Come Into the Dark Ch. 04


She didn't understand it. She had been caught in his stare, but she knew that his lips had not moved. 'Am I hearing your thoughts?' She tilted her head in confusion and watched as his eyes lit up.

'Yes. And you are sending yours to me as well. You have picked it up faster than I expected.'

The two stood for a moment, not a word leaving their mouths, not a thought in their minds.

"This is weird. Can we just talk? Like.. Normal people? I need some coffee." Jen shifted her weight to one side, and ran her fingers through her hair.

"And I need a shower. Care to join me?"

She knew where a shower would lead, and right now, she had enough clouding her thoughts. "No thanks. Coffee. Do you have a coffee pot?"

"Yea. But I'm sure Foreman is awake, so don't bother making it yourself. Just head down to the kitchen, and he'll make you some. I'll be down shortly."

She slipped on yesterday's panties and his black shirt. She buttoned it enough so that her breasts didn't fall out of the top, and headed downstairs. 'Bastard didn't answer my question..'

She reached the kitchen after getting turned around -twice- and greeted Foreman, the butler. "Hi, uhm.. Foreman, is it?"

The old man smiled and gave her a cup of coffee. "And you must be madam Jenifer. I have heard much about you. All good, of course."

"Of course." Her words came out sprinkled with sarcasm, and it was not lost on him. She took a sip of the coffee and set the mug on the island. "So, tell me Foreman, what have I gotten myself into?"

He folded his arms in front of him, and twisted his lips. "He is a good man. He will take good care of you."

She leaned over and tried to read the old man's expression. There was something he had not told her. "What is he?"

"I think that is for him to say."

Just then, the doorbell rang. Foreman excused himself and went to answer it. She followed him and leaned against the archway that separated the kitchen and the foyer. He opened the door and stood frighteningly still when he laid eyes on the person on the other side. A woman.

"Hello Foreman. Long time, no see. Is William around?" The blonde pushed past Foreman and entered the foyer. Bright red stilettos and a tan knee length peacoat showed her long legs off well. She was gorgeous. She began to remove her coat when she saw Jen in the corner. She paused, then shrugged the coat off. She handed it to Foreman, then began her walk over. "And... Who the hell is this?"

Jenifer tried to remain calm, tried to push herself further into the wall. She cleared her throat as if she was going to speak, but before she could, the woman had stopped. The two of them looked up to see William, in a towel, at the top of the staircase looking down.

William had felt her presence just as he got out of the shower. He had been standing in the upstairs hallway when he heard her come in. And he heard the thoughts that she was having about Jenifer. There would not be any of that.

"Clarissa, never a pleasure." In an instant he was beside Jenifer, his body shielding her from anything Clarissa might try.

"Who is your little friend, William?" Clarissa was staring a hole through Jen's head. "And why is she wearing your FUCKING CLOTHES?"

"Clarissa, I'm only going to ask once. Leave." He could hear her plotting the ways she would hurt Jen. He would kill her first. "Now."

"But baby.. I just got here. She took another step forward before William was in front of her, his grip firmly placed around her throat.

"I told you, it's over. I don't want you. I will not have you." His voice was like a whisper, but his hand threatened to snap her neck. "Get the fuck out of my house, or I will show you out."

She pulled away from him, and stormed toward the door. Foreman held her coat out as she flew by him, and left, slamming the door behind her.

William turned back around, immediately concerned for Jen. "Are you alright?"

"I'm gonna go get my coffee, and then you are going to tell me everything that I don't know." With that, Jen turned and headed for the kitchen.

William sighed and followed close behind. He would tell her everything. For her safety, she needed to know.

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