tagSci-Fi & FantasyColors of Lust Ch. 03

Colors of Lust Ch. 03


Ch. 1 in SciFi/Fantasy ch. 2 in Incest.

This is the third installment of my fantasy of having a tool to tell me when someone is interested in sex with me and what they are interested in. In case you didn't read the first two chapters the machine is called the FU-69 and has two parts installed in the bridge of the nose and an ear lobe.

It glows various colors showing the wearer what activities people they meet are interested in. It doesn't glow at all if there is no sexual interest or the other person is under 18. There is also a model that talks giving the user additional information and cues.

Here is the color guide sheet that came with the FU-69: Black - Wants to be taken hard even by a stranger. An over head=aggressive, T= tear off clothing R=Pseudo-rape fantasy.
Blue, Powder - Masturbation. F above head indicates her only, M=him only, S= same sex partner only, U=same sex partner does you, M=Mutual.
Blue, True - Wants tits kissed and caressed.
Brown - Butt fuck needed. T above head shows they want to be butt fucked; U shows they want to do you; and B shows they want it both ways.
Gold – want hot mutual rough sex complete with clawing and biting no limits but no scat.
Gray - Ass kissing. + Sign above head indicates wants boobs kissed too.
Green, bright - Wants to be fucked only.
Green, Dark - other oddities. F over head=sex with food; T=Tit fucking; L=Lap dance.
Lilac - oral sex. V above head=Vagina, P=Penis, S=you do same sex partner, U=same sex partner does you, M=mutual.
No color - under 18, not interested, or not in your preferences.
Orange - Spanking only T above head shows they need a spanking, U=they spank you, B=both get a spanking.
Pink - they are your baby girl or baby boy with all that conjures up.
Purple - Wants hot passionate sex around the world.
Red - BDSM. D over head=they are dominant, S=they are submissive.
Silver - heavy bondage and torture. ) normally shows as ring around red or other color).
Tan - Wants to be kissed, caressed and he held.
White - Wants a nice romantic date.
Yellow- Water sports and related kink.

The story continues:

Less than three blocks from Peggy's apartment I ran into an old high school girlfriend. We had a torrid relationship and I often wondered what would have happened if we had gotten married. She had really been into sitting on my face and cock with her butt. There was nothing finer than Karen's big ass on my face as she was a large BBW.

As we did the usual small talk and caught up on each other's lives brilliant images pierced my eyes. It was kind of blinding as the image flashed from brown to gray and back again. There was an up arrow on both colors. So I nonchalantly asked, "Hey I just got a wild idea. How would you like to sit on my face right now for old time's sake?"

"How could a girl refuse such a sweet offer but, only if you'll let me feel you inside of my hot ass," she cooed softly. The next few minutes were just like high school as we looked for somewhere to go as we were fairly far away from either of our homes or offices. Then Karen got an inspired idea as she remembered the park where we spent a lot of time when we dated because it had a nice secluded area in the back of the park.

As luck would have it we were only a block and a half away. We walked faster and faster as I watched the sexy sway of her rump. We kissed passionately as we collapsed to the grass. Our hands groped all over each other as she rolled me onto my back. Before moving my hands down to knead her ass I quickly mauled her C cups groaning, "Your ass is as sexy as ever!"

Then, without warning, she plopped her ass right on my face. Karen slid her skirt covered ass hard against my face. I pushed the skirt out of the way revealing a pair of silky black string bikini panties. More eagerly than ever she rubbed against my mouth as I licked sucked and bit while enjoying the strong ass and pussy smells.

"Come on, tongue my shit hole just like the old days," she demanded as she unzipped my pants. It took a very light yank to tear the strings on both sides of the undies and pull the garment aside. Her ass was just as I had remembered it with a dimple on the left cheek although it may have been a size or two larger. In seconds I was tonguing deep up her rear passage and my hands were kneading the hell out of her ass.

She ground herself on me so hard that it felt like I might suffocate a couple of times; but, that was part of the thrill. My lover arched her back and trembled as she came several times before suddenly getting up and swinging around and sitting on my lap. Using her dripping wet pussy she lubed up my erection.

