tagGroup SexComforting My Step-daughter Ch. 02

Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 02


The following is a work of fiction. Copyright 2013. As always, comments welcomed, and please vote (5's appreciated).


As my body slowly shed the unconsciousness of deep slumber, I became aware of my usual morning woody. With my eyes still closed, however, I became aware of the unusual fact that a pair of lips surrounded my cock. I opened my eyes, and with the filtered light of the morning coming through my drapes, I observed Amy's head resting on my belly, telling me that her lips were the ones encompassing my member. The reality of the previous night flooded my brain, and my cock twitched with the delightful sexual images that flashed past my internal eyes.

Cindy was nestled up against my left side, her quiet snoring telling me that she was still happily ensconced in her own Dreamland. Knowing Cindy as well as I did, I figured she was definitely having an erotic dream. I slid my hand across her left shoulder and arm to find her breast, eliciting a moan of appreciation from her dreamy world. I smiled, reveling in the fact that I had two sexy females in bed with me, both of whom were obviously interested in fooling around. Unfortunately, the reality of needing to take a piss stood in the way of continuing our fun from the previous evening.

I slowly urged Amy off of my penis, carefully disengaged from Cindy, and then climbed out of bed, heading towards the bathroom. I took my piss, and flushed the toilet. Just as I was about to reenter the bedroom, I heard moans and whispering emanating from the bed. I peeked around the partially open door and saw the two of them engaged in a deep kiss, as their hands were busy in each other's crotch. I couldn't see much of the action, but it was apparent that they were awakening all of each others' senses for the day. While I thought about joining them, my cock was telling me that it was still recovering from the previous evening. And, there was no way that I was going to interrupt Cindy as she was so heavily engaged in turning my step-daughter into a fully aware nymphomaniac bisexual. My mind explored the possibilities and it was clear to me that the long term benefits of such far outweighed my immediate desire to participate. So, I jumped into the shower.

When I exited my shower, moans of Sapphic lovemaking continued to invade my bathroom. Once again, I struggled with the idea of joining them, but, although my cock stirred with interest, I decided to let Cindy have her way with my step-daughter. Before I finished dressing I heard Amy scream in orgasmic pleasure, followed by the delightful moans I had heard emanate from Cindy many times during our love-making sessions. I smiled, concluding that I probably had a new lover in my life; as did Cindy. I finished dressing and discreetly headed downstairs to make us all some breakfast. Twenty minutes later, the ladies joined me, having showered and donned robes, and both clearly still enjoying the post orgasmic bliss of their shared pleasure. Over breakfast, Cindy announced to me that they were going shopping together for the rest of the day, but I was not to make plans for the evening. I could only imagine what she had in mind.

I busied myself during the day with chores, and continued working my latest HO locomotive project. Cindy texted me to tell me they'd be back by after supper. I was used to eating alone, so this didn't bother me. About 7PM they arrived back at my place. As they came in, they were giggling like best schoolgirl friends, showing no sign of having just met less than 30 hours earlier. Both were carrying shopping bags from various stores at the local mall. Both gave me a kiss on the lips as they passed me by on the way to my spare bedroom.

A few minutes later, Cindy rejoined me in the kitchen wearing a surprising outfit. She was wearing a pair of loose slacks and a white man's shirt. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stretched up to give me a deep kiss. With her arms still around my neck, she broke the kiss and told me that Amy had a surprise for us. I raised my eyes in curiosity, and she explained, "I took Amy to one of my favorite stores for lingerie and toys, and we had a great lunch together. At the store, we looked at toys, and I mentioned a couple of fantasies that I had lived out, using some of the toys and outfits in the store. Over lunch she confided a couple of her fantasies. Anyway, I urged her to explore and live out her fantasies. It seems that she has decided to do this. And, just so you know, I have a role to play in it. "

I smiled. It didn't get much better than this for a middle aged man; to have two beautiful women sharing their bodies and their sex fantasies with him. I was certainly excited to hear that Amy had become intimate friends with Cindy, as it was time for her to realize that her pleasure was her responsibility, she didn't need a husband or boyfriend for that, and Cindy could help her realize and understand it. And, it was a clear sign that she was definitely enhancing her sexual self-esteem. I felt my cock stir with the excitement of the upcoming evening, wondering how it would play out. No matter what, I knew that it would be an enjoyable evening.

