tagSci-Fi & FantasyColors of Lust Ch. 01

Colors of Lust Ch. 01


The following selection is written with my tongue planted firmly in cheek. It is an attempt to expand my fantasizing into new and out of the box areas. I hope readers don't find it to be anything but a little daydreaming and hope it turns out to be enjoyable. If it sucks I'll try something else next time in hopes that we all cum together!

As a middle aged man I was finding that my opportunities for satisfying sexual relationships were becoming fewer and fewer. I also was disappointed in the lack of adventure most woman I was with seemed to show in bed. Then I went in for my annual physical and related some of my concerns to my doctor whose answer was to hand me a brochure for a new experimental product. The brochure read in part:


Imagine being alerted as you go through your day about every opportunity for every kind of sex available to you. What is more your partner is 100% willing and wanting it as much as you are! It’s not a fantasy with the FU69 and FU69+ this could all be yours with a simple painless implant. The price can't be beat; call 1-800-555-555 today.

Of course, being a lustful soul I called as soon as I got home. They explained that they actually implanted gadgets just under your skin. The most critical was an implant not much bigger than a single grain of rice in the nose between the eyes and the second was a slightly larger gizmo that they implanted in your ear lobe.

The ear lobe piece had one or two buttons depending on which model you got. The mode button allowed you to make basic selections for the type of sex you were after (opposite sex, same sex, etc.) and also turned the unit off. The second button on the FU69+ was a volume /mute button as that unit gave you audio input.

The two implants had a wireless connection to a base unit that plugged into any computer so that you could set more detailed settings. For example if all you wanted as a man was anal with the opposite sex you would be only alerted when such an opportunity arose.

The key to the system was the nose sensor. This tiny sensor detected several things including hormones and bodily secretions much like some animals do along with the body language and breathing patterns of anyone in your line of vision. The makers of the system claimed that the sensor took over 1,000 different readings into account and then calculated these using what they considered a fool proof formula to determine exactly what sexual interest the person had in the wearer of the implant along with what sex acts they wanted to participate in.

They boasted the system would make a determination for all persons in your line of vision in 1/100 of a second. And continuously update the information. The wearer would receive feedback from the system through the appearance of an array of color around each person with the color indicating what sex act they were interested in. The brighter the color the more they wanted the act.

What was also important the brightness of the color would constantly change depending on what was happening. If the FU69 wearer was striking out because he was being tactless the color would get dimmer and dimmer. If on the other hand he was being sensitive the color would glow brighter and brighter and even change to another color that would allow for even more different experiences.

Realizing that generally you couldn't go up to someone and ask to eat their pussy a serious of symbols also appeared in the color image. The symbols were basic like a flat line indicating that wearer should be casual and not bring up anything sexual that would hopefully change to an up arrow that indicated that the person was ready to be propositioned. And if you were after a particular sex act the image would get very bright and begin flashing at which point you could be blunt and ask, for example, "Are you ready for me to fuck your hot pussy?"

It was claimed that the average male could find at least one lady and hour just by walking around their neighborhood mall and the average lady could find a guy at least every ten minutes. The biggest difference in the two models was that instead of just the symbols the plus model gave you step by step audio feedback by reading the other person's reactions and when you wanted to be on your own you just hit the mute button.

The audio messages were intended to be simple but effective saying things like, "Go for it," "Slower," "Caress her back," "tear off her clothes," "Bite her neck," or look into her eyes." For the small price difference I opted for the plus model and 30 minutes later they inserted the two units leaving me with two stitches in my earlobe and helped me set my preliminary preferences.

Next they handed me the color guide sheet giving me my final instructions. They told me the unit should not light up on any person under age 18. However, this was not as accurate as other features of the unit and I should always verify for myself the age of anyone I was interested in. Here is most of the chart I was given:

"Welcome to the world of the FU69 or FU69+!

Here is the color guide so that you may have the most fun possible:

Black - Wants to be taken hard even by a stranger. An over head=aggressive, T= tear off clothing R=Pseudo-rape fantasy.

