tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCome Naked, Bring Beer

Come Naked, Bring Beer


It was a warm summer's day and we were sitting on the lawn reading the newspaper. My girlfriend Una had the news section while I was looking at an article about men's attitudes to women.

"It says here that men's idea of the perfect woman is summed up when he says: "Come naked; bring beer.""

"Typical!" Una replied. "Sex, beer and sport. That's all that interests you lot."

"Really? Fancy going inside for a quick fuck? Then I want to go to the pub to watch the football."

"Piss off, Chris. I've got work to do. And you could cut the grass, you lazy bastard!"

She got up and walked back across the grass to the house. I admired the way her hips wiggled and the shape of her firm bum under the tight jeans. She was so sexy. I was tempted to follow her in and see whether she might change her mind. But she was right; I was too lazy. I settled back and read the rest of the article.

After a few minutes, I heard footsteps and looked up. There she was walking towards me carrying a tray with a glass and a large bottle of cold beer. She was completely naked! Her small perfect breasts moved alluringly as she came closer. She had such a beautiful body! Her dark triangular bush contrasted with the whiteness of her skin. She put the tray down slowly on the table giving me a long time to admire her sweet, sexy arse and the crack of her hairy pussy at the top of her strong, shapely legs. By now I was as horny as hell.

She turned and stood before me a few inches away and smiled down. "Your beer, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

My head was at about the level of her waist; it was a beautiful sight with the sun directly on her. My eyes traced down from her pretty smiling face and short chestnut hair, down over her pert breasts standing out above me, nipples erect and inviting, down her smooth shapely tummy. I could see the sweat beginning to form on her torso and between her breasts. I gazed at the slit between her legs and longed to be inside her. I got up from my chair and knelt in front of her.

I placed my hands around her and grasped her firm muscular behind, pulling her towards me. I snuggled my head between her legs and smelt her warm hairy bush - so musky and delicious. My long tongue slicked out and parted her lips; god, she tasted good and wet! I could feel her body stiffen and hear her gasp as I found her sweet clitoris and ran my tongue around it. She tasted so good. My hands tightened round her buttocks before I ran a finger down between them to her bum hole. She was really sweating now and so was I!

"Shouldn't we go inside", Una gibbered. I knew she wanted to fuck now and liked the comfort of our big satin-sheeted bed.

"It's all right. The neighbours are all away this weekend," I managed to reply as I took breath before returning to her dripping holes. I eased one finger inside the front one and one up the back moving each in and out as I continued to tongue and suck on her clit. I soon felt her tighten as her first orgasm hit her and could sense her holding in her usual gasps of pleasure. After a while, I felt her relax a little. I took both fingers out and licked them - very, very tasty.

"Fuck, Chris, I thought you were going down the pub!"

"Did you say "Fuck", Una?" I replied as I rapidly took off my trunks and T-shirt. I turned her round and told her to touch her toes.

Now it was my turn. By now I was hard as hell and had to adjust the angle of my body as I thrust into her from behind. My hands holding on to her broad, fleshy hips, I began to move in and out - long, slow and deep. It felt so good, her tight wet pussy so welcoming and the sight of her white, wobbling bum as I penetrated her. I could see the outer lips of her pussy pulled out around my dick as I slid out before ramming in again and again, gradually building up speed.

"My legs are getting tired." Una complained after a while, so I came out and got her to go down on all fours so I could fuck her doggy style. As I parted her legs, ready to start again, I saw her pink juicy pussy and how the hole where I had thrust had opened up leaving a deep, narrow chasm that needed filling. So I kneeled behind her and filled it! This time the angle was different and this seemed to get Una even more excited. We fucked in rhythm to maximise the speed and friction of our contact as I slapped harder into her. Now her orgasms started again, this time one after another, and I could feel her tighten around me each time she came. And now she made no attempt to suppress her squealing; it was a good thing the neighbours were away!

Now I was getting tired. I needed Una to finish me off. I lay on my back on the grass. She stood over me and I could see her pussy wide open and deep pink with juices running down the insides of her thighs. She bent over, took hold of my penis and lowered herself on to me, so that I could kiss and suck her upright nipples, salty with sweat. Then she began to move up and down, her breasts pulsating over me. I helped her with my hands around her hips helping her move up and down.

"I'm going to fuck you senseless, you bastard."

"Fuck me! Milk me!"

Pure, incandescent pleasure as Una mounted me harder and harder until I could feel that deep sensation getting stronger and reaching that point of no return when you can no longer control it. I pulled her down so I was deep into her. I came, the rippling spasms of pleasure filling my body, the erupting flow of spunk filling hers. Then, as Una lay on top of me with my cock softening inside her, the wonderful warm serene feeling of total relaxation and contentment that only a really good fuck with a beautiful woman can bring.

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