Cindy, making herself at home as always, opened a bottle of wine for us and carried it and three glasses into my living room. I finished what I was doing and joined Cindy in the living room where she was busily rolling a couple of joints. She looked up at me and smiled with her deliciously sexy and devilish eyes, and asked, "Are you prepared for another evening of debauchery?"

I laughed, responding, "As ready as I'll ever be!"

"You didn't ask what role I had to play."

"Does it matter? With two beautiful women and debauchery, how can I lose?"

"Well, that's just it. Tonight, I am to be a man." And with that comment, she took my hand and placed it on her crotch. The bulge in her pants; his for the night, told me that she was wearing one of her strap on toys. I wasn't all that surprised, as I knew that Cindy swung both ways, and had had the opportunity to watch her "fuck" another woman a couple of times.

"Oh, then this will be quite interesting. I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure we'll all enjoy."

She lit the joint as I answered, took a deep toke and then passed it to me. I took a deep toke as well, and followed it with a sip of wine. Over the next five or ten minutes, we finished the joint and our first glasses of wine. Although I had become quite relaxed, I was wondering what had happened with Amy. Between tokes, I voiced my wondering, and Cindy admitted she was wondering as well, but we both agreed to give Amy whatever time she wanted.

We were well into our second glass of wine, and the second joint when Amy finally appeared out of the hallway. She was wearing a knee length light green dress with long sleeves, a high neckline and buttons down the front. It fit her well, but was quite demure, and showed minimal flesh. Contrasting with the conservative dress, she was walking on a pair of five inch "fuck me" heels that did their expected jobs of highlighting her gorgeous legs. She had spent some time putting on make-up, something I had seen her do only sparingly. This time, she had not been sparing; as she had on bright red lipstick, accented with overdone mascara and eye liner. Above and below the dress, she looked delightfully slutty, and I found myself wondering what she had in mind.

She strutted over to the coffee table, and standing on the side opposite of us with her feet spread, she faced us. "I hope the two of you enjoy the evening," she said, looking me straight in the eye. I didn't know where this was headed.

"What's not to like?" I responded. "I am here with two gorgeous women, so..."

Cindy corrected me, "Remember, I'm just another man that you are out on the town with."

With that, Amy ambled over and plopped down on the couch between the two of us. Smiling, she commented, "So, I take it that both of you have had some wine and a joint?"

"Hmmm, I think that is most definitely true," Cindy replied.

Amy cuddled up next to me, allowing me to inhale whatever deliciously sexy scent she had put on. She then took the joint and inhaled deeply, complaining that we had a head start on her. Cindy poured her some wine, and we chatted while Amy caught up with us. She finished the joint and was well into her second glass of wine when she looked me in the eyes, said, "Cindy and I talked quite a bit while we were out, and I realized that I've been missing a lot of life. And that's stupid. The two of you have opened my eyes on my own sexual being, and I'm happy with what you have revealed. So, Dad, I have a proposal for you. I want to keep you as my sexual confidant and mentor."

"That's not a problem," I offered. I still had no clue where this was going.

"Oh, I know that. But, I want to compensate you for all your help. Not with money, but with pleasure. Cindy has told me that you enjoy being dominant sexually. And she has told me how wonderful it feels being submissive to you. So, in return for mentoring me, once a month, for a day and a night, I will be your slave. I will wear whatever you tell me to wear; I will do whatever you tell me to do; and I will accept whatever you wish to do to me. I will be your cum-slut. And to be clear, I want to be your cum-slut! I hope that works for you."

Without giving me a chance to respond, Amy turned and faced Cindy. "And the same offer goes for you as well. I would love to be your cum-slut for a day as well. So, what do you two say?"

I looked over at Cindy. The look on her face told me she had arrived at the same conclusion I had. We were in a box. There was no way either of us was going to deny such an offer. Only one problem. It meant that, sooner or later, Amy was going to discover our secrets. Most importantly, it meant that sooner, rather than later, she was going to learn the real truth about her mother. I knew that was inevitable given what had already happened this weekend, but I wasn't sure we wanted to rush it at all. Realizing we had no choice, I responded, "Works for me."