Blue, Powder - Masturbation. F above head indicates her only, M=him only, S= same sex partner only, U=same sex partner does you, M=Mutual.

Blue, True - Wants tits kissed and caressed.

Brown - Butt fuck needed. T above head shows they want to be butt fucked; U shows they want to do you; and B shows they want it both ways.

Gold – want hot mutual rough sex complete with clawing and biting no limits but no scat.

Gray - Ass kissing. + Sign above head indicates wants boobs kissed too.

Green, bright - Wants to be fucked only.

Green, Dark - other oddities. F over head=sex with food; T=Tit fucking; L=Lap dance.

Lilac - oral sex. V above head=Vagina, P=Penis, S=you do same sex partner, U=same sex partner does you, M=mutual.

No color - under 18, not interested, or not in your preferences.

Orange - Spanking only T above head shows they need a spanking, U=they spank you, B=both get a spanking.

Pink - they are your baby girl or baby boy with all that conjures up.

Purple - Wants hot passionate sex around the world.

Red - BDSM. D over head=they are dominant, S=they are submissive.

Silver - heavy bondage and torture. ) normally shows as ring around red or other color).

Tan - Wants to be kissed, caressed and he held.

White - Wants a nice romantic date.

Yellow- Water sports and related kink.

They also handed me a quick reference card to put in my pocket with the most frequent codes on it. After finishing his explanation and answering my questions the doctor had the nurse go over paperwork with me. Suddenly a bright light flashed in my eye indicating the unit was on and activated.

Then I looked over at the nurse and was surprised that almost instantly a brilliant gray image appeared surrounding her body. Carefully I peaked at my color guide. A beep sounded in my ear then a soft voice simply told me to go for it. I thought what a better place to test the reliability of the unit than in the doctor's office.

Quickly I dove down behind her ass and lifted her skirt and yanked down her black satin panties. She stood still as I grabbed her cheeks in my hands and softly caressed them. Leaning forward I inhaled her aroma then gave each cheek a peck with my lips. She spoke up saying, "Why is it I can't get through any of these appointments without being molested!?"

She laughed and then sensually ground her rump in my face. It was a large full ass, not fat by any means, but nice and meaty. Her cheeks parted opening up to reveal her puckering hole. I swiped my tongue up and down the length of her crack before stabbing at her shit hole. The gray display got brighter and brighter as I worked my tongue deeper and deeper into her bowels. The nurse was moaning and fingering her pussy.

Replacing my tongue with my finger in her asshole I hungrily nibbled on her tasty cheeks as I slid my finger in and out. The gray display suddenly turned brown and I got excited hoping to take her up the ass. But, before I could do anything the nurse came and the image went to tan and she pulled up her panties

Sitting down on my lap she tenderly kissed me and said, “Sorry, I have to move along but as you can see the gizmo really works.”

I had never thought that tan could be a bright color but there it was so I kissed her over and over as my hands roamed her curves. Responding I whispered, “That’s ok I’m sure you have to take control or you might be fucked to death.”

She laughed throatily and ran her hand across my chest saying, “There is one thing they didn’t tell you about the unit. You should always make sure to get the other person’s attention before you believe what it is telling you. When you see a girl across the room the color she is sending out is her general mood. When she sees you the color might change for the better or worse. But even with that, believe me the damn thing really works so well that if you take every opportunity you will have a very sore cock!”

The nurse hugged me and smiled brightly. As I pondered what she said I looked at her beautiful body and watched as the color faded until there was absolutely no hint that the unit had been installed. She handed me the paperwork and I left the office.

As I walked out into the street it was like a whole new world full of a rainbow of colors. There was a lot of white and tan but there was plenty of variety from all ages of people. I was surprised at the relatively large number of ladies who had a bright green or one of the blue images around them. It was lunch hour and there were literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people milling about.

It was all very overwhelming as I looked about even seeing Red, Gold, and Black images around beautiful women. A large bulge grew in my pants and I did nothing to hide it. Most of the images were not very bright even after I established eye contact. I must admit it was a relief as I wasn't sure what would happen if I approached someone.