I held onto her hips to keep her steady as she positioned her ass hole over my cock head. Slowly Karen lowered her rump onto my cock. A low moan came from both of us as my cock head popped inside of her shittie depths. As she gradually worked her ass lower she tossed aside her top and bra. Her tits were shiny with her sweat.

Deeper and deeper my member plunged into her tiny asshole. Her cunt was bathing my belly with pussy honey. It was difficult to decide whether to play with her tits or fondle her ass. I compromised and did both; moving my hands back and forth from one to the other. Soon Karen was riding my cock hard; pounding her hips into mine.

Then, now sure I was locked inside, she leaned forward and dangled her sweaty boobs into my mouth. That put me over the edge as I emptied my balls into her chocolate cavern. To be honest, I don't know how many times Karen came but shortly after I did she collapsed on top of me her tits in my face.

"Gawd, I wish we had gotten married all those years ago," I panted. Thankfully, at that moment, she didn't take me seriously as she giggled. We lay their for a couple of more minutes recovering from our exercise. Then, in a change from our youth, she got up and sat back down on my face making me lick her ass hole and cheeks clean while she did the same to my cock. As I finished her glow turned bright white.

Even if the glow hadn't turned white I would have asked her for a date. I wasn't sure where we were going but knew she was still special to me. After accepting my invitation and exchanging contact information we got dressed and parted ways. I had a renewed spring in my step as I returned home.

Luckily for me my sister wasn't in the mood to be fucked because my cock needed recovery time. After having me spank her Diane begged me to eat out her delectable pussy. When I finished she cooed, "Too bad I'm only her for a few more days you are a great cunt lapper!"

Quietly we ate dinner together and then got ready for our evening activities. She had a date with a guy she had met the night before and I was going to the party at Peggy's apartment. I didn't let Diane leave without deep throating her mouth and pulling aside her panties and doing the same to her asshole with my tongue first

"Thanks bro, I know the aroma of my wet panties will drive my date nuts," she said pecking me on my cheek. Anxiously I arrived at Peggy's place having no idea what to expect as all they said that there would be a party. When the door opened I was greeted by Dan wearing red silk women's panties, stockings and a garter belt.

It was quite a difference from the business suit I sucked him off in earlier in the day as the bulge his cock was creating in the undies was enormous. Dan flung his arms around me and kissed me passionately. I groped his ass through the panties and it turned me on even more as it felt real sexy. Then he broke it off and led me to the middle of the room.

Looking around I noticed no one else but his sister, Peggy, there. She was dressed identically to her brother except where his balls stuck out she had a wet spot in the panties. Standing there dumb-founded I waited to see what would happen next. I couldn't keep up with the array of colors they were emitting as they kept changing.

Evidently these two siblings were very turned on and wanted to do just about everything. Peggy was hot to say the least at five and a half feet tall and 170 pounds with green eyes and coal black hair. I know she sounds a bit large but she was perfectly proportioned. Her E cup boobs were huge and somehow were standing straight out from her chest. She smiled at me and ran a hand up to her left boob and circled her nipple with her index finger.

"Strip him; make him ready for our little party," Peggy ordered her brother. As he complied with his sister Peggy explained that I was, in fact, the entire guest list and she was sure that I would enjoy myself almost as much as she did. I cooperated as Dan removed my clothes and tossed them into a nearby chair.

"I'll give it a whirl," I replied becoming a bit uncomfortable and reaching down to cover my privates with my hands. Just then, Dan handed me a pair of silky panties that matched theirs to put on. Reluctantly, I took them and slid them up my legs. They were very tight and I struggled to get my erect member inside of the small bikini undies.

"There is a game I really like to play. If you are good at it you will get to do anything you can dream of with my brother and me. It is really simple as all you need to do is guess what I want you to do and if you are right you can do it. If you are wrong three times I'll fuck you up the ass with a large strap-on while Dan wacks off and cums in your face and the party's over. Doesn't it sound like fun?" She was purring.

My cock twitched in my pants in total excitement. I was more nervous than ever but happy that the FU-69 would help me some. A new worry developed as I realized that the unit should tell me truthfully that she wanted one thing but she would claim to want another. I decided to give it a try as I had no other plans for the night, "Yes it does!"

"Dan is playing too; so, when I point at him you guess what he wants. But first look me in the eyes and without saying anything figure out what I want first and try and do it," Peggy said seducing me with her voice. A tan glow emitted from my hostess so timidly I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her softly.