Cindy had apparently realized the obvious as well. "I'm not going to complain one bit," Cindy added.

But then I decided to play with Amy, and see how committed she really was. "What if either of us decides that one day a month is insufficient?"

Amy replied instantly and nonchalantly, "Then I guess I would have to be your slave more often. That shouldn't be a problem."

Both of us nodded our assent to your answer, but if she could have seen my cock at the time, she would have known the answer definitely would be more often.

She continued, "Good. That's settled. Now, I want to dance for you. It has long been a fantasy of mine to do erotic dancing and be the object of men's lustful desires, especially strangers. I've never really expected to be able to pursue that fantasy, but now I can. So, tonight, the two of you are my audience. My customers, and for the rest of the night you are supposed to be strangers to me. Dad, can you tune in some good bump and grind music?"

As I tuned in some music with the remote, Amy got back up off the couch and pushed the coffee table away, so she had room to dance. She immediately started dancing to the music as soon as it started. Her swaying and singing with the music made it clear that she was doing her best to emulate a stripper. While Amy had had dance lessons as a youth, she hadn't had any training in erotic dance that I was aware of, but her natural talent and her lust contributed to an immediate positive effect. My cock responded instantly to seeing her run her hands over her dress in time with the music. As she danced, she moved up close to the couch, splitting her time by moving back and forth from Cindy to me. Every time she switched targets, she undid one of the buttons on her dress, doing a great job of imitating a stripper. First she would undo a button at the top of the dress, slowly revealing more and more of her upper chest. Then, she undid a button at the bottom, allowing more and more of her thighs to flash as she danced. By the time the first song ended, she had undone almost all of the buttons on her dress. We could see the bra, peignoir, and panties that she was wearing under the dress. And these were not a normal bra and panties. From what I could see of them, mostly still hidden by the dress, they had just been purchased from the lingerie store Cindy had taken her to. Amy's arousal level was already high, as I could smell the scent of sex.

The next time she moved between my legs, she turned around with her back to me. She then lowered herself onto my lap, and although still dressed, she was grinding her crotch against the bulge in my pants, which was getting quite uncomfortable by now. I glanced over at Cindy and found that she was watching every move with lustful interest. The temperature in the room was already increasing. I desperately wanted to reach out and caress Amy to let her know how much I was enjoying it so far, but I behaved. Amy continued to rub against my crotch, driving my cock to full erection, to the point where it was obvious to her that I was fully aroused.

Amy then moved back over to Cindy, and I took the opportunity to adjust my pants, relieving some of the constriction on my manhood. I watched Amy dance real close to Cindy, giving her the same treatment she gave me. Cindy slid forward a bit on the couch, moving her crotch enough that Amy could grind against her as well. The grin on Amy's face told me that she was enjoying the feel of Cindy's "cock" between her legs. As I watched, I wondered how Cindy was enjoying the show and the pressure on her crotch. I had spent my entire adult life enjoying sex whenever I could, and I was always studying how others, especially my female partners, really enjoyed sex. Not that I could explain my own pleasure. As with most men, once my cock took over, I just enjoyed the ride.

The scene in front of me jerked me back to the present quickly as I watched Amy slide her hands up and down her body in a delightfully sexy way. I had to remind myself that she was not an experienced stripper, and she was acting out a long held fantasy. I also had to remind myself that 48 hours earlier, she wasn't even sure that she had any sex appeal at all. We watched as Amy finished unbuttoning her dress. After grinding against Cindy's "cock" for several minutes, Amy backed away, but continued her sexy dance. Amy was definitely getting into the full blown dance mode, as it was evident that the combination of weed, wine, and music had enabled Amy to become one with the music. She closed her eyes as her body undulated sexily to the heady beat of the music. It was if she had completely forgotten about us an audience. Then, swaying to the music, she allowed the dress to slide off of her arms. Once she was out of it, she threw it to the side, leaving her now dressed in bra, panties, and high heels. As her body moved to the music, her hands continually caressed her own body. Initially, her hands glided sensually over her body spending little time over any particular area. The contact was obviously light, but extremely sensual. But as her dance progressed, her hands spent more and more time over her more erogenous areas, her bra covered breasts, and panty covered pussy, lingering longer and longer in those special areas.