Would I be slapped, laughed at, or accused of being a pervert? After all the entire scene with the nurse could have been a plant. Then I saw her walking toward me with a lilac aura. I looked into her eyes and smiled broadly and the image turned into the most vibrant brilliant lilac you could imagine complete with a Letter M an up arrow and then it started to flash. About ten feet from this beauty the unit spoke, "Be blunt. . . Ask direct!"

Now I was shivering as I knew this message usually did not come at first contact; maybe there was a bug in the system. But, I could not pass this girl up. She was about21 and five and a half tall with long brown hair and blue eyes with an average build. Sensuality seemed to come from every pore of her body. I took a breath and stopped in front of her.

"Hi, I'm Roy and would you like your pussy eaten?" I asked the nervousness obvious in my voice. It seemed like an hour before she answered.

"Hi Roy, I'm Lisa and I can't believe you asked me that. And I can't believe that I'm saying this but, come with me my apartment is just around the corner. You understand though that I only want oral sex and nothing else, right?" she was purring by the end of her statement.

"Agreed, I love to go down on a beautiful woman such as yourself and won't screw things up by doing more than you wish," I replied now following the sexy sway of her ass as she led the way I can't remember if anything more was said as my heart was racing as we walked faster and faster.

A minute later she had the key in the lock and led me back to her small bedroom. Lisa turned to face me and before she could change her mind I reached for the snap of her jeans. As the pants fell to her knees the beautiful lady dropped back onto the bed kicking off her shoes and pants. She lifted her feet on to the edge of the mattress.

"Roy, come and get me; lick my clit and eat my pussy. See how deep you can bury your face in me," she cooed. Then she lifted her hips from the bed so I could pull down her cotton briefs. I was briefly disappointed when the "M" disappeared and was replaced with a "V" but continued pulling off her undies. As I took them off her toes her legs seemed to melt apart revealing her bright pink lips topped off with a thick forest of brown pubic hair. Lisa was quite a sight spread out on the bed fully dressed in her conservative, yet feminine blouse from the waist up with her tits pointing skyward.

And, then there was the lower half of her body showing her beautiful tan legs with her furry muff right in the middle surrounded by the light blue bedspread. I slid down onto my knees and leaned into her crotch. First I ran my hands over her crotch and pulled apart her pussy lips revealing her large hard clit whispering, “Fuck, Lisa, you have a fucking hot pussy! It is so sexy!”

With that I flicked my tongue across her piss hole. I could feel a shudder travel through her body as if she was startled. Slowly I circled her button with my tongue until she pulled my head in tighter against her honey pot. Getting the hint I began eating her voraciously; scooping and licking and even nibbling for everything I was worth.

“Damn it! Bastard, eat me deeper and make me cum; oh yes bastard eat my pussy,” she urged as she smashed her hips against my face. I thought she might be trying to smother me for a second. I had never been so far up a woman’s pussy in my life. But, she knew what she was doing as she would release me just enough to breath and continue in enjoying the mutual pleasure of her gushing pussy.

Her very strong thighs were now clamped firmly against my head as she obviously began cumming over and over again. After several more minutes of this pure ecstasy her thighs let go and she collapsed to the bed. With honey dripping from my chin I looked into her face and the image that surrounded her was now a bright tan.

Frowning a bit fearing that this was the end of our rendezvous I climbed up beside her and lightly caressed her. It turned out that she was merely catching her breath as soon the image turned lilac again but this time with a “P” above her head. Wasting no time I spoke up, “Now, it is my turn; please suck me off!”

Lisa slid off the bed and pulled her panties back on and in almost the same movement unfastened my pants and pulled them and my underwear off. Before I knew it she was bouncing my balls in her hand as she literally purred out loud. My thick seven inch circumcised erection was throbbing as it strained to reach the ceiling.