Peggy feverishly responded kissing me back as my hands traveled all over her back and then up her sides to her boobs. Kissing me passionately again she squeezed my butt cheeks. Then abruptly she pointed at her brother. Even without the system it was easy to know what he wanted first so I fell to my knees and pulled his long member out of the panties and took it into my mouth.

His balls were inside the underwear as I juggled them and caressed his silky ass. In less than a minute I had his member all the way down my throat and he began mouth fucking me as I swirled my tongue all around his girth. As I sucked her brother I don't know much about what Peggy was doing except at one point she rubbed my ass and gave my cock a couple of very hard tugs.

This went on for a few minutes until Peggy suddenly pulled me off of his cock recognizing that Dan was near cumming and she did not want me to have his jism. I didn't want to stop but she pushed Dan back and stood with her ass in front of me. As she pointed at herself I wanted that luscious ass so badly.

But, remembering the game, I paid attention to the color surrounding her and instead sprang to my feet and slid in front of her and grabbed a tit in each hand. Her attempt to trick me had failed as the flashing true blue saved me from an early exit. She gasped not believing that I had seen through her effort and had somehow resisted her sexy ass.

Within seconds of my lips touching her nipple she pushed me to the floor and ground her tits in my face. She would tease me by rising up and swinging her massive globes like twin pendulums just out of reach of my mouth. To solve this problem I grabbed onto her tits with both hands and pulled them down to my hungry mouth and held them in place.

"Danny get over and lick my ass," She demanded as I felt her shudder with her first orgasm. As I sucked her large nipple between my lips and sucked as much of her globe in as I could I felt Dan pull down her panties as he straddled my legs. Convulsions seemed to overcome Peggy as her brother and I continued our biting and sucking.

Peggy was shocked as every time she indicated it was time to change things up I did the right thing. Late in the evening I finally got the chance to kiss her ass for myself and it was indeed glorious. But, the two best parts of the night were eating out her pussy which seemed to have a never ending supply of her sweet honey and, of course, fucking her pussy. I was amazed at how tight she was and came relatively quickly.

As the clock showed 1:45 she lied to me and told me I guessed wrong three times in less than a minute. Eagerly Dan stood above my face and began slowly to stroke his rod as Peggy got out her strap on. I was grateful that Dan had been up my ass less than an hour before as maybe I would be still opened up to some degree.

The dildo was about ten inches long and very thick. Placing me on a short table Peggy pushed my knees up to my shoulders. Then with Dan's cock still hovering above me she fingered my bowels and then rammed her strap-on into me. I let out a yelp but then relaxed as much as possible. Soon I was enjoying the giant member up my shit hole.

Dan's hand had become a blur on his cock. I couldn't help it I somehow wanted him to splash my face in semen. It didn't take long for Dan to do just that as glob after glob of his sticky stuff hit my face and mouth. Moments later I felt my own cock shoot off as my cum hit Peggy's stomach and breasts. Then she pulled out and sat on the floor.

Less than a minute later I was headed out of the door. I barely had the chance to get dressed. I scurried into my place at about 2:30 and went straight to the bathroom and washed myself off. When I got to my bedroom I was slightly surprised to see my sister laying spread eagle with a lilac glow and the audio telling me to dive in.

"Hey there; I had a great time tonight and thought the perfect way to cap it off was to serve my brother a juicy cream pie," she cooed as I licked up her pussy lips. Seconds later I tasted the tartness of her date's cum. It was a wonderful mixture of sweet and tart and I gulped it up like a mad man. My cock was already getting hard again.

Hungrily I drained her pussy of all of the other man's jism. Diane came at least twice as I licked and kissed her pussy and clit. Suddenly she swung her leg over my head and rolled on to her side. Studying her sexy body I noticed the glow was completely gone. She was evidently satisfied and ready for sleep.

Although I could have done a bit more with her sleep sounded like a very good idea so almost platonically I put my arm around her belly and drifted off to sleep. Sunday was a very relaxed day. My sister and I smooched a couple of times and I had her go down on me. But, otherwise our day was devoted to gardening and television.