Cindy and I watched as Amy's hands slowly found their way inside her bra. Although we couldn't see the action, it was obvious that her fingers were now actively manipulating her nipples. I found myself enjoying the show on two levels. Undoubtedly, Amy was performing a highly erotic and sexually arousing dance. At the same time, her dance training had kicked in and I was enjoying the highly artistic style that she was displaying as she danced for us. We continued to watch as her fingers picked up the pace inside her bra. Eventually, with her eyes still closed, she withdrew her hand from her bra and undid the clasps in front. Then with both hands holding the separate bra cups, she ever so slowly, and in tune with the beat of the dance music, slowly revealed more and more of her breasts. Even though I had already seen, touched, kissed and fondled them, I found myself eagerly awaiting the full exposure of her aureoles and nipples. My cock was eager as well as I could feel its hardness in my loose slacks.

I looked over at Cindy, observing that was also totally entranced by the show in front of us. I could see her firm nipples poking out of her shirt, clearly indicating her arousal level as well. I turned my attention back to Amy as she continued her dancing, just in time to see her fully remove her bra and toss it to the side. Her fingers were aggressively manipulating and squeezing her nipples, causing them to harden and extend more than I had seen before. It was apparent that she was completely into the music and had completely forgotten about us as an audience. She continued to fondle her breasts and squeeze her nipples until the song ended. When it did, she opened her eyes again, quickly remembering that she had an audience. After the briefest hesitation, her eyes lit up and she smiled at us.

"Go ahead. Take your cocks out. I want you to enjoy the show, and I want to see your reactions."

Both of us complied, quickly removing our slacks and I removed my undershorts, as Cindy wasn't wearing any. Obviously her cock was at attention, but so was mine. Amy cooed at our display, commenting, "Oh, yeah, that's great. And it is so hot knowing that I am the cause of your reaction."

Before I could respond, Cindy did. "You are one very hot stripper, Amy. I expect that even many gay men would get an erection watching you." Then looking over at my throbbing member, she added, "I know both of us are so horny, and ready to fuck you!"

Amy smiled demurely. "Oh, I'm sure. But remember, you can't touch me with your hands. You are welcome to enjoy, but no touching, unless I initiate it. Isn't that the normal set of rules for a nude dance establishment?"

My cock told me to lie, but I knew that it didn't matter, as we would all enjoy the evening, no matter how it progressed, so I answered truthfully, "Yes, generally those are the rules."

"Good," Amy said, with a sexy smile on her face. All this time, she had not stopped playing with her nipples, nor had her swaying lost its rhythm. She then moved back closer to us, until she was standing only a few inches from my spread knees. While her left hand continued to massage her steel hard nipples, her right hand drifted lower on her body. As her fingers approached the waistband of her already soaking wet panties, she allowed them to slip inside. She moaned as her fingertips had clearly found their desired contact with her clit. She then leaned over towards me, allowing her breasts to sway with the music only inches from my face. They were moist with a sheen of sweat from a combination of her dancing and the heat level in the room. I watched intently as she rubbed and squeezed her own nipples. I behaved and just watched, even though I desperately wanted to take them into my mouth and suck on them.

She then raised her body a bit and pulled her right hand from inside of her panties. Then ever so slowly and seductively she raised it until it was at my eye level and I could see her pussy juices glistening on her fingers. My eyes followed her fingers as she brought them to her mouth. Our eyes locked on each other as she extended her tongue and sexily licked the juices from her fingers. Then she slid them into her mouth and started sucking on them.

I looked over at Cindy to see how she was enjoying the show, and saw her staring unabashedly at Amy's lewd behavior. I was unaware, but at some point she had unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her gorgeous breasts and her firm nipples. There was no doubt that the sexy show being put on by our first time stripper was causing her juices to flow. Amy saw my eyes shift to Cindy and hers followed. Obviously realizing that she had forsaken Cindy for several minutes, Amy moved over between her legs, and repeating her behavior, lowered her breast to just in front of Cindy's face.

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