please fuck me Jared. I need you," Mrs. Peterson whispered in my ear.

With that she guided my fully erect cock into her moist shaven pussy. She gave off a little moan as it slid inside. I could feel the walls of her pussy tightening around me. I started slowly thrusting my hips back and forth. With each push, she would let off a slightly louder moan. I gave a little squeeze to her tits and tweaked her nipples a little between my fingers.

A couple minutes into it, she was getting pretty loud. I was really hoping no one would hear her, but I wasn't about to stop. I kept on pounding away with all the energy I had. By now my dick was throbbing, all of the muscles were pulsating. I tried to push inside of her as deep as I could.

"Um Mrs. Peterson, I think I'm about to cum. Should I pull out?"

"I want you cum inside of me," she whispered to me.

She pulled my body towards her so that my cock was deep inside of her pussy. With that last thrust I burst. What felt like a river of cum running through my penis was now inside of her. I looked up to see Mike's mom biting her bottom lip, with a huge smile on her face.

"You were great kid."

"Um thanks Mrs. Peterson."

At that point she sat up and started to put her clothes back on.

"Jared, here's a little something to remember me by." Like I needed anything to remember that day, but she handed me her black thong anyway. "I really must get going."

She picked up the rest of her things and headed for the door.

"Oh Jared, make sure you're around for Parents Visiting Weekend in October."

Only about 25 minutes later, Mike finally showed up at the door. It was kind of hard to look that guy in the face now.

"Hey what's up Jared, I'm Mike." Before I could respond he says, "Our Resident Assistant heard you in here banging some chick. On the first day man? I hope I can meet girls like that."

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