On Monday morning I returned to the doctor to have the stitch taken out of my ear and follow up on the how the FU-69 was working. My most pressing question was about the tiger stripe pattern I had seen a few days earlier. They explained that I had found another FU-69 owner and the top stripes represented what they wanted and the lower stripes were my desire. They also told me how to block another's system.

To my surprise I saw the same lady leaving the office when I did and the same black and gold image appeared. The difference was that now we both knew what it meant. I followed her practically stalking her. The image grew in intensity. Trusting the systems completely as soon as she opened the back doors of her van to throw something in I shoved her down inside the empty vehicle and climbed on top of her pulling the doors shut behind us.

Biting, clawing and scratching the young woman fought with gusto. I ripped open her blouse and shoved aside her bra exposing her heaving breasts. Then spinning around I sat on her C cups as I yanked off her pants and tore off her panties. Neither of us said a word as I pulled out my cock and rammed it into her pussy after prying apart her legs.

Her juices ran down my balls as I pounded her hard. She never quit fighting as we fucked. It was obvious she was actually into it as her hips came up to meet mine and instead of trying to push me away she clawed my back with her long nails.

In less than five minutes I poured my spunk into her twat. Even as I pulled out and off of her we didn't speak until we had put back on our clothing. Luckily she had a T-shirt with her to replace the blouse I had ripped up. Then she giggled and hugged me saying quietly, "Thank you that was so realistic and fun!"

We exchanged contact information and agreed to go out together sometime to look for people to have fun with as the doctor had just told us of the new now completely reliable threesome and foursome feature. It was only when I looked at her business card that I found out her name was Sara. For the next three days I played around with a lot of women including some from my office; including having more fun with Denise and Marla, the cleaning crew.

On Wednesday I began openly flirting with my secretary and boss as both ladies were very hot. I wasn't getting much feedback from the system; just faint glows of various colors. I had a fantasy about totally dominating Mandy, my secretary, ever since we had met. On Thursday morning she was dressed to kill sporting a blouse that revealed almost half of her D cup tits Boldly I said, "They look good enough to eat."

Then I saw an encouraging sign as Mandy laughed at me. A red glow seemed to surround her. As she looked me over and now saw the obvious erection in my pants the image got brighter. I was ready to order her into my office to do my bidding when the letter "D" began flashing. She replied, "I doubt it highly as a guy has to work very hard to have a chance at eating these treats."

She was giggling as she swept her long blonde hair behind her back as I looked into her sultry blue eyes. I had figured her to be a submissive but if I had to submit to her to have her I would do it gladly. Smiling broadly at her I got down on to one knee and playfully said, "Mistress Mandy, I would be your sexual slave and do whatever you say to have you. I'm a worthless panty sniffer mistress."

"Show me your little cock," my secretary said coldly and with authority. Her desk was in an open reception area where we could easily be caught. I nodded toward my private office. She folded her arms across her chest and sat back shaking her head in the negative. The situation had just turned very serious and the FU-69 was flashing wildly.

Timidly I unzipped my trousers as I fell under her sexual control. Mandy licked her lips when she saw my throbbing hard-on. Finally she led me into my office and slammed the door behind us. After having me strip she ordered me onto my hands and knees and had me follow her all around my office like her puppy dog.

When she stopped she lifted her skirt and let me sniff the ass of her silky panties. I gasped when I saw that she was wearing a garter belt. I came to my senses long enough to remind her that we only had 45 minutes until my next appointment. The next thing I knew her dress hit me in the head on its way to the floor.

My mistress took the few steps to a small sofa and sat down. Her body looked hot and I openly gawked at her tits that were barely being held inside her lacy black bra. As I knelt at her feet she kicked me in the crotch with her high heel. Then she pulled aside the crotch of her panties revealing her glistening red pussy. Putting a hand on top of my head she drew my mouth to her charms. I licked eagerly as she cooed, "You're only getting to do this as mistresses pussy is on fire, understand wimp?"

Not answering I dove in and licked and sucked her hungrily paying special attention to her clit that was sticking out from her lips like a little erect cock. Suddenly I found myself flat on my back as she used her foot to shove me sprawling onto the floor. After placing my hands behind my back Mandy mounted my cock and rode me hard milking my cock with each thrust. I poured my cum into her totally out of control.

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