While still toying with my balls she used her other hand to grasp the base of my cock as she flicked her tongue around my spongy head. A groan escaped my throat as my partner wrapped her thick lips around my purple head as her tongue darted all around it. As she continued to give me a workout with her hands Lisa swallowed more and more of my manhood until her lips rest against my belly.

Slowly she slid her mouth back up my entire length and then paused before slowly coming back down the stiff shaft. Each trip up and down was just a little faster then the one before. Gradually her speed increased until after a couple of minutes her head was like a blur on my stiff member.

I had to hold onto the covers for support as I involuntarily began fucking her luscious mouth. Lisa was a master at working her tongue as she used her mouth like a high powered suction machine. I tried to stop myself from cumming to prolong the pleasure but it was no use as soon my balls were boiling and I wrapped both hands in her hair.

Screaming out in animal ecstasy I sprayed torrent after torrent of my seed into her hungry throat. I could here her gulp and swallow each load of spunk and come back for more. Surely I had cum that much before but I couldn't remember when as Lisa sucked me until she had thoroughly drained my cock as it fell limply out of her mouth.

"How was that?" she asked as she climbed onto her bed beside me. I couldn't answer as I was still trying to catch my breath and I was wiping several beads of sweat from my forehead. We kissed softly as the image of color faded totally from her body. Without speaking I reached down and slid my pants and underwear back on.

As Lisa reached for her pants I couldn't help but stare at her full round ass. But, I thought better of reaching for it as it was obvious that this encounter was over. We exchanged phone numbers and I left her apartment to return to my office.

It appeared my new investment was going to pay off big dividends. However, there were some things I needed to tweak on it. The number of images that appeared were practically blinding me so I needed to filter some out. I closed my office door behind me and plugged the base unit into my computer. Five minutes later my new settings were saved and I returned to doing my job.

Well, at least, I tried to do my work! One of my assistants, Sally, poked her head in the door to ask me a question on a project. A faint tan glow surrounded her body. I had no intention of making a pass at her but told her to come in and shut the door as it was not a simple problem that she had. It turned out that she had screwed something up so just teasing I asked, "So, young lady should I take you over my knee?"

Sally's face turned a bright pink as we laughed about my comment. She was squirming as she sat there. Then to my utter shock the hue around her changed into a bright orange. I wasn't too excited as there was a flat line across the image beside the "T". So, I knew she wanted to be spanked but wasn't ready for me to do the spanking. Deliberately I stood up in front of her showing the newly reformed bulge in my pants and smiled broadly at her.

"You are one hot lady but don't think that your sexy exterior will help you out of your messes. Just because you have an ass that is begging for a spanking doesn't mean a thing," I said not knowing were the words had come from as I walked closer. Suddenly an arrow pointing straight up popped into view and unwittingly I knew that I was about to have a little more fun.

"Yes sir, you have never treated anyone differently because of their looks which I appreciate. But, sir, excuse me for asking but I can't help it, do you really think I have an ass that needs to be spanked?" Sally's voice was shaking as she asked this question that could get her fired on the spot.

"Come over here to my chair if you want to find out," I dryly answered as I returned to my desk and sat down. If the system was working correctly I knew what she would do. I waited a few seconds to see if I was getting the right signal. Then, slowly she stood up and shuffled the few feet to me. The orange glow was now blinking rapidly.

There she was only two feet from my face with her crotch filling my entire field of vision. Heat was actually radiating from her body as lust overcame me. I spun her around to get an eyeful of her heart shaped ass. Without speaking another word I yanked down her elastic slacks and then her pink bikini cotton briefs.

I pulled her down and across my lap and took a deep breath. Her ass seemed so big lying on my thigh as I pulled apart her cheeks revealing the depths of her crack which had several little tufts of fiery red hair along it. Blood was rushing to her head and she looked uncomfortable so I pulled out a desk drawer for her to rest her head on.

At first I gave her a light swat which caused the girl to let out a little squeal. So, quickly I followed with a bit harder stroke and her squeal rose dramatically in volume. Fearing the sound carrying out the door I glanced around and found a spare clean T-shirt on the shelf behind me which I stuffed into her mouth.

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